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Beta-class Metahuman
Beta-class Metahuman

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PostSubject: Weaver   Wed Jan 02, 2019 6:37 pm

"I have taken what was mine."

Full Name: Diana Evelyn Dèsirèe
Nickname(s): Anna, Lyn
Codename: Weaver
Alias(es): Unknown
Age: 18 physically (Mentally older after The Vanishing)
Race: Tiefling (Human/Demon)
Alignment: Neutral Evil

Hair Color: Black as night. Darkest night
Eye Color: Amber
Gender: Female
Height: 4'5
Weight: 105
Other Traits: Various piercings, prefers punk/goth looking clothing. Has 5 eyes, horns, a spade tail, and wings in her true form.

"Invading my privacy..."


  • Tiefling: A union between demon and human, Diana gains supernatural abilities from such a heritage. Of her abilities, one of the most prominent is the ability to drain the very life from another living thing. This is an ability shared with Succubi and works in more or less the same manner, physical contact. She can do so with any physical contact, no matter how brief. With this life force, Diana can do a number of things that include being able to sap the abilities of opponents, kill opponents simply too durable for conventional means, sustenance, empowering her own abilities, as a resource for her other power, and healing from injury or other maladies. The amount of time it takes her to actually kill someone both depends on the extent of contact, and how close to death the victim already is.

    • Unholy Strength: While paling in comparison to one of her older sisters, Diana can lift and hit up to 1 ton.

    • Unholy Durability: Diana's body coupled with her own tolerance for pain grants her an unusually high constitution. She can take up 1 ton of force, and resist elemental damage more than your average person. She is the most resistant to fire though, able to withstand temperatures above that of your average stove band slightly higher than her other resistances. Lightning would nearly kill her, whereas fire of that caliber would really hurt but not be as lethal to give you a better idea.

    • Unholy Agility: Since her rebirth after The Vanishing and gaining her demonic heritage back, Diana is endowed with a combination of enhanced speed, reflexes, hand-eye coordination and supernatural gut instinct. She's now able to move in bursts of speed faster than the human eye can track, and can even manage to tag speedsters. Diana can run at roughly 130 mph in a full out sprint. In small bursts she is good for even faster, at 150.

    • Shapeshifting: It goes without saying that looks are deceiving. Diana's actual form is more akin to a succubus, with other traits shared among her family. Features like an extra pair of eyes- plus one, horns, a tail, wings, and sharp teeth/claws. She could be mistaken for a vampire if not for her other more demonic features. With her wings, she can fly at the same speed she can run, able to fly over three stories from ground level. Her tail is also capable of extending up to 10ft.

    • Dreamwalking: Unable to fully control other people's dreams, she can influence them slightly. But primarily Diana can just travel between the dreams of other people. She must also be first asleep.

    • Dreamworld: Her own little sanctuary, shared with her older siblings. It serves mostly as a temporary place to store things, or hide people. But because it IS shared with two other people, her power over it is not much different than it is in the waking world.

  • Erebokinesis: AKA: Darkness Manipulation. Diana uses the darkness around her for a wide variety of things that include creating tools, weapons, minions, to more utility based purposes. The darkness becomes more than just an absence of light, and with her control can take on many forms dependent on her needs. As aforementioned, one common use of it is simple weapons like swords, knives, even firearms. Anything she creates "spur of the moment" only lasts for as long as she needs it to and will dissipate if removed from her hands. Tools are much in the same vein. Minions are trickier in that they require some life force, and are unstable enough to "die" after a short time if Diana doesn't stabilize them. Diana also still prefers creating wires or threads, which is visible prior to anything she creates.

    • Darken: Light is naturally a nuisance for her. But not for too long, as she eclipses a source of light with some nearby darkness. Her 5th eye seems tied to this ability, as it will open wide once she Darkens a light source and stay that way until she closes it again. Diana can also blind anyone facing her in the same manner. But once a source of light, or opponent(s) are blinded, no more can be affected by Darken until she lifts it from the previous target(s).

    • Illusions: A misdirection and deception power, it can affect someone a couple of ways. Using the darkness, Diana can make someone see something that isn't there directly; such as making "shadow clones" of herself. Or have the darkness disguise something as something else; like making monopoly money look like real money. The latter will also fool cameras or machines that rely on sight alone. But a thorough scan or investigation can reveal the fraud.

    • Dark Vision: A less interesting power that enables her to see in the dark in shades of gray, even in total darkness. Also enables her to see through magical darkness.

    • Dark Sensory Perception: Though she can see in the dark, she can still "feel" things around her if they are in properly dark places. The more dark an area is, the stronger and more clear this sense becomes.

    • Shadow Step: Limited teleportation, Diana can move from one shadow to another. It's not instant. But it still does allow her to cover ground quickly in a pinch.

