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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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Ωmega-class Metahuman
Ωmega-class Metahuman

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RPG character
Name: Harmon Tesain
Code Name: Hotwire
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PostSubject: Hotwire   Sun Nov 20, 2016 3:11 am

"I'm a different sort of troubleshooter."



Full Name: Harmon Tesain
Nickname(s): N/A
Codename: Hotwire
Alias(es): N/A
Age: 18
Race: Augmented Human
Alignment: Lawful Good


Hair Color: Copper
Eye Color: Brown
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 146 Lbs
Other Traits: Lightly freckled face, and a decent amount of freckles on the back of his neck.



Nanobots: Hotwire has a swarm of highly advanced nanobots fused to his central nervous system. When they first entered his body, they changed his nervous system in amazing ways, and gave him the following abilities.

Technokinetic: Integrated into Hotwire’s nervous system is an
intricate system of nanobots that grant Hotwire technological
abilities. Hotwire can control technology in its base functions, but
also make it float, disassemble, and reassemble in new, creative way
(I.E, using a toaster to make a pair of searing brass knuckles).

He can also make different technology fuse with other technology.
(I.E. taking an alien power source and using it to power an industrial
fan). He cannot lift anything larger than a small van. Anything
larger, and he would have to make it disassemble before moving it. A
fusion can take up to a minute.
The farthest he can push his range without serious concentration is 40
feet. Any higher, and it would have to be dead quiet for the amount of
concentration required.

He cannot use his powers to levitate an object if he is in contact
with it. This causes a quantum feedback which harms him. If someone
else stands on a piece of technology Hotwire is controlling, they may
be lifted into the air.

His powers do not work on living things.
As a result, his technokinetic powers do not work on technology that controls living
things. He can shut down certain aspects of these beings. (such as shutting down the
control power to a robot arm on a cyborg, but not the person itself.)

Quantum Computer: His central nervous system is no longer powered by
electrical impulses. In a sense, the moment the nanobots fused with
him, his mind ceased to be run by electrical signals. Instead, his
brain is driven by Quantum energy. Having a brain powered by the very
passage of time allows Hotwire to perform some amazing feats. It
allows him to speed up his perceived time, causing the world to seem
slow. He can turn this on or off at his discretion. This allows for
heightened fighting abilities and analytical skills. He can analyze
the entire workings of an electronic device in seconds. His movement
is unaffected, and his speed is not enhanced in any way. If a gun is
fired at him, the world goes slow enough that he has about half a
second to react once he hears the bang.

-Brilliant Survivalist, capable of taking even non-technological things and coming up with clever uses for them in a pinch. He can almost be described as a true Mcgyver of his age.

Physical Weaknesses
-Human: Hotwire is only human. This means he can be poisoned, bludgeoned, shot, burned... and well anything else that kills humans. He has no special healing, or durability.

Quantum Hiccup: Hotwire is not by any means the only one with quantum
fueled powers or technology. Some of these powers can cause invisible anomalies that
can interfere with Hotwire’s powers in unforeseen ways.

Mental Weaknesses
AI’s: If he tries to control an AI, or system that is self-aware, it
initiates an in-mind confrontation. More of a debate than a fight, if
Hotwire wins, he gains control, but if the AI wins, Hotwire gets
knocked from the system, and is considerably fatigued by the experience.

A Pretty Face: Harmon is a sucker for a pretty face. Any girl who figures this out (not a difficult task by any standards) can usually trick him into pretty much anything, in spite of his usually well thought out personality.

Wrist Computer: This specialized wrist computer was designed by Braimen labs to be the next age of personal assistants. However, after receiving this prototype as part of the compensation for the accident that gave him his powers, he was able to adapt it into a useful crime fighting tool. Through his own upgrades, he was able to give it a scanning function, and keep the channel its connections run through encrypted. With full encrypted service through Braimen's Satellite network, Hotwire has access to an almost limitless database of biological, chemical, physical, and criminal data at his fingertips.

Utility Belt:
Grappling Hook: This grappling hook has a 60 foot cable strong enough to hold Hotwire and at least one other person of about his weight. The grappling hook is only powerful enough to lift about 60 lbs. however, and cannot be used to lift Hotwire himself. He can still use it to traverse gaps, and pull objects towards him. It has interchangeable heads, which include a powerful electromagnet, a drill, and the regular claw attachment. It also has an attachment which allows him to attach any of his other gadgets to be launched.

Explosive Discs: These small discs can be activated and deactivated at Hotwire’s discretion. Each one has a rather primitive sensor array inside, which Hotwire can use to program the explosives to detonate based on temperature, time, pressure, or even by a sound threshold.
He specially designed the explosions to be nonlethal, however, he can use his powers to remove the safety. Without the safety, these mini-bombs can blow a 4 foot hole into a foot of steel and are easily capable of killing a normal person. The explosion is small but powerful.

First Aid Kit: This first aid kit can cover a variety of things, from minor cuts, to major bleeding, to a broken arm. It’s obviously not a cure-all, and won’t function as well as professional medical care... but it might just stop whatever’s hurting long enough for help to arrive.

