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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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PostSubject: Inferno   Inferno Icon_minitimeTue Dec 18, 2018 9:01 am

"You looking to thrash with me?"
Inferno 331j9si


Full Name: Orion Conall Donovan
Nickname(s): Ryan, "Connar", Donny, Big Riding Hood, Brewser, Spirit Collector
Codename: Inferno
Alias(es): None
Age: 29
Race: Metahuman/Outsider (when changed)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Hair Color: Bright Red (Or black)
Eye Color: Amber (Yellow or orange when he changes)
Gender: Male
Height: 7'07"
Weight: 300lb
Other Traits: Various tattoos of "satanic" lean. Eyes always give off an ambient glow, he gains an extra set of eyes, and his skin tone changes to blood red when he changes forms.



  • Dynamokinesis: AKA: Energy Manipulation, Inferno can not only make use of his own bodily energy, but also other sources of energy around him. Through conscious effort, Inferno can absorb virtually any kind of energy thrown at him. And passively, his body will absorb energy at a certain thresh hold. Lightning is a perfect example of something his body will absorb on contact. Tasers however, are too low in power for his body to resist. Heat around him is also normally too low.

    • Agnikinesis: AKA: Fire Control, Inferno's claim to fame, and what he primarily converts energy into: super-heated flames. He can also control already existing flames nearby. Apart from that, he can generate flames from his body much in a fire-bender manner, or just turn into a walking flamethrower. He seems to have trouble controlling or creating flames up to fifty feet.

    • Fragokinesis: AKA: EXPLOSION control, Inferno can also generate explosions. He typically does this by gathering stored energy into certain points of contact on his body- like his fists. Once the energy comes into contact with something else, it is then released in a fiery explosion. The maximum yield is hypothetically, infinite. But it is highly unlikely that he could muster more energy than being able to blast through a vault door at max, or enough to punch a hole through an armored vehicle. The size of the explosion can also be in theory, infinite. However, about half the range of a frag grenade is much easier to accomplish.

  • Big Red: Inferno has danced with a devil in the pale moonlight, and lived! But since then, he has been endowed with the power to become a physical demon. Besides the cosmetic changes, such as blood red skin, four eyes, black hair and claws, all of his physical abilities are greatly increased. His durability against kinetic damage is about twenty tons, and he can throw buses with some effort. The downsides? Well first it takes him time to actually change, enough that he wouldn't be able to do it during a fight without being interrupted first.

    Second, the powers of his Energy Manipulation also change, becoming weaker as a result. He can only absorb "energy" through the use of his flames, which become Hellfire. The flames actually "consumes" matter and energy that comes into contact with them, and as such is not something you want to touch or likewise absorb. His Hellfire is also limited to arms' reach of his body, and while immune to water quickly die out if left alone. Third, he no longer has explosive punches, he gets eye beams. And forth, he's weak to holy stuff which will be mentioned in his weaknesses.

    • Desire's Mania- WRATH: Channeling the power of anger and hatred, Big Red can store energy within his body when taking damage. Indicated by a bleeding red-black aura, and his eyes all turning red, after taking damage once, he can discharge this energy and cause the same amount of damage x1.5 times stronger. Or he can store it, causing his aura to grow more intense and taking more damage will increase the energy stored until being finally discharged for a devastating attack.

    • Desire's Mania- FEAR: Channeling the power of fear, indicated by- surprise, yellow eyes and a yellow-black  bleeding aura. Big Red's aura will passively trigger the fight or flight response in anything and everything that can feel fear, paralyzing the weak-willed with it temporarily. His eye beams also gain the ability to force the victim to experience their greatest fears through hallucinations on contact.

    • Desire's Mania- GREED: Channeling the power of greed, indicated by- orange eyes and orange-black aura. Big Red can harness the energy he can absorbs into healing damage he has sustained, even to the point of regenerating so long as a piece of him remains intact. His Hellfire also becomes orange, consuming energy or matter much faster with the ability to spread if left alone. However, he loses the ability to project fire form his body and likewise cannot manipulate his hellfire.

  • Helliportation: Inferno can also teleport up to varying distances via a burst of hellfire that engulfs him, and then again when he emerges with a "pop." Think Nightcrawler. The only limits appear to be his knowledge or memory of a place, and whether or not he has seen it before. But in theory, he can go anywhere as long as he has seen it clearly.


  • Exceptional Brawler
  • Exceptional ability to hold his liquor
  • Exceptional Willpower
    Pain tolerance
    Mechanical Skill

    Physical Weaknesses
  • Holy: As aforementioned, Inferno gains a weakness to blessed and holy weapons or items. If he is on holy ground before changing for example, he won't be able to do it, even if given time to. Having something blessed on your person is also enough to protect you against his hellfire. And any magical weapon will ignore his defenses- but it will still proc WRATH. Any such item that he is around when human also makes him very uncomfortable.

