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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 Angel of Death

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RPG character
Name: William Fowler
Code Name: Angel of Death
Villain or good guy?: Good

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PostSubject: Angel of Death   Angel of Death Icon_minitimeSun Jun 03, 2012 5:41 am

"Fear not..."

William Alexander Fowler

Angel of Death Untitled-4 Angel of Death Untitled-3


Full Name: William Fowler
Nickname(s): Angel (Goes by Angel)
Codename: Angel of Death
Age: 17
Classification: Mutant/Meta-Human
Affiliation: Good


Hair Color: Jet Black
Eye Color: Deep Brown
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 180 pounds
Other Traits: One of Angel's most noticeable traits is his set of ebony wings. They are large, and they are strong enough to take and give hits. They are made of permanent shadows, and they are retractable, though He prefers to keep them out as they mold into a natural cloak when folded. Smaller, but perhaps just as noticeable once up close, are his fang-like incisors, giving him a slightly vampiric appearance - even though he is not a vampire. His typical clothes are black: black robes, black trousers, black cloaks, and black shirts. Occasionally he will wear charcoal though.

He has an assortment of scars on his chest and back, none too terrible, but you can see that being the apprentice to death is not all tea and crumpets, that there is actual fighting and training involved. The largest scar is once which travels from his right shoulder to his left hip right across his front.



  • Control of Shadows: There are many ways that Angel can use shadows. Not only can he manipulate them, he can cause them to solidify and attack. He can create shadows as well, though this is much harder than manipulating what is already there and is only done in the most dire of circumstances. Angel can also enshroud himself in shadows, becoming invisible, or even traveling by going from shadow to shadow.
  • Flight: Angel's wings allow him to achieve flight. Though not near supersonic, he's no snail either.
  • Medium: Angel can speak to Ghosts. (This is his base power. If Death had not made him his apprentice and eventual successor, this would be his only power.)


  • Death's Scythe: Angel is capable of conjuring Death's Scythe and using it in battle. He quite skilled with the bladed staff and can also use it to create a portal to the underworld.
  • From the Shadows: Angel is quite stealthy when he chooses since he can either hide himself in or teleport through shadows. This gives him quite a bit of a sneak boost.
  • Agility: Angel is quite agile, especially in the air, his nimble nature accentuating his sneaking skills.
  • Resilience: Because of his mutation at the hand of Death himself, Angel has increased resistance to damage and fatigue.


  • Light: A necessary evil in Angel's life. It is needed to create shadows, yet if he is completely surrounded, such as where the sources come from all directions, his shadow powers are nullified.
  • Death: Not his own, for that is obvious, but as the apprentice to death, he is sensitive to the 'absence of life' and if multiple people die at once in his vicinity, it has a paralyzing effect on him, their spirits calling out at once overwhelming his mind and rendering him extremely vulnerable until he can regain control.
  • Mortality: Angel, though resilient, is not immortal, and he can be killed by regular means.


Only Death and his apprentices can conjure and wield the mystic scythe
with the power to open a direct escape into the Underworld itself.

Angel of Death Untitled-5

This angel pendant once belonged to his best friend Serenity. He now keeps it as
a reminder and it is what motivates him to keep fighting even when all seems lost.


Personality: Angel likes many things, though not what people think he would. As an apprentice to Death one would think he liked the 'absence of life', but he really does not. Not only does that mean he has to deal with them and their unfinished business before escorting them to the other side, he must endure their pain and watch their suffering right along with them. He much prefers people not dying. He also likes music, and it does not matter which kind, from classical to heavy metal, Angel loves it all and it is one of the things he uses to take his mind off of his problems.

Technically, people would try to label him as an introvert, but this is really not the case with Angel, he simply prefers a few close friends that he can trust over a hundred acquaintances who only greet him with a happy face but curse him behind his back. He is sociable and generally cheerful, but he is not a leader, nor is he particularly charismatic. He is caring and compassionate however, and will always be there or his friends with a shoulder to cry on. Loyalty is a virtue he holds very dear. He recognizes the value of trust and it makes him feel special when people grant him theirs.

Foods that are many and varied are Angel's style. He likes all kinds of foods, but not over and over several nights in a row. It is possible to get take-out other than pizza, you know... However there is one thing that he will absolutely not eat no matter what, and that food is Strawberries. He hates them! Their nasty little seeds, the initial tartness, he would much rather just eat the chocolate and save the money on the strawberries.

A few things that really push his buttons are MURDER of course, not only is it wrong, but it also means he has to perform his duties, which are at many times very emotional. Another would be BETRAYAL. Angel hates betrayal, even the very idea of it! How anyone could turn their backs on their friends is completely beyond his reasoning capacity and he would be hard pressed to forgive any such breach of trust. TORTURE of anyone, whether they be family, friends, or even a random stranger on the street. He cannot stand for people to be hurt like that... even his enemies get a break here.

