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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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PostSubject: Seras Arcadia   Seras Arcadia Icon_minitimeSun Feb 17, 2019 8:33 am

"So get ready Chessa! I'll be there in five minutes!"

Seras Cain Arcadia

Seras Arcadia Anime_anime_girls_long_hair_green_hair_yellow_eyes_smiling_flowers_looking_at_viewer-48706


Full Name: Seras Cain Arcadia
Nickname(s): Cain, Sera
Codename: Dead Master
Alias(es): Kharma Karmeleon
Age: 24
Race: Undead Lich. Lord of Order. Or the Dead.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral


Hair Color: Green usually. Black when she taps into more of her power.
Eye Color: Cain has heterochromia. Her right eye is red and her left eye is gold. When she uses more of her power, they sometimes become a glowing neon green.
Gender: Female
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 150 lbs
Other Traits: Her truest form has black, skeletal horns and makes her skin marble white.


Order in my Court- Cain has assumed the mantle of Kharma Kameleon after his recent mysterious disappearance from existence. She is for all intents and purposes part of the fabric of the universe now. She is undying. Her physical form is much much weaker and capable of being destroyed. But in her physical form, she has pseudo-omniscience; by interacting with another person, she can learn things about them such as their names and what they are like. This also makes her a natural instrument of undoing Lords of Chaos, though she still must possess the mettle to actually do it.

Enervate- Cain has since long before her new title and powers had control over the dead. Every bit of their mind body and soul is available for her to manipulate. She can make precise puppet like manipulations with her dead targets or even make them fly through the air. She can interact with living or other souls and manipulate them as well, but usually, consent is needed, outside of her leeching the life force from them upon contact with their bodies. She is a sorceress by nature, and while she has no trademark spells aside from raising the dead and focused bolts of her necromantic magic, she can do minor things like fly or levitate, and learn plenty of other spells. She can also manipulate her appearance at will.

Her body is more fragile than most, but as long as she can get sufficient soul energy, she can restore the damage done to her body.

-Very good cook, excellent at making coffee, can sing and has a great sense of fashion. Master level scythe and staff fighter.

Physical Weaknesses
-Her body is actually very fragile, and regular blunt force trauma can break her bones. Enhanced blunt force trauma can destroy parts of her body easier.

Mental Weaknesses
-Lord of Order might be quite a shocking title to see, but there are drawbacks to the responsibilities and tasks Cain has to attend to. She can't run around putting out fires. She naturally draws people to her, and if they do directly come to her with problems that are minute, she can generally solve them. But as a Lord of Order- or the Lord of Order that she is replacing- she cannot directly address any problem unless it comes running to her. She can't stop the city from burning down around her, but what she can do however is enlist the aid of heroes or others to do it for her; on her behalf. If she violates this agreement she could very well be erased from existence.

"This code of conduct, however, does not so strictly apply if I am to run into any Lords of Chaos."

-Cain carries with her a scythe dubbed the Scythe of Hades. It is a channel for her necromantic energy and can enhance her attacks, allowing her to project beams and energy attacks of her magic. It is not indestructible but is able to be reinforced by her soul energy and mended by it.


-Cain is a bit of an odd one. As a human, she was raised by her father who for all intents and purposes wanted a boy to inherit his legacy. But he got Cain. This didn't make him love her less but the family tradition was that the male would take on all the secrets and so he raised her a little more rough than most. This made her a little tomboyish, but from the very beginning, she didn't really like boys the same way she liked most girls. When she had developed into her teens and was tricked into becoming a lich, she embraced her sexuality and cast off her boyish traits.

-Video games, coffee, maids, diners, the service industry, all kinds of girls.

-Is instantly put off by boys who try to flirt with her like she's an object, also innately dislikes arrogant people.

-Cain likes running her cafe and helping out people to get jobs in her establishment.


Family Members: None to speak of
Place of Origin: London
-As aforementioned, Cain was raised by a father who very much wanted for her to be a boy. He carried all the magical secrets of their family, who share a direct line of blood with Merlin, and was tasked with passing it on down the line. Cain's mother, however, died soon after childbirth. He taught her the ways of their family, though it wasn't the way tradition intended, and she became a very well versed sorceress by the age of sixteen. On her seventeenth birthday, her father was murdered by an old friend of his, and he tricked Cain into thinking that his murderer went into a tomb looking for ancient rites. This wasn't far from the truth; Rael was there looking for ancient rites, but he knew there were traps.

Cain fell for one of these traps and became a lich inadvertently. Rael accessed the antechamber holding the secrets he was looking for, thinking Cain dead, but was then murdered as he had his life force ripped from his body. By taking his soul, Cain released the soul of another that Rael had conned over long before. Isabel Harkness.

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