  • Cold Temperatures: In an attempt to keep warm, his body will burn more energy. And he needs his energy to do things!

  • Magic: While he is no weaker to magic as anyone else. But because of his "gift" certain spells designed for demons, or spiritual beings within that vein also become more effective against him. Spells used to track said creatures will also work in finding him.

  • Fatigue: If pushed, Inferno can and will burn himself out. His attacks if used excessively will eat away his stamina in no time if he doesn't have a ready supply of energy to siphon form his surroundings.

  • Defensive Flaw: Remember when it was mentioned that Inferno has to absorb ALL energy through a conscious effort? This doesn't just mean he has to be aware of the attack. But rather he usually has to be facing it, and also typically it has to be somewhere near his hands it appears. And Kinetic Force is low on his ability to tank, so a smart fighter can get some hits in if they can get passed his guard.

  • Isolated Emotions: Inferno as "Big Red" cannot combine his auras under any circumstances, and when one aura is on, it's difficult for him to "switch" to another one without effort.

  • Fear Aura: The effects of his Fear inducing abilities can be countered by strong-willed, or courageous opponents.

  • Wrath Aura: Though unlikely, calming Inferno down will cause energy stored up with Wrath dissipate.

    Mental Weaknesses
  • Womanizer: While not as bad as in his youth, Inferno tends to... put up with women more often than men.

  • Vices: Inferno has his guilty pleasures like smoking or drinking, among others.

  • Nightmares: He seems haunted by... something that happened in what feels like another life.
    Smith and wesson super magnum.
    The Rancid (Motorcycle)


    Personality: Inferno is what you'd call a "reformed" hell-raiser. He's not a bad guy exactly, he just had a knack for causing and getting into trouble as a kid. He's always had an issue with authority figures in any form, giving them sass at the very least or butting heads with them at the worst. Inferno is just a very abrasive and confrontational kind of guy that feels the need to challenge authority when able. But he otherwise gets along with people of equal or lesser footing than him, albeit gruffly. After growing up he's become more of a gruff old man, a shadow of his former wildchild days. But if you hang around him for long enough the fire is still there, you can see it in his eyes.

    Inferno is also contrary to his faults, a very loyal friend that will stick by those he cares about with single-minded determination. He is also still something of a womanizer, and seems to put up with women more than guys. He's also "softer" when alone with women. He is also surprisingly good with kids, and has incredible patience with them.

  • Women
  • Ladies
  • Females
  • Chicks
  • Babes
  • Honeys
  • Not males
  • Whiskey
  • Action Movies
  • FPS/Fighting Games
  • Eating
  • Spicy Food
  • Music (Metal)

  • Authority Figures
  • Waiting too long
  • Wasabi
  • Raisins
  • Goody-two-shoes
  • People who overthink things

  • Drinking
  • Dancing
  • Brawling
  • Breaking bones
  • Breaking faces
  • Breaking hearts
  • Burning stuff down
  • Thrashing

«««Personal Background»»»
Family Members: Unknown
Place of Origin: Steel City

History: Inferno was born and raised in Steel City at an orphanage, he never knew his parents. And it wasn't the best orphanage either. He at some point became the big brother of everyone, not without some scrapes with some of the other kids. But he also got a reputation as a troublemaker among the staff, a fact he still relishes to this day. There were a couple of them that were genuinely nice people just trying to help, to which Inferno probably took advantage of more than he should have. But he was a headstrong kid and didn't know any better. There was always a sigh of relief when someone adopted him, as rare as it became. He came back more often than not, sometimes during the same day. His reasoning was that he didn't want to be away from his "siblings." He'd also give any prospective parent a hard time when they were thinking about adopting one of the other kids. If they couldn't handle him, then they didn't deserve to raise any of the others!

Eventually he was adopted, once again. But unlike all the other times, he wasn't sent back the same day. And these parents weren't like the others. They didn't just let Inferno act out, and they were far from accepting of it. They almost seemed hellbent on "fixing" Inferno. It was far from an ideal situation for a kid. He had gotten used to getting away with stuff, since the orphanage staff more or less gave up in trying to be strict with him. And he didn't like it! But it did instill a fear into him that kept him from outright rebelling. It was so bad at times, that he'd actually... behave in an attempt at getting some kind of affection. But he was only bottling up his rage inside.

And it all came out when his powers finally manifested, breaking the glass. He finally had enough. After one last confrontation, he ran away. His first thought was to head back to the orphanage. But he found that all of his "siblings" had in the time away, been adopted. And naturally, no one would tell him where anyone was. He begrudgingly left, not wanting to cause a scene infront of any kids there. So he was on his own, as he refused to go back, and they didn't make much of an effort to go looking for him either.

