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PostSubject: Eugene 'Splitscreen' Sutton   Eugene 'Splitscreen' Sutton Icon_minitimeTue May 07, 2019 3:31 pm

"If I could do it by myself, I would. But I can't. It's going to take a little of everyone to make us something better. Better than I've been alone."


Eugene 'Splitscreen' Sutton 155699976636644605329


Full Name: Eugene Sutton
Nickname(s): Gene, Split, Splits, Likiti Split
Codename: Splitscreen
Alias(es): Don't get me started...
Age: 19
Race: Meta Human
Alignment: Neutral Good


Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Gender: Male
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 165lbs
Other Traits: Generally dupes tend to differentiate visibly the longer they've been active. From temporary things like hair tufts or sunburn to changes such as piercings, haircuts, or tanning. The very long-term dupes could have different stretch marks, physiques, or abrasions.


- Duplication: The ability to produce an exact physical copy of oneself in an adjacent space. Gene can spawn up to 5 'dupes' a day. They can be despawned at will with skin-to-skin contact or if any fragment of Gene's body is touching the skin of a dupe (e.g. a strand of hair or fingernail clippings).
-- Recovery: When Gene absorbs one of his dupes, any difference between their bodies will be evened out. That means if they have a wound, he will gain half of that wound - dyed hair; lesser dyed hair. This can be used as a form of recovery - by absorbing a healthy clone, Gene could lessen injuries or dilute poisons in his own system.

- Literary Creation: The ability to create the personalities as encountered and described within the medium of books. When Gene generates one of these, he puts it directly into a newly spawned clone. Clones will not function without a personality inserted. These personalities will exhibit the memories, thoughts, and feelings of their book counterparts as understood by Gene. They will also possess any skills it is reasonable and feasible to think they possess as per the source material, plus any non-book supplementary material. Because the books Gene reads are overwhelmingly in English, all personalities spawn with the ability to speak English, even if they couldn't in the story.

After the initial creation, even if the dupe is despawned, their sense of reality is linear. They will be aware, to some degree, of everything Gene is doing as if they exist in the back of his mind. It saves on a '50 First Dates' or a 'time out - what's happening now' situation.

- Replication: The ability to produce an exact copy of any hand-held or worn items. Like a clone, Gene can despawn these copies by touch - but otherwise they will continue to exist. Due to the atomic division involved, Gene can only replicate items up to 5 times before their structure becomes too unstable. At that point, further replication attempts will simply fail.

* Archery - Trained by 'Wayland'.
* Martial Arts - Trained by 'Shalla Nelprin' and a man known only as 'Grandmaster'.
* Sword and shield fighting - Trained by 'Macro'.
- Fast reader.
- Book-wise.
- People carer.
- Due to his abilities - the dupes of Gene often possess great competence in varying skills.

Physical Weaknesses
- If there is no space to produce a clone nearby, Gene cannot spawn one.
- Without prior planning, playing a game of tag with a renegade dupe to suppress them can be difficult.
- Due to his 'evening out' method of recombining, Gene should be wary of absorbing multiple dupes with serious wounds. The culmination of which could be deadly.

- Personalities can only be spawned from books. Naturally Gene must have read these books, and sufficiently to get an impression of the underlying personality. The characters must have their main medium be in books, and not that of a different medium later transcribed. Although they can be originally books, and later adapted into something else.
- Some characters simply do not have enough 'substance' to them for Gene to form a firm impression of their personality. When this is the case, they cannot be spawned, even if their skill would be useful.
- Perhaps the power's greatest flaw - just because Gene is creating these personalities, it doesn't mean they will have any desire to help him. They each have goals, hopes, ideals, and dreams of their own which rarely, if ever, involve loaning their skills out without coercion. Some may even want to kill him or themselves.
- Some personalities may have skills which do not correspond with reality or their new physique and thus cannot be used (e.g. sensing chi, magic, being six foot, having an alien physiology). Even if those powers 'exist' somewhere in the site, it is generally assumed the book characters were written by someone who didn't know how those abilities truly worked, and thus have written a 'false approximation' of the ability which cannot be translated into reality.
- Some personalities may have skills which are extensions of skills which really do exist in reality. But if these extensions have gone off into sci-fi then the upper limits of those skills can't be replicated (e.g. building a hyper-drive, keyboard-mash hacking, an understanding of how super powers came to be in an alternate universe). Again, while these things may 'exist' somewhere on the site, the author is generally assumed not to have known about them. And thus have written 'false approximations' of the knowledge which cannot be translated into reality. This basically means no book scientist can create working technology that is above normal human capabilities, even if they were starship engineers or deciphered the source code of the universe.
- While despawned personalities may be aware of what Gene is doing, existing in the back of his mind, they cannot communicate to him through his mind. If he wants to talk to them, and benefit from their knowledge, he has to summon them.
- While dupes are 'gifted' the ability to speak English, they won't know how to read or write it unless their character could do so (or the in-universe equivalent: Basic, Westerosi, etc) in story.
- Sometimes if Gene isn't paying sufficient attention when creating a dupe, a randomly personality will arrive rather than the one he wanted.
- If a personalities dies while in their own body, they're gone for good and cannot be recreated.

