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 The Monstrous Beast; Naga

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Deus Terran
Deus Terran

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PostSubject: The Monstrous Beast; Naga   Tue Feb 15, 2011 12:16 am

Adrian Hunter


Full Name: Adrian Hunter
Codename: none
Nickname(s): Serpent, the Snake, Nessie
Alias(es): Naga
Age: 30
Birth date: June 3
Classification: Monstrous snake based Meta-human
Affiliation: Neutral, and anyone that his daughter trusts


Hair Color: Tendrils instead of hair. They can grasp and manipulate objects or persons
Eye Color: Feral Yellow
Height: "stands" at 10-15 feet maxing at 30 feet, full body length is 80 feet
Weight: 1728 lbs

Naga is plain and simple barely human in appearance. For one he has a massive serpentine body. Eighty feet of pure muscular teal reptilian body makes up the most prominent feature on him. The next thing that people notice are the fins that decorate his body, eleven in total they stand out due to the blood red color that fades to a white. The tendrils that make up his hair not only move about, but have been seen grasping things as well. His chest, stomach and underbelly are a rough sandy color. Finally behind the dark green skull cap of scales are his piercing feral yellow eyes.


(Category: Mutant/Animalistic)

  • Armored scales: Nagas scales are almost armor plates, capable of resisting even high caliber rounds and sharp blades. It takes heavy weapons to penetrate his hide. Examples being high explosives and weapons meant to take out armored vehicles.

  • Serpentine strength: Naga is incredibly strong, His arms can lift ten tonnes each. His jaws can exert one tonne of crushing force. But his true strength is his lower half. His serpentine body can lift up to sixty tonnes, and when he has something trapped in his coils, he can exert almost two hundred tonnes of crushing force.

  • Sharp body: The spines of his fins, the talons of his hands, and even his teeth are all razor sharp. They can cut through tank armor like as if it were wet paper.

  • Iron lungs: Nagas lungs are not only adapted to breathing at different levels of oxygen, making it very hard to use gasses against him. But he also only needs to breath every three hours if he does not speak.

  • Built for Speed on land and sea: Naga is fast on land, slithering at up to fourty miles an hour. But his greatest strength is being in the water. He can swim up to one hundred naughts, and go almost sixty fathoms deep. Water also does not hinder his movements, so he is even more dangerous in the sea then on land

  • Serpentine body: It is quite obvious that Naga is a snake, and because of this he has the advantages of one. He can smell both odors and heat with his tongue, his jaw can unhinge and expand just like a snakes. And not only heals much faster but he can regenerate lost limbs as well.

    • Naga's regeneration of limbs requires total rest, he can not move or do anything as long as he regrows the lost body part.

  • Wrath of the Snake: When Naga goes berserk, he becomes numb to the world around him. Pain doesn't slow him down and almost no obstacle can stop him. Until Rose is safe Naga will not stop, even in death it is theorized that his dead body would still rampage until his daughter was safe.



  • His daughter Rose
  • Meat
  • Sun bathing
  • Swimming
  • Kids
  • Fishing
  • Napping


  • The cold
  • Vegetables
  • Shedding
  • Anyone trying to harm his daughter in some way
  • Guns, there are what took his wife's life
  • Anyone trying to take his daughter away from him
  • People that hurt kids for no reason

Strengths: Naga is a great father, doing everything he can for those under his charge. He is also a grand Marytr of sorts with how out of the way he goes for his daughter.


  • Cold blooded: Naga is a snake, and his body begins to go into a forced sleep when cold enough. If it becomes below freezing (0 degrees Celsius) His movements start becoming sluggish, until in a few minutes he falls asleep until his body gets warm again.

  • Snake skin: Naga must shed his skin once a month, on these days he does not have his armored hide. However his shed skin can be made into a very effective armored cloth in the right hands.

  • Monster: Naga's physical body is obviously a hindrance, some openings will not allow him passage. And travel in the open is hard, if not impossible for the large snake man. Most heroes and law enforcement automatically assume that he is a monster of the week that needs to be stopped, and among those people are those that attempt to 'rescue' Rose from the monster

  • Reptilian metabolism: Naga needs to eat, a lot. Like a snake he must eat once a week, however he still must consume a lot of food. In total Naga needs to eat at least three times his weight in food every week to keep his body sustained. He can eat much more so that way he wont need to eat for a while. his stomach can hold up to seven times his weight.

  • Strict Carnivore: Naga's diet is restricted to meat and meat alone. Consuming plant matter will make him sick as his body forcefully expels it. However, he can eat almost any meat. Including rotten flesh, and if need be people too.

  • Children: If Rose, or anyone under his care are kidnapped, Naga will do anything they say in order to ensure her safety. But those that do beware the wrath of the snake.

Skills: Survival almost came with the mutation, Naga can survive almost anywhere as long as it is not too cold. Naga is also an amazing campfire chef, his fire singed fish are almost french five star quality. And that' without spices.

Equipment: Under his tendrils for hair, he carries a large medical bag. It looks like it came from a ambulance. Inside are plenty of bandages, salves, and other first aid treatments as well as towels and blankets.

Habits/Quirks: Since Naga is incapable of earning money via a job, he resorts to theft to get things his daughter needs. Clothes, books, and other foods.

