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 A Visit From the Past (Honest) - CLOSED

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PostSubject: A Visit From the Past (Honest) - CLOSED   Fri Aug 12, 2011 6:45 am

Greystone Hospital of Psychiatry and Specialized Practices.

This was the place.

The lawyer with a briefcase in his hand walked into the hospital. He'd never dealt with meta-human affairs before, so walking into such a place was a bit unnerving. After all, you had to have powers to be admitted here.

The lawyer, Mr. Brown, was soon referred to the room he was looking for: 57-B. Entering the room, Mr. Brown found the man he was looking for.

"Hello Liev. I understand you're having a hard time."
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PostSubject: Re: A Visit From the Past (Honest) - CLOSED   Sat Aug 13, 2011 7:05 am

He lay, wrists bound by handcuffs to the hospital bed that had no sheets, a ventilator hose snaking through the bars, and steady drip, drip, drip in a parchment canvas of weathered skin. At the sound of the door clicking open and shut, the twenty-one year-old actor and Teen Titan “on hold,” of sorts, Honest’s eyes fluttered open like shivering moths, startled to be awoken after such a static period of sitting and sleeping, waiting and wondering. He drew in a terrifyingly sharp breath, feverishly scanned his surroundings, then muttered, “It was just a hallucination... a bad memory.” But the “memory” was visibly potent when Honest noticed that the voice that had called his name was an actual person; an actual real, live man. His eyes widened and seemed to illuminate like gleaming rings of fresh honey, but his expression read more as piqued interest than fear.

This guy wreaked “suit” all-over.

Honest stared, did not speak nor give any gesture of recognition and everything but kind emotions. Play it well, he warned himself, Make yourself into anyone he wants to. Manipulate him. Pick out his weaknesses, find his flaws. Everyone lies, and everyone can be broken. I just have to find his seams...then pull them and make them yours.
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PostSubject: Re: A Visit From the Past (Honest) - CLOSED   Sun Aug 14, 2011 4:07 am

The lawyer sat down in a chair next to Liev's bed. "Mr Ehrlichmann, you may call me Mr. Brown. I'm a lawyer who works for Captain Cab of the U.S. military, who has unfortunatley died. My purpose here is to fulfill the last will and testament of Captain Cab."

After clearing his throat with a sickening cough, Mr. Brown opened the suitcase and pulled out a notebook. Without giving Liev much time to think, he began to read the section of Cab's will intended for Liev's ears only.

"Liev, I know you've had a hard life. I can never imagine what you've seen, how you've felt. When I first heard about you, I pitied you greatly. However, you suprised me by continuing on with your life. You have lived as a hero, an inspiration, and as an example. This may sound strange, but seeing your resolve is what motivated me to try to change the world. I knew that if I could change the government from the inside out, it would save other people from the terrors you've been through. If you are reading or hearing this, then it means that I have failed in my goal. These are the things I must say to you, in life or in death."

"First of all, you're not crazy, Liev. They may have convinced you that you are. You may have convinced yourself. I've seen insanity, and I can truely say that you are not insane. We all view the world a little differently than each other, and yet not one of us sees reality in full. If someone did, they would certainly be seen as insane by the rest of us. You are a man with a gift that allows you to see every perspective. This makes you the most sane person on this planet."

"Secondly, you are a very gifted individual Liev. You have so much power that you are not even aware of yet. I'm glad that you have chosen to use your power for justice. If anyone can bring peace to this world, it is you."

Upon finishing reading the letter, Mr. Brown pulled out a small pill and swallowed it. Blinking hard and coughing a few times, the lawyer stood up. Opening his eyes again, Mr. Brown smiled. "This letter was for your eyes/ears only. Therefore, I have now erased my memory of the content of what I just read. Thank you for your time and remember to consider Littleton Law Firm for all your legal needs."

With that, Mr. Brown turned and headed for the exit.
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PostSubject: Re: A Visit From the Past (Honest) - CLOSED   Sat Sep 10, 2011 11:01 pm

Captain Cab... this name was evidentially written upon Liev Aleksandr Ehrlichmann’s scripts, but when it prefaced the cold label, “dead” ...no, that type of line could not exist; it did not and could not be directed to fit the criteria of which needed be met for this actor—no matter how skilled a performer he was—of whom sat and stared blankly at nothing. It didn’t make sense... hell, the metal cuffs that had wrongfully been tasked to chain whatever little sanity that their victim had left made more sense than the absurd and untimely death of Captain Cab... the only man who wore the label poisonous badge of a Government agent, and yet was considered a friend and not a foe by Honest’s jurisdiction...that strange, strange individual whom had spared his own life for the sake of not only Liev and Zack’s life, but the late Model Eleven’s as well. Model Eleven––Evan Hauge––Liev’s one and only best friend. He who had been murdered by Backlash...