- Gene's unique gear can no longer be replicated, having passed the '5 item' threshold some time ago.
- Some items are problematic when replicated. Circuit boards cannot overcome logical errors in their programming existing in two places simultaneously and the copies shut-down. Banknotes have unique identifiers that would raise alarm bells if large qualities of duplicates appeared.

Mental Weaknesses
- Sees laxity as negligence. Rarely if ever relaxes.
- Tries to hold himself to an impossibly high standard to set said standard for his legion.
- Slow to trust.
- Not comfortable around goofy, boisterous, or flirty people.

- Lorica - A high tech armour designed and built by the combined efforts of 'Mikkel', 'Corkey Marlinson', 'Voort SaBinring', and 'Eurrsk Thri'ag. Its functions include:
-- Armour Plating - A sturdy yet light-weight design able to protect against most calibres of bullets, conventional cutting weaponry, and great impacts or G-Forces.
-- Military Exoskeleton - Grants the wearer 20 times the shunting strength of an average man (~1.5 tons).
-- In-Built Communicator - Communicates, and is built-in.
-- Deployable Buckler - A buckler that folds out of the suit's left arm.
-- Electrified gauntlet - Right arm can deliver a taser level shock upon impact.
-- Heartbeat Detector - A radar detection system built into the helmet which can sense heartbeats through 30 feet of solid material.
- Longbow - Fashioned traditionally with English yew wood. Constructed by 'Wayland'.
- Gladius - Traditional Roman short sword. Constructed by 'Marcus' and 'Mikkel'.
- Voice changer - Disguises voice. Built by 'Q'.
- Telescopic contact lens - Zooms in by a factor of x2.8. Built by 'Q'.
- Hoverboard - A working hoverboard that can travel at 30mph at a height of up to 2 metres. Built by 'Cubber' and 'Voort SaBinring'.
- Drone - Standard aerial drone with video surveillance and audio receptor capabilities. Built by 'Q'.
- Micro-Cameras - 4 deployable surveillance cameras that can attach adhesively to most surfaces. Built by 'Q'.
- Fitbit - Keeping healthy is hard...


- Due to the events of his life, Gene holds personal responsibility and duty to be almost sacred. He takes himself and his chosen mission very seriously, not so much never cracking a smile, but keeping an arched back and held shoulders. It is almost to a degree that he can be considered scared of laxity and 'goofing off', fearing that things will slip through his fingers if he doesn't keep a tight grip.

This filters through into his treatment of others. He is distrustful of allies and judges their actions critically. If he has a hold of someone, he will use it to guarantee loyalty, only because the alternative is to take a chance. But the person he is harshest with is himself.

His one true passion in life is reading. Gene has a wide knowledge of books, writers, and writing in general. Having experienced life vicariously for so long, Gene finds it easy to empathise with strangers. But a slight social awkwardness shows through leaving him abrasive, quick to irk, and easy to fluster.

- Books. He's read one or two.
- Formality.
- Being left the hell alone.
- Ancient history.
- Psychology.
- Knowing his mother is safe.

- Silliness.
- Relaxing/Inaction.
- Big social events.
- Qyburn.
- His father.
- Cliffhangers.

- Avoids reading religious texts for the understandable complications that would incur.
- The only dupe he allows to remain in their own body 24/7 is 'Hero' from 'Hawk Quest' who he basically grew up with.
- Keeps to a strict diet and training regimen.


Family Members: Lily Sutton (Mother), Frank Daniel Sutton (Father)
Place of Origin: East Cost USA.

- Gene grew up in East Coast America to a flight attendant father and stay at home mother. His mother suffered from a degenerative psychological disorder, and would lash out seemingly without pretext. While his father kept it manageable, eventually he met someone else and divorced his wife. Gene was left to pick up the pieces of a rapidly worsening mother.

