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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 Aurora Dopufola

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PostSubject: Aurora Dopufola   Thu Jun 15, 2017 1:57 am

"{The sun shines, not on us, but in us.}"

{Aurora Dopufola}


Full Name: Aurora Dopufola
Nickname(s): "Everyone calls her Rora" "You're the only one who calls me that." "No, everyone does." *rolls eyes*
Codename: "Oooh how about.." *Makes dramatic hand motion* "Daydream"
Alias(es): Lumina Bayle
Age: 1
Race: 1/2 Pascievien / Meta Human
Alignment: Neutral


Hair Color: The colors of fire
Eye Color: Golden
Gender: Female
Height: "She's a shorty." "Oh shut up. I'm 29" and that's just slightly shorter than you."
Weight: 120 lbs
Other Traits: Her skin in gold and glows slightly with light. If she gets angry her hair will float up and put off light like a sun and her eyes will glow. If she gets depressed her skin's light will fade until it looks dark and her eyes will turn completely black.


- Energy manipulation: Aurora can manipulate and create energy in the form of light or heat. She can also combine these two to make lightning.

    * Light and Heat manipulation - If she so wishes Aurora can use her powers to use Light and Heat to her advantage. This will slowly drain her however and she will need to "recharge". She can use her power non-stop for 48 hours before she will pass out from lack of sun/nature. The 48 hours is only if she is not under direct sunlight the whole time. Aurora can use this power to blind someone, melt an incoming bullet, light fires, so on and so forth.

   * Lightning manipulation - Aurora can use her powers to summon lightning out of thin air. This is a lot easier to do when it is already storming but she can also create lightning on a completely clear day if she wanted. This power is very hard for her to use however. She can use it up to 12 times before she has to recharge or risk passing out.

- Wind manipulation: Aurora can also manipulate wind. She can use this powers in many ways the main ways are explained below.

   * Upward gusts - Aurora can use this power of wind manipulation to essentially float. She can only fly heigh enough from the ground to reach a two story building's roof. I she where then to stand on that roof, she would be able to get to a four story building's roof, so on and so forth. There is no limit to how much she can do this. She can also use her other powers as she does this as long as she keeps her concentration. If she does break her concentration one or both of these powers will fail and she will risk falling. She however does not usually take fall damage for she can use this power to cushion herself and float/lower herself to the ground. This power is useless if she's unconscious.

   * Tornado power - Aurora can use this power to create tornados. This does require some "recharge" afterwards. She can create tornados, control where they go, how big they are, how strong, ect. She can only have a tornado going for up to 30 minutes before she will pass out. She can only create one tornado per day.

- Nature Lover: "I am one with nature. I am a part of nature. I am nature." *scoff* "Over dramatic much?" *pouts* "I was trying to seem... I don't know. Powerful? *snort, laugh* "Nice try, but you failed completely."

   * Ultimate Green Thumb - Aurora can use this power to immediately grow plants, whether it be the tiniest flower or the largest tree. This power uses the least amount of energy as compared to the rest of her powers. She can also use this power to sap the life from plants. She can use this to "charge" faster and get more energy.

   * Transformation: Aurora can transform into a Cougar with ease. She gets this power from her mother and there is no limit to this form. This does not use any of her energy but gives her heightened sense, sharp claws, and dangerous teeth, as well as making her stronger and faster. These are all to the extent of a regular cougar. She can also communicate with other animals as well as people.

- Climbing trees
- Being happy-go-lucky
- Being innocent "That's not a skill!" "Is too! I can put my own skills thank you!"
- "Being a pain in the butt *snicker*" "Not true!"
- Flying "Well floating really"
- "Arguing" "Hey! Don't put that here! Meanie! Though I guess it's true, I do argue, but only with my brother mostly."
- "Being childish." "That's it you! Get out of here! I'll do the rest myself."
- Good with children
- "Great with plants! Obvi!"
- Art
- She can talk both in english and her mother's language.
- She likes doing people's hair

Physical Weaknesses
- Sleep: If Aurora falls asleep she will not wake up until she has sunlight or plant life around her.
- Dark magic: Dark magic will weaken her some and will strip her powers away until she gets around plant life.
- Human flimsiness: Aurora can block attacks but the same amount of damage that kills a human will kill her.
- Wide Awake: Aurora does not need to sleep. If she does fall asleep it's usually because she's out of energy. If she falls asleep you should find her some sunlight or plant life so she can "recharge." The down side of this is she gets really bored at night. She has found a way to imitate sleep by using the plants in her room at home to meditate and "recharge" while sitting on her bed.
- Recharge: Aurora uses the sun or plants around her to get more energy, just like a human would to sleep. She can also heal with plants and the sun. Though very slow, this can save her life. She barely ever passes out or goes to sleep and if she does rush her to the sunniest/most plant filled spot you can find, or else she could go into a coma she will never wake up from.

Mental Weaknesses
- "Stubborn as a mule" "I'm warning you!": Aurora is extremely stubborn. If she sets her mind to something she most likely won't change it, even if the situation becomes life threatening.
- "The sky's awake! So I'm awake!": Aurora is extremely hyper in the day, and pretty sluggish at night. In the dark she will move much slower and not be able to dodge things as well.
- "D-d-darkness?": Aurora is scared of the dark and needs at least a nightlight on at all times.
- She will do anything for her family, even if it means getting herself injured, or worse.
- She is very emotion driven and will often do things without thinking them all the way through first.

- Iphone
- Lots of cash and credit cards
- Usually at least one bag of clothes, whether freshly bought or on the way to donation
- Car keys


Rora is a very sweet girl, she doesn't hurt anyone unless absolutely necessary. If you get on her nerves however, she will show no mercy. She has a soft spot for plants and will (in a non-lethal way) attack anyone who she sees is hurting plants. She is extremely happy-go-lucky and has a very small temper. "Well except my brother. I have no tolerance for him."

Aurora is a very emotion based person and what powers she chooses to use as well as what she looks like depends greatly on her mood. She loves clothes and will but out her favorite clothing store at least once a week. She does donate the clothes she never wears. These donations are very generous considering they are expensive and barely used. She rarely wears the same thing twice.

- "Candy!" "You don't need candy, you are already hyper enough." "I thought you left! Get away!"
- "Plants"
- "Animals"
- "People who are kind"
- "Children"
- "Sunlight"
- "The beach"
- "Pastel colors"

- "Blacks and browns in art. In the dirt is fine."
- "Arguments, unless it's with my brother."
- "People who destroy plants."

- Making art
- Wandering in the wilderness
- Arguing with her brother
- Squirms when she's uncomfortable
- Bites nails
- Talks animatedly (aka uses hands to act out what she's saying at times, points to things, or flails hands wildly to prove a point)


Family Members:
Mother: Ivory Dopufola
Father: Ren
Brother: Shayde
Place of Origin: Jump City
Aurora does not yet have a long history. She and her twin brother Shayde were born to Ivory and Ren and that's pretty much it so far. They have lived in Jump their whole lives and are happy there. They were to be triplets but their brother was still-born. The doctors say it's a miracle they're alive.

"Crazy people don't know they're crazy. I know I'm crazy, therefore I'm not crazy. Isn't that crazy?"

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Aurora Dopufola
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