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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 Peter Parker

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RPG character
Name: Peter Parker
Code Name: Spider-Man
Villain or good guy?: Good

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PostSubject: Peter Parker   Peter Parker Icon_minitimeWed Oct 24, 2018 4:40 am

"Was there a sale on crazy today? Or did you have to pay premium price?!"

Peter Benjamin Parker

Peter Parker 0b845d811a9490bf53dc840f12bee0e9


Full Name: Peter Parker
Nickname(s): Webhead, Wall crawler, Menace, any ad hominem you can think of.
Codename: Spider-Man
Alias(es): N/A
Age: 15
Race: Gadget Using Meta-Human
Alignment: Lawful Good. Mostly.


Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Gender: Male
Height: 5'8
Weight: 180 lbs
Other Traits: Absolutely shredded under his clothes.



-Spider Pysiology: It's no secret that Peter can do whatever a spider can. Well, that might be an exaggeration, but what he can do is remarkable. Strong enough to stop a speeding car without injury, tough enough to take a sledgehammer to the head without concussion. His reflexes and reaction time is almost frightening(To the point where some mistakenly think he has precognition.), and he can leap up at least two stories on his own. Finally, his ability to stick to nearly any surface, combined with his sheer lack of vertigo, means he can go almost anywhere he wants, any time he wants.

-{Gadget Users get one power and one sub-power. For them alone, a mastery martial art may be used in their sub slot instead of as a full power.}


-Spidey Suit: Peter's built this with the help of supplies that he's "borrowed" from various crime Lord's and supervillains over the years. Ultra lightweight, this unarmored suit is filled with electronics and other things that make his job as Spider-Man easier. The eyelets are equipped with various vision modes, night vision, infra-red, and others can be fine-tuned as needed. He can record footage, zoom as much as any pair of binoculars, and track heat signatures up to 60 feet away.

Other abilities can be included, if he has building and prep time. Perhaps limited gliding, or rebreathers for underwater work? Perhaps. Those wouldn't be mainstays. But for specific missions, perhaps.

-Webshooters: Peter's main weapons and general tools. They can shoot webs at least 40 feet away, these webs being strong enough to hold on to a speeding train without tearing apart...though his arms might be another matter. Certain they're strong enough to act as grappling hooks and swinging vines, and cand subdue any normal thug better than handcuffs or chains. These webs dissolve after one hour, and only Peter knows how to make the fluid that makes this possible.



-Movie trivia


-Brawling (Peter has never been a karate master. Prior to the incident, the extent of his fight experience was watching wrestling, and being bullied. Now as a full-fledged superhero, he's clocked some experience, but he's still no black belt. No, his style revolves around wrestling moves and pulling his punches to not kill dudes.)

-Being late


1) Genius: Peter is a science whiz, and prodigy in the world of engineering. Biology, physics, mathematics, these are all languages that Peter is well-versed in.

2) Quipping: Spider-Man is adept at throwing others off their game. A well-placed insult, ribbing or pun can distract a gunman or unhinged supercriminal, and that precious moment can mean all the difference sometimes.

3) Acrobatics/freerunning: Spidey has had quite a bit of experience running across rooftops and swinging across buildings. Remarkably, Peter can think rationally and calmly while in the air, or in motion, and he can run and jump and climb and tumble across an environment without thinking about it. For Peter, 'look before you leap's is more of a guideline than a hard rule.

Physical Weaknesses

-Cold/wet: these two things are bad for a spider that's climbing up a spout. Wet surfaces he slides around on more, and webs dissolve faster in water and rain. And snow, ice, these things are even more extreme than wet surfaces.

-Super Senses, Super ADD: Peter's hyper awareness makes it really hard for him to settle down and focus. School is an absolute pain for him, the work gets done in 40-60 seconds, then he's stuck in a chair for hours. He sleeps less because he's now a light sleeper with an alert 'Spidey Sense' on at all times...resulting in him eventually crashing for 10+ hours. As you can imagine, quietly tailing perps and 'detective work' is maddening, compared to breaking up gang wars and punching rampaging super goons.