So he had to fend for himself, going in and out of juvy. This pattern continued for awhile, until he did manage to bump into one of the other kids from the orphanage, now about his age. They were sharing a place with some friends and took him in. Inferno had some peace of mind for awhile, and was "cleaned up" a little bit. The other roommates were... wary of him, and he didn't trust them either. But he was just looking out for one of his siblings. He adapted to "normal" life relatively quickly, got a job, helped with bills, and gradually the tension eased between him and the others. When he was old enough, Inferno was quite the party animal.

But after a confrontation with his friend's boyfriend, things started to... spiral out again. One thing led to another, and he decided it'd be safer if he just left before he did anything he'd regret. Things had changed for him, things he'd try to forget a the bottom of a bottle. And just like in his youth, he started to get into more trouble. But he was older now, so the law was stricter. But in that same vein, he was also bigger and powerful. He was a deadman walking, taking what he wanted, going where he wanted, and just living as if everyday was his last.

And then one day at one of his favorite clubs, he bumped into a kindred spirit. Then the guy said some things that pissed him off and they got into a brawl, one that Inferno should have easily won as was normal. But this wasn't your ordinary drunk guy, he was perfectly sober, he WANTED to fight him. And after going several rounds, the two made up and decided to paint the town red so to speak. Maybe it was the blunt trauma, booze and other intoxicants but that sounded like the best idea he had heard in a long time. So the two went on to "party" all across the city... causing a significant of damage and mayhem in their revelry.

He still to this day doesn't fully remember the details. But he woke up to find himself in a maximum security prison built for metahumans, and got to meet one of the local "superheroes." And naturally, she was furious with him- it was actually very comforting in that he could relate to her temper. In a twisted kind of way. Apparently the way she told it, he had painted much of the city in red flames until she stepped in. Apparently they fought- explained the black eye and bruises. Also apparently his drunken partner in crime had ditched him at some point, and the only reason they were talking now was because also apparently, Inferno had a breakdown of sorts. The details of which were in his mind too embarrassing to hear again.

But the short end of it was that with her help, she was giving him a chance to clean up his act. And he took it. But he didn't like it. Inferno got to do quite the community service to try and make up for the damage he caused. She also got him a place to crash, not her place naturally but he'd have a place to rest his head before having to start working off his debt to society. But old habits die hard, and at some point he had another relapse. Again, he didn't remember anything. He had run out of chances though and had been more or less sentenced to life in prison. Which he served for a time until suddenly being let out. And he got to meet an old drinking buddy. Before trying to beat the ever living snot out of him, his buddy explained that HE got Inferno off.

The short end of it was that some evidence had come to light that Inferno could not have been responsible for his own actions, due to the state of mind he had been in during his revelry. A flimsy excuse but apparently somehow, completely by accident, the two of them had stumbled across an illegal drug ring known to instantly "roid out" those who use it. And though completely wasted, he became exposed to it. Which in turn turned him into the menace to society that he had been that night. It still seemed like a load of $#!* to him. But it meant that he DID get one more chance. He'd have to go to rehab, and do some community service- less than before due to the circumstances. But he'd get his life back.

Inferno naturally took it. But then another fact was revealed to him. His partner in crime, was some kind of demon. Not one of those "Abyssal" demons that had eyeballs in their mouths, or told of in various mythos. But he took a liking to Inferno, and made him part of "The Family." And while he had no problem helping him out, Inferno would also have to help him out in exchange. He apparently had some kids in the mortal realm, daughters. And he could not exist for too long in this realm and couldn't keep an eye on them. So the short end of it was that he'd have to meet, and keep an eye on them. Didn't sound bad at first, until you factor in the whole "their father is a demon." The other issue that he found out, was that they all had different families of their own- the father slept around apparently.

After explaining to Inferno how he could use his new gift to teleport across vast distances, he told Inferno where to find his girls and told him alittle about them before leaving him. So Inferno returned to his life, adjusting to being free again. But he had been expecting to be taking care of kids. He found out that they were only several years apart from him, with the oldest only being a few years younger than him. Two of them took a liking to him instantly... perhaps too much a liking. The youngest was a kleptomaniac and seemed to know more than she should have. She pissed him off a lot with her "know-it-all" attitude. But even they got along. Was this what a family was? A bunch of screwballs coexisting together?

Once his debts had all been repaid, Inferno decided a change of scenery was in order and with some... help, Inferno moved to Jump City where he opened his own bar in the bad part of town. Why? It reminded him of home but was still alittle better than living in Steel City. Of course, there are some... strings attached to his new occupation. But as long as he's left alone, he can't complain.

«««Sample RP»»»
"Go #%&$ yerself."
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Inferno ZLvWNAN

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