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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 Shivering Jemmy

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PostSubject: Shivering Jemmy    Thu Jun 27, 2013 11:10 pm

"You misunderstand me. I知 not offering you anything. What I知 doing is threatening you."

Shivering Jemmy


Full Name: Shivering Jemmy of the Shallow Brigade
Nickname(s): Jemmy, Princess
Codename: N/A
Alias(es): N/A
Age: Ageless, thousands of years old. Appears as a 10 year old.
Classification: Lord of Chaos
Affiliation: Chaotic Neutral


Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 4
Weight: 70 pounds
Other Traits:
Jemmy is constantly shivering. She often is holding a red balloon. She is typically wearing a dress.



Cosmic Body- The Jemmy that you see is not the real Jemmy. The actual Lord of Chaos exists as a cosmic entity. She creates an avatar to represent her in the physical world. This avatar can heal from most wounds nearly instantly. She also feels no pain from most injuries.

-Avatar Manipulation- Jemmy can change her apparent age at will.

-Self-Sufficient- Jemmy has no need for food, water, sleep, or oxygen. She is also unaffected by poison and sleeping gas. That said, she often decides that she is simply hungry or tired.

Teleportation-Jemmy can teleport anywhere on earth. Her accuracy based on how familiar she is with the destination. If going somewhere she has never been before, she may wind up several miles off target.

-Home Sweet Home- Jemmy can also travel between Earth and the Realm of Chaos.

-Group Hug- Jemmy can teleport all willing or unconscious individuals who she has physical contact with.

Reality Manipulation- Jemmy can create up to 5 tons of matter, in any form and shape she wants. She cannot replicate complex machinery. Most of this matter will remain for only 1 hour, unless she spends extra time making it more permanent. She can use this power to create anything from food, to a melee weapons, to the empty husk of a fancy car.

-Elemental Chaos- In addition to basic items, Jemmy can conjure raw elements. She can create water, stone, lava, air, and ice. She can even create fire and electricity, though she has no real capacity to control non-physical elements beyond a short-ranged blast (30 feet maximum). Even with her telekinesis, she is not nearly as gifted at manipulating any elements as someone who specializes in one, and would be considered a novice as far as skill is concerned. Any element that she conjures must appear within 10 feet of her, and it cannot start touching someone. The limit of 5 tons of matter she can create applies to elements.

-Telekinesis- Jemmy can telekinetically manipulate up to 5 tons of matter. She cannot use it on conscious living things (with the exception of herself). Anything up to 1 ton she can move at 100 miles per hour. Anything up to 3 tons can move at 50 miles per hour. If she is barely able to lift something, she can only move it at 10 miles per hour.

Jemmy relies on her powers too much, and has not taken the time to learn any real skills.

Balloon Familiar- If her balloon is popped, Jemmy will immediately be returned to the Realm of Chaos for at least 24 hours.

Sweets- If you give her sweets during a fight she will eat it and forget about the fight while the candy is there. If you give her enough sweet things, she will decide she likes you and just leave you alone for at least a day. She can be easily bribed with the promise of candy or ice cream.

Nth Metal- A very rare metal that cancels out magic in its immediate area. As a magical based entity, Jemmy does not like this stuff. Wounds caused by Nth metal will take considerably longer to heal and weaken her. Up until recently, the only known object made of Nth metal on earth was Hawk Girl痴 mace. In the wake of the Vanishing, this particular weapon痴 location remains rare.

Light Weight- Jemmy is very light. A super powered punch will literally send her flying.

Body- She cannot create other things without a physical body of her own to channel her power through.

Moving Targets- Jemmy cannot use telekinesis on conscious creatures or anything they are holding.

Wind/Gas- Jemmy cannot manipulate gas or wind with her telekinesis. She can only manipulate liquids and solids.

Ballloon Familiar- A simple red balloon. It will follow Jemmy on its own, unless she commands it to do something different. It must remain within 100 feet of Jemmy. The balloon is what anchors Jemmy痴 avatar to the physical world. Without it, she will immediately disappear for 24 hours, at which point she will get a new balloon.


Jemmy acts like an energetic child. She lies frequently, and will try to intimidate or manipulate people into doing what she wants. She is overly greedy, often times taking something simply so others can稚 have it. Oddly enough, she usually has good manners and is respectful (at least superficially) of others. She generally mocks people in a way that also makes it sound like a compliment, which can lead to confusion. Jemmy just wants to have fun in life. Although she might promise otherwise, she doesn稚 normally hold grudges. She may even seem forgetful sometimes.
When there is no ice cream around, Jemmy will frequently have urges to eat people, though she will try to control that part of herself.

