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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 Molly Hayes (finished)

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PostSubject: Molly Hayes (finished)   Molly Hayes (finished) Icon_minitimeSun Feb 20, 2011 7:46 pm

Power Princess

Molly Hayes (finished) Molly_11


Full Name:Molly Hayes
Codename: Power Princess
Nickname(s): Molly, Moll
Alias(es): The Princess of kick your butt
Birth date: 2/29/2000
Classification: Meta Human
Affiliation: Hero


Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
Height: 4' 11”
Weight: 97 lbs.
Other: Her eyes glow a violet pink color when she uses her powers.


~Superhuman Strength: Molly is capable of lifting upwards of 100 tons for an hour or so without getting tired. She can lift lesser weights for longer but in the end she will eventual become tired and sleepy. When she is asleep she stays knocked out for over 8 hours. Unless she has been given large amounts of caffeine and sugar.
~Invulnerability: Molly has some-degree of invulnerability but only when her powers are active. She can withstand a punch from Super Boy and have little to no injuries. But she is highly vulnerable when her powers on not active and she is back to being a regular 11 year old girl.


Likes:Kitties, Puppies, Horses, Beating people up, Punching bad guys in the testicular area, and Awesome hats.

Dislikes: Bad guys, Mean people, People who say bad things.

Strengths:She is the cutest little hunk of awesome you have ever seen and people don't take her seriously which gives her the upper hand because she really should be taken seriously.

Weaknesses: Molly's strength rapidly drains her endurance, often causing her to fall asleep after using her strength. She also has a very bad temper and tends to use her powers while in a bad mood.

Skills: None


Habits/Quirks: She tends to punch things when she gets mad usually walls giving them large holes or dents.

Naive – She has a very child like personality which makes her believe the best in people without effort. wars are caused by evil people etc. She has a very black and white way of looking at things.
Trusting – She can get herself into serious trouble if she puts her faith in the wrong people and she won't recognize that's what she'd done until it's far too late. She often trust everyone unless they are a “bad guy”.
Kind -A shoulder to cry on. attentive listener. She will bring people soup or cupcakes when they're ill or sit with them and watch crappy movies to cheer them up. She believes in second, third, fourth chances, always willing to give the benefit of the doubt. just a complete sweetheart.
Perky - Pretty much nothing can bring her down. if something's a 'bummer' she gets over it very quickly. tomorrow is a new day! everyone is good deep down you just have to give a chance to be! She is definitely a morning person too.
Precocious - Somehow she knows things about the world that no 12 year old should know. Underneath all that perky, bubbly energy there's actually a fairly serious and level headed young woman waiting to come to the surface and occasionally she surfaces at the strangest moments.
Accidentally racist: She does say Racist things from time to time but she has no idea what they mean. She got them all from her racist uncle who would yell horrible things about people on the TV and people walking by their house.


Family: Gene Hayes(father), Alice Hayes(mother)
Place of Origin: LA, CA
Current City: Jump city
History:Molly's parents are telepathic meta humans who worked for a team called “The power Company” When her powers manifested at 8 years old she was incredibly excited, but much to her dismay she wasn’t about to become a superhero like she wanted to be, her parents gave her a serious talk about how she had to keep her powers a secret like they did. As with most kids, her parents' word was law and Molly complied, she was always holding herself back in sports and being very careful not to accidentally switch her powers on and crush something. Eventually though, trouble managed to find her. When she was almost 9 there was an accident at her middle school, one of the buses ran into mechanical trouble, the brake pads were shot all to hell and against what she knew her parents would say about it, Molly ran to the rescue, catching the bus and stopping it from ramming into another one that had just pulled up in the bay and was still full of her peers with her bare hands. Needless to say her parents were furious, even though it was only rumour going around that Molly had somehow stopped the bus, the official line was that she had been injured trying to pull some other (notably unnamed) student out of the way. They kept her home from school for two weeks while she 'healed' and spent a lot of time and money covering up and shutting up any loose ends. Everything seemed to settle down by the time she turned 10 and it was all going so well... until right before Christmas when Molly accidentally demolished a wall in the gymnasium, leading to one end of the building almost collapsing. The whole routine started again; her parents paid off a structural engineer to say the foundations were suffering subsidence and that it had been bad luck and bad timing that had lead Molly to be so close to the wall when it finally gave out. They pulled her from school and sent her to live with her aunt and uncle in Jump city because young meta humans are common up there. While she was with there her parents had been sent on a outer space mission and were not to be back for 5 or 6 years. She had been living there for several months before bother her aunt and uncle were mugged and shot by a few gang members while they were on a business trip in Steel city. She was told of this incident and was brought to a orphanage for the time being until her mom and dad got back or she had a family to stay with. She hated it there so she decided to break out and go live on her own...which was not the best idea. She had then fought several villains and has been living in a secret location(abandon subway station) she calls “The fortress of awesome-tude.”

Sample RP
Location: In the mall at the cookie store.
People: Molly and the Cookie lady

Molly walked in the mall looking around with joy. She loved the mall because of all the nice people there. If it wasn't for that there would be no reason to go because she had no money and of course as molly's uncle said “stealing is only for jerks and black people” and molly doesn't consider herself a jerk or black.
She skipped through the mall looking at all the pretty dresses and things in the windows of the stores. She kept going until she reached her favorite store, “Granny's cookies”. She loved the smell of the fresh cookies and the lady who worked there was a very nice person and would give Molly free cookies when no one is looking.
Molly walked up to in front of the glass case where they displayed the cookies. She pressed her face up against the glass gazing at the delicious looking cookies. The lady came out of the kitchen and over to the glass case. She bent down and looked at Molly who was admiring the cookies.

“Hi Molly, how are you today?” She asked in a light pleasant voice

Molly replied “Hi Miss cookie lady, I'm doing really awesome today.”

“That's great, do you know which one you want yet?”

“Yesyesyes! I want the pink one with the most icing on it”

“Good choice Mol”

The lady Reached into the glass case. She took out the cookie Molly had been drooling over. She took the cookie out and placed it in a small bag and gave it to Molly.

“Here you are Molly, one pink cookie with a whole lot of icing on it.” She handed it to Molly.

“Thanks Miss cookie lady!” Molly said as she ran off with the cookie.
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Molly Hayes (finished) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Molly Hayes (finished)   Molly Hayes (finished) Icon_minitimeWed Feb 23, 2011 1:39 am

Two things before I go on:

Lifting a 100 tonnes. Does that mean she can also punch with such power? Or even more? Furthermore, you tal kabout her power being active or inactive, I missedwhen it's active and when it is not, or is it only inactive when asleep?

Furthermore, I'd love to know how she apparently knows more then a regular 12 year old. any reasons for that?

And the possibly most serious comment of all...Accidental racist. It can be roleplayed, but I advise caution. While a writer can never be accounted for what he/she tells in his or her books, if people find this thing offensive outside of RPs, it is to be removed immediatly. I cannot allow it is swearing and religion is already an issue, yet won't ban it since I have no idea how you play it out.

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Molly Hayes (finished)
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