    • Exceptional Hand-eye coordination
    • Exceptional Acrobat
    • Exceptional Video game skills
    • Exceptional Pain Tolerance
    • Exceptional Hand-to-hand combat
      People reading
      Body Language
      Can read/speak Japanese
      Electrical know-how
      Mechanical know-how
      Bargain Hunting
      Budget Balancing

      Physical Weaknesses
    • Holy/Blessed: Contrary to appearances, she is actually more demon than her older sisters. Being on hallowed ground will weaken her to the point she's almost no different than a normal human being. Likewise anything else will ignore her durability or weaken her after exposure.

    • Light: The natural opposite of darkness. While standing outside on a sunny day doesn't completely rob her of darkness to control, it does limit how much of it she can use. The only way to completely rob her of the ability would be to literally trap her in a room of nothing but light. And it would still need to be created in such a way that there was bright light no matter where she stood. In other words, she can still manipulate darkness so long as the light is weak enough. But it will be very weak.

      It should also be mentioned that because her eyes are able to see in the dark, combined with the fact she prefers skulking about in the dark, sudden and extreme changes of light will disorientate her greatly. So flash bangs or shining a flashlight in her face suddenly are very effective.

    • Somatic Gestures: Her hands are required to use many of her attacks or powers related to using darkness.

    • Blinding the 5th eye: If the eye on her forehead becomes blinded, she loses the ability to use her Darken for as long as it is blinded.

      Mental Weaknesses
    • Being touched: Diana has developed a very strong pet peeve about being touched. She will go to great lengths to avoid any kind of physical contact, and still barely tolerates being touched by people she actually likes. This also extends to being around large groups of people, or close spaced modes of transportation like the subway or a bus.

    • Avaricious: This hasn't changed. If anything, it's gotten worse. It's not enough for her to just have nice things any more, she also has to have plenty of money. Because in her mind, having money ensures safety. Whereas she feels that she deserves nice things. She will go out of her way, even for an obvious trap.

    • Possessive: Goes in hand with the above flaw, she hates to share. And this also extends to the few people she even remotely cares about. She hates sharing her loved ones.

    • Paranoid: More than ever, Diana has become convinced that someone sooner or later will pull one over her. She definitely feels like almost everyone is out to get her, or use her for their gain making it harder to actually get close to people.

      A multi-pocketed cloak/coat.
      A whole slew of tools that changes depending on what she believes she'll need.

    Personality: Diana's flaws have worsened since The Vanishing. While she's still a penny-pinching kleptomaniac, she is more inclined to do things she wouldn't have before. While she doesn't intentionally steal from the poor, if the mood catches her and someone happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time; she won't go out of her way to avoid it. She is also more inclined to violence if not outright killing out of convenience. Fortunately, she has yet to target an innocent and instead seems to be more inclined to go after other criminals.

    Another one of her key traits is her constant monotone. She always looks and sounds bored or disinterested with her surroundings, and she doesn't talk much. She also is far from being a people person, not because she's an introvert. She's very confident in herself and her abilities. But Diana is not confident in other people, feeling like they're just disappointments.

    Video Games
    Designing clothing
    Making money
    Spooky stuff
    Shiny things
    Various kinds of Rock music
    Being in control
    Learning new skills
    Ninja culture

    Losing Money
    Not being in control
    Getting caught
    Time wasted
    The sun
    Things being taken from her
    People spending too much time with her loved ones

    Pick pocketing
    Robbing people
    Draining Lifeforce
    Learning new skills or trades

    Family Members: Unknown
    Place of Origin: Steel City
    History: Diana was born and raised in the rough town called Steel City, home to the Titans East. While not as seedy as places like Gotham, it was a rough place for her to grow up. And when you add in a mother that didn't want anything to do with you, it was very rough for Diana growing up. Her mother tried to have as little to do with her as physically and emotionally as possible. The only time she was allowed to be out of her "room" was when she went to school.

    And she didn't really have the luxury of making friends, she wouldn't be able to bring them home to play or anything. And her mom didn't allow her to go to anyone's house either. Diana gradually grew to believe nothing she did would ever be good enough for her mother. It was about this time that some of her teachers noticed that something didn't seem right, and after some investigation Adri was later put into a foster home.

    At some point she was adopted by a family of thieves and con artists. While having day time jobs, they mostly got by on their wits and cooperation in addition to penny pinching. They didn't live extragavantly by any stretch of the imagination. But it is where Diana learned to value the worth of money, and not to squander anything she got. Adri found this lifestyle suited her like a glove, and got very good at what she did.