Liev’s mind was jerked back into the present when Mr. Brown, the mundane little lawyer with the mundane little voice––so simple in contrast to the words and ideals of Captain Cab’s will––read:

“If you are reading or hearing this, then it means that I have failed in my goal.

Now that––even if Cab hadn’t known––was a lie. Honest wanted nothing more than to shake him by the shoulders and yell, “Are you kidding me!> Look at what you’ve done for Evan’s name, for his conscience! Look back at me and Zack, living in flesh, blood, soul, and spirit! Count the days, weeks, months that Fake has not tread upon the ground that I travel. Think, Cab! If what you claim about me is true, then at least some of your goals have succeeded! You have not failed; not your men, not your duty, and not yourself.”

...but there was only a paper and a bringer of bittersweet words that could only be stared at and make an effort to try and comprehend the situation. Were those words meant to be reassurance? ...or praise? ...or confessions? But whether they were or were not meant to be, Liev Aleksandr Ehrlichmann was grateful and, admittedly, a little humbled and strangely comforted.

In fact, Honest had been so enthralled and mystified by the last Will and Testament of Captain Cab that he didn’t even notice that Mr. Brown of Littleton Law Firm had left until the door latch clicked and the automatic locking system’s little round light turned red.

What now? Liev wondered. I can’t just sit here knowing that Cab still thinks that he failed. And what about Evan? Did...does he think that he failed? Did I fail him? He could not have expected or foreseen Backlash... Or could he? He is a computer, but... Backlash apparently knew more about machines than even he thought. But wait... If this, if this is true... Could she have... Does she now know what Model Elven had stored in his hard drive? Does she know everything about me... about Evan and I?

“Backlash!” Honest screamed. “Where are you? Where are you hiding? WHERE IS MY FRIEND? WHERE ARE YOU KEEPING HIM? A blood pressure monitor shrieked at the skyrocketing elevation of the hot-bodied individual as he fought everything he had worked so hard to get under control. Another alarm went off when the six-foot actor managed to break down one of the guard rails using just sheer strength.. But mostly rage and hopelessness––fueled by desperate questions that few could answer. “I WILL GAIN RETRIBUTION, BACKLASH! YOU WILL PAY FOR YOUR CRIMES!”
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PostSubject: Re: A Visit From the Past (Honest) - CLOSED   Sun Sep 11, 2011 2:36 am

Although the alarms went off, no nurses or doctors entered the room. Only the shrill sound of Liev's alarms broke the silence that now permeated the hallway. Where was everybody? They had all fallen asleep...rather suddenly. A clear white mist could be seen flowing through the hospital if you looked hard enough, and it had entered every room except for 57-B.

Finally, one lone pair of shoes could be heard walking down the hallway. The timing of the steps seemed stiff and robotic somehow. The door to room 57-B opened to reveal a man in a red sweater and black pants. His blood-red eyes stared at Liev without any emotion in the world.

William Hauge had long since given up emotion.

"Liev. You should not struggle so much. You need to rest your body and your mind. I do not yet know if I intend to kill you. Why did Evan not see this before? You have the power to be anybody, meaning that you are everybody, meaning you are every villain in the world. You are Backlash, and yet you speak as though the two of you were seperate. If I were to kill you, then Backlash would go away. That is the logical approach anyway."

William continued to stare at the pathetic man who was Honest. He opened a small bag that he had with him and started pulling something out of it...
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PostSubject: Re: A Visit From the Past (Honest) - CLOSED   Mon Sep 12, 2011 1:54 am

Honest nearly died when he saw what he thought to be his friend, resurrected.

But he soon realised his mistake;

It was the traitor, Point One. He no longer deserved to bear the name 'Point One.' He would never be the same.

"For being such a machine made to have the intelligence of a human, you sure are ignorant!" Honest retorted, taken a bit by surprise by his own words. But to be compared or considered to be that damned-to-be murderer of the only true friend Honest had... that was enough to make Honest void of any and all fear.

"I am not Backlash!" Honest continued, "and don't you dare threaten me with death when I was the one who prolonged yours---only prolonged. If Backlash discovers that a reincarnation of the Titan she thought she had finished is alive, I will not stand in her way.”

The actor tried to heave the bar he had just broken to use as some sort of defense… just in case… but the wear of morphine and intravenous taps were really starting to impact his dexterity, the Ketamine meant to relax the restless Teen Titan making his vision start to blur, especially as those god-forsaken, trilling alarms continued to bombard his ears.

