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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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PostSubject: Apocrypha   Tue Oct 30, 2018 5:17 am

"There's something I cannot forget. Someone who protected me from every pain, from the claws, fangs and the freezing cold. That Moment's Everything"

Illyasviel von Emiya

Causal Attire:


Full Name: Illyasviel von Emiya
Nickname(s): Illya
Codename: Apocrypha
Alias(es): Einzbern's White Holy Grail
Age: 23
Race: Homunculus
Alignment: Lawful Good


Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Red
Gender: Female
Height: 125 Lbs
Weight: 5.4 Ft
Other Traits: Illya has the appearance of an albino.



Thaumaturgy - Thaumaturgy is the artificial reenactment of Mystery. Or in layman terms, Magecraft. A general term used to refer to the several modern schools of Magecraft such as Astrology, Kabbalah, Alchemy, and Shinsendou. Illya is a homunculus who is essentially a man-made artificial extension of nature that. Born with such high quality magic circuits that enables her achieve powers that are beyond an ordinary human's. However she trade off is she is physically weaker than humans. She was created from the knowledge passed down by Justeaze Lizrich von Einzbern, known as the "Master of Northern Alchemy", due to this along with inheriting her brother's Origin. Illya posses a great deal of magical/occultist knowledge and used to have known a variety of spells. However her brother's Origin had shortened that, while she still knows a plethora of magic she only shines in the creation of magical trinkets and enchanting objects or structures.

Reinforcement - It is the foundation of all Magecraft that with physical contact, can enhance the existence of the target by pouring Magical Energy, Reinforcing the purpose of existence would be increasing the sharpness of a knife, the nourishment of food, or in the case of a living creature, physical strength and durability up to a maximum of five tons, or boosting her agility up to 75 mph. However the stronger of reinforcement she maintains the quicker she looses mana and energy.

Projection (Trace) - Tracing is the personal variation of Gradation Air that Shirou Emiya, Archer, and later Illya use, referred as Tracing due to the unique aria, "Trace On", that is used for its activation. Tracing greatly differs from normal Projection in the fact that not only does it reproduce the shape and substance of an object, but also its entire history as well. Due to the extra effort, it is possible to produce incredibly stable ordinary items that can remain in the world seemingly indefinitley after their creation unless broken or dismissed. Furthermore, whenever replicating mystical objects such as Noble Phantasms, it is possible to faithfully copy their special abilities and any skill that its owner performed are available for use. The reason this is possible is due to the nature of Unlimited Blade Works, which at a glance, records the history, composition, and design of what the user sees, and then provides the necessary materials needed to reproduce them. The actual reproduction happens within Unlimited Blade Works, and is then brought into the real world at need via Projection. If the image of the projection is interrupted in any way, the item will be physically weak and shatter upon physical impact. It is also possible to apply Reinforcement to objects recorded within Unlimited Blade Works

Unlimited Blade Works - It is a high-class thaumaturgy that embodies her internal world. A lush winter forest with a moon in the sky. The pines of the evergreen trees are not pine needles at all, but each one is the essence of a weapon or shield, ready to be called upon to manifest from her soul. It contains all of the raw materials and sorcery needed for the formation of the weapons, and it records and analyzes all weapons and defensive armaments encountered by the user. From here she can project objects of power known as noble phantasms. Close combat weapons such as swords, spears, and halberds are the main focus of the Reality Marble in accordance with her brother's Origin of "Sword", Long range, Shields and defensive armaments can be reproduced with a much greater struggle as the cost in magical energy is high, two or three times greater than a close range weapon. She can project up to 10-20 midair to shoot swords and spears at a speed of 25 MPH, range of 30 meters, and can strike with a force of 2 tons. Or for more precision she would project a bow, then a sword that after twisting it can shoot it out of her bow at 50 mph, range of 60 meters, and can explode in a force of 2 tons. The bow format is much more taxing however.


Bukijutsu - Illya is exceptionally well trained with the blade, majorly due to her Origin. She is also talented with other forms of weaponry such as a bow but is not up to par with masters.

Close-Range Fighter - Her training at the police academy and seeing the histories of the weapons in her UBW, she became well versed in unarmed combat.

Acrobatic - Illya is exceptionally agile and is talented at parkour.

