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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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PostSubject: Inferno   Inferno Icon_minitimeFri Aug 16, 2019 5:41 am

Inferno D5625a0612e1f3e36ccf838ee8486740--barista-bartenders

Codename: Inferno
Nickname(s): Sir-tur, "Danny's Inferno", Sol
Age: ??
Race: Fire Spirit
Alignment: True Neutral
Is this a canon?: No


Hair Color: Hair?
Eye Color: Technically white/pale gold
Gender: Male
Height: 7'1" (can however be any size based on the amount of flames)
Weight: -I'm not going to even try sciencing this-
Other Traits: He's a literal Fireman


Main Power Origins: Supernatural


  • Fire Physiology: Inferno is a literal fireman from the elemental plane of fire. His body as a whole works like fire and is yet very different in how it interacts with our world compared to his own. On a base level Inferno's body is actually more solid than it appears, much like Hotspot. And the heat generated from his body remains very contained to the point he can usually wear clothing or other accessories without having to worry about destroying them outright. Being made completely of a spirtual-like fire does make him "immune" to damage from most sources, as he does not have internal organs to rupture, or bones to break. Most elemental attacks even less effect against him, as lightning for example will just pass through him. He is also completely immune to poisons, toxins, venoms, viruses, bacteria, parasites, pathogens, allergen, etc.

    Obviously, Fire or Thermal attacks have absolutely no effect on him. In addition, because of his "semi-solid" body, Inferno can intereact with the world as normal. At a base level without effort, he is at peak "human physical" ability. On a less interesting note, his body temperature is actually quite bareable to the touch on the outside, only getting hotter deeper inside his form. Inferno can also see in thermal vision.

    • Agnikinesis: Inferno can control and manipulate the fire of his own body, or ANY flame that is near him. He has much more control over his own form, and has to "absorb" any additional fire before he can properly control it outside of "moving" it. He can easily morph or twist his body in various ways, allowing him to evade attacks that would have otherwise hit him in addition to stretching his body. Through his sheer force of will and his body being solid, he can lift up to 10 tons.

    • Thermokinesis: Inferno can manipulate and control any heat generated artificially or naturally, primarily using it to contain the heat of his own body and not set fire to everything around him. With that in mind, Inferno's flames can reach a staggering temperature capable of melting Tungsten, which in of itself requires some effort and concentration.

    • Pyro-teleportation: Inferno can either create fiery portals that can lead to other planes of existence, or long distances. OR he can quickly teleport himself around shorter distances, vanishing and "popping" back into existence with a small burst of flames. Each instance requires a couple seconds for him to reform.

    • Absolute Burning: A partially "psionic" power that requires an elevated state of mind, brought on by a extreme level of focus or level of emotions. Evident by the blinding white his flames become, Inferno's flames no longer bow to the same physics as regular fire, and cannot be put out by water or traditional methods. In addition, Inferno's flames ignore any and all immunities to fire, burning, or heat and can burn away ANYTHING which Inferno wishes to burn. Other than that it still "acts" like fire and doesn't burn something away too quickly. The only apaprent counter to this someone with the power to Absolute Freeze.

    • Pyiotic Communication: Yes, he can talk- though it's not always easy to understand. If you do manage to understand him, that is either good or bad for you. He can also speak across long distances through flames.

    • Empathic Projection: While it's difficult for others to understand him verbally, he has learned how to convey his feelings emotionally via projection to an impressive degree.

  • Exceptional Cook
  • Exceptional Hand-to-hand fighter
  • Exceptional Swordfighter
  • Exceptional Listener
  • Exceptional Chaperone
    Scorch "art"

  • Ultimate Flexibility
  • Peak "human" reflexes
  • Exceptional Mental Endurance
  • Logic

    Physical Weaknesses
  • Water: This is the biggest and most obvious weakness that a man made of fire can have. Though only "water" is not completely accurate, any non-flammable liquid will suffice. Getting sufficiently wet can lead to a kind of death if not severely weakening him.

  • Ice: Similar reasons as water, since the ice will melt and revert to a liquid-like state.

  • Oxygen: While not as severe a weakness as being doused in water, flames need oxygene to thrive. And while it isn't entirely possuble to "snuff" him out by depriving him of the stuff, it just leave hims greatly weakened and also unable to create any new flames. 

    Mental Weaknesses
  • Aquaphobia: Imagine that you are made of fire, and there is this substance that covers about 70& of an entire world that can kill you. NOW remember that the stuff also occasionally falls from the sky for long periods of time. 

  • Protective: Inferno is loyal to those who have shown him kindness, and especially shows a deep affection for the young child that has come under his care. Keeping her safe is his top priority, and in addition he would be more restrained around her so as to not frighten her.

  • Rage: Inferno requires his mental state to be in a state of calm (as one made of fire can achieve) to harness his powers precisely without harming those close to him. And while the last thing you should do is make him mad, if he becomes overcome with rage his body loses all cohesion and becomes more like the thing he really is- fire. But fire that will spread, grow, consume, and destroy until it is put out or Inferno is calmed down.

  • Dapper Suit: 100% fireproof!

  • Glasses: More for people to now where his eyes are when speaking to him.


Inferno is a "civilized" fire spirit that with help has become much calmer than you would imagine fire to be. His free-spirit and unruly nature is still there, and pops up once in awhile when someone perturbs him. But generally he is well behaved, and even serves those who he feels indebited to loyally. He is also incredibly quiet to the point of being mistaken as mute, when in reality his method of speaking is just... hard to understand. It is even more impossible to replicate by those unlike himself.

Through his time in our world, Inferno has developed a number of interests and hobbies which his employers introduced him to. He seems to enjoy certain ones more than others, and seems to like "eating" more than anything else. He does especially seem to enjoy cooking, though

As aforementioned he has a child that for some reason has now come to be under his care. It is from this chance encounter that led him to... "learning" how to temper himself, for her sake. He has become something like a father figure to her, which lends to this decision.


Family Members: Daniella ("Adopted" daughter)
Place of Origin: Material Plane of Fire

Inferno was "born" in a world very unlike ours, and virtually inhospitable to those other than the actual inhabitants. He is a fire spirit, not unlike that of an elemental but with sentience. Despite it's obvious name designation, there is more to it than just fire- but there's still a lot of fire and brimstone. One could describe it as a "hellish" landscape as a matter of fact.

But that portion of Inferno's life is dull and vastly uneventful. Instead let us flash forward to when Inferno suddenly found himself ripped from his home on the material plane of fire, finding himself in our world because of a small girl with magical power. Due to an inability to understand eachother, plus Inferno's understandable irritation of being ripped from his home. After awhile and some learning experiences, the two bonded and he became more of a protective figure for her.

Leading to some of the locals speaking of a "fiery monster" that dwelled on the outskirts of town. Eventually this led an affluent family to track them down, the current heiress having connections to magic herself and interested in his young ward. Naturally he had no interest in letting her go with some stranger, and despite how dangerous he could actually be an arrangement was made. Not quite the one he had expected either.

«««Sample RP»»»

-I did a sample rp but my fire dog ate it-


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Inferno Red_x_10

Inferno Rico_c11Inferno Red_x11Inferno Cain_c11
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