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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 jade-two people in one body(finshed)

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PostSubject: jade-two people in one body(finshed)   Sat Dec 11, 2010 2:36 am


name:Herman McLean

codename: jade


alias: DR.McLean




Affiliation hero


eye color white

height: 7ft

weight: 250lb


Extreme durability: Durability to everything like lazers(force of it he feels but lazer it will bounce off him due to the property of refraction) except extremely high impact and sonic vibrations (it still hurts him just a lot less than a normal person)

Crystal spikes: Can make crystal spikes shoot from the ground the range is about 30 ft. The size verily but the thickest is about 30ft thick the height of the spike would to a second story house.

Crystal shield : Seals himself and ally in a protective circle crystal barrier the with a diameter of 20 ft, and a height of 10ft.

Crystal shards: can shoot crystal shards from any point of body these tend to go for a mile.

crystal repair: crystal parts reform if he isn't completely shattered or is completely shattered as well as if he is takes up energy to repair self this occurs because remains are drawn back to crystal heart that is unbreakable.

Arm to weapon : his arms can become weapon he chooses like a spiked mace large spike that can be used as a sword.

Super strength: he can lift a max of 15 thousand pounds

Likes:science , medicine, and his new powers

Dislikes: arrogance, those that would harm others, and stupidity, sonic vibrations

Strengths: science and medicine Making hand to hand combat he learned from his uncle as a child

Weakness: is slow large bodies of water he can't swim he is to heavy a high impact can break him apart ( Like a meteor Or something going 200, 300 to 500 miles per hour ) or a magical or unearthly weapon may be able to break him, but he can put himself back together. The way he does this is that his unbreakable crystallized heart is what his body forms around. Like a magnet for all his crystals. But, the process to put himself back together can take a while.

Skills: Medicine which he studied at home by reading the old books that his parents had and scientific research which he took a liking to at school as well as hand-to-hand combat that he was taught by his uncle who had retired from the army.

Equipment: none

Habits/Quirks: Doing experiments, making medicine, and trying to find a way to separate the crystal from his daughter who was fused with the dark version of the crystal that has taken over her body and mind for when he finds her so he can cure her.

Personality: Herman’s personality is very calm and is very kind and patient man he is very smart he is very passionate when he puts his heart into something he hates arrogance with a passion. As for the alien part of him he is not as smart as Herman and though he loves to fight he respects Herman and will listen to his advice most of the time.


Family: Cliaress McLean
Place of Origin: Springfield, Missouri
History: Herman McLean showed to be a genius very early in life and graduated high school at the age when most of the kids his age where entering middle school. Surprisingly he did not grow arrogant being able to outsmart the best minds by the time he was a collage sophomore except for one that though he could out smart her in the start she quickly caught up to him this was his to be wife Tina Forrest. After graduation from collage the two got married and had their daughter Cliaress . One day he and his wife found a set of strange crystals one red the other blue though they seemed ordinary they felt warm to the touch and vibrated at times and when the crystals where in close range they would pulse with and send red and blue lightning coursing though each other. The entire family was in the lab under their home they had lots of companies paying them for their advances in science technology so they built a lab cliaress had taken a liking to science like her parents. They where doing a test on the crystals and something went wrong and blew the lab up when Herman came to he was a giant red crystal being Tina was gone and Cliaress was like him only a lot smaller when she woke up she attacked him and escaped into the woods never to be seen since. He thought he was going crazy when he started to hear a voice speaking to him soon after the explosion and hours of searching for his daughter. The alien proved to him that he wasn’t going crazy by making Herman’s body move though he could see hear and feel all that was going on he knew that he was not the one controlling his body somehow he headed to jump city to join its many heroes knowing that the alien adapted to its host mind thought pattern to maintain the host social system for their own use and there was one thing cliaress always wanted to do and that was to go jump city. Herman was sure that one day she would head there.

