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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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PostSubject: Isiah The Tech-Wizard   Isiah The Tech-Wizard Icon_minitimeThu Dec 27, 2018 3:17 am

"H-hello. Nice to meet you."
Isiah The Tech-Wizard Jp7cqh

Full Name: Isiah Daniel Mercier
Nickname(s): Issy, Danny, Fluffy Boy
Codename: Arcana
Alias(es): None
Age: 15
Race: Supernatural Human
Alignment: Neutral Good

Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Violet
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 110
Other Traits: Wears Glasses


  • It's not magic!: Taking after his father, Isiah has inherited an incredible aptitude for learning and processing information. To this end, Isiah understands and even develop upon the various scientific fields of study. While he is still young, he has created something that he can continue to tinker and develop as his understanding of the sciences continue to improve. His crowning achievement is a special "data-pad" that he made completely from scratch. It looks like a normal tablet on the surface. It is equipped with many specialized built-in features in addition to the basic functions of a tablet. It's features will be explained later for neatness. Isiah can also "upgrade" various everyday objects, giving them "unique" features much like his Omni-Slate. Just remember, it's not magic- just really advanced science.

  • "Lucid Dreaming": Isiah says he has very vivid dreams to the point of their foretelling the future. But the future is ever changing and has too much room for deviation. Sometimes he also has dreams involving people he's never met in real life but still feel very real. He's even tried looking them up. They don't exist in this world.


  • Excellent book smarts
  • Excellent creativity
  • Excellent endurance
    Knows German
    Knows sign language

    Physical Weaknesses
  • Light-sensitivity: Besides all of the average weaknesses of being human and mortal, Isiah also seems to be more affected by sudden and extreme changes in light than the normal person. Even something as simple as walking out of a building into broad daylight is more trouble than normal without factoring in things like Flash-bangs.

  • EMP: Does not seem to affect any of his devices- he saw this one coming. But EMP as well as anything that negatively affects energy disrupts his holograms.

    Mental Weaknesses
  • Temper: While he's very good at controlling it, he actually has quite the temper. Even when actually angry, he manages to restrain it. But this does require effort, which also seems to greatly hinder his ability to think and use his data-pad properly.

  • Needs of the many: Isiah puts the needs of others before his own, much to the point where it begins to wear him out. And he's also more inclined to feel... obligated to do favors for other people when he doesn't need to.

  • Hates Conflict: Contrary to his desire to become a hero, Isiah hates arguments as much as having to hurt bad guys. While he will be first to try and defuse a situation, he'll opt to just removing himself from the source if that fails.


  • Omni-Slate: Isiah's source of "power." It looks like your ordinary tablet on the outside- except when crime fighting, where it gains a "magic tome" cover. It has the basic functions of your normal tablets. But it's more unique functions only seem to be accessed while in his hands. One of it's most prominent features is it's ability to create sophisticated, hard-light holographic projections. Think of them as advanced holograms like on a holodeck from star trek. And yes, he can remotely control them. That being said, this feature alone has a wide variety of uses by itself. The most common projection he creates is a series of floating, white gloved hands. Any projection made can withstand up to a max of five tons, lift up to a ton, and move at the speed of an arrow at smaller sizes. There range he can create a projection seems to be up to 40 feet.

    • Thermal Projection: Also known as "fireball." Primarily projected from the device to cook snacks on the go, Isiah can also cast a fiery sphere from his free hand(s). The heat is equal to that of your average stove.

    • Electrical Discharge: Basically a tazer that CAN even subdue many supers at it's maximum, can discharge a bolt from one end of the device, or Isiah can cast electrical spheres much like with his Fireball.

    • Hard-Light Shield: Creates up to a 10 square foot energy barrier that can withstand up to 15 tons of force instead of the average 5. Can also create a dome that can encircle a 30ft area.

    • Full-Heal: Contrary to what it's called, the device is only capable of speeding up physical injuries like broken bones, cuts, bruises- etc. It currently cannot cure disease, or completely regenerate living tissue. It merely increases the speed at which something would naturally heal while in contact with the device.

    • Quantum Matter Transference: Requires another device that has been upgraded with very specific alterations. But once done so, Isiah can physically transfer anything through his device and out the other- or vice versa. Even a full grown Inferno can squeeze through, due to a "compression" process. Any device that is used to initiate a transfer will be pulled through AFTER the user is safely through. Think of it as a kind of "shortcut."

    • Matter Displacement: This function enables Isiah to make any surface his device touches become intangible from physical matter and "displace" temporarily functioning like air. The size of this displacement seems to work up to a foot in length, and about several feet in width- imagine it more like Isiah is making an invisible doorway. Don't let the fact you can still see the wall deter you, it's still perfectly safe to walk through.

