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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 Rachel 'Pride' Roth [Alt Timeline Cannon]

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PostSubject: Rachel 'Pride' Roth [Alt Timeline Cannon]   Wed Oct 11, 2017 10:51 am

"Just because she wouldn’t punch you in the face doesn’t mean I won’t now back off cause your face is looking rather hit able."

Rachel ‘Pride’ Roth


Full Name: Rachel Roth
Nickname(s): Rae, Pride
Codename: Raven
Age: 16
Race: Half Human Half Demon
Alignment: Neutral Evil


Hair Color: Black with a tint of purple
Eye Color: Purple
Gender: Female
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 135 lbs
Other Traits: She has greyish skin, a septum piercing, and her ears pierced.


Healing: Raven can heal others by hovering her hands over the injury. She can heal near death wounds but if the person is at the point where they would be close to flat lining she can no longer heal them due to not being able to locate the life in them. Which she needs to find a living presence in another in order for her powers to be able to link onto them to figure out how their body should be healed to fully work properly again. This does mean she can’t heal others that are considered dead/has no heartbeat or anything similar to what a heart beat would be to an average human. Mild wounds take about 20 seconds and extreme ones taking about 1-2 minutes based on the severity making this ability hard to use in combat for her. She can not use any power at the same time as this power unless it is listed under this power’s sub abilities.

-Empathy: People that she makes skin contact with Raven can focus on them and feel the strongest current surface level emotions from them that the same level that they are feeling them. For example if someone has been sad about one of their friends not being around passively all day and then they get super excited about something that moment she would only feel the excitement and happiness if that sadness is just very mellow in levels of noteworthy scale.
-Memory Gain: When healing others of wounds that are moderate in size Raven will pick up on a random memory that person has while she giving one back. These memories will never repeat and the ones that are given are chosen by the rper the memory could be literally anything even just the person watching tv that afternoon.

Astral Projection: WHen meditating and focusing purely on meditating she can transport herself into others dreams that are within 100 miles of her. She can continue to do this until she pulls herself out, they wake up, or loses her focus. She can not hurt others while in their dreams no can she be hurt inside their dreams she though can still be hurt outside of the dreams.

-Soul Self: While meditating as long as she stays focused Raven can project herself out of her body as a silhouette of herself or of a massive raven. She can see things and hear through this form but she can not speak while in this form. She can travel up to 100 miles away from her body. She can not hurt others with this projection nor can this projection be hurt.
-Raven Sight: Raven is able to project herself into Ravens going up to 10 at once but can only do so while focusing on meditating. She can see the birds and control them in a hive mind like fashion. She can do this for as long as the birds are un hurt and she is focused on meditation. If one is hurt she loses control of it and has to wait for the raven to become calm again and healed from its injury.

Telekinesis: Rave can lift up to the weight of 5 tons of anything that isn't really bolted to the ground or attached to something heavier. If it is she can only really pick up half of the weight if it is something that she can tear off with the usual force of what could equal up to a human with super strength that could pick up 5 tons. She can spread out this 5 tons to other objects but the more items and the weight she uses the more she has to focus on them she needs to use her arms and hands to guide the objects around. She can move things as light as paper as fast as a bullet while things nearing 1 or more tons would move slower and wouldn't really register in mph at all.

-Fight: This being one of the common things she often does and it being a simple task Raven is able to fly with little to no effort when others aren't interfering with her. She can fly up to 100 mph though if others are distracting her she normally can only go up to 70 mph and has to focus to build up to this speed it taking roughly 30 seconds to hit max speed.

- Basic hand to hand fighting Skills
- Several Demonic Languages and races along with their culture *
- Advanced Stealth/Sneaking Skills *
- Knows how to hide feels she gets off from others others can’t tell she is feeling them unless it's something as severe as crippling depression.

Physical Weaknesses
-Focus: Many of her powers heavily rely on her to not move or to solely focus on that one thing. This often leaving her vulnerable and prone to attacks.
-Upclose and Personal: Raven can fight a bit up close but is only really good when fighting from afar or working purely as recon for others. She usually relying on quick kill moves since she can’t typically last in long drawn out fights.

Mental Weaknesses
-Annoyance: Admittedly Raven gets annoyed with others easily so at times due to this her powers are unusable due to how she can only at times focus on how annoyed she is by others or someone rather than the task of focusing.
-Scotomaphobia: Due to normally Raven having so many ways to see what is going on at all times and relatively anywhere in her general area by her just focusing on the task and meditating and the fact that she  when captured by the titans she was restrained and made unable to use her meditation to look around and her cell most of the time being pitch dark to avoid her possibly using powers that she pretended to have to throw off the titans she has built up the fear of being blind and not able to see in any way or fashion. When she is unable to see like this she shuts down and just typically just seemingly zones out and just stays still and will not really react to anything until she can see in one way or another again.