“Ughhhhh! Shut off those bloody alarms if you’re so freaking skilled, Point One, and I might be able to help you discern the difference between shapeshifting, which is merely disguising one's self, and the murderous punk who killed your brother!”
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PostSubject: Re: A Visit From the Past (Honest) - CLOSED   Wed Sep 14, 2011 2:48 am

Liev tried to throw a piece of metal at William, who watched the object fall to the floor. Liev was in no condition for a fight. Even if he was, Point One would never make an appearance if he felt that he could lose in a fight.

The alarms? Oh, yes, those things. Point One snapped his fingers and the sound of the alarms stopped.

"If you are trying to make me fear death, Liev, you will fail. Unlike you, I have no soul, no drive to stay alive. There is nothing else that I seek other than my own death. Before that can occur, however, I must solve this massive puzzle. My programming will not allow me to die until everything has been sorted out. I do need you to explain things to me."

William finished pulling out the object out of his small bag. It was a mask that looked very similar to William's face.

"This is a mask of Evan. He never did ascend to human form, as I have, but this is what his face would look like if he did. It is ironic that the souless creature was the only one to take on flesh. In any case, I believe that many of my questions can be answered by Evan...whom you are about to become."

William handed the mask to Liev. As much as he hated the man who he now saw as Backlash, he needed to speak to his brother. "Put this on."
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PostSubject: Re: A Visit From the Past (Honest) - CLOSED   Sat Sep 17, 2011 4:45 am

Honest swallowed. His chest constricted with revisited regret as his blood ran cold with distal melancholy, and his golden eyes stared at a phantom of a friend he had know so well.

“Have you gone mad? I will never,” he hissed defiantly, “ever obey the command of a mocker and a traitor! You don’t even have the right nor reason to come here and use your own predecessor’s friend like some dress-up doll––and for your own selfish reasons, too! I am not Evan, and I’d be surprised if I turned out to be half the man he was! That mask––no... that copy, and all of the other masks I wear are just that: masks, and nothing more!”

Liev did not let his eyes wonder from William Hauge’s as he inquired the next:

“..you’re jealous of him, aren’t you, Point One? You may have flesh and blood, but Evan had a soul... something that you’ll never have if you continue to let his murder––meaning, virtually––your own murder be your source of drive and power. I hope you read what I engraved upon your brother’s statue, William, back at his funeral. Do you remember? What was Evan to me? What was he to the Titans, the people, and the world?”
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PostSubject: Re: A Visit From the Past (Honest) - CLOSED   Sat Sep 17, 2011 9:43 am

William was disappointed that Liev was not willing to wear the mask. He was certain that Evan would be able to answer the questions that he had.

"Jealous? Of course I am jealous of Evan. Even if I have achieved a human body, I have not fulfilled my programming. That is something that only Evan was able to do. Wouldn't you be jealous if you were in my position? Do I remember the funeral? I don't know. I am not certain if I remember anything. All I know is what my code tells me that I know. I do not remember things like you do. Information simply comes to me when I need it. My actions are not up to me to decide. They are programmed into my code, and yet I am also forced to feel discontent with such an existence. You treat me as though I have a choice in my decisions, but I do not."

"If Evan had not gained a soul by some unknown means, he would have been exactly like I am now. We were of one mind when we tried to destroy your flawed world. It was only because of Backlash that we were convinced to spare this planet. She gave me purpose. I was to discover the meaning of life. But then Backlash killed Evan. She destroyed that purpose that she created. Unless you wear this mask and become Evan, I must assume that the meaning of life...is to destroy humanity. I seem to think that Evan wouldn't want that. So, for Evan's sake, you need to do this."

William stepped closer to Liev. If he would not wear the mask willingly, then William would need to force it on him.
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PostSubject: Re: A Visit From the Past (Honest) - CLOSED   Sat Oct 08, 2011 4:05 am

Honest’s reply came as an animalistic growl; never had he felt such loathing toward Point One. His words were fiery and snapped with an unexpected rage:

“If I do this, Point One, you must leave the Teen Titans and never return. I don’t care whether you stay in Jump or not, or what business you plan on carrying out with Backlash. You seem to forget that I want to see justice carried out on her, too; we’re alike in at least that way, although I hate to admit it. No one seems to give any damn what she does now, or at least don’t consider her a dangerous threat... for now. I’m sure that Evan was not the only person she planned to take down. She talks of fairness and equality, but nothing is fair about trying to obtain “equality” by killing off those who are better than she.”

