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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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PostSubject: Shara Walsh   Shara Walsh Icon_minitimeWed Dec 19, 2018 1:19 am

"Ya ever get zapped by someone who can bench press a planet? No? Well I can't do that last part, but I can zap ya!"

Shara Walsh

Shara Walsh Supergirl_Cir-El_Black_Suit


Full Name: Shara Rebecca Walsh
Codename: Supergirl
Alias(es): Shar'Ul of Krypton
Age: 16
Race: half-Kryptonian
Alignment: Lawful Good


Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Gender: Female
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 138 lbs
Other Traits:



Kryptonian Physiology
Shara draws on the radiation of a yellow sun to grant her powers, and to sustain her. While she is able to absorb these rays, she does not need to eat or sleep, and can easily survive in the vacuum of space or at the bottom of the ocean. The only thing she needs in order to survive is solar radiation.

  • Superhuman Strength - As with all Kryptonians, Shara can empower herself using the solar energy she absorbs as a resource. On average she can lift about 3 tons, depending on how overcharged she is with solar energy. At maximum, she can lift about 6 tons.
  • Invulnerability - Like most Kryptonians, Shara's solar energy can manifest itself as a barrier, protecting both her and her suit. She is able to shrug off up to about 10 tons rather easily. This also allows her to survive gunfire and extreme conditions such as the heat of an active volcano or the cold of the outer reaches of space.
  • Super Speed - Shara can harness her powers to move extremely quickly. She is quick enough to catch a bullet out of the air, and can run as fast as 60 mph.

Energy Adaptation
Kryptonians can apply solar energy to their body and senses to enhance their abilities to varying degrees. The specifics for each are explained in their own sections.

  • Heat Vision - By increasing the reflective properties of her retinas, Shara is able to create Heat Vision. Heat Vision stretches as far as Shara can see, but this can cause long term blindness. This is the most taxing of her abilities and drains solar energy extremely quickly. Heat vision burns at roughly 1500 degrees farenheit.
  • Super Senses - Kryptonians can hear the smallest sounds from miles away, see on a nearly microscopic level and through any material but lead and Kryptonite, and has a nearly photographic memory. These senses can be abused by clever enemies. Additionally, by manipulating her vocal chords, Shara can become a master ventriloquist, capable of perfectly mimicking the voice of anyone she's heard, or throwing her voice to most nearby locations, provided the acoustics line up for her.
  • Super Breath - Finally, she can use the air in her lungs and manipulate the volume produced, resulting in her very own Super Breath! This ability allows her to create small vortexes, blow back enemies, and even pull them in by inhaling. Generally this blows back up to around 500 lbs rather easily, but entities with enhanced strength are often able to resist it.. By compressing the air instead, the law of thermodynamics causes it to cool, resulting in her Freeze Breath instead. This variant causes enemies to be coated in a thin layer of ice. Most foes with even remotely enhanced strength can break free easily, but with prolonged exposure, Shara can freeze things entirely and encase them in a very thick ice to restrain, or to protect.

Automatic Flight
Kryptonians all have the ability to defy gravity and take to the sky, and Shara is no different. When she really tries to move, she can fly at about Mach 3 (the speed of a jet plane, 3000 mph) However, she finds it incredibly difficult to maintain her altitude at that speed, as well as to stop. So when flying in populated areas or in combat, she prefers to stick to an absolute max of about 250 mph.

Gifted combatant, but largely untrained
Multi-Lingual (English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian)

Physical Weaknesses
Shara is still a young, half-Kryptonian. She hasn't fully grown into her powers yet, and sometimes finds them unwieldy or unreliable.

Ah yes, the glowing rock of doom. Kryptonite's effects vary from Kryptonian to Kryptonian, and they change depending on the color of the Kryptonite. Below is an entire list of Kryptonites and the effect they have on Shara specifically.

Shara's invulnerability gives her very little protection against magical attacks. While it does give her the strength survive, a repeated and uninterrupted assault by spells or magical weapons will likely kill her.

