Teen Titans Legacy

A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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Beta-class Metahuman
Beta-class Metahuman

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PostSubject: C.C   C.C Icon_minitimeTue May 14, 2019 8:03 pm

Something fer yer earholes

Hey you! Yes you, the one reading this! Yes yes, I mean you -insert name here-! Are you tired of having no friends? No direction? No motivation to actually post and maybe make any kind of tangible progress? Who said you needed friends? And who says you need a reason to your rhyme? Rhyming is fun! It only needs timing! We of C.C offer you ragtag band of misanthropes a chance to achieve some degree of entertainment in your otherwise sad, lonely, pathetic, and boring life! "We've all heard/read this pitch before. What makes you any different?" I hear you typing. Well, firstly- allow me to introduce myself! I AM THE AMAZING FASILLI! Steve! Cue the fanfare!

Fanfare Ensues.

Not that one Steve! We're trying to wrong a respectable organization here. And if you can't do your ONE job, than I shall have to let you go and replace you with Steve!

Back to the topic at hand. So you wanna be part of a group outside the lame heroes and villains? A group that actually DOES things? I mean it's total nonsense but that's better than nothing right? Who said that?

We at C.C are not interested in the humdrum of saving the day from evil, or trying to take over/destroy the world because our wittle feelings were severely damaged in a tragic backstory nobody cares about any more. We are only interested in faffing about and doing nonsensical activities to delight our 4th dimensional senses. Things like robbing banks are normal as are stealing an entire countries supply of bananas. Just imagine the possibilities! We'll wait.

But nobody came.

The one responsible for us waiting has been sacked and wishes for you to know that they were sacked.

What does C.C stand for? Unlike The Senate, C.C stands for "Chaos Circus."

"I thought it was 'Chaotic Circus'?"

"I was told it was "Circus Chaos."

"Nah nah. It's totes Chaos Corps."

The people responsible for coming up with the acronym of C.C, have been sacked.

What do you need to join C.C? Everything but your sanity- everyone knows the best place to hide is in sanity, and that would give you an unfair advantage in Hide and Seek, which happens every revolving week per everyone's whimsy.

The whimsy of the person responsible for answering the above question has not been sacked but has instead received a handsome pay rise and promotion.

The only thing that matters is that all applicants keep these whimsical daily rituals in mind, and remember that they are non-negotiable, and applicants accept the risks henceforth*

Mondays- Any day in which nothing unusual or exciting happens shall henceforth be called a Mundayne.
Tuesday is for tacos**
Wednesday sounds phonetically nothing like how it is spelled!
Thursday is for quenching your Thurst only***
Friday is for Fried Foods!****
Saturday- A day that you spend Sat down at all times whilst watching Cat Videos*****
Sunday PUNday! ******

*This is a load of bullocks
**Any day where tacos are consumed shall become Tuesday
***Any day where liquids are drank shall become Thursday
****May also apply to the consumption of French Fries, or the frying of others through fire
*****Saturday may also be referred to as Caturday
******Ceases to be SUNday if it is cloudy outside

The one responsible for promoting the previous representative has just been sacked.

So house about it? Got anything better to do? Didn't think so. APPLY NOW!

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