He paused, inhaled deeply, and grimaced. “And I want you to promise me that you’ll carry on Evan’s legacy and good name with dignity and righteousness; it’s the least you can do... for yourself, and for him.”

The actor than stared at the mask’s eyes with despair and utter defeat. Let’s hope that I can pull this off... I can’t let Point One figure out that I will not become his brother, but actually just play the part as best I can...

“You put it on me,” Honest said, “I don’t want to be responsible for whatever happens while I’m donning Evan's image."
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PostSubject: Re: A Visit From the Past (Honest) - CLOSED   Sat Oct 08, 2011 5:10 am

Leave the Teen Titans? Point One had never considered himself a part of the organization. How could he then return? It must be that he couldn't return to the Tower. That was how Point One understood Liev's demand. He also had to carry on Evan's legacy.

"I agree to your terms."

Point One reached down and placed the mask of Evan on Liev's face.
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PostSubject: Re: A Visit From the Past (Honest) - CLOSED   Mon Oct 17, 2011 6:23 pm

OOC: Back in business, Dar.

Honest felt a surging rush of blood to his head as his arteries practically dissolved, leaving behind only strings of electric currents and falsified neurons, man-made life and calculated thoughts as his body transformed into the robotic shell of Model Eleven—a ghost that now appeared more machine than man. It was a strange feeling to lose your feelings and emotions.

He felt empty, and realised how literal of a shell that Evan once was.

“It has been a while since last we met, Point One,” Model Eleven stated, no trace of Honest left in the static voice and emotionless face. “And where have you brought me? This atmosphere is considerably foreign, but I will do my best to answer the questions you feel the need to inquire of me. Something tells me that you want to know more about Katarzyna Dolinski… about Backlash.”
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PostSubject: Re: A Visit From the Past (Honest) - CLOSED   Mon Oct 17, 2011 11:09 pm

It worked. Liev had become Evan. The chance to attain salvation had arrived. Evan knew the answers. He had to. He was the original. Even though he felt no emotion, Point One smiled. It was the proper action to take when plans were working.

"Model Eleven, I have downloaded your essence. You were inoperable for several cycles. Although you are currently alive within the body of Liev, I do not know how long you will be able to remain operational."

Point One got on his knees so he could be at eye level with Evan. "Please, brother. I need your advice. I have received a purpose from Backlash: to live with my own purpose. I must discover the purpose of life. Backlash was the perfect human, so her orders must be seen as perfect. However, she is the one who killed you. What does this mean? Should I follow her example by destroying myself or the Titans? Or should I fight against the only perfect human? To do such would be going against my programming. I am on the brink of losing my mind. What should I do?"
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PostSubject: Re: A Visit From the Past (Honest) - CLOSED   Tue Oct 18, 2011 1:03 am

Evan first looked at the chain restraining his hand, then at his surroundings once more, and finally, at his brother.

“Backlash did kill me, but I was the one who provoked her doing so. It was minor research—just a background check and the information current to her person—but it was enough to make her transcend the limits of justice and irrationality. She is a threat, but not to your existence. Remember that Backlash was only made perfect by your doing, then reverted to her original state of imperfection? When she gave you purpose, she was in perfected form. Now, Backlash is only human and therefore prone to irrational tendencies and brash emotions. It is simple if you remove perfection from the equation, as is true to be now; she is evil because of not only her actions towards me, but of her recent activity that I’ve acquired from Liev’s memory. Recently, she has let evil prevail by fighting against the Titans versus with them. Liev has also gained suspicions of her joining a criminal organisation called H.I.V.E.’ that would prove to be disastrous. Her reasons are logically unclear seeing that her nature is to work alone, but perhaps you may be able to help in that matter—Backlash believes that metahumans that are born with what she calls “God-given gifts” are worthless and only idolised because they have said superhuman abilities, and also believes that they have no right protecting the citizens of Jump City from evil because they did not earn their title on their own. However, Backlash has vowed to never assault or kill metahumans who have obtained their powers by unorthodox means, as per herself, who has built the weapons that give her power today: the lightning whips. If you successful destroy her lightning whips, you destroy her power. But I warn you, William: Backlash has acquired the power of magnetism but unknown means, even unto myself and any other Titan, past or present. My system was overridden as easily as you and I can access a cellular device, and I left my friends and yourself to defend Jump City without my aid, as well as leaving the person of whom I promised to protect so long as my programming permitted. He is Honest, as you may have already surmised from the emotions that he has expressed to you. I have forty-five minutes until the cycle of transformation has passed, after which the extent of Liev’s powers could continue. In addition, his subconscious has informed me of a new piece of information that I had not previously known, nor had anyone else from my knowledge: if an hour passes in the duration of the time Liev is wearing a mask, he will permanently become an avatar of whom or whatever the mask portrays. It is an irreversible change. That is why he has so successfully been able to keep in perfect condition the mask he always wears—the one that he appears as regularly; it has already been grafted to his skin. Had I known that, I would not have allowed him to coerce with a man named Dr. Lukyanov. I believe the Liev either does not realise that this process has taken place or has been driven to a state of mental instability and desires to rid himself of that mask, permanently. If he does so, the results will be fatal.”