Her appearance is deceiving. She looks and acts like an innocent little girl, so she can catch enemies by surprise.
Her plans are unpredictable, sometimes being very simple, and sometimes being needlessly complex. This makes it difficult to guess how she will act.

She is very fond of balloons and wearing clown make-up. She loves sweets more than anything. She talks to her balloon, although it never talks back. She gives out her own personal nick names, and tries to keep people off balance.
Jemmy is almost always shivering, even when she is not cold.


Family Members: The Shallow Brigade, an army of abstract beings.
Place of Origin: Chaos. Jemmy is an abstract being, and comes from the place that is the manifestation of Chaos. She herself is also a part of this place, and an extension of it.
Current City: Jump City
When the universe came into existence, so did Chaos and Order. The Lords of Chaos and Order have fought a never ending war between themselves. For the most part, they have achieved a universal balance.
From Chaos, there came the Shallows, including Shivering Jemmy. She proved herself to be the strongest of the Shallows by eating half of her brethren. She then appointed herself the 撤rincess of the Shallows. The rest of the Shallow Brigade now follow Jemmy out of fear.
Jemmy became a Lord of Chaos. She played a part in many plans and schemes to spread Chaos throughout the universe. She was one of the weaker members of the Lords of Chaos, at least until the Vanishing.
After the Vanishing, most of the Lords of Order and Chaos disappeared. Due to the loss of so many prominent Lords, the realm of Chaos itself is weaker. For this reason, Jemmy is not as powerful as she otherwise would be. It is believed that the only reason she was spared was because of how weak she was to begin with.
She is ageless and is thousands of years old, yet by cosmic entity standards, she is one of the younger abstracts.
Recently, Jemmy has taken interest in Earth once again, and has decided that it needs a little more Chaos.
Jemmy has erased her memory several times over her lifetime. One of these times was very recent.

Sample RP
The king looked down at the battlefield. His armies were being crushed by the invaders. A line of halberds and heavy shields crept steadily towards the gates. Soon, the castle itself would be sacked. All his loyal subjects would be either slaughtered or enslaved under the cruel barbarian lord, Garren.

King John wiped a tear from his eye. The present was too horrible to watch. The future was too horrible to imagine. He turned to his visitor, a little girl who called herself 鉄hivering Jemmy. The child was obviously some sort of witch, for she had shown knowledge and abilities that were beyond the rational. Normally, such a person would be thrown in the prison. In fact, King John had tried that, but Jemmy kept getting out.

滴aving second thoughts? Jemmy said. 鄭ll your friends are about to die. I can save them, if you want.

King John never thought he would have to give in to a witch. 的致e tried to live a good life, but Fate has not been kind.

滴e never is. Jemmy giggled.

The king glared at the small witch. 哲ame your price.

Jemmy smiled evilly and her eyes glowed orange. 敵ive me your daughter to devour.

The price was too horrible. It was King John痴 duty to protect this kingdom, but he could not do something like this. This Jemmy was the most evil thing he could imagine, and he would not be saved by her.

釘e gone from me, witch. Leave me to die in peace. The king turned away, looking down at the battlefield once more. Jemmy left without a word. A few minutes later, she returned. 的 thought I told you to leave, the king said, angered.

添ou were willing to sacrifice your entire kingdom to save your daughter痴 life. Jemmy licked her sharp, dirty teeth. 釘ut your daughter didn稚 feel the same way about you.

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The Acrimonious
The Acrimonious

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PostSubject: Re: Shivering Jemmy    Sun Aug 24, 2014 11:18 am

With the few minor intricacies discussed and dealt with, Dante Kyte welcomes Jemmy back with her new spells.

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PostSubject: Re: Shivering Jemmy    Sun Feb 22, 2015 8:58 pm

Seems legit.

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PostSubject: Re: Shivering Jemmy    Tue Apr 21, 2015 7:33 am

Reorganized her powers. Most things are the same.

-She can now create short-ranged blasts of fire and electricity. She can also create air.
-Her balloon is back as a weakness. Just a normal balloon. If you pop it, she disappears immediately.
-Her telekinetic limit has gone down from 10 tons to 5 tons.
-She can change her age at will.
-Removed her amnesia.

Requesting Reapproval.
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PostSubject: Re: Shivering Jemmy    Thu Apr 30, 2015 2:27 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Shivering Jemmy    

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Shivering Jemmy
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