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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 Suzuki Uchiha

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PostSubject: Suzuki Uchiha   Mon Oct 08, 2018 2:19 am

"It only starts with pain, it's followed by the hate that breeds injustice."

Suzuki Uchiha


Full Name: Suzuki Uchiha
Nickname(s): Suzu
Codename: Red
Age: 15
Race: Altered Human
Alignment: Lawful Good


Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black, occasionally red
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6"
Weight: Light
Other Traits: When active, her eyes for a pattern glowing in red.


Blessing of Amaterasu - The blessing of Amaterasu gives Suzuki the ability to use chakara techniques that summon and control both fire and lightning. The fire or lightning summoned will come from her, usually through her hands or mouth if she breathes the fire out. They can generally travel about 60 feet away before she loses control of them and the flicker out. She can summon black flames with her left eye that can only be put out by Suzuki's will or landing a hit on Suzuki herself. The flames will keep burning for 3 hours if left unattended by Suzuki. These flames burn as hot as a blowtorch, usually at about 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit. She can also put them out or manipulate them with her right eye. She can also use this chakara to do things like run on walls or water.

Blessing of Susano'o - The blessing of Susano'o allows Suzuki to summon a powerful ghastly suit of armor around her. If she summons the complete set, it stands at about 15 feet tall and is armed with a crossbow with unlimited arrows. It follows Suzuki's commands and attacks accordingly. It has the power to easily crush a human or punch with a force of 5 tons. She can summon the Susano'o in parts if she wants, for example just a rib cage around her to protect her, or just a hand to attack. The armor of the Susano'o is capable of withstanding 5 tons of direct force before it breaks. The maximum that she'd be able to maintain this would be 30 minutes, but if it's broken and she has to reform it, this time is reduced to as low as a few seconds depending on how much chakara she has used. As a sub-power of this blessing, Suzuki is able to run faster, jump higher, and be able to fall greater distances than an average human. She is about twice as good as a regular human in all of these departments. She could easily withstand jumping off a 2 story building, but anything much higher could cause damage.

Blessing of Tsukuyomi - The blessing of Tsukuyomi gives Suzuki enhanced eyesight. Her eyes can follow even the fastest movements and see through illusions. This ability helps her notice even the smallest details in a fight. She can also cast slight illusions with this power if she makes eye contact with someone. Illusions could be things like shadow monsters, or even copies of Suzuki herself to confuse the enemy. The illusions are not perfect, however, and once they take any damage they dispel. The illusions are also difficult for Suzuki to maintain, as she hasn't trained much with them. She can hold an illusion for, at most, a minute.

Kenjutsu Expert - Suzuki is extremely well trained with a sword, though if she can't use her eyes and abilities of Tsukuyomi she will generally lose again other trained experts.

Taijutsu Adept - Suzuki is well trained at hand to hand combat, though her true talent rests in her swordplay. Her eyes also help her in close combat, making it difficult to pull one over on her.

Throwing Weapons - Suzuki has an incredible sense of balance, and is well practiced with weapons like throwing stars or kunai.

Acrobatic - Suzuki is very flexible, and talented at climbing.

Deductive Reasoning - Though her IQ isn't on par with someone like Lex Luthor, Suzuki is incredibly smart and can form plans very quickly.

Physical Weaknesses
Activation - Suzuki's powers require her to activate her eyes before she can use them. This process only takes a few seconds, but if she is caught off guard by a surprise attack then she is relatively defenseless.

Hand Signs - In order to call on her chakara techniques she has to do hand signs first. The more destructive the technique the more signs she must make. The process takes a few seconds.

Eyesight - In battle, Suzuki relies heavily on her enhanced eyes. That's how she trains and that's how she is used to fighting. If the opponent could impair her vision she'd be at a major disadvantage. (Examples, fog, smoke, blood in the eyes, bright lights, etc.)

Limited Chakara - Though Suzuki is an expert at controlling her chakara, every power that Suzuki has runs off of her inner chakara. The longer she fights, the less chakara she will have. Moves like summoning the Susano'o require a lot of chakara, but something like summoning just the rib cage or a new arrow to fire requires less.

Weak Point - Though the complete Susano'o is mighty and terrifying, it does come with a drawback. It is not very mobile. Spinning around could take up to 30 seconds. The back of the Susano'o has no offensive capabilities.

Blindness - If Suzuki has used her powers a lot recently, her vision will start to blur. If she fights through this and keeps going, she can find herself temporarily blind. These effects have been known to last days at a time.

Human - Suzuki is human, so any damage that comes to her body that would injure a normal human would injure her. Gunshots, stab wounds, and the like.

Mental Weaknesses
Inferiority Complex - After working so hard to get on the Titans and repeatedly not measuring up to her own standards... she thinks she's weak. This fear pushes her and makes her want to do better but at the same time makes her weary of stepping up because she expects little from herself.

Sense of Right and Wrong - Though dying and suffering through the knowledge of knowing a lot of her friends died as well has hardened her, she still has a strong moral compass. If something is evil and hurts an innocent person, she will refuse to do it and stand against it.

Technology - Suzuki finds herself unable to get a grasp on how complex technology works. She struggles to operate a cell phone properly.

Sword - Suzuki's blade is all black, perfect for striking from the shadows unseen. She carries this with her at all times.

Arm Guards - If Suzuki is expecting confrontation, she will come wearing steel arm guards. They are durable enough to stop a blade from cutting her skin, but she'd still suffer broken bones from the force.

Ninja tools - Usually strapped to her legs, but always on her person. She carries 10 shuriken and 10 kunai.


Her time on the Titans has softened her a bit, making her more approachable. That being said, she is often awkward in social situations. She spent most of her life in seclusion and doesn't always pick up on conversational ques. She tries to be friendly and kind, though.

-Good Deeds
-Helping People
-Tomatoes are her favorite food




Family Members: Mikoto Uchiha (Mother), Fugaku Uchiha (Father), Suzaku Uchiha (Brother)
Place of Origin: Konoha
-{At least two paragraphs about your character's past.}

«««Sample RP»»»
Suzuki grew up in a village that was hidden from the world, located in Japan. They worshiped the old Gods for many centuries, and could be considered a cult. She grew up training to please these Gods, and through the secret arts passed through her family she was one of the few to pass the trials that gave her blessings. The only other one in memorable generations was her brother, who completed it a few years before her.

She was always seeking to prove her worth, though she never felt like she was good enough. Her father didn't pay her much attention, which only pushed her to try harder. When she completed the trials at the age of 12, Suzuki left the village and found another. This is where she was trained in the arts of ninja, and mastered her swordsmanship. She learned about the outside world and was taught about honor and peace amongst the ninja village.

This did not, however, soothe her need for knowledge. She wanted to learn more. She took off to Jump City without so much as a goodbye to her old clan. She heard that the new nation on the coast was full of action and turmoil, and she was excited to prove herself in new territory.

Upon arriving at Jump, Suzuki spent months trying to earn herself a spot on the Teen Titans. This is where she met her dearest friends,, some even close enough to be considered family.

But all good things end. There was an attack on the Titans Tower and Suzuki died defending it. A lot of her friends fell as well.

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PostSubject: Re: Suzuki Uchiha   Mon Oct 08, 2018 2:35 am

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Suzuki Uchiha
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