Level-headed: It takes a lot of button mashing to send him over the edge.
Kind: He is kind to many people, ESPECIALLY children... and cats.
Bright: He is not brilliant, but he is a little smarter than average.
Cunning: With his brightness comes a little bit of wiles and knowledge of strategy. Goes great with his sneaking.
Honest: Truth, Justice, and the American way, baby!

Music: Music calms him. Somewhere there is a lyric and beat for every stress.
Video Games: He is a teen, and he is a guy. You do the math.
Flying: Even though he can do it whenever he wants, he still likes to fly. Great to just plug into his MP3 and soar.
Sharpening: When he is nervous about something, you can always find him sharpening his scythe or polishing it.


Family Members: Father 40 (deceased); Mother 38 (alive)
Place of Origin: Athens, Tennessee
Current City: Jump City

  • Pre-Birth :: Angel, or William as he was called in this stage, was still in his mother's womb when Mrs. Fowler was in a terrible car accident, killing her husband and placing her in critical condition. Death came to her in the hospital, not for her, but for her unborn child. Because she could see ghosts, however, she knew there would be a very good chance her son could to and begged Death that instead of taking him, to instead let him live and take him on as his apprentice. Death accepted and prevented Angel from dying by altering his DNA to give him the tools that would be necessary to assist him in the future...
  • Birth :: Angel was born in the same hospital that his mother made her deal with death. As he was birthed, the lights in the room vanished and the shadows began to flicker as he cried. For several years there was no more evidence of him being a child of power.
  • Friend :: At the age of seven The Fowler's moved to Jump City and Angel met Serenity. They became fast friends when one day Angel saw a cat fall from a building, dying in the process. However, the ghost of the cat got up and began to wander, finding its was to him, detecting his inborn gifts. Serenity, instead of rejecting him or calling him a freak, though it amazing and became his closest friend and confidant.
  • Omen :: At the age of ten, Angel's mother saw in the cards at her shop that tragedy would soon befall them, the Grim appearing in her cards. She knew this to mean that Death would soon collect, and she decided to tell her son of his destiny.
  • Powers :: The more Angel's mother told him of what had happened, the stranger he felt until all at once, two large ebony wings of pure shadow burst from his back, not harming the cloth he wore, simply passing through it, yet solid to everything else. He also discovered that He could hide in the shadows, and manipulate them into different shapes, textures, and densities.
  • Tragedy :: They were on the school bus headed home when the bomb went off. Serenity didn't stand a chance and was killed instantly, but Angel had been sitting off to himself after he saw others teasing Serenity for hanging out with him. She had not said anything, but he didn't want her to be alone because of him. This distance coupled with his resistance saved his life... but not his friend's...
  • Decision :: Death caused Angel's first spirit to be Serenity's and as he helped her across, she revealed to him that she hadn't cared that they made fun of her, that there would always be jerks and evil in the world and all people could do was fight back and not let them get to them. She told him to take the guardian angel charm from her necklace and keep it with him, to remembers her, and so he did. And from that point on, at the age of fifteen, he forsook the age-old tradition of Death not becoming involved and staying neutral by using his powers to fight for good.
  • First Victory :: He was racing against time to get there. Someone was bombing the route again, the same route they had bombed a years earlier and took his best friend. He had to get their first. He had to make sure no one shared Serenity's fate. With the help of Spirits who did not desire to move on, he managed to find the bomb and by using Death's Scythe, open a portal to the Underworld, where it detonated harmlessly.
  • Present :: In between guiding lost souls, Angel (the nickname he took for himself when Serenity died), fights the various villains who want to destroy his home and endanger innocent souls.

Sample RP

Quote :
The tears came freely, staining the bedspread as she lay curled up, tottering on the brink or insanity, as her mind warred with itself. The sides had switched though, and it was her emotions who were against Nuru this time, wailing that they should have listened, that he was only toying with them to finish her off in her most miserable state.

Her rational mind, on the other hand, was claiming that the emotions had been right; no one could fake the feelings Nuru had shown her. He could not have faked the love and caring and joy that he had nearly constantly poured into her through their link. It was impossible.

She wished she'd have died with Fowler, that she would have been spared this agony. How could she not have seen the signs? How could she, after years of fighting them, not been able to identify a clone? Sure it had been many years since she had fought them or even controlled them, but one does not simply forget how to identify the enemy!

But was he the enemy? He had certainly not shown himself to be. He had loved her, taught her to live again, made her the happiest she had ever been in her life...

