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PostSubject: Spider-Woman   Spider-Woman Icon_minitimeSun Dec 23, 2018 10:13 am

"One of these days, I'm gonna make it on time for something. That day is not today, but it's coming!

Gwendolyne Stacy

Civvie Clothes:



Full Name: Gwendolyne Maxine Stacy
Nickname(s): Gwen
Codename: Spider-Woman
Age: 15
Race: Augmented Human
Alignment: Neutral/Chaotic Good


Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Gender: Female
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 125 lbs
Other Traits:



Spider Physiology
Gwen has the abilities of a spider to scale of a human. Meaning she has the following abilities.

  • Superhuman Strength – Simply put, Gwen can bench up to 4 tons. She can also strike much harder than the average teenage girl at about 412 lbs of force, the average striking power of a professional boxer.
  • Superhuman Speed and Reflexes – Gwen can run at approximately 60 miles per hour, and has the reaction speed to move at these speeds without being hindered in any way. She can also dodge most bullets and similar projectiles, so long as she has some fair warning or some prior momentum, which her Spider Sense usually provides.
  • Modified Attraction – Gwen, like a spider to scale, can stick to literally any surface so long as she desires to. Whether it’s with her hands and feet, just her feet, just her hands, or or something bizarre like her elbows and knees, she can stick to anything.

Spider Sense
Gwen, seemingly like how a spider recognizes intruders in its web, is able to recognize danger around her in an almost sixth sense. While this power is not 100% reliable it can give her a solid heads up about attacks from her opponent, usually resulting in a dodge she wouldn’t normally be able to make, as well as attacking opponents without having to look at them, making her movements in combat much more fluid. Misconception: This does not give Gwen the ability to see into the future. She can only see in the immediate area around her (about 30 feet in all directions) that she isn't currently looking and it is entirely up to Gwen to recognize and react to these stimuli.

Enhanced Cells
Apparently being bit by a spider causes you to gain a healing factor and some minorly increased durability. Who knew. Jokes aside, Gwen can heal from most nonlethal wounds relatively quickly, albeit not instantly. Major wounds like broken bones or damaged organs will still need to be replaced or healed, and her healing factor will only fix wounds that would naturally heal on their own without medical attention, or something that would require very minor attention like a concussion. Additionally, her muscles and bones are modified to withstand the 5 ton carrying weight she can now withstand, making her significantly more durable than normally. Having these two abilities together means she can go through walls and solid sheets of metal and shake it off relatively quickly, but a bullet, stab wound, or similar would deal some considerable damage.

Decent Cook
Gifted Biochemist

Physical Weaknesses

Pain itself is the body recognizing when it's in danger. It gives the brain context. So because her body hasn't fully adapted to her powers, it'll still recognize being struck as being in danger, even if it won't really cause serious damage. Her body believes it will be in danger, and thus will cause pain signals. Because of this she still recoils in pain, she still actively avoids pain, and pain can be so great it can knock her out.

Ethyl Chloride
A chemical most well known as a sort of spider repellant and poison. This chemical severely weakens Gwen, often dragging her to her knees coughing up blood. If administered in extremely small doses, it can weaken her spider sense without her even realizing it.

Radioactive Blood
Technically, Gwen's blood is radioactive. While this doesn't affect her normally, blood transfusions for herself or from her to others would be extremely dangerous and could result in death very easily.

Proper Combat Techniques
Gwen is fast, she’s strong, and she has absolutely no idea how to throw a proper punch. Gwen normally uses moves she’s learned from old action movies and, mostly thanks to her powers allowing her to defy the normal laws of man, she can pull them off with a shocking degree of success. She’s a good freestyle fighter, but anyone with comparable speed and strength and a better combat technique will almost always win out.

Gwen relies very heavily on her spider sense, but it can be tricked. It can go off randomly over something that isn’t a real threat, it can be bypassed entirely if Gwen doesn’t think she’s in danger, and certain chemicals have been known to dampen and even negate it entirely. This would leave her mostly helpless in a real fight.

Fast Metabolism
Gwen needs to eat an awful lot to avoid losing weight. Her spider powers cause her to burn calories disgustingly quickly.

Mental Weaknesses

Gwen is in a relatively common state for teenagers these days. She suffers from depression and suicidal thoughts relatively often, and while she really should look into help, she’s rather good at playing herself off as upbeat and happy, although she may open up about it to very select individuals.

Survivor’s Guilt
Every single person Gwen has ever failed to save takes a toll on her psyche. She wonders why she couldn’t have saved them and died herself. It wears on her heavily, causes her to lose sleep.