Solar Radiation
Kryptonians absorb their power from a yellow or blue sun. However, if exposed to a red sun such as the one Krypton was in the orbit of, their powers will steadily drain harmlessly until they are no stronger than a simple human. A blue sun however causes their powers to more than triple in strength, so be careful of that, as she probably won't be able to control that.

Super Senses
Shara's senses can be used against her. For example, her superhuman hearing causes very loud noises and high pitched frequencies to cause her a severe headache and can cause her a hell of a case of vertigo.

Mental Weaknesses
Weird, it's almost like Kryptonians are genetically prone to rage when they're born from a war-based family. It's almost like they were genetically altered to be good at certain things. Crazy stuff. Well anyway, Shara will go into a blind rage if you push enough of her buttons.

Supergirl Suit
Modeled after the suit found in the crashed pod of her DNA donor. It was supposed to be a symbol of respect to her culture, but these days it makes for a great costume.


Shara is a sarcastic, laid back person who firmly believes in the righteousness of her work. She can be a bit bull-headed jock, but she does mean well. The important thing to her is that everyone around her is safe and happy.

Working out


Family Members: Alexa Walsh (Birth Mother); Maria Walsh (Mother's Partner; DNA Donor); Nur-Ul (DNA Donor, Deceased)
Place of Origin: STAR Labs
Alexa and Maria Walsh had been married about 5 years at the time of Shara's conception. While they loved each other dearly, there was one thing that the two wanted that they simply could not have. A child. A child of their own, to be precise. While it may have been a selfish desire, it was theirs to have, and they'd been trying to come up with a solution for a few years now, with Alexa leading research on stem cells and reproduction through them at her position at STAR Labs.

The prevailing problem was actually the human cells of her partner, Maria, as well as those of other volunteers. More often than not, they simply weren't durable or hardy enough to survive the conditions required for the preliminary studies, and follow ups wouldn't be possible without the required data of a success. It was a roadblock, and a rather hefty one at that. New experiments would need to be conducted.

Fortunately for the Earthlings, and unfortunately for the Kryptonian in the pod, there was an unidentified object crashing into the Earth just outside Gotham City. STAR Labs, of course, immediately sent researchers to determine the nature of the object and whatever its contents may be. Inside, they found a dead woman, impaled and killed on the ship's controls during the crash. The woman appeared to be human, but STAR didn't quite want to leave anything up to chance and quickly rushed her in for research.

With time, Alexa was able to identify the alien origin of this being, as well as the strange fabrics and materials they'd brought on the ship. Exposure to sunlight caused these cells to grow incredibly powerful, more durable. The project she'd been working on could make an amazing breakthrough with this. Of course they'd need volunteers, and Maria and Alexa were at the front of the line, ready to do whatever it took.

Combining Kryptonian and Human cells were not an easy feat. It took months of work. Long, agonizing nights in the lab, but eventually they were able to bond. It was shaky, but fascinating. The two cells almost wanted to be conjoined, clearly the two races would be able to cross breed, and the results were fascinating. Terrifying, but fascinating.

In the face of adversity from their colleagues, the couple began undergoing their treatment, and Alexa was eventually impregnated with a little half-Kryptonian baby. Of course she would have to be female, there was no Y chromosome to be passed down from any of the participants in the experiment, but that was no problem. Not for them, anyway.

Growing up, Shara was naturally gifted in every field she attempted. Her studies went well, given her enhanced memory and thought speed. She destroyed other kids when it came to sports, and she never knew any better. All the while, feeding the data back to STAR for processing. The first ever cross between humanity and Kryptonians.

Of course, nowadays she flies around wearing a cape and a fancy suit, based heavily on the one from the crashed ship. Why does she do it? What horrible thing happened to her to make her hellbent on ending crime sprees and stopping the wicked? Nothing. She was simply raised with good values. If you have the power to stop something, and you refuse to do so, then whatever happens next is your fault.
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