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 Lucca Love

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PostSubject: Lucca Love   Sun Oct 16, 2016 1:05 am

"Sorry, I didn't hear that."

Lucca Jah Love



Full Name: Lucca J. Love
Nickname(s): Lucca, Lu
Codename: Noiz
Alias(es): Songbird, Scream
Age: 16
Race: Altered Human
Affiliation: Neutral Good/Chaotic Good


Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11
Weight: 157 lbs
Other Traits: Lucca is usually seen around wearing headphones or earbuds, with the volume loud enough to drown out any annoyances because his alone time is valuable to him. He also wears a scarf around places of comfortability to hold his dreads up and out of his face.



Sound Manipulation:
- Sound Manipulation is a very broad ability so to make more comprehension

Manipulation: Lucca is able to manipulate or even manifest sound waves and frequencies from very close, and extremely far away distances. This gives him a several number of abilities like shaping sound waves and frequencies to his liking for offensive and defensive purposes for combat or a number of passive abilities such altering the very sounds he himself or other people utter out of their mouths or what others may hear such as making it sound like a kitten is barking or raising/lowering volume levels of frequencies, etc.

** Even though Lucca may have a number of abilities that branch off of manipulation, he is limited to character progression of learning and discovering them. Meaning he only knows the basics of those mentioned so far and others may be obtained through combat and training.

Enhanced Hearing:
- Lucca's hearing capabilities are unimaginable, being able to hear so many sound waves and frequencies at once he had to learn to focus his powers to be able to hear only what was needed. To put this in perspective Lucca could hear whispered conversation from another country, underwater activity, movement from insectoid critters, and much more all at once. So because of this, Lucca had to channel and focus his powers to minimize the evergrowing overloading capacity. When the limit is taken off of him, he is able to hear almost everything at once and he mostly does this for echolocation purposes only. Making him perfect for recon and scouting.


Hand to Hand & Short Weapon Combat
Lucca has pretty good, but not mastery level hand to hand combat skills and short weapon skills like daggers, knives, and short blades that he uses for projectiles, as well as close combat. He simply finds it much easier and more efficient to carry around smaller deadlier weapons than to slug around heavy slower weapons. To him, speed is key.

Tactician and Adaptation
A strategist and a chameleon. Lucca is able to read situations and adjust accordingly by picking up on clues and reading into details which allows him to approach situations in a mort effective way. He learned the value of this at an early age by paying attention to detail to sounds and applies that on and off the combat zone.

With him using his powers and being a person who would much rather be support than the frontlines or work alone naturally made him the best person for spy and recon missions. The history he has of breaking and entering homes and facilities, and using stealth instead of combat to get what he needed he would mostlikely be a great candidate.

Aside from reflexes, Lu is very agile. Having a pretty small frame and lean build with long limbs allows him to be able to be as limber as he wants to be. This allows him to get around the city and parkour as well as keep up with others speed wise

Physical Weaknesses:
It's probably a bad thing to just flat out admit but the teen have always had a very hard time battling people with super speed. Being a subject of sound, even though he can sense and hear the movements of a speedster he has a very hard time keeping up or reacting to them. To him it feels like knowing a butt whooping is coming very shortly but not being able to do much about it espescially since speedsters at full power could break the sound barrier.

Human Limitations
Lucca's powers do little to nothing against elemental manipulators. Fire, drowing, lightning, bullets, etc could all still effect him realistically as it would any human. Also physical limitations of stamina, injury, and illness. Despite what powers the teen may possess he can only go as far as his body allows him to endure.

Mental Weaknesses:

Susceptible to Mental Attacks
Lucca may be a subject of sound but that doesn't stop him from being able to drown out mind control or people reading his mind for information. Also with his enhanced hearing with constant concentration it takes keep the restriction on, mental manipulators could easily lift those restraints or put false voices and sounds in his head to make it seem like it was lifted.

To put things quite frankly, Lucca is a pretty lazy person. If it's something he doesn't want to do He would much rather not do it if he had the option of choice. It usually takes almost drastic measures and need of support for the teen to get his head in the game other wise he would much rather let others handle it. He's not very ambitious when it comes to fighting but he's not a pacifist, he would still fight... just not if he doesn't have to.

Lucca tends to get very annoyed pretty easily and to avoid this he drowns himself in music, or use his powers to tune people out however when he is triggered he definitely loses it and does irritional things such as speaking out of turn or out of emotion, as well as putting himself or others in danger by pulling riskier stunts. This causes him to come off as rude and could ruin plans for himself or others or simply make people not want to be around him. This temper usually turns him into a chaotic good state where usually he's completely unfocused but then he becomes completely focused on one thing, coming off as "cheerfully violent or harsh" as he gleefully becomes ruthless to friends, enemies, relatives, etc.

