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 Explaining Powers 101 v2

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PostSubject: Explaining Powers 101 v2   Mon Jan 16, 2017 8:27 am

Okay, so basically this is a guide to help you describe certain powers, I'll cover the most common ones and probably add on as I think of more. Some of these questions include the general limits that are allowed on the site.

NOTE: These are just the GENERAL LIMITS. These are not guaranteed what we will allow or what we will not. If you have Super Speed for example, you can't also have high super durability. Otherwise you could just run through people with no chance to react. Your app will still be reviewed and powers that are within these limits have no absolute guarantee it will be allowed. It's just most likely.

Super Strength
-How much weight can they dish out?
5 tons as a sub-power, 10 tons as a main, and 25 with no other powers.

-How much weight can they take?
5 tons as a sub, 10 tons as a main, and 25 tons with no other powers.

Super Speed
-How fast can they go?
200-400 mph, depending on sub-powers. Note that super speed and super reflexes are not mutually inclusive. Just because you can run fast does not mean you can react that fast. This requires a sub-power.
-How long can they run?
This answer will be factored in when we tally how fast they can run.

Fire Manipulation
-Can they make the fire or do they need a source?
To summon and manipulate fire is a power. Resistance to heat would be a sub-power.
-How hot is the fire?
The maximum allowed heat would be 4,000 degrees with controls in place.
-How far can they shoot fire?
-What kind of form does it manifest? (Long beams of fire, fireballs, fire.. triangles??)

Water Manipulation
-Can they make the water or do they need a source?
Summoning and manipulating water is a power. Resistance to drowning is a subpower.
-How much water can they manipulate? (Whether is be several hundred gallons at a time etc)
-Can they freeze or boil it?
-If so how cold can they make it?
-If so how hot can they make it?

Shape shifting
-What can they turn into?
-How long can they turn into it?
-What abilities do you get in that form?

For Example:
-Can transform as a werewolf for 6 hours every day
-They can run up to 85 mph
-Their claws can rip through steel
-They can jump 100 feet in the air.

Air Manipulation
- How much force can you use with the air?
- How much weight can you push over?

Earth Manipulation
-How much earth can they control at one time? (You can measure this in weight)
-How far can they throw the earth?

Energy Manipulation
Okay I've seen energy used in different way so you'll have to decide whether this energy will be measured by heat or force, then you can do the rest.
-How hot is it?
-How much force is a blast?
-Is it in blast, beam, or ball form?
-How long can they blast?
-Is there a cool down?

-How fast can they fly?
The ability to fly can be a power or a sub-power, based on the restrictions. If your physiology has wings that can fly 30 feet in the air at normal running speeds, that could be a sub-power. Wings that carry you hundreds of feet up and can go 75 mph would be a power.
-How long can they fly?
This helps determine the speed allowed.

-How far away do you have to be to lift the object?
-How much weight can you lift?
Usually 5-10 tons is the max here.
-How long can you lift it?
-How fast can you throw it?

-Do you use eye contact or some other form to connect to someone?
-How long can you talk to that person?
-Can you talk to multiple people, or only one at a time?

-Is it just the body that is invisible, or the clothes too?
-Can they make someone else invisible through touch?
-How long can they be invisible?

-How long can they be intangible?
-Can they make other intangible?
-If so, how, and how many people/things?

Infiltration Skills
Master level infiltration skills, like hacking, stealth or lockpicking, are considered exceptional skills.

-How fast can they regenerate?
Fatal wounds taking from several hours to one minute based on counterplay presented, and overall strength of the character. Types of attacks they can't regenerate from. Note that fast regeneration does not mean immune to knockouts or drugs. These would need to be sub-powers.
-Include things that deactivate it/take longer to recover from.

-How fast can they teleport?
Is there a sort of a delay? Generally some form of delay is required, or some reason it can't be used in combat.
-How far can they teleport?
-Where can they teleport to?

Healing Others
-What sort of wounds can you heal?
-What sort of a toll does it take on the user?

Martial Arts
-Are you a master?
Mastery in Martial arts requires a power slot. If you're just skilled it can be an exceptional skill.

Time Travel
-Generally not allowed in any fashion. Sorry my loves.

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Explaining Powers 101 v2
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