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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 This Too Shall Pass (Solo)

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PostSubject: This Too Shall Pass (Solo)   This Too Shall Pass (Solo) Icon_minitimeMon Mar 18, 2019 6:37 am

"So...you finally showed up."

He was waiting on his property in Japan, a large area with many acres to leave him and his family alone. But the area was known to a few people in his family. And one other. He waited in his black tactical gear, gazing upon a younger face from his chair.

"Yeah. It took some careful stepping to avoid all your nets. It was a little fun. I haven't had to contend with something like that for a long while. Felt a bit like walking on eggshells. I wasn't sure the universe would come apart or something if we met or not."

Acrimony smiled. He crossed one leg over the other in his chair, no equipment to be seen on him.

"I make it my business to keep tabs on anyone that should be caught. And, well...that's what we are, isn't it? Something to gaze at from a safe distance. A caged animal. But that begs the question...what is it that made you finally choose to reveal yourself to me? Have you come for the end of our lives as separated consciousness? What is it you want from me?"

Wrath smiled. "As you said, I've been here for a little while now. Looking into things. Doing my homework. And we find ourselves in an...interesting position."

Kindness walked up behind Wrath with a sweet smile and took his arm as she looked upon Acrimony. “Oh my~ you become quite the silver fox hun~” She giggled and reached up to kiss his cheek.

Rain Bow would walk out of the house and behind Acrimony, wrapping her arms around his chest adoringly. “Shall we invite them in for some tea my love?”




Rain Bow:

Wrath blinked and ended up chuckling gently at her comment. "Yeah. Still pretty stylish." It brought a thought to his mind, though. If this was another version of him...then what version was it?

Acrimony smiled knowingly and rose from his chair. "Yes, my dear. There's no need to be discourteous to them." He pulled his red coat from the chair, dangling it behind his back as he followed her inside.

Wrath looked to Kindness, kissing her cheek. "You're beautiful everywhere we go."

Bow would give a knowing smile to Kindness and gestured for both of them to follow as well as she walked into their home. Immediately she would go to the kitchen to begin preparing the tea for everyone.

Kindness giggled as he kissed her cheek and smiled. “Come on, let’s not keep ourselves waiting~” She took his hand and led him inside, looking around. “I see my taste hasn’t changed much... though it is a little darker than I would go.” She blinked and heard Bow singing in the kitchen and smiled. “Habits that cross universes...how interesting.”

He laughed gently. "You really never change." He followed them with Kindness into their home and would sit across the table from Acrimony. Acrimony smiled silently to them, before finally beginning to speak. "Now. I believe you said that there is an interesting position you wish to discuss. What is it?"

Wrath looked to Kindness, before looking back to Acrimony. "Bow should be present for this as well. But while we wait...who exactly are you? We're the same person...but what part of me are you?"

Acrimony smirked lightly and pointed right to his own chest. "This one." Wrath opened his mouth to speak. "No. Not your heart. This is the same heart that Shivering Jemmy of the Shallow Brigade pierced with a magic arrow. It made me capable of loving. I am the shell you cast off in your reality once the creators saw fit to clean the slate."

Kindness blinked and couldn’t help to ask. “And what of me? Did I die in your universe? Did I ever shrink down to a child? I remember that version of myself vaguely, and always wondered what it was like...” She giggled softly.

It was at this point that Bow came out of the kitchen with a tray of cups and a pot of tea. She looked to her counterpart and giggled lightly. “Like my love here said. We are the ones cast away when the creators saw fit to clean the slate. You are correct. I am the one that was brought back to being a child and my love helped me through every year.” She blushed lightly remembering.

Acrimony smiled lightly to his Bow and held her hand gently. He looked over to Wrath. "Our children are not directly related. Rico came from Jemmy. Avy is our natural born. But we don't treat them any different from each other."

Wrath gave a slight nod. "Which brings us to our proposition...despite the universe not being torn apart at this very moment...we are all a part of the fabric, and it has been tampered with." Acrimony let the humor drop from his face. "And across the great divide, we have lost much. You've lost Rico. And we...we lost Avy getting here." Wrath had an arm around Kindness. "Setting the universe right...we have to converge."

Bow was holding Acrimony’s hand a little tighter as the subject changed to their children and everyone in the room would notice her eyes sink to a deep dark sapphire hue. At least she was still sitting tall though. The pain of losing Rico had become a constant throbbing, but bringing it up only made her eyes change now.

Kindness, on the other hand, completely broke down as the words left Wrath’s lips and she buried her face in his side. The clouds outside immediately darkened and it started to rain.

Bow couldn’t help but smile knowingly and walked over to her counter, hugging her gently and whispering, loud enough for all to hear. “Let us be the first to converge my sweet young self. We have both lost one of our children, and yet have been blessed to come together so that both may live here. I am so excited to see your Rico!”

Kindness blinked and looked up at Bow with a nod and clung to her. “A-and I am joyous to reunite with Avy once more... W-we will be the best mother to both of them together...” Bow smiled lovingly and kissed her younger self gently.

It brought a smile to both of their faces. Wrath looked to Bow. "They were both twins for us...so I'm sure Avy will be happy." Acrimony pondered for a little while on the thought. When Bow kissed Kindness, Wrath seemed perplexed, but Acrimony didn't seem perturbed in the slightest.

"So we will converge, and all will be well. No one will be the wiser. Except for Avy." He looked over to Bow.

"Yes. But as it stands, we should be able to handle that issue." Wrath nodded.

Kindness blinked in surprise when they kissed and lightning popped, but the girl leaned into her older self and smiled, calming down in her lips. They parted slightly and Kindness blushed, looking up at Bow with a tinge of magenta in her eyes. Bow giggled. “Now I understand why my love calls me cute so much...”

Bow looked over to Acrimony and nodded. “Perhaps we should talk that out a little more before converging. Our daughter has taken an... interesting path. I am curious how she is going to react to this...”

Wrath raised his hands. "We already have an idea of the situation. We raised Rico and Avy under the same kind of principles. And we will support whatever decisions they make outside of this house. But Rico...she misses Avy. If fate so decides, it will throw Rico right into the face of Avy. I'm sure things will unfold naturally from there."

Acrimony raised a brow, looking to Bow. "She would be sought out by her sister."

Bow and Kindness both nodded in agreement to Wrath and went back to their respective husbands. Bow held Acrimony’s hand and squeezed it lightly as Kindness nestled into Wrath’s side once more.

Bow looked up to her love and smiled. “Are we ready to become one? Or is this going to end the way I think it will?”

Kindness giggled and looked up to Wrath as well. “I’m sure Bow agrees that we will support your decisions whatever they may be.”

As Bow asked her husband that question, a wry smile built on his face. "You go on ahead, honey. There's something I need to talk to Wrath about."

And the same kind of smile would build on Wrath's face, as he kissed Kindness. "Yeah. I'm going to stay behind just for another hour or two. It's been so long..." Suddenly, metallic wings would form on Wrath's back along with a metal backpack, a skull emblazoned on it as the wings emitted a red glow. Acrimony smiled wryly and pressed his fingers to his palm, pulling out a greatsword from a seal that opened a portal in the palm of his hand. "...so long since I met somebody who spoke my language."

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