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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 Alduin Ryzestein

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PostSubject: Alduin Ryzestein   Thu Nov 29, 2018 8:52 am

"There are a rare few for whom which time moves too quickly, but for most of you...it moves all too slowly.  What a great waste of destiny, that time is, having to spend those very precious extra moments on the likes of you."

[size=31]Alduin Ryzestein[/size]


Full Name: Alduin Fenris Ryzestein
Nickname(s):  Ally
Codename:  The Chrono Keeper
Alias(es):The Mad Mage
Age:15 currently but it verys with each spell he cast some times he catapults forward in age sometimes backwards
Race:  Human Spell Casting {Human, Alien, etc}
Alignment:  Chaotic Good {Lawful/Neutral/Chaotic Good/Neutral/Evil}

[size=31]«««PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION»»»[/size]

Hair Color: Sun Bleached Blonde
Eye Color:  Hazelnut
Height: 5”10”
Other Traits: His right arm is completely covered in a sleeve of mystic arcane tattoos that constantly move and change.

[size=31]«««SKILL SET»»»[/size]

- Note:  I have Chosen to Sac all but two low level spell and 4 medium spells for a High Spell so my final list would be
High Spells: 1
Medium: 5
Low: 2

High Level Spell
:  Temporal Stasis

Effect:  When this spell is cast time stops in a 2 mile radius of the Caster.  The Caster may move through this field and alter the position or direction of objects but may not directly harm another less the spell be broken.  During  this all froms of momentum, force and acceleration present a suspended and in order to transverse while in this filed you must use friction or a form of magical (or enate) propulsion.  This spell may only be used in combination with other spell that target the caster.

Draw Back:  The spell causes the casters body to be pulled from the weave of time for a second and then reinserted randomly some where in the stream that was their life. This causes their body to age randomly or even become more youthful.  The effects can range, also it is a large strain on the casters magical abilities and must be channeled through his focus or spell book before use.

Casting Time: A snap

Middle Level Spells

1. Time Skip:  This allows the users to move himself a short distance (10 seconds in time an up to 100 feet in space) and place themselves in a different position at that time.  Moving backwards moves the body to its previous state.  

Example:  You get punched in the face.  You cast the spell just after impact and move your self to the point of time right as you are about to be struck.  You chose to be 10 feet to the right and then return time to its normal pace.  Your opponent swings and catches nothing but air staring with surprise as  you lean up against a tree ten feet away.

Draw Back: May only be used with Middle Level Spells and Below

2. Rewind: The Caster can rejuvenate his body by moving it backwards through time allowing him to become more youthful and heal damage that has occured.

Downside:  Two post cooldown time

3. Teleport:  The ability to move great distance on a single plane or between planes of existance instantly

Draw Back:  Must have a clear mental image of where you are tying to go and must be ritual casted (10 minute cast time) to go somewhere you have never seen in person as your connection is weaker.

4. Ethereal Body:  Causes ones  body to move to the ethereal plane and make them intangible to those on the material outside powerful divine magic

Draw Back:  May not be used in combination with any other magical effect that requires a physical form to act upon such as healing spell or a mirro image spell

5.  Wrath of the Luminous:  The spell allows the caster to concentrate light in into tiny thin beams capable of slicing through soft metals they come into contact with and ignite flammable objects.  They are more concentrated that any conceived laser and shown a bright light when generated and often times appear at the casters finger tips and jump out in strait lines and only really change directions with right angles.  

Draw back: Requires some source of light weather it be magical or organic and cannot be used in an area of stopped time.  It can however move through walls of designated types above including force but can not penetrate a purely magical barrier.  Also there is a brief charging time that is obvious as the light begins to concentrate on the casters fingers.  It is unmistakable.

Low Level:

Conjure light:  Creates a small glowing orb of light that bends to the casters will and moves around him up to 100 feet
Misty Step:  A instantaneous spell where the casters body becomes mist and he teleport s a distance of up to 100 feet in any direction reforming from mist.

-{Any number of mundane skills you want (e.g. able to drive a car, hairdresser, good singing voice) but a limited amount of 'exceptional' skills (list coming soon). Three exceptional skills allowed for characters under 25 years. Five for those under 35 years. Seven for anyone older. See list (coming soon) for variations.}

1. Arcane Rune reading and creation
2. Potion Craft
3. Physics
4. Research and Design of Complex magical equations
5. Magical Energy Storage
6. Magic Item creation, Imbuing of magical properties
7. Chronomatic remifications (How ripples in time change the future)

Physical Weaknesses
-{Physical weaknesses listed here are things that effect your character more than they'd effect a regular human. Listing something like... "Can drown." Does not count as a physical weakness.}
-Clumsy, as his body is constantly changing ages and stages of development i usually takes a few days after switching ages to gain full control of fine motor skills


Mental Weaknesses
-{Mental weaknesses are here to point out the flaws in your character. Are they stubborn? Rash? Easily angered? 2 required.}

