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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 Verina Farron

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PostSubject: Verina Farron   Mon Dec 31, 2018 7:46 am

"Stand behind me."

Verina Farron


Full Name: Verina Farron
Nickname(s): Vera
Codename: Silver
Age: 24
Race: Outsider - Alien Creation (Insomnian)
Alignment: Lawful Good


Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Gender: Female
Height: 5'10"
Weight: Light
Other Traits: Her skin has no blemishes, and her teeth are perfectly straight and white.


Verina was created in a test tube based on a human model, but the citizens of Insomnia didn't have all the required information so some of her physiology traits are heightened.
Firstly, Verina is supremely intelligent. She's naturally as smart as some of the most intelligent humans with a knack for mechanics. Whether is auto-mechanic, or aviation.
Second, Verina's constitution is more developed than a humans. She can withstand around three tons of damage with minimal injury. Effective against small guns and knives.
Lastly, Verina is stronger than most humans. She can lift or hit with about 2 tons of force without exertion. If she winds up and puts her back into it, it can top out at 4 tons.

Telekinesis is an added trait that her creators added from their own biology. Insomnian's can all naturally use telekinetic powers. Verina's is no different, and is able to do many things with just a though.
She can lift consenting or non-sentient objects up to 15 tons in weight up to 100 feet in distance. She just needs to know where it is and think where she wants it to go. The heavier the object the slower it moves, though. Smaller items can be thrown as fast as a bullet, but larger items move fast enough for any normal human to dodge with ease.
Also, with years of practice she has figured out how to use this ability to grant herself flight. She can fly up to 200 feet in the air and hit speeds up to 60 MPH.

Lastly, Verina is capable of projecting her telekinetic powers out to create barriers. She can create these barriers up to 100 feet away from herself with just a thought, and they can be a simple wall, or more complex shapes like a box or a circle. These barriers are visible. They look like a sparkling pink wall that is see through. They can take up to 15 tons of force before they break and be as big as 10 feet by 10 feet.
She's very talented at controlling and creating these barriers too. To the point where she can used them offensively too. If she creates one near an enemy, she can send it towards them to push or hit them. This can only be done with a simple wall shape though. It hits with about five tons of force.

-Ace pilot
-Genius Mechanical Engineer
-Well trained in a combat style from her home world that's similar to Krav Maga
-Can speak English, Russian, and Japanese.

Physical Weaknesses
Her powers require a great deal of concentration, and even though she is very talented at using the power when she's pushed on all fronts she can quickly be overwhelmed by enemies.

Whatever she picks up she must see it. So flashbacks or dark corners to hide in make her telekinesis impossible to use.

Mental Weaknesses
Verina is selfless, and views human lives as precious. She'd quickly overextend herself beyond her capacity just to defend one more life if the situation called for it.

Verina is loyal to a fault. If she trusts someone or even just has no reason to distrust someone, she can easily be tricked or trapped.

When Verina was found as a baby, she had a bracelet with a charm on it. The inscription for the charm said "INSOMNIA". Though she has aligned with humans, she keeps the charm on her and considers it dear to her.


Verina is well disciplined, but can come off as condescending unintentionally. Her DNA gave her heightened IQ, so almost everything she tried in school or out was relatively easy for her to understand. This makes her prone to boredom and quitting in the middle of projects with a few exceptions. She's friendly, though, and rarely keeps to herself. She prefers to be around people, because they remind her why she serves the race as opposed to her creators.

Verina likes people who are confident, strong willed, and eager to help. Friends who are loyal and true are valued above all else.

Verina does not respond well to selfishness, hypocrites, or obviously people who are disloyal. Lying is also an instant frown trigger for her.

Verina keeps a compulsive diary of every day that she's lived, that is clearly worn and looked back on frequently. If someone were to read it, they'd find a biased recount of her day, accentuating any tiny nice thing anyone did for her. When she's not writing or reading it, she likes to draw designs for aircrafts, and even spacecrafts. Model planes are a guilty pleasure.


Family Members: William Farron (Adoptive Father, deceased), Kristina Farron (Adoptive Mother, alive)
Place of Origin: Insomnia
Verina was found on the streets of Metropolis as a baby, and was quickly put into the harsh system that was in place for abandoned and unwanted children. She doesn't remember living in the system at all though, because when she was 14 months old she was fortunately adopted to the most loving family a child could have. She was raised as a normal child, but when she started to go through puberty she noticed that she was anything but.

Her parents were frightened, but never faltered when Verina started showing signs that she was special. The kid could move objects with her mind and was never injured no matter how hard she fell. Her parents made the decision to teach Verina how to live life in secret, never showing that she had these special powers so that she didn't attract any unwanted attention from her peers or people that would wish to use her.

It wasn't until her 16th birthday that the most alarming thing happened to her. She woke up with memories of a place she'd never been and people she'd never spoken to. Her creators designed her to recieve these memories as she grew and they told her that she was an agent teleported into human society to help gather intelligence and eventually eradicate humans... Verina immediately decided she'd do no such thing, having been raised by loving parents that the Insomnian's could have never predicted.

As she grows, more memories that never happened appear to her. This is why she keeps her diary. To remind herself whats real. Her greatest fear is waking up with a memory that makes her change her mind about humans... but this hasn't happened yet.

They did well at that, too. Verina trained and mastered her powers on her own in secret, but never revealed to anyone that she had these powers during her childhood. She joined military school on a full ride due to her astounding grades and eventually became a first class fighter pilot. She was promoted through the ranks shockingly fast and sent on high risk missions regularly. She'd earned the prestigious title Ace of Aces due to her success rate, even though many of her missions were unreported black operations.

It wasn't until something went wrong with a plane that was in her formation that things went south. The pilot had skimmed his maintenance tasks and failed to notice a critical problem in his engine. When the plane started slowing and shaking, Verina veered back to save him from the enemy aircrafts, only to be shot down herself. The crash was something no human would have been able to survive...
but Verina was no average human.

Using her powers and ability, she survived and escaped, only for the Air Force to view the footage of her powers in action and give her a discharge on grounds that she'd kept her powers secret. It was luckily still considered an honorable discharge, but it hurt her pride nonetheless.

The military was afraid and insulted by her existence and wouldn't have her back, but she refused to give up on saving people.

She became a solo vigilante until she received a message from one Yang Xiao Long.


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Beta-class Metahuman

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PostSubject: Re: Verina Farron   Mon Dec 31, 2018 10:07 pm

So which anime character is this? Razz

300ft for most of her tk abilities seems... excessive to me. But what of the barriers themselves? How big are they roughly?
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Beta-class Metahuman
Beta-class Metahuman

Posts : 1437
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Age : 29
Location : Somewhere in the background of Life

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PostSubject: Re: Verina Farron   Tue Jan 01, 2019 9:08 pm

Looks good now

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PostSubject: Re: Verina Farron   

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Verina Farron
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