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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 The Shovel Men (open)

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Skilled Metahuman
Skilled Metahuman

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PostSubject: The Shovel Men (open)   Fri Jun 09, 2017 11:04 pm

They started small, harmless enough. A gang that spent their days asleep and their nights roving the streets. They stole things, at first, finding safety in anonymity behind their masks. They all dressed alike, so no witness could identify who the thief was.

But soon their numbers grew. They started threatening people, demanding money in exchange for "protection."

But tonight, something far worse was brewing. An unnatural fog covered the neighborhoods closest to the cemetery. Men with shovels came breaking into people's homes, dragging them out of bed, and leading them by force to the cemetery.

One such victim was a seven year old boy named Riley. He was shaking and crying. His head hurt from all the noise and confusion.

"Where are we going?" Riley asked.

One of the shovel men looked him in the eyes. "We're going to bury you alive!"

Riley felt cold. "No. Please!"

The Shovel man laughed and pushed the boy again, towards where hundreds of open graves waited.

Riley wondered where the Teen Titans were. They were supposed to stop bad guys, right?
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The Acrimonious
The Acrimonious

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PostSubject: Re: The Shovel Men (open)   Thu Jun 15, 2017 3:32 am

Rico was on her way back to the apartment from a well-taken opportunity for a purchase. She had been looking for a book, and when she tried some internet searches for the book she wanted, she was very pleased. She made her way across town to secure the deal as quickly as possible, as opposed to waiting until the following day.

But as a consequence, she hadn't noticed how late it had gotten. On her way back with the book, she thought she heard voices on the wind. Not the normal suburban static, more like men working. But it felt...odd. Curious, she made her way towards where the sound had come from.

She soon found herself in the Jump City Cemetery, seeing some masked men wearing similar outfits. She wanted to investigate upfront, but there were too many. She pulled a mask from her purse, placing the book inside in lieu of it, and put it on. It was simple black face mask, like a ninja, but it would do.

Her guns were holstered at her thighs, and she kept them there for now. She started moving carefully and quietly from tombstone to tombstone, staying behind them as she observed. She saw holes, and plenty of people. She put her phone on silent, and debated calling the police. Maybe they could get locals involved. But the hostages...

Rico Caelum
Lucian Harkon IV
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Skilled Metahuman
Skilled Metahuman

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PostSubject: Re: The Shovel Men (open)   Thu Jun 15, 2017 5:54 am

The Shovel Men were bringing hundreds of people into the cemetery, and those people were only becoming more and more afraid.

"What do you want?" A man asked. "I'll pay you whatever you want."

One of the goons hit him with a shovel, knocking him down before pulling him back to his feet and pushing him along.

A woman screamed in terror and tried to run away. A bulky man grabbed her and threw her over one shoulder, carrying her as her feet kicked in the air.

The man, the woman, and Riley had their hands tied. They were then dropped into shallow graves, only about 2 feet deep. Apparently, the Shovel Men had needed to save some time in order to dig so many graves. Still, 2 feet of dirt would be enough to smother the innocent victims to death.

"Please," Riley shouted. "Please, someone save me!"

A shovel full of dirt was dropped on Riley as two gang members started to bury him. Suddenly, a shovel hit one of the goons in the head. The other spun around to see that another person in the gang attire was responsible. A second later, the goon saw the same shovel high-five their face.

The interloper pulled off his mask and the baggy costume, revealing himself to be Mr. Pacific! His sunglasses were currently replaced with a paintball mask, but the rest of his costume was intact, right down to his flowery Hawaiian shirt. Tossing his shovel aside, he pulled out two nun-chucks.

Despite his dramatic entrance, Pacific wasn't exactly sure how he was going to get out of this situation alive. There were hundreds of gang members here, in various degrees of strength. He felt confident that he could beat any one of them in a fight, but there was power in numbers, and they had a lot of numbers.

The Shovel Men who were burying the other two victims nearby were his first opponents. Four against one. And one of those four was big. They came running at him. Pacific managed to hit one in the face before they could even attack. The goon dropped their shovel and grasped their face, screaming.

The big guy was next. He slashed at Pacific with the blade of his shovel. Pacific jumped to the side before bringing both nunchucks swinging around at the side of the big guy's head. The goon blocked with his arm and tried to crush the vigilante. Pacific stayed close to him, narrowly avoiding the follow up attack. One of the smaller enemies tried swinging at Pacific, but missed and hit the big guy in the back. The big guy grunted, but didn't seem too injured. Pacific hit the smaller goon in the neck, before back kicking the fourth one in the crotch. He was not ashamed to fight dirty.

For the moment, it was just the big guy left. He did seem really strong, though. He swung his shovel again, hitting Pacific hard in the arm. Pacific was able to move with the momentum, avoiding most of the damage. Still, that stung.

More goons were gathering around. Pacific really hoped he would get some help soon.

Mr. Pacific

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The Overlord of Adorableness

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PostSubject: Re: The Shovel Men (open)   Thu Jun 15, 2017 8:15 am

Mariya was having an awful night. An awful day, really. It all started the night before, when she found herself in a drinking contest with a group of bald headed and stocky bikers. True Russian blood ran through the Kryptonian's veins, and she had certainly won the night... only, after that much vodka she found the next day to be an awful experience.
The blaring headache made her hole up inside her dark motel room all day, not even going out for food. The thought of food made her queasy most of the day.

She really had to cut back on school nights. Anyway, after a day of hiding from food and the sun the girl found herself starving and weak. A side effect of being Kryptonian? A hangover day of avoiding fresh air and sunlight took a toll on her. Her strength was lower than usual, and everything just felt so... sore.

So, when she'd gone out that night to find herself something greasy and solid to put in her stomach and all she could hear were the terrified screams from the cemetery direction Mariya planned on walking right passed it... until she saw the ninja lurking with legs that looked amazing despite how short the girl was. Short enough to be familiar, really. Mariya's eyes glowed a bit as she studied the girl some. X-Ray vision was useful, and that was definitely Rico from the pizza place.

"You look like you're about to do something stupid." Mariya called from behind, loud enough that some of the shovel goons certainly would have heard.

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PostSubject: Re: The Shovel Men (open)   

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The Shovel Men (open)
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