William, I charge you with the task of protecting Liev and the other Titans. You have wronged them, but I believe Liev can help you if you do what I next say: find Backlash, destroy her whips, but do not kill her. Turn her into the Titans immediately upon succeeding, and do all of this with extreme caution, and perhaps most importantly, with Honest at your side. He deserves a friend in this drastic time of incomprehensible tragedy. But you need to hurry—he will not last very long under these circumstances, and Backlash’s power grows greater in strength every day and every minute. Free Liev from here and begin your journey. But remember: Backlash is now only human. She can and will die as a mortal, but you know better than most what it is to lose a loved one. She may still be a killer, William, but there are those who still need her existence, and no person should have to die at the hand of another––human or metahuman, mortal or immortal.”

Model Eleven stared at Point One for a few moments that seemed, to him, and eternity. Finally, he spoke again:

“Do not let Backlash rule your actions. You and only you can give yourself a purpose. Use your emotions to guide you, not override you... minus forty minutes until this mask’s abilities become inept. Use them wisely.”
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PostSubject: Re: A Visit From the Past (Honest) - CLOSED   Fri Oct 21, 2011 4:11 am

It all made sense now. William knew that Evan would know all the answers! The universe could change. People like Backlash could change, turning from good to evil and possibly back again. As a mere Code, the concept completely changed Point One's outlook on the world. Even if Backlash had once been perfect, she was no longer to be Point One's moral compass.

She was the enemy.

Evan charged him with the purpose of helping Liev bring Backlash to justice. What a great and noble cause!

Interesting, so that was how Liev's powers worked. He could literally become somebody if he wore a mask too long, which was where his "true" self had come from. Liev had completely invented himself.

"I am glad to see you again, Evan. I understand everything now. I have fulfilled our programming. If I were to die right now, I would not be sad. I have just figured out how to obtain a soul, and I am eager to do so. I am sorry, but I cannot fulfill your wish. I cannot bring Backlash to justice. Liev will have to do that on his own. If I am not to let Backlash rule my actions, then I will hunt her no further. "

Point One unchained Evan from the hospital bed and helped him sit up. A silver orb crashed through the ceiling and hovered next to them. "Do you remember this? It is The Grid. I have mobilized it into this sphere." The orb began to glow with brilliant energy as it prepared for it's final task. "I am going to fuze with you, Brother. I no longer care about the things of this world. You and I both know that we can't be the ones to defend the Titans anymore. They must defend themselves. As for me, I must be with you again. We cannot be separate anymore. This is what I truly want. Even if I die, I will have a soul."

With a final flash, The Grid dissolved William's body into pure information. It then placed his very essence inside of Evan.

William had begun his life when a copy of Evan was made. Now, at last, the two Codes were one again. The one Code that remained was a combination of Evan and William: Model Eleven Point Three; Evan William Hauge. He was at perfect peace with himself and the universe.

Reaching down in the deep recesses of Liev's subconscious, Point Three spoke directly to Liev. "Liev. I must go now. The next world calls to me. Being half-dead does that to you. Don't worry, you can see me any time. You just need to wear the mask, as it seems you have power over death itself. I believe in you. You will become a hero of legend who defended the innocent."

"Oh, and Liev...Thank you. You are the best friend I could have ever asked for. This may sound weird coming from a dead computer code, but...I...love you, Liev. I declare you to be my brother, my legacy. Once you take off the mask, I will be sent back to the next world. Do not worry about me. I've been there before, and it's beautiful. This silver sphere has just enough energy to help you escape. Before William came in here, he knocked out all the guards with sleeping gas. You will have an easy path to freedom."

Evan William Hauge reached up to his face and grabbed the mask that tied him to this world. "Now, go." He pulled the mask off, and the essence of Model Eleven Point faded from Liev's body.
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PostSubject: Re: A Visit From the Past (Honest) - CLOSED   

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A Visit From the Past (Honest) - CLOSED
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