Pocket Laser: This pocket laser can act as a laser pointer, but can also be adjusted to provide a laser beam able to cut through 2 inches of steel. A single charge can last about 10 minutes, though hotwire usually carries two spare batteries with him. The other end can be turned on as a flashlight which on the lasers battery will hold for a full day on a charge if needed


Harmon is an incredibly snarky individual, and will make dry remarks about a lot of things. He’s not mean by any stretch of the imagination, but he tends to use his unique humor to cope with adversity in his surroundings. He is incredibly awkward around cute girls

He has a tendency to get irritated with idiocy, which he responds to with, you guessed it: Sarcasm! But when you get down to it, he really tries to make friends as much as he can. It's just not his strongest suit.

Harmon had never really been one for science. He kind of paid attention in science class, but sometimes had a hard time with it. But when his brain went quantum, it all clicked. Science began to come naturally to him. Despite this, he retains his usual casual demeanor towards it.

Video games, Theater, Science Fiction Movies, Mystery Novels.

Villains, Bullies, Sports, The Paranormal

When he tries to talk to a girl he likes, his hands will shake, he’ll blush a very noticeable shade of red, and just tends to jumble his words. This isn't to say he won't try, but let's just say its one rocket that never quite clears the Launchpad.


Family Members:Walter T. Tessain (Father), Heather G. Tessain (Mother), Mark and Laila Tessain (Younger Twin Siblings)
Place of Origin: Karnide City
Hotwire’s story truly begins with something that actually had nothing to do with him. It began with a company called Braimen Labs. They do independent contracting for WayneTech, Queen International, Star Labs, and even the Federal Government. One of their branches however, works in a different field: Archeological Technology. While this department does design machines for use in archeological work, it’s primary function is to analyze primitive technology. They’ve discovered some rather interesting tech in Egyptian ruins, and even worked with the Antikythera Mechanism when it was raised from the bottom of the Mediterranean.

One of their archeological teams, working in a secluded highland nation, discovered a set of ruins that was lost to the records of history. It didn’t match any known civilization ever documented, from their city layout to the very writings on their walls. However, there was one structure that was smaller than the others. This they discovered was because it lead to an underground chamber. In the center of this chamber were rows of oddly polished metal cylinders. They were unable to find a way to open the containers. So they sent it back to Braimen labs in America for analysis along with various other relics, none of which were nearly as advanced as the cylinders.

Back in America, they were eventually able to force the lid off one of them. Inside was what seemed to be metallic sand that gave a soft blue shine. Upon looking at these granules under a microscope, they discovered two things, one more amazing than the other. First off, they discovered these little grains were nanobots. More surprising was the fact... they were still working 7,000 years later. With some further research, they learned they were designed to function in tandem with the human nervous system.

Work immediately began to adapt the nanobots into adapting to the modern human system. The nanobots fused fine with the skeletal remains of the ancient civilization, but immediately went inert without a nervous system to attach to. This did however give them the data needed to make them work with modern humans. They began trial runs.

Nothing. All the trial runs were failures. All the math and biochemistry was to perfect... but the nanobots always went just as dead as in the skeletal remains. The test subjects all lived, but unfortunately none of the nanobots ever activated. With the costs of the project beginning to outweigh the expected rewards, Braimen labs decided to cut the cord on the project.

Whenever Braimen labs did something like this with a failed project, they would add it to a set of travelling science attractions, visiting conventions, schools, and other institutions around the country. This was of course all PR, and they never really expected it to have any scientific importance. One day, this little travelling show visited Karnide City.

Karnid City had a science museum, and Braimen labs decided to stop in for the weekend and hold a symposium. With some of his friends in the advanced mathematics class itching to go, Harmon found himself dragged along. While there, he stayed by the Nanobots tank while his friends went off to check on other things. Across the convention alley from him was a booth talking about potential applications for a pressurized nitrogen fuel. A young boy tipped one of the tanks, breaking the valve on it. As the pressurized gas shot out, the tank flew across the hall like a rocket before crashing into the floor in front of Harmon. The resulting mini explosion sent him crashing into the nanobot’s tank. He felt a thousand pricking feeling on his back and up to his head, followed by a jolt of electricity... then it all went black.

He woke up later in the hospital, surrounded by his family. But also by Braimen Labs scientists. Apparently the reason the nanobots hadn’t bonded with other test subjects was because they were all adults. The nanobot’s needed and adolescent physiology to form the bond. As compensation for the accident, Braimen labs offered to cover the medical bills, give Harmon a prototype for a new wrist computer they had been developing, and a large cash settlement for his family.

Finding himself now in the new class of gifted humans, he decided to leave and become a hero. Stop those bullying the weak, now that he was strong enough to do so. He decided to go to jump city, where all the superpowered teenagers, good and evil, seemed to be gathering.

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Beta-class Metahuman
Beta-class Metahuman

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RPG character
Name: Hugh Exley
Code Name: Pix
Villain or good guy?: Evil

PostSubject: Re: Hotwire   Sun Nov 20, 2016 4:41 am

Your history is textbook Superhero origin. It's just lacking gamma radiation. And dead parents. Lucky Hotwire.


Hugh 'Pix' Exley
Kiara 'Benighted' Tzul
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The Overlord of Adorableness

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RPG character
Name: Emolga
Code Name: Lightning Squirrel
Villain or good guy?: Good

PostSubject: Re: Hotwire   Sun Nov 20, 2016 5:02 am

Looks Good!

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PostSubject: Re: Hotwire   

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