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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 Tianna 'Gluttony' Glucose

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PostSubject: Tianna 'Gluttony' Glucose   Thu Dec 01, 2016 12:17 am

"I'm hungry."

Tianna 'Gluttony' Glucose


Full Name: Tianna 'Gluttony' Glucose
Nickname(s): n/a
Codename: n/a
Alias(es): n/a
Age: Looks: 7 Actual: 1
Race: Aspect of Sin
Alignment: Neutral Evil (Will most likely change)


Hair Color: Raven black
Eye Color: Crimson red
Gender: Female
Height: 3'6"
Weight: 42lbs
Other Traits: n/a


-Spirit Physiology: She is the physical embodiment of the concept of Gluttony. Due to this fact, she is technically a spirit with a physical form.

Intangibility: She is able to make her body literally untouchable. This takes only three seconds to do and can last for an hour if she so wishes. However, while intangible she also can't strike back and so usually doesn't choose to stay this way very long. Also, if she doesn't realize the attack is coming, she won't have enough time to block it this way.
Also, while intangible, she can phase through walls or sink into the ground. However, any magical or holy materials are not to be passed. She may not realize that they are magical or holy though and it will simply block her, not allowing her to pass. If she is being thrown at a wall though, she will not have time to react and will therefore slam into the wall.

Teleportation: Gluttony is able to teleport limitedly. She can teleport either 50 feet away, ten times consecutively. Or  100 feet away, five times consecutively. Or 500 feet away in one jump. After using this power in one of these ways, she has to rest for an hour before using it again. Also, it takes an extreme amount of focus to use this ability, making it nearly impossible to do so during combat.

- Matter Absorption: She is able to absorb any kind of matter through physical contact. How much she can absorb and how fast is dependent on what the matter is. A grocery store full of food will take her ten minutes to absorb completely. Elemental attacks that have mass, such as fire, water, earth, lightening, will be able to be absorbed as they are thrown at her, but will cause her internal damage if she's not careful about how she's storing it. There is a limit to how much she can store as well. In her pocket dimension within herself, which is where she stores everything, it can hold as much mass as the size of a small city. She could probably devour about half of Jump City if she wanted to... But she cannot absorb energy/magic.

She has an hour window in which she can obtain items stored into the dimension. After that hour, it will be absorbed into the atmosphere and released back into the universe as energy. Also, she cannot absorb anything into her pocket dimension while intangible.

-Enhanced Smell: The Sin has a knack for finding food, that's for sure, but her ability to sniff out something has developed far beyond finding the best burger joint. Gluttony can detect specific scents from miles away, such as noticing when someone orders pizza at their house from in the middle of the woods. This power also stretches to being able to differentiation specific scents people give off and even smell what they had for breakfast that same day.

- Flexible
- Adorable (totally a skill)
- Smart

Physical Weaknesses
- Any holy relics are a weak spot for her body and she cannot escape their injuries even while intangible.

- She has no resistance towards magic or energy attacks because she cannot absorb it.

- Anyone with the knowledge is capable of banishing her for two days by performing an exorcism on her.

- Coming in contact with Nth metal will reduce her to nothing more than a seven year old little girl.

Mental Weaknesses
- Offer her food and she's like a little puppy, ready to stop whatever she is doing, and possibly even obey you.

- She's young. Literally one year old. Her knowledge base is basically nothing.

- She has a teddy bear! ...yeah... She'll throw it at a bad guy!


- She is only legitimately one year old. Her personality is constantly evolving at this age and will never be consistent. However, she is most likely to be peaceful and happy-go-lucky when feeling satisfied with food. That being said, if caught while hungry, she is likely to be extremely aggravated and temperamental.

- Food, candy, burgers, chips, junk food, fast food, yummy things, fruits!

- Veggies.

- Eat.


Family Members: Greed, Envy, Wrath, Pride, Sloth, Lust
Place of Origin: Hell

Tianna spent her first year of life in Hell with a multitude of demons. However, they had decided to keep all of this from her. It was not clear who made this notion, but they felt that she would have a better life if she was not aware of her own nature or where she was really from. They taught her the basics of being a human, as far as they knew, anyway. Talking English, walking, and a few basic manners were the topics of discussion for the most part. They also gave her a human name so that she wouldn't look weird when she got to Earth.

When she turned one year old, the demons got together and looked at her. They assumed she looked old enough to be a self-sufficient human girl living on her own. So they put all of their power together to create a portal to Earth for her. Now that she has arrived though, she's worried that her friends may have gotten a few things wrong, but she's not sure what. All she knows right now is... She was hungry.

Tianna "Gluttony" Glucose - "I'm hungry."

Avytrius Caelum - "I'm living my life to the fullest."

Yui Fotias - "Dreams are my reality."

To the threads!
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Beta-class Metahuman

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PostSubject: Re: Tianna 'Gluttony' Glucose   Fri Dec 02, 2016 6:32 pm

I need more information. What TYPE of teddy bear? Made by which company? What percentage of it is cotton? Does it wuv? Does it keep her secrets? Can it keep her safe from monsters under the bed? And most importantly, is it suitable for children under 2?


We will add all that information to our teddy bear database in the Fountain.

Hugh 'Pix' Exley
Kiara 'Benighted' Tzul
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PostSubject: Re: Tianna 'Gluttony' Glucose   Fri Dec 02, 2016 7:33 pm

She's one smart one year old!
Can one year olds even use words yet?
Oh well, we'll see.

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PostSubject: Re: Tianna 'Gluttony' Glucose   

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Tianna 'Gluttony' Glucose
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