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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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PostSubject: Morphia Oorvine   Morphia Oorvine Icon_minitimeFri Jan 04, 2019 7:16 pm

"I am blue now?" O.O;

Morphia Oorvine

Morphia Oorvine Wgx7a0


Full Name: "I am Morphia Oorvine!" ^w^
Nickname(s): Mo, Momo, Greenhorn
Codename: None
Alias(es): N/A
Age: 18
Race: Alien: Amorphean
Alignment: Neutral Good


Hair Color: "Hair? Um... blue?"
Eye Color: "Purple."
Gender: "I'm a girl~"
Height: Around five feet
Weight: 125lb
Other Traits:  Looks like jello



  • Alien Physiology: Mo is an alien, composted entirely of an amorphous-like liquid. This grants them a great deal of unique traits that set them apart from other aliens. The first and foremost is their ability to almost entirely ignore any and all forms of conventional damage- bullets, swords, physical damage as a whole. This is due in large part to the fact that any attack with sufficient force to do so, will simply pass through their physical body. It'd be like trying to punch a pond of jello.

    • Shapeshifting: Literally, an Amorphean can mimic any shape they see or can imagine. But only the shape and certain features like eyes, they will still look like jello. But it might be more pleasant to look at a jello-girl than a blob. One could also simply turn their arms into tentacles and the like if need be.

    • Mass Shifting: Amorpheans typically change size frequently depending on their diet. Likewise they can lose weight by draining some of their body mass into whatever liquid they wish.

    • Empathy: What Amorpheans lack in verbal communication, they make up for with empathic ability. Not only are they far more susceptible to feeling emotions around them, they can also project their own in an attempt to help others understand.

    • Water-breathing: While not exactly "breathing" Amorpheans are perfectly fine underwater.

    -Exceptional mixed hand-to-hand combatant*
    -Exceptional Pilot*
    -Exceptional Knowledge of technology*
    -Great Swimmer
    -Quick learner

    Physical Weaknesses
  • Physical Limitations: Mo's people are not well known for their physical abilities. They are on a good day no stronger than an average human being.

  • Electricity: She's made of liquid, water conducts electricity. This is a bad combination.

  • Dehydration: Amorpheans don't do well when they're dry, and must either be drinking regularly, or find some liquid to jump into.

  • Toxin/sedatives: The other side of their double-edged physiology. It is easier to affect Mo with various forms of airborne toxins or sedatives.

  • Sound: Very strong sound waves can cause her body to convulse against her will.

    Mental Weaknesses
  • Alien: Mo hasn't been around Earthlings for too long, and is still trying to adapt the best she can. She only now has a simple understanding of English- and there's still so many other languages!

  • Being alone: Mo's kind is a very social, communal people. Probably also due to their empathic abilities, Amorpheans have little understanding of "personal space" and also don't understand the need to keep things from others. That's not to say they blab everything they do to each other. But if they ask you something and you adamantly refuse, they won't understand and may... bother you until you tell them.

  • Too sweet: Mo is a nice girl, which some people would take advantage of. And she also thinks of the well being of other people before herself; even criminals.

  • A.P.C Exoskeleton: Amorphean Peacekeeping Corps Exoskeleton. While not well known for their combat prowess, this suit of bio-mechanical armor is the current mainstay of all Amorphean armed forces. It is a sight of either relief, or a terrible sight to behold. For it is well known that Amorpheans hate conflict or having to fight. So what does that say of the mental state of those who wear this armor? At a base level, this suit of armor more than compensates for the Amorpheans' lack of physical ability. And it can be customized with a variety of other functions per the wearer's needs even during the heat of battle.

    • Enhanced Strength: A standard function, the suit enables the wearer to lift up to 5 tons.

    • Enhanced Durability: Likewise, it can withstand 5 tons of force. And it can also better resist the elements, and enable the user to function in deep space.

    • Jet Boosters: For quick bursts of speed, allowing the user to briefly move up to 60mph with each use. Also allows for Jet Jumps.

    • Self-repair: Probably the most notable base feature, is the armor's ability to heal itself from damage. It is after all, an organic entity. Any damage it sustains seems to visibly start healing, even in the heat of battle. It is slow but it is visible. But fire or anything which is constantly applying damage will render this moot.

  • A.P.C Arm: Armophean Pacifying Cannon Arm. The armor itself seems to harness a specialized form of photosynthesis to work, and it's weapon's primary function enables it to harness this energy for concussive blasts of light. While it's combat applications are intended for subduing targets, it can be a dangerous weapon. In particular is if the user switches off all the safeties and charges up for a devastating beam- depleting the armor's power reserves but doing up to 15 tons of destructive force. Unless noted otherwise, does up to 5 tons of force otherwise.

    • Pellets: Another non-lethal means to take down targets, this cannon function shoots non-lethal blunt projectiles that will also release a gas intended to put the target to sleep.

    • Electro-tether: A combination taser and grappling hook, extends up to thirty feet and delivers a non-lethal shock to the victim before Mo reels them back in.


    Morpha or Mo for short, is strange even by Amorphean standards. She is much more adventurous, and hated the idea of living a simple easy life on her planet. Joining the APC was her way of seeing new places, things, and experiencing other cultures from the people she met. Mo is very friendly, and enjoys getting to know everyone she meets. She is definitely the kind of person to say hi to a complete stranger, and strike up a conversation. Mo also strongly believes in her people's ideology of "the greater good" and tries to spread it where ever she goes. The APC like every other military institution is a product of the inability to work together of others. Police exist to stop criminals, soldiers exist to protect their people and fight those who would harm them. So in Mo's mind, it is important to try finding the root problem to fix everything else!

    -Meeting new people
    -Learning about other cultures.
    -Trying new cuisine
    -Upholding "the greater good."

    -Being Dehydrated
    -Needless Violence

    -Soaking up local culture
    -Making friends
    -Helping people
    -Spreading the "greater good"

    Family Members: Unknown
    Place of Origin: Oor'ua

    Mo comes from a planet far from our own along a cluster of frontier planets colonized by The Amorphean Empire. They are a younger race, becoming well known for their achievements in bio-engineering and mechanics. Through their unique ideology and collective ability for diplomacy, the race quickly expanded with the help of their neighbors. And through this cooperation, survived incursions by larger more developed races to this day.

    Mo comes from a dense swamp planet, teeming with fauna and plant life poisonous to other lifeforms. Unlike most Amorpheans which preferred simple, easy going lives, Mo volunteered to enlist in the Amorphean Peacekeepers Force- a military police in essence. She was handpicked from other young hopefuls and given a "sector" to watch over, much in the same manner of The Lantern Corps. She'd have to work with the various local authorities of the worlds residing in it and ensure their safety to the best of her ability.

    Until her superiors informed her that intelligence operatives had discovered that an old enemy of the Amorphean people, were trying to extend their influence to a neighboring sector. The Milky-Way Galaxy. They wanted her to go and determine this for herself, and report back once she had enough evidence one way or the other. So she eventually found her way to Earth, where she has spent her time adapting to it's culture, and trying to find these cold-blooded enemies.

    «««Sample RP»»»
    Mo is love, Mo is life.
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