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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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Ωmega-class Metahuman
Ωmega-class Metahuman

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PostSubject: Metamorphi   Mon Nov 21, 2016 2:33 am




Full Name: Metamorphi
Nickname(s): None
Codename: None
Alias(es): Chris
Age: 17
Race: Altered Human
Alignment: Neutral Evil


Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Gender: Male
Height: 6'3
Weight: 160 pounds
Other Traits: None


Metamorphosis- Metamorphi has the ability to change the molecular structure of his body to change his body into a completely different material. He can use this power to either change small portions of his body or change his whole body into a different material. Meta can change into any material he has ever touched, his body instantly remembers the details of a material he has touched and stores the information in his body, he needs only to recall something to turn into it.

*Subpower: Characteristic copying- When Meta touches a material that he can already turn in to, but one that has been changed to have special characteristics, he then gains the ability to turn into the powered up version of that material. For example; if he touches someone who has super hot skin, he can then turn his skin super hot. He would not be able to add this characteristic to a different material. For example; from the last example, he would only gain the ability to turn his normal form super hot, rather then turn into steel and then make that super hot.

Enhanced strength- Meta does not usually have any kind of enhanced strength, but when he transforms into a heavier substance, his strength rises so that his movement is not hindered by the increased weight.

Master martial artist- Meta has been trained all his life in hand to hand combat techniques by experts. This was done so that, combined with his powers, he could crush any who stand in his way. He is trained in Krav Maga, Hapkido and Kajukenbo for a large variety of combat tactics in most situations. He is also well versed in the weapon techniques of Arnis (Aka Eskrima).

Peak human conditioning- Meta is at the peak of human conditioning for a man of his size and weight. His strength, endurance, stamina, speed and agility are all at the level of an Olympic athlete, although he chooses to be well rounded rather than sacrifice everything else to be the best in one area.

Tactics- Meta has been mentally trained to have perfect battle instincts. He usually just follows the plan he has been given anyway, but if he has to he can come up with a new plan on the spot based on his surroundings and what he has observed about whatever threat he may be facing.

Stealth- Sometimes there's more to a mission than just killing someone in broad daylight and beating up whomever tries to stop you, sometimes you have to be more subtle. While Meta is more of a brawler and less of an assassin, he's perfectly able to go in stealthily as well, although not to the same level of one who specialises in stealth.

Physical Weaknesses
Solid- Meta can turn into many things, but he is only limited to becoming solid, if he turns into a liquid or a gas he cannot turn back. This will essentially mean he is dead.

Takes on the weaknesses of anything he turns into.

Human durability- When not transformed, he takes damage just like anyone else.

Mental Weaknesses
Conflicted- Orders from his father are absolute, but sometimes he feels conflicted about the things he has to do. He was never taught the difference between right and wrong, but sometimes he just gets a gut feeling that he shouldn't be doing this.

Brainwashed- Despite his reluctance, he will still do whatever he is told, even if he does think it is wrong, because the fact that it is an order from his master justifies it. He would do anything, even if it meant being seriously injured, or dying.

Knives and guns, just in case.


Metamorphi has been lead to be an emotionless shell since birth. He was supposed to not feel anything, just being a pure killing machine. While obeying orders from a master, or just while he is in front of his master, Metamorphi shows no emotions and only focuses on what he has been told to do.

However, a personality has started to emerge, but it only shows in what little free time he gets. Metamorphi does not wish to hurt anything pointlessly, he goes out of his way to not hurt someone he has not been ordered to take down a little bit. If given the chance to do something without anyone telling him to do it, he's more likely to choose the option that involves doing good.

Even though he dislikes doing bad things, he has been brainwashed to think that nothing his master wants is bad. No matter what, he is perfectly willing to do things that he would not normally do because he thinks it is justified.

His master
Doing his masters will
What little moments of peace and quiet he gets

His master's enemies
Needless violence

Spends his free time enjoying silence.


Family Members: Mother (Deceased), Father
Place of Origin: Jump City
Years ago, a rare substance was discovered that had the ability to change into any material when it had an electrical charge put through it. It was designed to be used to make anything they wanted, but they found that once it was changed, it wouldn't change back. Knowing this, it was decided to not be used and was stored away.

A young scientist known as Bradley Black managed to get samples of this substance for his experiments, he theorised that changing between many materials between the same sample would be possible if the substance had human sentience to will itself to change. This led to him trying to find a way to bind the substance to a human, so that that person could use the capabilities of the substance to its full potential.

These experiments led only to horrible failures, with all of the human experimentation leading to the death of the subject. Bradley tried to cover up these failures, but eventually he was found out and was forced to stop, losing his position and being cast out of the scientific community.

In desperation, Bradley stole the sample and fled to continue the experiments on his own. After a few more failures, he theorised that the process was fatal because they were being changed so suddenly. If the process was slow, there might be better results.

This train of thought led to his first success, a child who was born from an embryo that had the substance mixed in with it while it was still being formed. He named this child Metamorphi and trained it to be his own personal enforcer, whom he would use to enact his revenge on those who wronged him.
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Ωmega-class Metahuman
Ωmega-class Metahuman

Posts : 3552
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PostSubject: Re: Metamorphi   Sun Nov 27, 2016 3:08 am

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PostSubject: Re: Metamorphi   Mon Nov 28, 2016 9:33 pm

Looks good. You changed the FC though. Unacceptable...
I guess I'll approve it anyway.

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Ωmega-class Metahuman
Ωmega-class Metahuman

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PostSubject: Re: Metamorphi   Mon Nov 28, 2016 11:40 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Metamorphi   

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