Sample RP: Herman sat in his room thinking about the alien jade that was apart of him now and though he liked jade he wished he had never found the other crystal “jadess her name is jadess Herman” said jade reading Herman's thoughts. It all started a few years back Herman and his wife Tina had found two crystals one was red that was jade the other blue and pure evil named jadess. They had done countless experiments on the crystals that seemed to be alive amazed they tried thousands of times to see if the crystals where indeed alive but to no advil every sign pointed to the fact that they where but every time they try to prove it scientifically they met only failure. Then that fateful day the blue reacted violently more so than ever before and overloaded the lab causing a explosion. When he had awoken Tina was gone he was surprised to see he was unharmed and started to freak when he looked down to see that he had fused with the red crystal somehow. Herman did not remember much of what happened next as he found cliaress cover in the blue crystal as he pick her up she awoke and let out a blood thirsty growls and attacked him little did he know at the time but his little girl the only thing left of his life. Was gone not physically but mentally trapped within the recesses of her own mind by jadess. Letting a single ruby tear slide down his cheack he wipes it away and gets back to work he was going to find a way to free cliaress from jadess if it was the last thing he did and it might just be that.

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PostSubject: Re: jade-two people in one body(finshed)   Sat Dec 11, 2010 12:06 pm

OMGSH!?! I need this character to meet Ben so I can DL him into Omnitirx. I have perfect pic base to match this char in an alien form. tongue
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PostSubject: Re: jade-two people in one body(finshed)   Thu Dec 16, 2010 6:54 am

OK since you asked for my assessment here it goes, your weaknesses are your biggest flaws:

I can't understand the part you put about water and the getting hit in the chest or knee caps makes no sense, especially since you said he was almost indestructible and his chest is huge. It makes a very large weak spot/target, not to mention his knee caps could be hit very easily. In evolutionary standards it doesn't make sense either because large areas are usually the most heavily armored, such as people's chest and stomachs are muscley.

Basically, it make shim very easily killable.

Also, you didn't put if he could even be killed and how does he put himself back together once he shatters?

For a weakness I would go with he's not fast, since he's so huge and he cant swim. Then I'd maybe put that a high impact can break him apart ( Like a meteor Or something going 200, 300 to 500 miles per hour ) or a magical or unearthly weapon may be able to break him, but he can put himself back together. The way he does this is that his unbreakable crystallized heart is what his body forms around. Like a magnet for all his crystals. But, the process to put hismelf back together can take a while.

Then since he can be broken, replace the extreme durability to everything except extremely high impact. Such as your crystals can deflect all lazer fire. But, can also be shattered by strong sonic vibrations. Kind of like glass shattering when a loud noise is made.

For the super strength you should probably lower that to a house instead of sky scraper or maybe put a max of 10 maybe 15 or 20 thousand pounds or less. I'd also add the power to shoot your cyrstals out of your arms like a gun kind of since it make sense to have.

Finally, since your char is like diamond head from Ben 10, you can kind of look up Diamondhead's weaknesses and abilities and use them to help craft your character.


I really like the symbiote/venom thing you're doing with your char. Very original.~Cheers Smile
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PostSubject: Re: jade-two people in one body(finshed)   Sat Dec 18, 2010 2:19 am

Here is a surprise for you the smyboite idea wasn't my idea it's kaatisu he is writing a book and he based all the characters of his off our personailties and this is his character version of me just modified to fit this rpg
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PostSubject: Re: jade-two people in one body(finshed)   Sat Dec 18, 2010 6:16 am

I give Kaatisu credit then, that's a VERY visionary idea to have a crystal life form be a symbitoe
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Infinimagus on Fire

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PostSubject: Re: jade-two people in one body(finshed)   Sat Dec 18, 2010 10:32 pm

Dear Jade,

I am going to ask the same of you as I did with some other members. This profile misses not only essential information, but grammar. Full stops and Capped letters pon some places, mayor spelling errors in others. there are spelling checkers that help you with such problems.

Furthermore, I'd like an elaboration of powers edited into the original. Four words to describe one ability or power isn't going to do the job. As with every writer, you need not only to envision your character yourself, you need to describe it in a way that it is clear to everyone. For example, how much spikes does Jade shoot from the ground and how big are they?

Until then,


Might you have any questions PM me or reply to this post, and I will get to them when I can. Same thing if you need any help!

''If a problem is a lock, then you just need to find the key. Finding it can be difficult if you don't know where to look or don't know how to look'' ~  (Old) Emblem Trailblazer, Accomplished Animagus of Elemental Magics

Still watching all of you from a distance, even after more then 6 years and 4 site versions...
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PostSubject: Re: jade-two people in one body(finshed)   Sun Dec 19, 2010 12:23 am

Ok i edited but not sure if i need to elaborate more on arm to weapon if i do please give me some ideas on what i could do to make it better
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PostSubject: Re: jade-two people in one body(finshed)   

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jade-two people in one body(finshed)
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