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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 Mao Shangtian

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PostSubject: Mao Shangtian   Mon Jan 07, 2019 4:40 am

"Well then, let us begin. In an orderly fashion."

Mao Shangtian


Full Name: Mao Shangtian
Codename: White Cloud
Alias(es): Heavenly Spear, Incompetent One, MaoMao1574
Age: 18
Race: Augmented Human
Alignment: Lawful Good


Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 110 lbs
Other Traits:


-Divine Spear - Mao is a peerless master of the spear who is recognized by the heavens themselves. With a spear or staff in hand, her combat potential shoots through the roof and she easily becomes a one-woman army. Her skill is potent enough to deflect even a barrage bullets without getting hit once.
-Sub: Divine Fist - Unarmed, Mao is still an incredibly potent fighter capable of dispatching professional-level martial artists with ease.
-Sub: Divine Sight - Years of training have honed her reflexes to the point that she can react and respond to things three times faster than normal.

-Heavenly Providence - Blessed by the heavens, Mao possesses divine enhancements for as long as she is fighting directly under the sky. The most potent of these blessings is a boost to her movements, allowing her to reach Mach 1 speeds at her peak. At these speeds she can run up vertical inclines and even over water.
-Sub: Heavenly Aura - While fighting under the sky, Mao is cloaked with a heavenly aura that adds divine/holy properties to her attacks increasing their potency against demons, spirits, creatures of darkness, and other evil-aligned entities she may encounter.
-Sub: Heavenly Foresight - While fighting under the sky, Mao is blessed with foresight against danger. However this only works on attacks or elements that are potentially fatal. Anything less than a death blow will not trigger this at all.

-Exceptional aim and marksmanship
-Exceptional gymnast and acrobat
-Extensive knowledge on the supernatural
-Peak human physique
-Proficient command and leadership skills
-Quick learner
-Great cook
-Good driver
-Excellent singer
-Skilled dancer

Physical Weaknesses
-Mao has no unusual resistances or resiliency and will fall to conventional weapons and anything else that can take down a normal human.
-Mao's Heavenly Providence only works while she is directly under the sky, leaving her to rely on her own skills and abilities while indoors.
-Anti-magic or anti-divine measures will be effective against her while her Heavenly Providence is active. The same can also damage her spear.
-Mao's spear can only extend straight and does not bend, limiting the use of this ability in tight and enclosed spaces.

Mental Weaknesses
-Mao has the tendency to rush on ahead and deal with things on the fly, making her susceptible to traps and ambushes.
-Mao is a technical pacifist and will always aim to incapacitate rather than kill.
-Mao will prioritize innocents and civilians over herself.

-The Nameless Spear - A divine construct of the gods, fashioned in the shape of a spear. In addition to possessing holy properties, it is also blessed to be nigh indestructible. It is not made from any materials found on earth and will not trigger things like metal detectors.
-Sub: Heaven's Reach - The spear possesses the ability to extend at will up to 100 meters and then contract as needed, even becoming pocket-sized. She can wield the spear normally and is unaffected by any weight increase from extending to absurd lengths.
-Sub: Heaven's Bond - The spear was bound by the heavens to Mao's soul so that they can always find each other. This allows her to teleport to wherever the spear is and vice-versa with the spear teleporting to her location.

-Slash-resistant combat tights


For someone who has lived a life of mostly strictness and discipline, Mao is surprisingly upbeat and bubbly. She can be easily fascinated by the many sights of the modern world, including things a lot of people would already consider mundane. That said, she still exercises restraint and maintains her temperate and discreet persona.

She can be a bit hard on herself when she offends someone, even if it was unintentional. More often than not, she will offer to make it up to them beyond just a simple apology. She is not a doormat however and maintains a certain degree of pride. She will realize right away if you are trying to take advantage of her or humiliate her.

She has a strong sense of justice in that she will not condone bullying the weak and is quick to come to their aid. However this goes both ways in that she will come to a villain's defense if she feels they have had enough.


-People who waste food
-Agents of Chaos

-Food trips
-Browsing the web


Family Members: Unknown
Place of Origin: China
Born in ancient China, Mao's training with the spear began from the moment she could walk. Loved and blessed by the gods, she grew up to be one of the most powerful warriors of her time and rose up against an ancient evil that was plaguing the country in that era. After hard fought battles that lasted many days and nights, she cornered the agent of Chaos sowing the seeds of evil. But before she could defeat them, she was tricked and flung into a fissure in the fabric of time. When she woke up, she found herself in the modern era.

Praying to her gods, she received a vision that her ancient nemesis still existed in the present time. In order to prepare herself for the coming conflict, she resolved to learn about this new world, eventually finding her place as a hero much like before. She arrived in Jump not too long ago at the recommendation of an acquaintance she that made when she first arrived in modern China. Said acquaintance had taught her everything she knew about the modern world. Apparently agents of Chaos were known to appeared in Jump City and so she could likely find clues about her old enemy there.

The times and eras may have changed but chaos and evil was still afoot and so she continues to take up her spear to combat these malevolent forces.

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PostSubject: Re: Mao Shangtian   Mon Jan 07, 2019 5:14 am

Better not poke anyone's eye out with that thing now

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Mao Shangtian
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