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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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PostSubject: Odyssey   Odyssey Icon_minitimeFri Feb 22, 2019 4:22 am

"Can you believe I was chosen for this?"

Aurora Odysseus Marx

Odyssey Odyssey-Jinx-by-aquaxleonhart-HD-Wallpaper-Background-Fan-Art-Artwork-League-of-Legends-lol


Full Name: Aurora Odysseus Marx
Codename: Odyssey
Age: 27
Race: Half-Tamaranean
Alignment: Chaotic Good


Hair Color: Red (Dyed Neon Orange)
Eye Color: Turquoise
Gender: Female
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 110 lbs
Other Traits:



Blue Lantern Power Ring
Cutting the fluff, this ring is incredibly powerful. Genuinely the most powerful type of ring in the emotional spectrum. And it gives the wielder the ability to create incredibly powerful and durable hard light constructs, barriers, and beams. It even comes in fun colors like blue. And blue. And, you guessed it, blue! Odyssey can control up to three constructs at once, each up to the size of a small spacecraft and capable of surviving a force up to 30 tons before shattering. This damage doesn't need to be done all at once. 5 punches equating to 6 tons of force can break them, for example. They can also be used to lift up to 10 tons on their own, without the aid of the lantern wearing it. Constructs are limited only by the wearer's knowledge and imagination. You can make a jet construct, but you need to know how a jet works and flies, essentially. But lets get on to sub-powers.

  • AI - The Ring itself actually houses an AI of sorts. Keyed only to the biometrics of the proper Lantern, a Blue Lanterns ring cannot be used, unless by its intended Lantern. Additionally, the AI can pre-program battle strategies and tactics, for later use by the Lantern without concern, even if the Lantern is no longer wearing the ring.
  • Flight - And who said half-tamaranean pilots stay grounded? Aurora can fly at up to 70 mph, and of course can fly FTL to jump between systems and planets.
  • Phasing - For some reason, a Blue Lantern's ring can phase through solid objects, along with its wearer. The exact limits of what can and can't be phased through are unknown, but a strong enough plasma-based attack will make contact and deal damage if all else fails.
  • Astral Projection - A Blue Lantern can use their ring to create an energy duplicate of themselves, or a small search probe. These projections can travel much faster than the lantern themselves, but are completely non-physical. They are also psychically linked to the lantern, allowing them to see through the duplicate/probe and speak through it.
  • Enhanced Physique - The wearer of a Blue Lantern ring can experience a spike in their abilities. Aurora, while wielding the ring, can lift up to 5 tons, and can take about 10 in terms of damage resistance. Without it, she's more around half a ton of lifting strength, 3 tons of durability, and a 20 foot jump height.
  • Environmental Playback - The Ring is capable of storing a databank of all locations in the universe, projecting the memories on the minds of those around it. This is useful for briefings or crime scene investigations.
  • Healing - It's by no means a fast process, but a Blue Lantern can heal from injuries much faster than average for their respective races. Don't worry though, death still kills people.
  • Pocket Dimensions - Finally, the ring is capable of making portals to a pocket dimension where it can house basically anything. Anything put into the pocket dimension is put into stasis, where it awaits the ring wielder to yank it back out. Anything organic is, of course, ejected on the spot, however. So it makes a poor prison.

Ace Pilot
Resident Technobabbler
Rudimentary Hacking Knowledge

Physical Weaknesses

Recharge Protocol
A Blue Lantern ring needs to be recharged every 24 hours, regardless of how little or how often it has been used. Failure to charge a ring will result in its absolute failure until it can be charged properly.

Those Who Hold Hope
Hope is a rather finicky thing in regards to the Emotional Spectrum. It's an extremely powerful weapon, and most villains don't tend to be truly hopeful people. In fact, they tend to be nihilistic, set in their ways, and aggressive. Because of this, someone who *truly* holds hope beyond a superficial level can actually punch right through Aurora's constructs.

Mental Weaknesses

The Psychosis
If Aurora doesn't have her ring active and on her person to balance her mental state, she will slowly slip back into absolute madness. She will be a jibbering mess, unable to tell friend from foe. Somehow guarding her mind against the calming influence of her ring will also enact this state.

Blue Lantern Power Ring
Blue Lantern Power Battery
Robotic Arm (No more or less powerful than her organic arm)
Universal Translator (Chip implanted in her neck)
Cybernetic Implants (Allows her to interface wirelessly with most electronics and computers, maybe hack them if the security is weak)


Aurora is an incredibly enthusiastic, overly ambitious, and curious soul. She latches onto things that interest her, and she latches hard. It's actually difficult to hold a conversation with her if she doesn't find the contents of it immediately interesting. She's protective of others, loves freedom and exploration, and doesn't concern herself much with rules or laws.


Place of Origin: Tamaran

Aurora was born to a Tamaranean explorer, who'd been travelling the stars up until recently to discover new planets, beings, and systems. So of course, this makes Aurora only half Tamaranean. The other half? Honestly, no one knows. Her mother wasn't keen to tell, and Aurora herself never explored the concept. However, this made her natural abilities as a Tamaranean very weak. With her genetic situation, it made her susceptible to bullying and general ridicule. So it's no wonder that when she got a chance to leave, she took it. She stole her mother's old expedition ship and went for a joyride around the cluster. But with a nice ride like that, you shouldn't be surprised when you're set upon by space pirates.

Aurora wasn't surprised at all. In fact, she ended up joining up with them, breaking entire systems of laws and upsetting all the worst people you can possibly upset in the local galaxy. It was during this time that a lot of her growing up happened to her. She dyed her hair, she lost her arm, she got a new one, she got her pilot license, she got her translator implant, it was great fun. But it shouldn't shock anyone that, eventually, all that rule breaking caught up with her and the crew. One of the legal authorities in the Gamma cluster really didn't like Aurora or her crewmates. In fact, he blew the ship and everyone on it to kingdom come. Except Aurora, who managed to survive the explosion thanks to her genetics, and was left to float in a silent, unending, and freezing cold void. It was maddening.

After a solid year of floating in this void, just existing, not knowing what was real anymore, Aurora saw a small light in the distance. A blue light. She assumed it was a giant star, finally exploding and ending her pathetic existence, but instead it was a small, almost chipmunk like animal. In a little blue bodysuit too! How quaint! The rodent stopped above her head and made a blue bubble around them. As oxygen flooded to her, Aurora found her voice for the first time in a year. And she used it to scream. Very loudly. It just felt good to make sound again.

The chipmunk like alien introduced himself as Arven Zir, and Aurora giggled at his silly name and goofy fluffy tail, trying to play with it, and insisting she'd figure out how to get out of this mess. How hard could it be? If squirrels could fly in space, she could totally do it!

Subconsciously though, she was influenced by the little rodent. Scooted along through space over the course of the next month by the alien and his mighty ring to a planet known as Odym. There she was 'taught' the value of Hope, and what wielding that power means and does for someone. It was an unorthodox recruitment process, but Aurora was too unbalanced mentally to notice any of the strange exceptions they made for her.

After becoming a fully recognized member of the corp, Odyssey was given her first mission: find another like her, who could instill and experience great hope in others. And she was at a loss. Why would they expect this of her? Why would they assume she'd be able to do it? And though her ring still struggles with her and her mental state, she finds herself in almost a mother-child relationship with the AI housed within it.

Well, only one thing left to do. Jump to a system that she hasn't broken any laws in and hope someone will put up with her baggage.
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PostSubject: Re: Odyssey   Odyssey Icon_minitimeSun Feb 24, 2019 6:57 am

"Seems good to me."

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