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 Powers and Spells Updated Functionality [Please Read]

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PostSubject: Powers and Spells Updated Functionality [Please Read]   Wed Sep 27, 2017 11:08 am

Okay guys now seems like a good time as any to go into these next few things due to the spell caster app being updated (As of posting this it should be updated by the end of the night so likely 1-2 hours from now in theory.) the hints of being able to have stronger than usual powers is out and as many who may have been hearing some of my talks with others and from in certain areas of the site may know that there will be events that actually gift more powers.

This is a new function that i wanted to bring in since it allows the possibility of members having support characters and getting stronger with time and hard work. To counter this, if members abuse the powers they win by using them in ways their characters naturally wouldn't to attack others and in other such ways that could best be described as, ‘members using new powers to be a dick to other members for no reason.’ will officially get punished by getting nerfed based on how bad their behavior was and by other things like this that happened in the given situation.

The said member can then work on regaining the powers in time but won’t immediately get them to help them relearn how to properly treat others in rps and out with more respect again. As for the update for the spell casters this we know is not the best but we hope that is a good update to help get the spell casters back on a good track that we can continue to update, upgrade, and fix over time to best fit what a proper spell caster can do.

One update is you do get more spells and the possibility to widely spread them out more and have a more diverse number and spell strength levels as others. Another including that there will now be drawbacks you must add to stronger level spells such as you can not cast other things while this spell is active, needed to chant before casting a spell, hand movements, time for it to take effect, drawbacks to you such as lack of magical energy (aka mana that works like stamina in any other energy using power) and other things you can think of.

The more the drawbacks to a higher level power the more likely you will be permitted to use the spell. As for the types of spells you may be uncertain about from what i'm hearing I would like to clear them up for you now.

Summons: you can summon whatever you want within reason (for example you can't summon trigon or superman, basically don’t take whatever you want as cannons and such like these cause that's just not fair though if you wanna summon other members once you get their okay, and you manage to set up the draw backs correctly have at it.) you just have to make sure that you have proper drawback to this spell.

Necromancy: Allowed just respect other members and their characters if you use them to bring back or even other members npcs that they have been using even if they are just a standard police officer. As first and respect their wishes.

Charming or mind messing: If this affects other members make sure you heavily goes into what the character goes through when they are affected by this, this way if the member sees their character as affected they can properly rp it out fully, Make sure you explain how well it affects others and how to break free and such.

If you expect other members to fall under your control you best expect them to fall back out unless the other member doesn’t want to. Resect them and their rp choices and they should respect yours if neither or one or the other don't come talk to the staff and we’ll handle it.

Support/power ups: this may be a bit tricky but it will vary from power to power that you upgrade. For now you can’t upgrade already upgraded powers members may have (aka above old average max's (ex: og max super strength was 10 tons, the said member got a maxed out upgrade to 15 tons, this power is now no longer able to be upgraded) if a power with maxed out stats is attempted to be upgraded again treat it like the character overdosed on power, or that they are in pain or something.

For example if you know you can only lift 200 pounds think of what happens to you if you lift that 200 pounds and suddenly it's 400. When you upgrade a power it should only go up by about half its strength max or until it is maxed out. (talk to staff if you are uncertain how far one power could go). If you get this kind of spell or even power make sure that you note that the bigger the possible effect the higher the cost and the draw backs will be. I will allow this so long as you don't abuse it. If you abuse this power too much you will be banned from using it.

Time travel: This is permitted but strictly for plot reasons not for battle.

I want to try and trust the members as much as i can by allowing them spells and powers that do these things above and giving them more room to grow and be more creative. We've had troubles in the post with each of these but i trust that the members here can be respectful of each other to properly use each of these powers.

And if they can't then the staff can properly handle the situation so that others can keep trying to do the same while keeping troubled members out to maximize everyone's fun. I know that may sound harsh but I assure you that as long as you are, well basically not a dick and being horrible just to be horrible you should be just fine.

So in other words if you mess up once you won't be thrown off the island and staff will treat you with the respect you deserve while telling you what went wrong and how we will do our best to help fix the issue to keep everyone having a good time. I will make a thread in character creation better explaining the new spell set up but for now I wanted to make a big post explaining how i will be letting members work their powers now as a whole and what i plan to allow to let all members get stronger.

Though not with events not all of the tasks to level up will be easy but i hope it will at the end will be fun and worth the effort. I want to help give good rpers gifts to say nice job and dedicated rpers chances to progress further with their characters. We are all adults here or about to be adults here now and days so i want to try to help work the site to allow the same kind of experiences for their characters, so their characters can get older, mature, go through adult things, and become even stronger as they age.

If all goes the way I hope maybe we could even have this boot last to where our characters are years older and have their own younger trainees, sidekicks, and other such things. I want to do that with all of you and to do that there needs to be trust set and i hope this will be a good step in that direction. If you have questions pm me, or in any other way you know how to contact me. And if you have ideas feel free to contact me too.

The upgrades to the site, certain changes, and the update to spell casters all came from ideas directly from members or inspired from their ideas. So in other words like i've been saying. Anything helps. Thanks again guys talk to you soon

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Powers and Spells Updated Functionality [Please Read]
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