She didn't know what to believe!!! Everything had to be so hard! She loved him, yet hated him at the same time! He was Nuru, yet he was a clone! Why did this have to happen to her?!? Hadn't she had enough misery in her life? Why could she not have even one bit of happiness that wasn't spoiled by the cruel whims of fate?

The worst part was feeling like she had betrayed Fowler... Not only had she tolerated, or even befriended a clone, she had SLEPT with a clone. She had lost her virginity to him. At the time, she had given it, but now felt as if it had been stolen from her, something he had taken under false pretenses and she could never get back.

Nothing would change...

He had said it like it was nothing, like it had just slipped his mind. He couldn't have mentioned it BEFORE they had had given themselves to each other? Before she had defiled herself with her Father's murderers?

'But... he didn't murder Fowler. He had not been there, had not been with the rest of them...'

'It doesn't matter! He was there in spirit! He probably ordered it!'

'But he didn't choose to be a clone! What if it haunts him as much as it is haunting you, Circe? Besides he seemed to know next to nothing of Kanto, IF he was a commander a DECADE ago, he probably would not have been placed in charge of a land he knew next to nothing of. Mewtwo was evil, but he was not stupid, Circe!'

'... He came here just to kill you too! He has to dispose of the last of the set. He pretended to love you, just to get close and make it hurt all the more!'

'You know he can't fake that! You know that the love you felt was real! Even if that had been his original plan, which I doubt, he wasn't able to go through with it, he came to love you too much, Circe!'

The emotional side - surprisingly - was losing ground. They had been deadlocked, Circe and The Witch, for what seemed like forever. But... slowly - ever so slowly - The Witch's calculating, fact observing points began to show themselves. She knew that Nuru had been good for Circe in the long run, it was just a matter of bringing Circe around to see things her way...

She sobbed even harder as he came into the room. Why couldn't he leave her alone? Why was he coming to make her feel even worse, reminding her of all that she had done over the last several weeks?

She felt them again... the presences. They weren't scared anymore, now they were trying to help, trying to calm her because she was scared and hurting. She had not been able to hlep them because she did not know where they were, but they obviously knew where she was and they were able to send her reassuring feelings somehow...

'Why not talk? If he IS here to kill, at least make him feel guilty afterwards...'

Her words came out in slow, choked sobs, pain evident in her voice as she re-lived, in detail the event which caused her to develop her alter ego, and her hatred for all things cloned.

"T-t-they killed him. They killed my friends. They would have killed me too, had he not made me l-l-leave. We w-w-were alone. They didn't know or care w-w-whether we were c-c-civilians or not, they just attacked! The entire b-b-battalion! Cindy... d-d-died first. They just took her head right off! T-t-then Mara... They just swarmed her. She had just started her c-c-cycle the d-d-day before... she didn't even stand a chance against all of them!Alaric he held them off the longest... b-b-but then he got hit with ten shadow balls simultaneously... and then.... and then... a Houndoom tore out his heart!"

She started crying so hard she couldn't even speak. Her friends, and their dying screams echoing in her mind. She stared at the picture of Fowler, the proud smile on his face outside the Gym. She wished her were here so much... He would know what to do... He would have protected her from this whole mess...

Staring at the picture focused her, and the strange feelings from the two other presences were helping her more as well. "F-f-fowler began talking to me as Chan and Lee held them back, begging me to go, to save myself. I didn't see t-them die, but I h-h-heard their screams, and I... I... I felt their blood splash against my gown... It was horrible! I was refusing to leave, turning to fight, but then he ordered me, told me that if I cared for him at all I would go, that he loved me and that he wanted me to live. I-i-it was... the most horrible thing I've ever had to endure... Hearing his screams of pain... as... as... as I ABANDONED HIM!!!"

She wailed the last part, the windows and furniture in her room vibrating. She began speaking faster, choking the rest out in barely understandable sobs. "When... when I went back later for the bodies, I found his alone... They had taken the others, d-d-done Arceus only know what with them. As I knelt next to him, his lifeless corpse, I could barely even recognize it... They... they had stripped him, and they had r-r-raped him. Burns covered him, and the effects of poison were obvious where the flesh had already begun to rot. He. died. in. agony. And it was all their fault!!!!! So how can you stand there and say it is nothing? That it changes nothing? Clones are what took, my Father from me, the most important person in my life, the one who had raised me! You say that's nothing?!?""

She had been propped up a little bit, her rant forcing her up, but now she fell back to the bed, the picture of she and Fowler, still clutched in her hand. The 35 year old trainer and the 15 year old Gardevoir were happily embracing one another in celebration of their victory at the Saffron Gym, and it was staring right at Nuru...
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Angel of Death
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