Mental Weaknesses

-Guilt Complex: Peter internalizes a lot of blame for things in his life. From the death of his uncle, the money troubles of his aunt, to any civilian he ever can't save. Peter, like Atlas, carries the world on his shoulders. He'll probably end up having ulcers before he's 20.

-Eternally Naive: Deep down, Peter feels that everyone is inherently good, and the anyone can change. He'll take someone at their word, and always tries to honor his deals. He'll have to learn that villains don't always honor theirs.



Peter: Peter is a nervous kid, quiet and shy and studious. He was a pipsqueak little nerd, who had glasses the size of dinner plates. True, The Incident turned him into a powerful young man, but he still doesn't feel like it. He's still persona non grata at his school, and he can't exactly reveal his new gifts without exposing who he really is.

Spider-Man: Spider-Man is Peter's id come bubbling to the surface. Every scathing retort he has to bite down can be safely expressed through his mask. As a hero, Spider-Man can be as bold and charismatic and as rude as he wants, so why not? In fact he's kind of a motor-mouth as the Wallcrawler, prone to filling awkward silences and pauses with quips and any random thought that comes to mind. Turns out he's still a nerd at the end of the day, just more extroverted.

And ultimately, as either Peter or Spidey, there are core principles guiding his actions. You do right by people, you pay your debts. And with great power, comes great responsibility. He'll remember that until the day he dies.

Likes Kindness, redheads, high end cinema, trashy monster movies, new scientific breakthroughs. Money.

Dislikes Being broke, sitting and waiting, food that's too sweet, loved ones being unhappy. Thugs, crime lords and general bullies.

Habits/Hobbies Skateboarding, speed-reading, used to play D&D but who has the time anymore?


Family Members: Aunt May
Place of Origin: New York. One subway ride from Gotham!

Peter grew up knowing tragedy. His parents both died when he was five, and from then on he was raised by his aunt and uncle. Good, honest people who raised him right. He grew up sickly and became a scrawny nerd with asthma, up until he turned 14.

His story by now is well-known to the cosmic record-keepers. Radioactive spider bite leads to an overnight transformation, which leads to awesome power. The power leads to arrogance, and that arrogance leads to tragedy, that Peter never forgets. After Uncle Ben's funeral, that lead to the birth of a hero: Spider-Man.

Peter has been living this double-life for a while now. He's been an absolute nightmare for street crime and gang activity, but he's yet to really cross paths with an established villain. Will that change? And will he need the help of a team, if that day comes?

Well, actually, he has crossed paths with one villain. Calling himself Kang the Conqueror, he travelled through time, manipulating the world to get what he wants. And as he fought heroes in one world, in another the fastest man alive ran through time to protect the love of his life, and the life in her womb. Two events, seemingly random, caused everything to collapse. Or, possibly, to change for the better. For the specks drifting along the surface, the difference is trivial.

Peter does not know where anyone else is. But he awakes in a tower. And none of this makes sense.

«««Sample RP»»»

Peter tried to get up, but a fire in his midsection kept stopping him. We're his ribs bruised, or broken? He couldn't tell, but either way he was going to be bedridden for a while longer. What was that guy's name? Amazo? The guy looked like a monster when he was throwing both the Titans and Hive around like ragdolls, but he hit even harder than that. Webs didn't do much but make him mad, and even just that grazing blow had been enough to almost turn Peter into a Spider-Smear on the wall. Or through the wall. 12 of them...or 1200. Pete lost count after numerous uno.

The lenses of his mask auto-focused as he looked around, spotting the crumpled green form a few feet away from him. Pete leaned over so he was laying on his side, coughing in pain under his full mask as he did so. Lifting a left hand, he gave a weak wave.

"H-Hey...I'm Spid *koff hkk* deyyr..I'm Spider-Man. Guess that guy's not a John Carpenter fan, huh?"

The joke was spat into the air without humor, and those white lenses widened as he was able to notice the bone sticking out of Beast Boy's leg. This was officially bad.
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