Physical Weaknesses

I am the bone of my sword - Her inner world is able to invade her body in the form of numerous blades during severe trauma in 'attempt' to heal and overwrite wounds. It replaces and reinforces broken bones and muscles with swords after she is wounded, like a masses of blades shaped like muscle fibers. The more she overuses UBW and become unable to suppress the inner world. It will create an infinite number of blades inside her body rather than outside, causing a thousand blade to eventually pierce and kill her instantly if she lets it go fully out of control. If she uses UBW over a prolong fight her joints gradually become harder to move properly as they begin to take on a metallic, grating sound when she moves, and hundreds of blades protrude from numerous areas on her skin as they prepare an inescapable death by skewering.

Limited Mana - While she is a perfect Homunculus with high quality magic circuits, the Magecraft she performs take extreme amount of mana, especially when projecting magical weapons. So the longer she fights the less mana she will have overall. Projecting multiple noble phantasms is impossible for her.

Design Flaw - She heavily relies on magic to make up for being physically weaker than a human, so by any way of stopping her magic she becomes a sitting duck.

Mental Weaknesses

Reborn in Fire - A Origin is the starting point that defines one's existence and directs one's actions throughout life. At the end of the Fuyuki Holy Grail War her brother's origin 'Sword' was forged into her own. As a result she now lives her life as a 'Sword'. Essentially how a sword is something that defends people. She became empty because swords are meant to be wielded by others and the fact that she is a sword implies that she will always be a slave to protecting others, even villians themselves. This fatalistism and distorted sense of altruism can be easily taken advantage of.

It takes time to forge a blade - Tracing/projection mentally takes time to produce, more so for magical items. She must divide the process in her head and mentally recite her aria, 'Judging the concept of creation. Hypothesizing the basic structure. Duplicating the composition material. Imitating the skill of its making. Sympathizing with the experience of its growth. Reproducing the accumulated years. Excelling every manufacturing process'. It mostly takes 4-8 seconds depending on what she is projecting.


Standard police uniform with bulletproof vest
Police standard combat knife
Police standard Smith & Wesson M&P 9

Current Projections within UBW:



Illya is cheerful and outgoing, upbeat and generally exhibits a positive attitude. Possessing a friendly demeanor, she is easy to talk to and tends to be playful and mischievous. Yet she is also shy and easily flustered. Deep inside she is very lonely due to losing everyone she has cared for, this loneliness became more ingrained when she was inherited her brother's Orgin. For she now walks a path of the sword that only she can walk.  


Helping others
Household chores


The cold
Vandalism of historical objects or buildings
Spicy food


Combat/weapon training


Family Members:
Father: - Kiritsugu Emiya (Deceased)
Mother - Irisviel von Einzbern (Deceased)
Brother - Shirou Emiya (Adopted) (Deceased)
Relative - Norikata Emiya (Grandfather) (Deceased)
Jubstacheit von Einzbern ("Grandfather") (Deceased)
Justeaze Lizrich von Einzbern (Model) (Deceased)

Place of Origin: Germany

Illyasviel von Einzbern died at the age of 18 at the climax of the Fuyuki Holy Grail War, arising from her ashes stood Illyasviel von Emiya. Who than proceeds to finish the war once and for all, a war composed of two sides known as 'White' and 'Red'. Both sides had seven masters and seven servants. Illyasviel von Einzbern was a master once till she lost her servant halfway through the war. She spent the remaining weeks getting to know her brother. Figuring she might as well make the best of her limited time. She still remembers the flames that consumed Fuyuki, recall how she held onto her brother in the shadow of the corrupted holy grail, bathe in its flame. Now the war has ended, and the secret organization that orchestrated the war came pouring in to cover it up. Fortunately by the time they arrived she was already gone.

To get away from the politics of the organization she fled to the states out of her Origin compulsion when she heard of how America seems the be the magnet for trouble. With the desire to aid the people she first went through the citizenship program and enrolled into a police academy where she would pass with flying colors. During this time she met her superior, Medusa Ceto. While she was not fond of Medusa narrow minded view of the problems that plague the world, she did admire her drive and could proudly say she was her partner. This comradeship was mainly the reason she agreed to let Medusa bring her to a new station as Jump City. Never once doubting her path, she strode forward with head high and back straight. For this is the only path.  

«««Sample RP»»»
-{Only required if you've never gotten a character approved before. Minimum 2 paragraphs.}
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PostSubject: Re: Apocrypha   Fri Nov 02, 2018 5:10 am

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