    Until she robbed the wrong home. They had scoped out the place, one of her "brothers" managing to infiltrate the place using one of his disguises. But Diana's instincts were telling her there was something not right about the place. Not wanting to disappoint what she thought was an actual family, she ignored it and sneaked in. She had been warned about the home's security. But they didn't know about the robots, or one of the residents having powers. It had almost been like he knew exactly when she was inside.

    Diana was subdued and sent to prison for a time, her adopted family never paid her bail or came to see her. The owner, a tall man with violet eyes and white hair did. He never spoke a word- he couldn't. But he was still able to convey that he wouldn't press charges and still give her a clean slate... for a price. Diana doesn't remember this meeting, this man or breaking into his home. She just found her life back to almost the same- except now she found herself able to create and control threads of "spiritural" energy that she could use for all kinds of things.

    This new found power emboldened her little family. But eventually a run in with an up and coming crime fighter caused the family to split, and Diana moved as far from Steel as she could get. She eventually came and settled down in Jump City to start her new life. She'd later move onto becoming business partners with who she'd learn much later to be the sin of Greed, and also become very close with a certain fuzzball.

    That was my old life...

    After The Vanishing, Diana like many of the other victims were given a choice. She chose to remember everything, but have a different history. Her only added request was that she keep her little fox charm bracelet. So she was reborn. Only this time, her demonic heritage was now hers. This time though, her childhood didn't get to play out quite the way she wanted. Diana showed early signs of her heritage and her mother was understandably terrified. And she had very good reason to be, because Diana remembered the emotional stress she had to endure for a mother that never wanted her in the first place.

    She was not going to let her off the hook this time. But Diana still needed a place to sleep and eat. So she refrained from anything drastic and simply used her mother's fear of her to her advantage. Diana made sure not to overdo it, people were more liable to do something drastic when pushed. It was a short matter of time before roles had been almost reversed. Now it was her mother trying whatever she could to keep Diana in a good mood. Because she chose to remember everything prior and from The Vanishing, Diana used much of this time to study new things under the guise of her mother "homeschooling" her. Something Diana did not anticipate however, was her demonic heritage "awakening" as it did. Imagine a Diana who was normally in control of her emotions, suddenly having trouble doing so. It was the most amazing and terrible feeling Diana had ever experienced. and it was also the only time Diana felt... bad for how she had treated her mother. But it lasted only as long as her Awakening.

    It was shortly afterward that her Awakening got the attention of someone she never thought she'd ever see- her father. After going through the clearly rehearsed motions of explaining what she was- which she already knew about because it had been explained to her before her choice of rebirth was made. He pointed her in the direction of one of her older siblings and Diana saw that as the perfect time to leave. She immediately left not wanting to deal with the crime fighters of Steel and also not wanting to run into a certain smiley trash bag again if she could manage.

    She met with her eldest sister, who clearly was the favorite because she was the most well off, as she discovered with the second eldest. Diana originally only intended to use them both for their knowledge, and mooch off of them- only to find that she was actually growing fond of them. And while this did open an old wound with her mother, Diana pressed on to try and fill an emptiness that had always been with her. Diana missed someone, and this was reflected by the fact that many of her powers relied on the darkness or shadows like him.

    After brushing up on some new skills, and growing in power, Diana set her eyes on Jump City. A place she had spent much of her time in her previous life. A place that she had intended on taking alongside Greed (currently known as Sinbad at that time) and Fox. Diana was determined to have it for her own, and managed to severely cripple organized crime there. Street gangs were manipulated against one another, or for her own ends, and the more organized criminal syndicate was shattered. She did not do this alone, however. But it was a simple matter to attract The Sin of Greed- Diana was after all, a walking beacon of avarice herself. It was simply a matter of putting her desire for taking over the criminal underworld in Jump City out there.

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The Acrimonious
The Acrimonious

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PostSubject: Re: Weaver   Wed Jan 09, 2019 3:32 am

How durable are her dark creations?

With her illusions power, as a sub-power of darkness manipulation, can she create colors, or only alter them?

Shadow Step teleportation is stated not to be instantaneous, but for curiosity's sake, I would like to know how fast she can travel through them.
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Beta-class Metahuman
Beta-class Metahuman

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PostSubject: Re: Weaver   Sat Jan 12, 2019 6:46 am

About the same as whatever the creation is. If it's a sword, it's as durable as a sword and can break as such. The only exception to this is if there has been prepwork done to make something like "the kyte slayer." But something THAT powerful is still incomprehensible :P

She can create colors. She'd need to in order to convince a mcdonalds cashier that her 5er isn't actually a slip of paper of the same dimensions xD

If she falls backward into her shadow- about that fast. Alternatively, if there's a shadow on the wall she can run through that and end up somewhere else.
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The Acrimonious
The Acrimonious

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PostSubject: Re: Weaver   Sat Jan 12, 2019 7:08 am

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PostSubject: Re: Weaver   

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