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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 Jinx; The Loose Cannon

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Skilled Metahuman
Skilled Metahuman

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PostSubject: Jinx; The Loose Cannon   Sun Jan 12, 2014 12:42 am

"Oh look - I'm opening my box of care! Oh wait - It's empty!"



Full Name: Jennifer Mynx
Nickname(s): Jinx
Codename: Jinx
Age: 17
Classification: MetaHuman
Affiliation: Chaotic


Hair Color: Cyan
Eye Color: Pink
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 103 lbs
Other Traits:



Adrenaline Fueled
Jinx's powers are purely fueled by her adrenaline, as referenced by the fact that she's so hyper excited. When she's hyper excited and adrenaline pumped, she is capable of lifting up to 1 ton and bullets almost seem to bounce off her, maxing out her durability at about one ton. She's capable of running fast enough to keep up with cars (at about 50 mph) and her lust for violence only seems to grow stronger.

Boundless Energy
Jinx's energy never seems to run out. Once you get her going, it's almost impossible to get her to stop.

Master Marksman
Jinx has mastered the use of her weapons and loves them all dearly...except Fishbones

Gun Crafting
Jinx has a knack for making new guns and is entirely self taught.

Reload Times
All of Jinx's weapons require a reload, which leaves her vulnerable during these times.

Weapon Personas
Each weapon has a persona, which can hinder Jinx in combat (Such as Fishbones)

Jinx suffers chronic schizophrenic hallucinations. These can be used against her.

Easily Distracted
Jinx is both very gullible and has ADHD, she can't maintain much focus for very long unless the subject REALLY interests her and even then, she can usually be tricked. Once she finds out you lied though, she will become very angry, so use this at your own discretion.


This is Jinx's customized weapon. Modified heavily to look like a mini gun, it is actually a powerful assault rifle. It operates as one and fires 9mm ammunition at a high rate of fire. It is reloaded by sliding a clip into the back of it and they pop out almost like a tape from a VCR. Each clip holds 100 bullets and she carries 8 of them. As a homemade weapon, it is entirely illegal.

The mouthiest of Jinx's arsenal is Fishbones. She will commonly argue with Fishbones, causing her to hallucinate that the weapon refuses to fire and thus she cannot pull the trigger. Fishbones will only agree to fire when he thinks the situation calls for violence, so almost never. Fishbones is a rocket launcher painted like a shark, which fires projectiles that explode in a 20-foot radius. He contains 1 shot before requiring a reload which takes a good deal of time and is entirely impractical in combat.

Last is Zap-Tap, her shock pistol. A direct blast from Zap-Tap can and will shut down your muscles like a tazer. He gets tired often, causing him to have a 20 second cool down (so long as Jinx's hallucinations hold up)

Oh god no...

Jinx is...unique. She worships chaos itself, loving every second of unfiltered panic and violence. She uses her weapons like friends, talking to them and sometimes even having tea parties until Fishbones steals all the tea and won't share it. In the end however, Jinx longs for purpose and friendship and will accept it from almost anyone. ALMOST.

In terms of her hallucinations, Jinx only seems to pay attention to those of her weapons. Each one has a personality. Pow-Pow seems to almost mimic her, Fishbones is a hippie stereotype, and Zap-Tap is a very lazy gun. When she is truly afraid however, she almost seems to snap back to reality. This is when she's at her most dangerous.


Past Crimes (Hobbies):
Disturbing the Peace
Blowing stuff up
Openly Mocking the Peace
Jaywalking with Malicious Intent
More Murders
Cheating at Monopoly
Mocking an Officer of the Law
Unflattering Impersonation of an Officer
Hurting an Officer of the Law's feelings
Forging Wanted Posters
Some More Murders


Family Members:
Hahahaha no

Place of Origin:
A little town in Missouri


Jinx's family has been warring for quite a long time. Being a metahuman seems to run in the family and it's quite a vast one. Some turn hero, some roll villain, but regardless they make the choice and go with it. As such, disagreements arise and the two sides of the family go to war every now and again. But of course, what happens when a family you wish could just get along up and disappears. Are you happy? You don't have to deal with any of their constant arguing. That's how Jinx felt at first.

Everyone was gone, she was free to do what she wanted and she loved it. But...then she became so lonely. No one was there to feed her. No one would tuck her in at night. No one took care of her when she got sick. She was entirely alone and after a while, this drove her insane. She decided that her family wasn't real, and that nothing was. She may as well destroy it all. And this is what brought her to Jump City with her arsenal of talking weapons.


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PostSubject: Re: Jinx; The Loose Cannon   Sun Jan 12, 2014 12:57 am

Claimed. Expect a reply soon.

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PostSubject: Re: Jinx; The Loose Cannon   Sun Jan 12, 2014 1:31 am

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The Doctor
The Muse

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PostSubject: Re: Jinx; The Loose Cannon   Sun Jan 12, 2014 1:36 am

"Breath Deep. Fly High!"- Harpy A.K.A Gilda

"Wanna Bet?"-Pride A.K.A The Seventh Sin
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PostSubject: Re: Jinx; The Loose Cannon   

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Jinx; The Loose Cannon
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