-Intolerence of the ignorant

-{This section is where you list the things your character carries on him, usually. Pocket knives, guns, bulletproof vests.}
-Hi mage robes which are a white with gold trip and a large hood that can be donned to obscure his face.
-His spell Book Called "The Tome of Clockwork"
-A pure silver pocket watch that is his arcane with the time signatures written in Celestial

[size=31]«««CEREBRAL PROFILE»»»[/size]

-{Here, we hope for you to list a brief description of how your character acts. Try to at least get a paragraph or two, it really helps develop your character and make them easier for you to rp.}

Alduin can best be described as an intellectual lower.  He does his best to keep to himself unless the person offers some form of expertise on the particular magical equation or problem that has caught his eye for the day.  However for those he speaks to out of genuine interest, (they would have to be viewed as intellectual equals on some topic) he speak in curt but very formally polite sentences.  He takes care to try and say exactly what he means and would rather lie by omission than fabrication.  He can often come off a cold when asked about personal matters but gets a manic gleam in his eye when asked about his research or work.  He bonds quite slowly to others but once a bond is formed it can not be severed without ultimate betrayal.

His world view is that no one is perfect, including himself, and he will forgive those who have shown a spark of enlightenment. As long as those transgressions do not effect him or his goals.  Alduin loaths people without a goal or purpose, those who are lazy and most of all those who do not seek betterment of themselves.  He will dismiss them without even a glance and go out his way to make them feel small and inadequate.  The world has enough useless creatures...only those with a purpose should continue existing.

-{List of simple things your character responds well to. Ex. Bravery, Video Games, Tacos, etc.}
-Refined decor and polished indviduals
-People of Intelligence and Wit
-Mind Games and mathematical puzzles
-Birds of Prey

-{Things your character does not respond well to. Ex. Cowards, Milk, Sports, etc.}
-Vapid Indviduals
-Anything Moving at a slow pace
-Status Quo
-Barbaric Customs

-{A list of quirks or things your character does in their free time.}
-Reading Classic Works of great minds, may it be Poetry, Mathmatics, Philosophy or Magical Progress.  He wants something written by a respected and brilliant mind.

[size=31]«««PERSONAL BACKGROUND»»»[/size]

Family Members:None Living,  In the past he had two Older Brothers who here head mages of Evocation and Enchantment Magic at the Chantry but they died a long time agao
Place of Origin:In an unnamed Village in Macedonia
-{At least two paragraphs about your character's past.}

"History, what a strange word to describe an ending for the flow of time. Ha, I once too viewed Time as a straight rope anchored firmly to the beginning of the cosmos, running a straight line to the end that was punctuated with an utter collapse of all existence into a massive singularity… but I was younger then.  Far more foolish to the movements, measures and circles…that time constantly created…but I can see I am already loosing you.  A pity you had not taken the time to truly open yourself to the possibilities of what could exist beyond your scope of “Reality.”  However, you have asked me a fairly pointed question a recounting of my history and while I would argue what that truly means, I will give you the colloquial answers you desire.  Sit…. and listen."

“I was conceived in ancient Macedonia during a year that is truly unimportant.  I was the third son of a family of “priests.”  Oh yes I know quite an odd description of one fated to pull on the weave but back in that time things that could not be explained were  given meaning by attributing them to all knowing collections of sentience in the sky.  It was all preposterous and fortunately that is what the “scholar”, we shall call him, thought that served in the kings court at the time.  It turned out he was a man of the arcane arts and from the time I could speak I was being groomed to be a “magi” or so he called me and my brothers.  We were conduits of the weave he said, which is the mystical way of saying the magical connective tissues that holds reality together.  He taught me ever discipline of magic imaginable and even steered me towards some of the more moral and benign facets such as restorative arts."

"However, I was clever and motivated.  After learning that this invisible weave of energy held together the universe I began to postulate that it also held together time and created the seeming one directional flow of it.  I spent years studying the forbidden art of chronomancy.  And on one fateful summer evening I grew too prideful in my own understanding and attempted to control the magical weave that connected time and force it to stop for just a moment.  However, I knew with my current power I would need the aid of others with near my magical capacity and understanding.  So I conscripted my brothers to my endeavors and we casted the ritual I had created and that’s when it all went so brilliantly wrong.

You see…I had never really considered what happens to an individual body when it continues to move in the weave of time when the rest of it has been brought to rest…or how the weave would try to consolidated this…murmur in the oh so symmetrical and perfect flow of the weave.  Well to put it in a way you can comprehend my brothers life force, magical abilities and knowledge were absorbed by myself and I was sent careening backward and forward in time living countless years on each jump.  Each time I left a segment of time it was because I believed I had figured enough out to jump myself back to my own time and I casted the ritual again…but I was never able to bring myself back to where I had started.  It seemed that path was forever closed…so the only way now is forward.  I must understand it all…I must control it all…the weave has laws I must simply find them."

[size=31]«««Sample RP»»»[/size]
-{Only required if you've never gotten a character approved before. Minimum 2 paragraphs.}

Soon the world will fall to ash and all will be passed to the departed.

Not while I still live.

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PostSubject: Re: Alduin Ryzestein   Thu Nov 29, 2018 10:36 pm

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Alduin Ryzestein
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