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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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PostSubject: Isaac Foster   Isaac Foster Icon_minitimeTue Mar 05, 2019 12:45 am

"**** off."

Isaac Foster

Isaac Foster 151dabc4372ccc166869d9bb3f9cfe55


Full Name: Isaac Foster
Nickname(s): Zack
Codename: The Grim Ripper
Age: 22
Race: Ghost
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Yellow
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9"
Weight: Surprisingly Sturdy for his build
Other Traits: Covers himself in bandages to hide sever burn scars that are scattered across his body.


Ghostly Immunity - As a ghost, Zack cannot be damaged by any physical attacks from the land of the living. He can be thrown, kicked, and punched... but it won't do damage unless it's from a magical source some form of energy power attack. Example, an electromancer who creates and manipulates electricity can use it to shock Zack, but a taser wouldn't do anything to him.
This power also gives him the ability to hide his presence from sentient beings that see him. It doesn't work on player characters, though. They'll always see him but he'll know they can see him when he looks at them.

Howl of Fear - Arguably not even a power, but always effective, whenever Zack  lets out his crazy laugh every sentient in the nearby area feels a primal fear. It doesn't control their actions, though. They can stand and fight, run, or even play it cool and act unfazed.

Strength of a Killer - Zach has about one ton of strength at his peak. Also, he doesn't seem to get tired ever.

Zach is really good at swinging a scythe and wielding a knife.

Physical Weaknesses
-Holy or blessed objects can still effect him despite his ghostly immunity.

-Fire cripples Zack. He'll freeze up or run away from it, even if he's immune to it. He's terrified of fire.

Mental Weaknesses
Dumb - Zack has the IQ of a first grader. The man is dumb, and can barely even read.

Conflict - Zach loves killing people, and is easily angered and goaded into killing... but his whole afterlife is devoted to protecting people, not killing them. So it'll take a lot to get him to use lethal force.

Scythe - this Scythe is dull, but indestructible. It hurts to be hit with, but won't kill easily.

Gold Plated Knife - this knife has been with Zack since he was 7 years old, and it's seemingly magical. It can stab through anything and is about 7 inches long.


Zack is unstable due to a life of violence. He can get angered extremely easily and doesn't generally respond to affection or compliments. He understands that he's a bad guy, and doesn't really want to change... but doesn't want to go to Hell either. It's a conflict. He tends to seclusion unless he thinks he has a reason to stick around someone. He's completely desensitized to violence, as well.

Zack loves violent movies, fighting in real life, long walks in the rain... that last one wasn't even a joke. Rain makes things seem quieter to him. Quiet is something he rarely gets but enjoys every second of.

People in general. He doesn't like kids. He doesn't like a lot of things, really. He doesn't much like himself, either.


Family Members: Originally born Simon Harkness, he has a sister he doesn't know about. Isabel Harkness.
Place of Origin: Steel City
Before he was Isaac Foster, Zack was named Simon Harkness. This kid was born in a rather bad environment, with a cold father, abusive mother, and scared sister. They thought he was pure evil as he emulated their behaviors and the type he saw on the TV. One day his father decided he was too much, though.

Isaac Foster was given his name when his family decided he was too much trouble and left him outside a fire station in a cardboard box at two years old. He had bruises and injuries that kept him from walking away on his own. From there he was brought to a local orphanage that was on it's last legs. There were only three other children that lived there. They were adopted, but the caretakers found that they'd be stuck with Zack though. Nobody wanted the demented looking kid with that glint in his eyes, not to mention he never even spoke to anyone...
so they did the only thing that seemed right to them. They locked him in the attic and pretended he didn't exist for the most part. The caretakers were a couple, middle aged. The man had a terrible drinking problem, and the woman an even worse drug problem. She spent nearly her entire day every day staring blankly at the TV whether it was on or not.

Their names were Nancy and Walter. Walter was less good at pretending Zack didn't exist though. If the boy made noise, he'd stomp upstairs and beat him senseless with a belt or a cane... anything really. A few of the worst times were with a knife, he stabbed Zack with a gold platted knife multiple times, leaving the boy to die. Zack never did though. He never cried or screamed either. He took his beatings easily.

One day, Walter had a particularly bad day. He took Zack to the back yard and doused him in gasoline. Zack was sure he was about to die when the match was lit and the fire started. Burning alive was the worst torture, Zack learned the hard way...
but he didn't die again. How the boy survived that was a miracle. Walter told the boy he was disgusting to look at now, though, and gave him his bandages before he was allowed in the house. He made the mistake of giving Zack the knife to cut the bandages, though.

Zack waited in the attic, covered in bandages and he didn't sleep for 2 days straight. He wasn't called down for food, and only drank the water left by rain on the windowsill... until Walter called him down again, intent on beating him. Zack stood at the top of the stairs of the attic, letting the knife fall into his hand.

The scene cops found later made two rookies quit. There was blood everywhere. It was the worst scene that even veteran officers and detectives had ever seen. Walter and Nancy were Zack's first kills, and after that he vanished into the night.

He found a cabin as he wandered, and the sole resident was a retired priest. At first Zack planned on killing the man... but as soon as he got to the door the lack of food and exhaustion from not sleeping caught up. The boy passed out.
When he woke, he was in a bed and his burns hurt less. The priest had took him in and treated his injuries. His name was John, Zack remembers. John realized that the boy was responsible for the murders at the orphanage, but never held it against the kid. He fed Zach, and helped his wounds be treated even though the kid never said a word and just greedily ate the food.

There was a chance this man could have redeemed Zack before his soul was tainted indefinitely... but things like that don't work out for kids like Zack.

John went out for supplies and never came back. The next day, Zack decided to look for him when he ran out of food. Zack assumed he left him, because that's what people did. He took the knife with him, intent on killing the priest when he found him... only, when he found him a few miles down the road John was dead already. Hit over the head with something and robbed. Nearly stripped clean.
Zack stared at the body from a distance for a while, not sure what to do. The cops arrived eventually, and the boy decided to leave. He walked for miles again, his feet barely feeling tired. That's when he stopped the old mans familiar car by a lake

He approached and found a group of people at the bank of the river laughing and drinking. They were wearing the priests things. One had his coat, another his watch... even his cane was taken.

These were Zack's next kills. The scene just as brutal as the one left at the orphanage.

The rest isn't as unpredictable as one would guess. Zack felt a chill in his blood that refused to leave. He'd kill again. A lot. Every few weeks, mostly drunks and innocent people. He'd kill and kill and kill. Until finally he was caught by the police... and he killed a lot of them too before they ended up killing him. A stray bullet to a propane tank caused an explosion that lit Zack on fire. He died in the blaze, not from the explosion.

His story didn't end there, though. Next thing he knew he was a ghost, and it looked like time had passed. A man stood in front of him, dressed in black. He seemed to control Zack, and opened a portal. Zack could see the Hell that waited on the other side. Eternal damnation wasn't a lie, it seemed...
but something happened. A huge event that made the man in black freeze up. What it was, Zack had no idea... but he used the lapse in judgement to run away.

Now all he had to do was find a way NOT to go to that firey pit of Hell he'd gotten a glimpse of.

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