- Headphones or Earbuds
- Dogtags with parent's names of them
- Short Blade/Dagger
- Rain coat/cloak
- iPhone 6


Personality: Coming off as aloof and giving off a chill but sort of welcoming vibe one may believe that the teen is an approachable interesting guy with his dreadlocks and ear buds but do not be mistaken. Lucca has zero tolerence for annoying and irritating people and to him, almost everything is irritating. Usually walking around with his eyes half closed in a daze whenever he's around people to atleast appear like he doesn't want to be bothered. Lucca also doesn't like to work with people as well because he finds it much more easier to not worry about or be responsible for someone else. However, despite his short temper and no patience for people he philosophically feels like there is good in people and wants to be a good person by doing the right things. Don't get it mistaken he isn't a totally bad guy who wants to turn over a new leaf. He's just a teenager with attitude problems and not so promising social skills so he avoids the problem all together by enjoying his own company.

At times he can come off as a smart alleck. With his clever, witty remarks to things he can't find irresistable to chime in on giving off that he does have a sense of humor. To family members and close friends the teen's personality shifts to a much more welcoming and positive light. At times he would comfort others that he care about or give advice, and even help out and cooperate. Even going as far as cracking open a smile every once in awhile and laughing at other people. Deep down inside he wants to get along with people and love them but he just finds it hard to relate to most of them and it comes off very disappointing. It's no telling the requirements it takes to be a good friend of his, but since he has very few friends and only his grandmother as a family member then it's safe to say it takes a lot of trust and time to get on his good side.

All in all Lucca is a regular guy with some quirks here and there. His default mood is apathetic, to close friends and family he comes off more patient and understanding and even shares insecurities. Just do not annoy him or piss him off because he will happily set the record straight by any means necessary with as short of a temper he has because he will switch into an almost sadistic, foul mouthed, no concern for others type of sociopath.

Strengths: Laid Back, Resourceful, Tactician, Hopeful and Adventurous

- Exploring and Adventure
- being in new situations
- living on the wild side
- listening to music
- video games
- surfing and the water
- sleep


Family Members: Ella Baker (Grandmother)
Place of Origin: Jamaica
History: Growing up in Jamaica with only his grandmother to raise him. His grandfather passed away and so did his parents in the military. All he has to remind himself of them are the dogtags his grandmother saved for him to atleast have a keepsake reminder of them. Lucca refered to his grandmother as Granny Ella. Granny Ella was a woman who was rich in knowledge of cultures, history, lore, religion and practices. She engaged heavily in caribbean witchcraft practices like magic of the sorts even though she was religious she was sort of obsessed with powers and abilities of the occult and the forbidden. In her youth she messed with herbs to create healing remedies for villagers and from then branched off into darker and more shunned practices of trying to recreate magic and spells. One day she went too far and within the midst of a spell she finally got to work she was wrapped up within, becoming the sacrifice that she needed for the ability to work.

The spell was a spell of the Gods that allowed the subject to be all knowing through auditory means in exchange for the continuous deterioration of another sense or the life of an innocent. Without having a life to spare or wanting to kill anyone she tried to loophole the spell however instead that granted her the omniscient auditory powers but in exchange that reaped her of her vision entirely. It was a bittersweet accomplishment because she could now hear everything from activity in deep space to the earth crust churning and so much more all at once all while being blinded. She could hear the cries from babies and the pain of victims, the heart beat of an unborn but couldn't even see the face her husbands face anymore.

What Granny Ella didn't know but almost immediately found out is that she was pregnant around that time. Hearing actvity within her own stomach that was unrecognizable with the sounds of food being digested but familiar with pregnant women and animals. At the time of spell she was already growing a child inside of her and it carried over into the baby. Now battling with the decision to bring a child in this world who may be blind and also have this gifted curse she didn't know she if should let the baby go or keep it. Her lovely husband convinced her that it wasn't a curse and they were going to love the baby despite whatever possible disabilities it may have. He decided he will be the eyes for him and his future daughter.

Granny Ella gave birth to Lucca's mother, who turned out to not be blinded but as she got older the curse started taking effect. Around the age of 10 years old the mother started to hear her friend in need of help and rushing to go help her get free from being trapped in a well that was miles away from her home. Lucca's mother could hear volcano activity underwater in the pacific ocean at the age of 11 and so on an so forth. Granny Ella realized that the curse became genetic and had to train her daughter to drown out the overloading frequencies that would later flood her brain and warn her of her vision loss as she get older. Her mother joined the Military as she figured her powers would be able to do much good in recon and gathering intel and it did. Later she did become 65% after she got married to Lucca's father and she had him at the age of 32 where she wasn't able to work because of the pregnancy. She didn't like not being important and not being able to work so after they had Lucca she decided since the curse is genetic it would be much better if Lucca stayed back in Jamaica with his grandmother so she can atleast teach him about it.