Pocket Knife
Cell phone and Earbuds


Raven like the one that everyone in this world knows still has her iconic monotoned vibe that comes off her and the i don’t get along well with others tone. Her personality in many ways matching the other her though when it comes to her morals and the overall fact that she actually liked her family mother, father, and siblings included. She despite others finding her as a friend has gone out of her way to not claim to have the same feeling back to them and not stating that she did or did not hold the same feelings back to them.

Due to this though in her world she was seen as a friend that betrayed her friends when it was to her just her choosing to do something she wanted to do and the people who let her crash with them just got in the way. Its very rare for her to openly call another a friend even if she truly sees them as a friend, she doing this for her own personal reasons that she may or may not ever share with another.

-Watching others
-Getting what she wants
-The color purple

-The color green
-Dark places
-Annoying people
-People who interrupt her
-Stupid people

-She likes to observe people
-Reading books
-Listening to music while just watching things
-Fiddling with her powers


Family Members: Trigon (Father, Deceased), Angela Roth (Mother, Deceased), Gluttony (Sister), Greed (Brother), Lust (Sister), Wrath (Brother), Envy (Sister), Sloth (Brother)
Place of Origin: Gotham City Earth ???
Raven’s mother in her world was much different than the one of many others, her’s having left home to actively search from the being called Trigon, and soon found him and was given what she wanted, a powerful man to keep her safe and a family that was just as twisted as she was. They having 8 children together each one getting named after the 7 deadly sins outside of Raven who got her name Rachel with her mother's last name but was later nicknamed after a deadly sin. Each child being nicknamed after the sin that they represented the most.

Raven seeing the names more as insults then nicknames grumbled about them but never truly rejected her name. Soon enough though when Raven started to reach the preteens of her life she traveled down to the human world to see what is was like where she ran into the titans. She joined up with them to save a girl named starfire though reluctantly stayed with the group to mostly have a place to stay. She honestly wasn’t really one to be a hero, or really for helping out others but she tried for a while despite how little she got along with everyone.

During this time she traveled around the city and Gotham city a while indulging in many modern age teen things and even got her septum pierced and ears peirced. One day though her father contacted her and had her come back home. He gave her a gem asking her to take it to earth and open the portal to allow him to travel there to take over the world. She found the human world interesting but to be honest she didn't really care if her father took it down, it wasn't really her home but her play place. She honestly could always get a new one.

So she went down and released her father in jump city. Though what she wasn’t expecting was the titans to actually call in many of their other friends and they collectively took down her father siblings and mother causing them all to either be accidentally killed in combat or banished. They held off on her though and just put her in jail coming to her commonly to ask her why due to not wanting to believe her reasoning of she just didn’t care.

After enough asking though and the combination of that and them destroying her family and taking away her freedom she started to get hostile and tricked Starfire into coming inside her cell so they could hug and make up where Raven went to actually kill her out of spite but was transported to another world. Here though after learning about its history she chose to go to Hive in hopes to live once more with people like her though unfortunately due to what the other her was like and who she was she was seen as someone not to fully trust, bully, and mock. She though decided to stay for now though to see how things would play out.

«««Sample RP»»»
Raven stood on a room looking down at the people who walked the streets of Jump City when she heard cries for help from a man getting beat up. He though looked up to her and called up for help from her...great. “Oh ****! It’s Raven!” one man who was beating up the man called out looking up at her with the others who just all stood there dumbfounded…. Seriously…? Raven grumbled a bit as one then called out. “Shouldn’t you look older?!” She scrunched up her nose a bit then and called back in her monotoned voice.

”Shouldn’t you be beating up the guy who is too stupid to run and is just staring at me when he has the perfect timing to run away and not be staring at me like an idiot?” She said seeing the man catch on to what she was saying as if she was telling him to run while he had a chance. The men tried to grab him but he got away just in time making the leader shout in a frustrated manner pacing before pointing up to her. “You helped him get away!” She Sighed an annoyed sigh before talking down at him like he was a stupid child… cause he totally was one or might as well be at this point.

”No what i did was tell you that you were being stupid when you chose to talk to me… “ He motioned for his buddies to take the fire escape up. “You're gonna pay for this kid!” Raven rolled her eyes and started to fly from the building and away from the area “WHat you scared?!” The man taunted as she just simply replied with ”Year I don't want to catch your stupid…” She grumbled out a bit but mostly shouted back.
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PostSubject: Re: Rachel 'Pride' Roth [Alt Timeline Cannon]   Wed Oct 11, 2017 5:10 pm

Looks good to me!

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Rachel 'Pride' Roth [Alt Timeline Cannon]
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