He took on the role of carer at a young age, never understanding parents were suppose to look after kids, and not the other way around. His only respite were the books he read to escape from his reality. That was until the day he discovered his powers. Gene produced a perfect clone of himself with the personality of his book friends. He finally had help.

Being overwhelmed, he asked the clones to help with the division of labour. Most refused. They were people in their own minds who had been unceremoniously dragged from their reality. All many asked was to be sent back. But the character of 'Hero' from 'Hawk Quest' expressed an interest in remaining. The inquisitive young man from the 11th Century wanted to learn about this future world, and agreed to attend school in Gene's place. Using this partnership, Gene was able to devote more time to care of his mother.

For years after Gene only lived his life vicariously through others. He had dupes who would learn for him, socialise for him, work for him. Not surprisingly a great number of these dupes turned their back on him or ran without a word of notice. It didn't matter. His mother was safe and there was always more.

He soon discovered that sometimes unexpected (and even new) personalities would materialise instead of the ones he wanted. But again, this did not alarm him.

When he didn't like the deteriorating diagnosis of his mother's condition he turned to a successive wave of book doctors. Only one claimed to be able to fix her - an ex-Maester named 'Qyburn'. It was an alliance of convenience. Despite his questionable morals, Qyburn was allowed to work on Gene's mother. After all, Gene could always supervise. He wasn't going anywhere.

That was until one day he was informed Hero had been arrested. Apparently one of the renegade dupes had committed a crime that Hero was mistaken for. Gene dispatched the lawyer 'Shardlake' to bail his friend out. Shardlake, however, had a very low opinion of Gene. The police let Hero go, but only because Shardlake had convinced them that Gene was really their man. They took him from the door of his house.

The crime turned out to be murder. Gene realised he'd already been told that, but it hadn't registered. Locked in his house he'd become desensitised to outside life. It had become a story to him. Something that happened to other people, then he learned of second-hand.

Through demonstration of his powers and some help from Shardlake (whom Hero had convinced to make up for his betrayal) the police had to release Gene. Insufficient evidence. But he was put under house arrest (ironically). And banned from creating, or absorbing, any more clones. For it would create legal complications.

When he arrived home he discovered that Qyburn had gone. And for some reason taken his mother with him. A note expressed Qyburn's continued interest in 'restoring their mother' but suddenly Gene didn't like the sound of that proposal.

The young man was overcome with the implications of his lifestyle. He could do nothing for himself but manage others. And he had not inspired loyalty in his creations. He had used them, not treating them like real people. He had failed to take responsibility for their actions - and now they were out in the world doing who knows what. Did he even know who was out there?

He decided to escape his house and go on the run. His first intention had been to track down Qyburn, but his investigations found out that one of his dupes had been recruiting other dupes for clandestine purposes. Offering them a new identity, or a place in a fast growing underground enterprise. And Qyburn had joined them.

It was likely this recruiter had been doing this for a long time. Using his inattentiveness to build his power base. Motivating the book personalities like Gene had utterly failed to do. They might even be behind the murder. Gene had to shut them down.

To do this he first needed better control over his clones. He tasked Hero, the one dupe he trusted, to develop a way to allow him to despawn a clone at distance. But to not tell him what it was. For whatever he knew, the rest of his creations would know.

Hero did this by developing a skin patch. He knew clones could be despawned if something as simple as hair or nail filings from the original Gene was touching them. So he grafted patches of Gene's skin onto an adhesive and surreptitiously stuck it to dupes spawning in as they got their bearings. It was completely translucent and could survive a soaking. This allowed Gene to enact his will on clones far out of his sight, despite he himself never knowing how. After a while it became unnecessary to even stick the patches on new spawns - the dupes would assume they could be recalled at will.

From there Gene offered his remaining dupes a deal. If they would lend him their skills and join his crusade against the renegades, then he would let them all go. But right now, right then, he needed their help and could not put them at liberty. Many grudgingly accepted.

In order to allow them to make effective use of their skills, Gene realised he had to train his body. He had to keep physically able, look after himself for once, and train daily. Fortunately there were a litany of instructors and sparring partners to use. He also put the more scientific minds to use in designing equipment to help him on his journey.

Still hiding from the law, but now able to handle himself, Gene came to Jump City. He had tracked down this shadowy organisation of dupes to this West Coast city. And until their leader was identified, and his mother recovered, he would not rest.
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PostSubject: Re: Eugene 'Splitscreen' Sutton   Eugene 'Splitscreen' Sutton Icon_minitimeTue May 07, 2019 7:20 pm

And they say I have multiple personality disorder...

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