    • Physical Matter Replacement: Similar to the above function except more... backwards. Used to repair physical damage of inanimate objects by the device copying the object's physical makeup to fill in the gaps until it is fixed. Cracked window? Not any more. Broken spoon? Just put the two pieces together and hold the device over it! More extensive damage requires much more time to fully repair.

    • Quantum Weight Transference: Got a heavy couch you need moved but don't have your local superhero to bother? With this function, Isiah can transfer as much or as little of the sofa's weight INTO his device, making the sofa much lighter. He currently cannot transfer weight from one object, into another object. Meaning he can only use this function on one person or object at a time.

    • Matter Conversion: Yes, he can technically make lead into gold. Only works on inanimate objects though.

    • Crime Fighting Cowl: Technically all this function does is disguise Isiah by giving him a stereotypical wide brimmed, pointy hat and change the colors of his clothing. His skin also appears as all black, while his eyes are just glowing shapes with the rest of his face lacking any other definition. Think of him as a "black mage" from the old final fantasy games. Even if his hat is removed, as long as the function is active, his facial features will remain obscured.

  • Omni-Mini: AKA: his cellphone. Which... works exactly like it's big brother but is more portable. The trade off is that most of it's functions work at half the power they would normally.

  • Boots of minor levitation: Because he thought he'd look more wizardly if he floated, these boots enable him to float up to several inches off the ground. To which he can control to a certain extent to enable him to glide up to average sprinting speeds.

  • Safety Scarf: When his boots fail to cushion a fall, or when he is tossed straight toward a wall, his scarf will react accordingly to "cushion" his impact to the point of growing in size to do so. Can also in theory be used as a parachute.

  • Hurricane Bracelet: Obscured under one sleeve is a bracelet that can unleash a powerful gust of wind, capable of reaching 100mph. The drawback? Unless he's firmly grounded against like... a wall, Isiah will also be flung backward in the opposite direction.


Isiah contrary to his gentle, easy going demeanor really wants to make a difference in the world which creating wondrous inventions would not be able to easily do quick enough. To this end, he wants to be a hero. He's always had this drive that he can't explain to this day. He's very helpful and looking to make things easier for those around him, and he hates conflicts. But he isn't naive enough to think words alone will avoid every confrontation. Sometimes good people have to actually fight to protect others. He is also not so subtly an anime fan., which may lend into his drive to be a hero. While he is timid and shy around new people, he enjoys meeting new people and making new friends. He's a very friendly and thoughtful boy who puts others ahead of himself.

Isiah really seems to come out of his shell when discussing science, or explaining how his crazy gizmo of the day works. He's quite proud of them.

His family
Video Games

Scary Movies
Sour tastes
Hurting people or vice versa
People being upset with him

Watching Anime
Reading Manga
Playing video games
Tinkering with his Omni-slate
Spacing out


Family Members: Heinrich Allard Mercier (father), Angelee Carol Mercier (Mother), Francesca Marie Mercier (Older Sister)
Place of Origin: Germany
History: Isiah was born and was raised in Germany for his early childhood. Both of his parents were brilliant scientists, well respected in their fields. Isiah developed mentally very quickly, walking and talking (albeit not properly) after one year old; much like his sister, who seemed to do so... easier. Apart from that, his father came from a long line of men and women who also dabbled in the arcane arts. He was a very smart man... scary smart as a matter of fact.

Strangely though, his father moved them all to the united states after stepping down from his position as Head Director of STAR labs. He soon quickly found another job, which he seemed much happier with. But other than that, their lives were normal. Isiah and his sister went to school, occasionally had tutors that were old friends of the family, his sister would beat up bullies- pull pranks on him, tease him, and everything an older sibling should do. Everyone soon discovered that Isiah was more than just a gifted child, he was a genius. But more so on the level of super-genius, as he had already (with supervision of course) made some impressive prototypes.

He was following in his father's footsteps, and wanted to make things that would make everyone's lives that much easier. But more than that, he saw potential in his inventions. He could use them to stop crime! This way of thinking was the only schism between him and his father, a normally quiet and reserved man- was adamantly against his having anything to do with stopping crime. He said that Isiah was too soft, too nice. And he was worried that it would cost Isiah more than he knew if he tried it. His father forbade him from trying to do so.

Around this time, there had been a, encrypted file floating around the internet. An enigma of sorts that no one could unlock. Crushed at his father's words, Isiah saw this as a feeble attempt to rebuild his self-confidence and attempted to decipher the file's encryption. And even though he was heralded as a veritable super-genius, it was quite a doozy. Conventional methods were just not... fast enough for his liking. So instead, he used some of his father's equipment and with his most recent creation, tackled the problem in a more... direct manner. By using the file's data, he created a specialized space around him and brought it into being in real time. In this case, as a box that was sealed via the encryption. And THEN he applied his slate's function to make surfaces intangible, and reached in to pull out... a message. "Want a job Isiah?"

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