Anger and Annoyance
Gwen in combat is a totally different person. Spider-Woman is cocky, rude, brash, and arrogant. She is more than happy to mock her opponents in combat. Outfighting her will cause her to lash out more recklessly however. To a trained fighter, this actually makes her incredibly predictable.

Discovered almost entirely by accident, Gwen is able to make a rather potent elastic and adhesive substance which is made predominantly from bleach and other cleaning chemicals. So it’s lemon scented! And I really don’t suggest eating it. I can’t stress that enough. She has wrist mounted web shooters that allow her to fire webbing up to 30 feet straight up and 45 feet at an angle. Indefinitely if fired straight down, obviously. This webbing is both elastic as well as powerful, allowing Gwen to swing across the city with relative ease, slingshot herself across large distances, zip across gaps, and bind enemies. That’s another key feature. Due to the elasticity of the stuff, Gwen’s webbing is insanely hard to break without some sort of blade or other cutting weapon. Most average people would find themselves unable to break the stuff, but most superhumans can rip it. Gwen’s webbing dissolves after half an hour. Each web shooter has 8 cartridges, which is usually good for about 20 lines of webbing per cartridge. Alternatively she can detonate the cartridges entirely, creating a mess of webbing to catch things like vehicles, enemies, or fix fissures and create bridges for herself and allies. The final option is to remotely detonate cartridges. By attaching a cartridge to her web shooters and firing them with a line of webbing, she can effectively create traps that will detonate and bind enemies when they get too close or when Gwen remotely detonates the cartridge. Webbing fires from these shooters at about 50 miles an hour, about half as fast as a fastball is thrown by a baseball pitcher. It can be dodged by anyone paying attention. Nets of webbing blasting out of a cartridge are launched at about the same speed, with some changes due to size and distance. On average about 45 miles per hour.

As Spider-Woman, Gwen carries a belt that holds extra cartridges of her web fluid. Usually about 20, and reloading is a bit of a pain and can't be done quickly. She'd need to hide or disengage from combat first.


Gwen Stacy and Spider-Woman are two very separate and unique individuals. Gwen herself is quiet, she keeps to herself predominantly. This isn’t so much a result of her depression (although it’s a factor) but it’s predominantly her shyness. She doesn’t like to meet with people and just wants to coast in the background. Go to school, get good grades, get bullied for a bit, then go punch some muggers. Very simple process.

Spider-Woman on the other hand is a different person altogether. As Spider-Woman she’s brash, arrogant, and genuinely witty when she wants to be. Obviously this has something to do with the Spider-Woman mask. When she puts it on, she’s comfortable. She can say whatever she wants, she can do whatever she wants, and she’s completely free. It’s truly liberating to her.

Obnoxious J and K-Pop
Anything soft

Milk (Lactose Intolerant)
Mexican Food (Way too spicy)
Guns (Don’t get her started)
Nuns (Let me live my life)

Sleeps in late whenever possible
Buys an absurd amount of food for good reason


Family Members:
Captain George Stacy (Deceased)
Madeline Stacy (MIA)

Place of Origin: Jump City

As a kid, Gwen was predominantly raised by her father, police captain George Stacy. He instilled in her the values that she holds today that drive her to use her powers as Spider-Woman, teaching her not just what was legal, but what was right. Her mother however, was a bit more of a card. She would frequently lash out while Gwen was within earshot, lamenting over the life she was living and the people she was "stuck" with. It actually tormented the still very young Gwen and irritated her father. Once the arguments reached a certain point, George eventually told Madeline to cut it. Either stay and stop complaining, or leave. So she left. Gwen still wonders why to this day, honestly. She wonders whether she played a major part in her mother's departure, whether she could have done something about it.

During her first year of high school, Gwen was a part of several after school groups, particularly the science team which would travel around the country to compete on a national level for scholarships, prizes for their schools, and special trips and prizes for the team. It was during one of the trips that her team had won that she was bitten by a radioactive spider in one of S.T.A.R.'s many laboratories around the country, still fully functional at the time and being used as a government facility. It was at this point that she began to exhibit bizarre spider-based powers. So she figured she may as well roll with it and learned to use these powers to the best of her ability.

Late last year, Gwen's father was gunned down in the line of duty and she was left with nowhere to go. Especially given that no one even knew where her mother is. Due to this, Gwen has made her home in an all girl orphanage smack in the middle of Jump's residential district. It was mostly this sudden change and restriction of her freedom that caused her to don the guise of Spider-Woman. The mask gave her freedom, peace of mind, and honestly beating down a mugger or two just generally felt *really* good.

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