Personality: Naga is a very civil creature despite his appearance. He's calm and rational and rather pleasant fellow to chat with. Despite his size he is a very gentle man, taking the utmost care with people and his surroundings. He'd be very sociable if his body didn't make it hard to do so. He is very protective of anyone he calls ally or friend. He will even take those that are lost or injured and treat them as one of his own until they recover, or simply take them as his own children if need be.

But all this goes out the window when his daughter or anyone under his care is in the slightest danger.

When they are in trouble Naga goes into a two stage berserk and feral frenzy. The first stage of the rage, Naga no longer cares about civility, manners, or morals even. His only goal is to protect this children, even if it means he takes a grave wound to do so he will. He is angry, and it is very hard, if not impossible to convince him to stop.

The second stage is when his wards and daughter are in great danger. No wound will slow him, no word will calm him nor any wall stop him. He will not rest regardless of what is in his way until his children are safe in his arms once more. When they are his rage subsides and he returns to the way he once was before he fell into the frenzy.

This is Rose, Nagas little baby girl. She is six years old and is a very curious, innocent and trusting girl. She always listens to her daddy always does what she is told by him. She want's to know why her mother isn't with them anymore but her father told her that she had to go someplace but still wonders why her mother had to leave. She wonders why some people are scared or hate her father. Regardless of what people do or say she loves her daddy dearly. She has an uncanny ability to read people in a way, she can usually tell if someone will or can be a good friend. But because she is so young she usually can't tell.


Family: Mother: Mortisha Hunter; deceased
Father: Jones Hunter; deceased
Siblings: None
Other: daughter; Rose Hunter: Alive, wife; Vanessa Hunter: Deceased
Place of Origin: Crystal clear Cove, small village one hundred miles south of Jump City, along the coast.
Current City: Steel City

Naga was once a man

He went by the name Adrian Hunter during those years. Growing up with both of his parents had been easy, they provided everything he needed in the small coastal town they called home. And he loved this town with everything he had. Adrian was an out-going kid, doing his best to make friends and play games.

During his years in junior high and high school were when his mutation first manifested itself. He had razor sharp teeth and his nails were like knives. He even had snake like eyes as well. At first the towns people were wary of him, but he proved that he still was Adrian Hunter to them. He proved that regardless of what he looked like he was still the boy they had come to love.

It was during high school that he met Vanessa, a charming young woman. And was also the woman that he loved, and became married to. Together they moved into a house right on the coastline, and when he was twenty four he became a father. His little baby girl was born. They named her Rose, because she would always be their little flower.

But not even a day after the birth of his child the second wave of his mutation struck. He grew and shifted into a monstrous snake man. His wife fainted in fear when she saw what had become of him. And he too had been about to leave her behind, until his daughter cried out. His massive hands cradled the small girl gently. And he stayed there, rocking his baby girl back to sleep. When his wife awoke from her fainting spell, and saw him cradling their sleeping daughter she realized that he was still Adrian Hunter. Her husband and father of their child.

He hid himself from the town, providing for his family by way of fishing. His new body perfect for the job. He cared for and loved both Vanessa and Rose dearly. But six years down the road the townsfolk got wind that Vanessa was harboring a monster. They attacked his home when he was away gathering fish. Upon his return he stared up in horror as a crowd had surrounded his home, his house aflame and his wife screaming from within. With a feral roar he charged through the crowd. Men and women flying as his massive body plowed through them. Plowing through his home he scooped up his unconscious daughter and his hurt wife in his hands and barreled through the other side. The burning wreck collapsed behind him, but he didn't care at all about his home. His daughter was safe, and his wife hurt but okay.

Until a shot cracked through the air.

He craned his head to see that a lone townsman had taken a shot in his direction, the others looking horrified. He then felt something warm on his hand, the very hand that held his wife. He looked to see that the mans shot had struck her in the head, he had killed the woman he loved. Tears fell from his serpentine eyes as he roared out in anguish and rage. He placed his wife upon the ground. his hand cupping around his daughter to protect her. He then launched himself at the now fleeing crowd.

None of them survived.

After his massacre, he buried his wife. Giving her his last respects and love, he promised then and there that no one would take their daughter from this world.

No one.

Sample RP

A small clearing, miles away from any city or town as a very strange site to see. A small girl, no older then six was standing alongside a river. What was so strange about this was that the girl appeared to be alone, in the middle of a forest. However she seemed to be waiting for something as she stood there. Suddenly there was a great disturbance in the water, her eyes brightening. Then emerging from the water was could only be described as a massive serpentine man. As the snake man slithered on to shore, the little girl ran up to the creature, and did her best to hug the man, her small arms barely covering any of the snakes body. "Daddy!" The small child cheered, looking up to him as the massive man looked down at the child. "I wasn't gone that long Rose....." But none the less he patted the small child on the head lightly, like a father to a daughter. In his other hand was a collection of fish of various sizes. "You're gonna eat very well tonight Rose....." Little Rose let out a small cheer as she hugged her father once again.
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PostSubject: Re: The Monstrous Beast; Naga   Sat Feb 26, 2011 2:12 pm

Me likey...

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Deus Terran
Deus Terran

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PostSubject: Re: The Monstrous Beast; Naga   Sat Dec 10, 2011 5:02 am

I have returned, and I lay claim to what is MINE!!!!

.... please? :3
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PostSubject: Re: The Monstrous Beast; Naga   Sat Dec 10, 2011 5:06 am

Welcome back. This character is now active again.
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PostSubject: Re: The Monstrous Beast; Naga   

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The Monstrous Beast; Naga
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