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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 I Want To Play (Open)

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Titan News!
Titan News!

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PostSubject: I Want To Play (Open)   Fri Nov 10, 2017 11:58 am

It’s a normal day, nothing odd is afoot, nothing is out of the ordinary. Though you hear something in your head suddenly. As the words start time slows to a stop but you are still able to talk though you can not move at all. You get the feeling that someone or thing wants to talk to you, and you feel a tingling feeling run down your spine.

“Pick one, Death, Murder, Sacrifice, Kill”

“Pick, Hunt, Prey”

“Are you Insane?”

“Are you alone?”

“Do we know you?”

“Did we bring you here?”

“Do you miss home?

“Do you miss us?”

“Do you remember anything?”

“Did we break you too?”

“Can you scream?”

“Can you feel?”

“Do you ever hurt?”

“Your eyes are still missing…”

“We can fix you”

“Water, Fire, Earth, Or Wind.”

“Do you want to play a game?”

“Don’t cry but… We’re behind you… turn around.”

Time resumes, there is no one behind you, but you hear a whisper in your left ear. “Soon… Don’t cry… You’re not alone, you’re just marked like the others.”
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Delta-class Metahuman

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PostSubject: Re: I Want To Play (Open)   Thu Nov 16, 2017 7:28 am

A young teen came into existence in his room, having got back from another tour through time, something that he grew to like these past days. To go back to see how the world was different including its occupants. He looked down to a book in his head where he had recently wrote in detailing his travels and gave a sigh. Taking off his cloak and book on the bed he turned to start heading out of his room. But he found himself frozen entirely, his eyes widen in panic and was prepared to teleport out of his spell before he heard the voice. His mind went back to the dream and Chaos Lords, this just reeks of their influence. So he set his mind in going along with this game, no longer letting them torture him again.


Solgaleo was the martyr for salvation after all, having long taken that mantle onto himself.


So that he may bear the world burdens, bear all the hate so that none may suffer.


His ideals while beautiful is rather hypocritical and impossible to achieve, but that's no reason to not try.


He was never alone, he knows that now.


At least he thinks so as he otherwise does not know anyone else who was interested in him.

”By technically of nature yes”

The end of the Omniverse tend to be very chaotic.

”No, home is where the heart's””

Jenny, Toji, and even Kaden is considered family to him.

”Not really no”

Bitterness crept into his voice as he remembered what those bastards did to Jenny.

”I'm remembering bit by bit.”

He can remember fragments of his past now thanks to Gavilain but large portions still remain blank.


He said with ire as he remembered the pink haired Chaos lord.


Confusion was present but he could guess why they asked that.

”I can feel my contempt towards you”

He said in a rare moment of sass, it seemed Kaden demeanor has started to run off on him.


He simply said.

”Says the beings who don't require them”

He pointed out in both bitterness and curiosity as he was somewhat wondering why abstract entities require eyes.

”No thanks,”

Anger was beginning to build up in him but can't do anything due to his paralysis.


A symbol of purification and reincarnation.

”Do I have a choice?”

With that time seem to have continued, ignoring the final words he willed Gavilain to his hand and headed to the Danger Room to prepare himself for the coming battles.
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I Want To Play (Open)
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