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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 Vanishing Arc summary up to this point.

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PostSubject: Vanishing Arc summary up to this point.   Tue Oct 23, 2018 3:03 am

Kyte, feel free to add onto this since I was not around for every bit of rping on the discord server.

The entire world Vanished, except the tower and it's island. People "wake up" and find themselves either already inside the tower, or on the island. You do not need to eat, drink, sleep, and breathing does not seem to be an issue. There is literally nothing around the tower and it's island, and there is a "boundary" that seems to be indestructible to explosions and keeping things from passing through it in any direction.

Rico works on electrical stuff, a girl named Chessa appears and messes with her.

There is an Artificial Intelligence that seems to be keeping an eye on everything through cameras, and appears to have control over the tower's defenses. He is named CAP.

More people start appearing, like Suzuki and Avy. Her and Rico appear to get real close (confirmation needed). Gluttony also appears, eats some people, puts herself into a cell. Later gets spooped by Suzaku, Suzuki's relative. Kris I believe fights him. Later, Suzaku gets attacked by the vengeful spirit of a Zydon commander, who is profoundly dusted by the army of metahumans gathering. A girl named Yui appears and... does things.

Nina gets stuck in the bars in the holding cells where Glut is and is later rescued. Greed appears to Gluttony being cryptic. Then goes and tries to kill Suz, getting his arm broken at one point and running away from the now paranoid and pissed off A.I armed to the teeth. Avy goes down to play diplomat, and also reveals that there are not a number of normal civilians calling the ground floor their sanctuary. Masters is a right jackass. No one is surprised. Avy makes peace with Greed who then returns with her to the inside of the tower, now being watched. A girl named Adriana also joins them. Greed gets a menacing phone call.

Greed goes down to talk to a man about a lighter, meets a guy in a hoodie that wants to keep an eye on him. Greed meets guy with lighter.

Yui has her own dreamworld erased by an unknown entity but wakes up before they finish with her.

The tower gets "attacked" by people that is later revealed to be Yang and a wizard named Alice.
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Vanishing Arc summary up to this point.
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