Back on the island, where Granny Ella raised Lucca herself, mastering echolocation and her enhanced hearing to nurture and take care of Lucca and entertain his curious mind about his parents and about his life and curse at the age of 7. He showed exceptional intelligence probably gathered from his mother being smart enough to excell in the military. With his friends Lucca became more of an initiator and a cop out for when they got in trouble. Lucca's powers came earlier than his mother at the age of 8 and he after knowing that he would be able to do cool stuff he already had his mind set on all the things he would do. Most of those things would be selfish and childlike revenge pranks on bullies until he would start getting in trouble with authorities. Constantly getting into fights now that he can rely on his powers to fight. One day Lucca got into a confrontation with some bullies Lucca let his ever short temper get the best of him and discovered in the midst of battle he could easily manifest and manipulate sound from his hands out of thin air to create waves for attack and in result knocking away the bullies without even touching them. Granny Ella was surprised after hearing a ripple in the air. She realized that with each generation the curse gets stronger and now with Lucca being third in line there is no telling what he can do with manipulation of sound. What he didn't realize is that Granny Ella knew everything and confronted him about hard breaking it is for him to lie to her face knowing she could hear the panting from him running away from authorities and the tomfoolery antics him and his friends would get into.

The is the main reason why at the age of 12, Lu decided enough was enough and he had his fun with abusing his powers to do nothing be cause trouble. Around the same age as his mother he decided he wanted to do something good but he disliked being told what to do and disliked authority as well. His grandmothered mentioned in one of her stories of his mother how she would be a hero to many and he gathered the idea to be something like a hero. Not a traditional one that where costumes but more of an everyday one that only exerts energy when necessary. With permission from his grandmother a promise to not let his temper go too far to hurt himself or others he traveled to Jump City to figure out his way in life. Luckily for him, his mother is Jamaican and believes in being a free spirit so she doesn't hassle him to work or go to school but more importantly to find your way in life. Something that keeps Lucca calm and live day by day. He always wanted to start a band called "Noiz" but instead he changed it to his hero name.

Sample rp:
"Why are you all so annoying?" Lucca asked the fellow passengers waiting for baggage claim. He just got off a very long flight from his hometown back in Jamaica to Jump City but couldn't really enjoy a good sleep due to the rattling of the turbulence, the weeps and cries of infants, and the constant shuffling of feet and legs on their way to and from the bathroom. "24 minutes into being in the city and I already want to go back home." he muffles under his breath as he awaits the seemingly everlasting wait for his baggage in which the conveyor belt hasn't even started to move.

Out the corner of his eye he notices a girl staring at him. In almost an instant he turns his head to face her with drained eyes of tiredness. She immediately turns her head to face forward in an embarrassing rush. Worried that the stranger Lucca might address her looking at him, which he does "Look is there something on my face or something?" he pouts to her awaiting an answer but she offers no response. Nothing is more rude to Lucca than ignoring him so this only got under his skin more stacked upon the terrible flight. "HEY! I'M TALKING TO YOU LADY!" he shouts at her, causing a small scene as he nervously shakes her head comically while smiling, "No, no, man I just really like your hair, so sorry but now that you mentioned it you do have slob on your face." she exclaims while trying to reassure him that there isn't any problems.

'Huh?.. slob?' he thinks to himself wondering, 'did I even go to sleep? haha' as he tries to remember the entire situation on the plane before realizing that he might actually have slob on his face. In a haste he licks his sleeve of his long sleeve black shirt and wipes away the tried up slob on the side of his face that she was referring too. "Thank you, I sorta lost my temper is all." he says after completely making a fool of himself. 'I should have left it alone. I wish these freaking bags would hurry up.'

Almost on cue, the conveyor belt shifts into gear and luckily his luggage was the first bag to show up. Now he can leave and stop making a complete fool of himself for jumping the gun. He knows his grandmother would have not liked this embarrassing turn of events. Plus, that strange lady was kind of cute even though all she had a big forehead. 'Never mind, she wore gloves and boots with shorts... what is she a high fashioned miner?' he asks himself, not realizing it was Terra.

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PostSubject: Re: Lucca Love   Sun Oct 16, 2016 5:25 am

Hi! Welcome to the site!

sleep wrote:
shaping sound waves and frequencies to his liking for offensive and defensive purposes for combat

Could you give me an example of how this would be used? I'm not sure what a sound wave shaped as something would do exactly. :P

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PostSubject: Re: Lucca Love   Sun Oct 16, 2016 6:52 am

Thank you so much.

Quote :
Could you give me an example of how this would be used? I'm not sure what a sound wave shaped as something would do exactly. :P

For example, the same way that a fire or other elemental manipulators may conjure their powers. Sound is a form of wave energy so to make things simpler Lucca has a form of energy manipulation in only the form of sound that comes off as a type of sonic force. Being able to shape it the same way energy manipulators would, similar but not limited to people like Starfire, Terra, or Hotshot. When emitted they cause a pressure wave or force that could be shaped in balls, blades, waves, barriers, etc. Mostly used for offensive and defensive purposes.

Passively the manipulation powers can do an array of things to sound frequencies such as copy, raise, lower, mute, speed up, slow down, distort, etc.

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PostSubject: Re: Lucca Love   Sun Oct 16, 2016 6:36 pm

Okay! That clears things up a bit. All I need now is a few numbers. How fast can he move his sound shapes? When somebody gets hit by one, how much damage does it do?

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PostSubject: Re: Lucca Love   

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Lucca Love
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