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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 A plea from the void

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PostSubject: A plea from the void   Sun Nov 25, 2018 2:57 am

An eternal dark abyss stretching out as far as the human mind could fathom, decorated by a single but equally infinite stretching table. But with only three occupants sitting at it. One, a bone-white skinned gentleman dressed in finely pressed formal attire with white hair covering his eyes. The two opposite him, bone-white "twins" from different realities and different end goals. One was dressed in an old suit and overcoat, a pair of dark purple orbs glowing from his eye sockets.

The other one wore tattered clothing and a hooded overcoat, only revealing a crooked looking jawline, a twisted grin, and a single red glowing orb in his eye socket. One of them looked crestfallen, heartbroken even. His opposite was giddy with excitement.

"So... it would appear that this game has reached it's end," the gentleman sitting by himself began, leaning back in his chair and looking at the two before him. "The spark of Life seems to have gone out, once again," he added with a very melancholy tone of voice.

The Red Eyed One then started to sign with his hands. (As predicted, THEY no longer wish to play, and show no concern for their creations).

The other man gave him a look of contempt and started to sign in response. (They have their own problems to worry about. All they need is time...)

The Red Eyed One's twisted grin glitched briefly as it nearly snapped the man's lower jaw right off. (Most of them have barely contributed anything to your cause. They have had nothing but time and now this... existence.. has become stagnant, just like before)

"Indeed," The Man sitting by himself interrupted, drawing their attention. "A game with no players is not interesting, and therefore does not need to exist," he continued seriously.

The other man started to hastily sign again. (They just need a reminder! By the terms of our agreement I am forbidden to directly intervene within the system. But if I can appeal to the... 'players')"

(Out of the question. The terms of the agreement was that you could not intervene within, or outside of the system. Just like how I can not intervene directly through their... 'physical' reality, nor tamper with the system)

(THEY do not exist within the system, they exist further beyond the framework that allows the system to exist) The Other Man signed and gave the Red Eyed One a look that actually made him recoil in fear for a moment. (Please... our lives mean nothing to you but I am asking for this chance. I-I can't bare the thought to lose any more of my loved ones) He continued, his attention turning back to The Man sitting by himself. He already lost one child. And while not related by blood, still considered them all to be family.

(Your personal feelings on the matter mean nothing. You have lost, and there is nothing left to do but DELETE this pointless existence) The Red Eyed One signed, regaining his composure.

"I will allow this," The Man sitting by himself spoke up. The Red Eyed One looked... anything but happy. "It is within the terms of the agreement. THEY are not directly part of the system, and exist far beyond the framework. Yet like Life and Death, Order and Chaos, they are intrinsic," he continued with a ghost of a grin. "So yes, I will allow this. And I rarely allow things... HOWEVER- if the spark does not return, then it's GAME OVER," he finished, holding up a hand as The Red Eyed One began to protest. And then the table, The Man sitting by himself, and with a last scornful look, The Red Eyed One faded from view.

Now there was one remaining, his only company being that of a number of flickering screens with no monitors. They showed "footage" of the events in the tower, and the various possibilities that all led to a single point where it all stopped. It was not a perfect plan by any means, he was just a man dabbling with a power that exceeded what most people would compare to gods. There were bound to be problems, glitches. But he had hoped that given the circumstances, THEY would be interested enough to bring Life back to their creation. And they were, once. What started out as one last spark had briefly turned into a burning flame of life and hope. But now it seemed like it was going out again. What to do... what to do? If lives were not on the line this would be very... very interesting.

He scrolled through some screens belonging to Earth 3- the opposing force in this equation, stopped at a screen with a tall, red haired male in a black hooded jacket, and a much smaller and timid looking boy with black hair. They were not related and yet his heart ached for them just the same. He flicked to another image of what many would mistake as a black and green power ranger, one of his hands trembled as he stared at the screen. He didn't deserve what happened to him. All he wanted to do was help everyone... even the criminals he fought. With a heavy heart he flicked to another screen from the last remaining universe, depicting a white haired male in a black hoodie, and a short girl in a striped hoodie with cat ears on the hood. Only three of them remained. Tears started to run down his face as he started to sign to the nothingness itself.

(I don't know who you are, nor do I know your intentions. But I am asking- no, begging you not to leave us again. You can't understand how this feels... to watch as everything you once knew, fall apart before your eyes. While you are powerless to do anything about it. Please... don't let the others suffer for my failures) tears would be readily running now as he sat on his knees. He was not a religious man by any means. But if there was any a time now...

(Please... all I'm asking is that you come back, and to have a little more patience. This does not have to be the end. But it can be the start of something new, something better. If we mean anything at all to you, please... we need you)
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A plea from the void
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