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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 Gilver Stratos

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The Acrimonious
The Acrimonious

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PostSubject: Gilver Stratos   Wed Oct 17, 2018 6:15 am

"Well, here you go Gilver. I'm using this template for you."
"Let's have a look."
"Oh, sure- you don't have to push-"
"No, no no no. This won't do. It's boring."
"I wasn't really trying to-"
"Move aside. We're going to the office."

"Might controls everything. And without power, you cannot protect anything...let alone yourself."

Reign Stratos

Isabel and Megan looked over the resume that had been presented to them. They looked at each other, and then to Gilver.

"Well, we uh...we've gotten resumes with quotes before, but that's certainly...an interesting one."
Isabel peered further down the resume. "...who names their child Reign?"
Megan quickly changed the subject before her comment could do any lasting harm. "Tell us more about yourself, Gilver."

Pride, the Supercilious:


Full Name: "My legal name is Reign Stratos."
Nickname(s): "I prefer to be called Gilver."
Codename: "Well...I suppose my code name, if anything, would be Pride, the Supercilious."
Alias(es): "Not applicable."
Age: "Well...if I had to put a number on it, I suppose...27."
Race: "Most call those in my family the Seven Deadly Sins."
Affiliation: "Myself."


Hair Color: "When I take my mortal form, my hair is black. When I am out and about as my true self, I have white hair."
Eye Color: "In mortal form, my eyes take on a dark brown, almost black color. In my true form my hues are more akin to that of a neon blue."
Gender: "I identify as a male. However, my kin have been known to be gender fluid."
Height: "I am six feet and four inches tall."
Weight: "Two hundred pounds."
Other Traits: "I'm the most attractive of all my siblings. And as I see it, I am the most skilled with swordplay."

"Jake seriously has the worst taste in recommending people," Isabel said, staring nonplussed at Gilver as he prattled on.
"Let's just let him talk about himself and then we can get out of here and decide whether he's actually worth it or not."


Powers: "I have powers of astral summoning. Any object within a few meters- perhaps fifteen- of me, I can summon a spiritual representation of it into this world. Objects with complicated spiritual signatures- in other words, intelligent living beings- I am...unwilling to summon. I can have between four and eight constructs at any given time, depending on my concentration. I don't see any worth in summoning objects larger than my person.
-Additionally, I can create astral blades around me that have my telltale glowing blue spiritual signature. They are very sharp blades, and I can send them rocketing at targets with precision at high speeds. After they have hit their mark, I can have them disperse. I make them easy to deflect, and they are also breakable by most of my opponents. They have the consistency of steel. When I put my concentration into fewer constructs, they have stacked consistency. In other words, if I have four constructs, they are all twice as strong as steel. If I have one, it is eight times as strong as steel."

"When we began our journeys, my brother decided to teach the art of brawling with his fists to everyone he met. Nowadays people all over the world are practicing his techniques. While he went off to become a brute with his fists, I perfected the art of the sword. Any bladed weapon you can put in front of me, I am a master with. He was not a master of a single martial art, but martial arts itself. I am a master of swordplay itself.
-With this and my natural traits under my belt, I have attained quick reflexes, and I can react to semi-automatic gunfire from a few paces."

"As one of the Seven Deadly Sins, I will never cease to exist as long as there are intelligent beings who commit the sins for which we are named. This body may die. But I will always return. Because of my physiology, I am granted regeneration, greater strength, and considerable speed. I can heal from most minor injuries in a few minutes. Serious injuries may take an hour. Lethal injuries from normal sources would take about half a day to heal, depending. My lifting and striking feats put Olympic medalists to shame. But with my speed, I may move at 250 miles per hour."

Skills: "I have picked up many skills over the years. I have acquired a variety of business acumen, I am a certified and largely skilled chess player, I am fantastic in a cooking environment, I have excellent calligraphy, I am a brilliant tactician, I am a proven thinker, scholar, linguist, mathematician, computer software technician, inventor, and artist."

Physical Weaknesses: "None come to mind," Gilver said after a little thought, neglecting to mention the nth metal, divine magic, and divine weapons that most certainly did come to mind.

Mental Weaknesses: "I'm a perfectionist." While this was true, he's also arrogant as all hell, and defeat would be perhaps very surprising for him.

Equipment: "I do very much like to be able to smoke when I have an inkling to. I give people respect enough not to do it in their spaces. So I always carry a lighter and a pack or two on me. Other than that, I have the Yagyu Darkblade.

The legend of the Yagyu Darkblade was lost to the ages. I had to look for centuries to find it. Where? I really can't say. There are many more things than physical trials involved in finding it, after all. It is said only one foretold in prophecy can draw its black blade, and that its blade shines with the light of the cosmos. It calls upon the power of the eternal night, assaulting everything it cuts with the power of darkness that rots and pains its wounds. It allows its user to pass through the black void as shadows do, and it has the power to bring the soul of every man it has ever slain to bear arms. It is said to have the power of gods.

Unfortunately, these powers only go to the one who can draw it. A man fabled in prophecy to have reached the true equilibrium within his soul. I may draw the blade, but it never surrenders its powers unto me. Perhaps it is because I cannot actually free the blade from its sheath. It is nigh indestructible, along with its sheath. I can also summon it and dismiss it at will."


Personality: "I am the head of a tech company that's making its way towards surpassing all of the major tech companies today. I'm confident and affirmative. I am calculating instead of hotheaded, and I think a handshake has brought about more destruction than any battle has."

Strengths: "I have mentioned those already. I'm sure you've heard me prate on long enough."

Interests/Habits: "A good smoke. A nice dry whiskey. A good watch."


Family Members: "Wrath, the Acrimonious is my twin brother. Greed, the Avaricious, Gluttony, the Indulgent, Lust, the Aphrodisious, Envy, the Invidious, and Sloth, the Idle are my siblings. I hear Wrath had children, somehow, so I suppose they would be my nieces."
Place of Origin: Regis
History: "Oh come now. Do you really have time to hear the tale of my existence?"
Sample rp: "What?"
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Beta-class Metahuman

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PostSubject: Re: Gilver Stratos   Thu Oct 18, 2018 4:41 am

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Gilver Stratos
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