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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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PostSubject: Blake Belladonna   Blake Belladonna Icon_minitimeWed Oct 03, 2018 3:12 am

Blake Belladonna

Blake Belladonna Btqufqqgi3kz


Full Name: Blake Belladonna
Codename: The Huntress
Age: 22
Classification: Altered Human
Affiliation: Chaotic Good, Justice League; Formerly T.A.L.O.N.


Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Yellow
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 127 lbs
Other Traits: Cat ears



Feline Physiology

  • Enhanced Hearing - Blake can hear sounds from much further away than a human and can distinguish them quite easily.
  • Night Vision - Blake has near perfect vision in the dark.
  • Enhanced Agility - Since her disappearance, Blake has gotten even faster. She's now able to move in bursts of speed faster than the human eye can track, and can even manage to tag speedsters with her Gambol Shroud.
  • Enhanced Speed - Blake can run at roughly 130 mph in a full out sprint. In small bursts she is good for even faster, at 150. This however is difficult for her to control without ample time to stop. She adjusts for this in combat whenever necessary.
  • Enhanced Strength - Due to her feline body, Blake's muscles are augmented as well. In addition to her speed and reflexes, this allows her to lift around 250 lbs, despite her own weight.
  • Enhanced Endurance - Blake can run for much longer lengths without fatigue than a normal human would ever be.
  • Enhanced Sense of Smell - Blake can smell anything within a 1/2 mile of her current position. Having had these senses all her life, she has learned to pick these scents apart one by one and is quite good at remembering all scents she has already smelled.

First Class Assassin Training
Blake is a master of bladed weapons, be it her trusty katana or a simple dagger. In some cases, she's even capable of fighting with a simple arrow. In any other case, her skill in hand to hand combat is above adept as well. She specializes in kicks and has adopted her own unique fighting style, mixing her enhanced senses with her reflexes, allowing her to track enemies from all sides of her, whether they are faster than her or not, and allowing her to match blows with them quite well. When all else fails however, this is assassin training. Not mercenary work. Blake is a master of sticking to the shadows and remaining unseen.

Blake has been working at this since her introduction to T.A.L.O.N. While she isn't exactly the best with a bow yet and can't land any crazy shots, she does have a pinpoint accuracy at up to 200 yards (about 30 below the average for the olympics). With the assistance of her new government allies, she has several trick arrows which are going to be covered under her equipment. At her best, Blake can draw and fire an arrow in a little under 1.6 seconds. (For reference, Green Arrow is able to fire one in <1.2 seconds, Arsenal a bit faster at <1.) Of course this is mostly due to her enhanced speed, rather than her skill.


Human Body
Self explanitory, Blake may be part cat, but she's still human. Shoot her and hit her and she's probably gonna die.

If someone is durable enough, Blake won't be able to do anything to them.

Blake is a bit of a jack of all trades at the moment. In a straight up swordfight she is with the best, but can be beaten by someone better. In archery, she still has a long way to go. Someone with a better aim and draw time will beat her every time, barring outside interference.

Blake has a crippling fear of water and cannot swim.

Due to Blake's enhanced senses, she is able to recognize any airborn toxins before they actually begin to affect her or her team. However, she also has no defense whatsoever against them and will be forced to retreat.

Blake doesn't armor up, despite being so fragile in comparison to her teammates. She opts for speed, utility, and firepower rather than defense. This makes her hit hard, but makes her incapable of sustaining too much damage.


Bow and Arrow

Blake's bow is a bit above the standard. While a normal bow requires an average of 80 lbs of force to draw, Blake's uses 110, allowing her arrows to fly further and faster. (For reference, Green Arrow uses a bow with 120 lb draw. Also for reference, these types of bows can be made anywhere, they just need to be customized. They are very easy to get.) She rarely carries it normally, but during designated missions she will always gear up. Her bow is outfitted with several buttons that control her automated quiver. By pressing a button on her bow, the quiver will rotate and spit out the appropriate trick arrow for the command, ensuring Blake always pulls the right arrow for the job. Additionally, her quiver is customized to lock arrows into place when they aren't being used. This nullifies the chances of her being discovered during a mission. All of Blake's trick arrows are capable of sticking to a target, although they don't need to. Blake can control this setting before firing the arrow.

Trick Arrows:

  • Explosive Arrows - These are Blake's primary source of firepower. These arrows explode with about the force of a breaching charge. These are simple plastic explosives normally made to burst locks or doors. These can be used to breach doors or for offense. While a direct hit will likely kill a normal human, an indirect hit is unlikely to do anything more than disorient. These can also be set to a timer before Blake fires the arrow. (10 carried at a time)
  • Corrosive Arrow - Blunt arrows filled with acid, these arrows are unlikely to do any permanent damage to a human, likely just eating away at the skin a bit. Completely nonlethal and unlikely to do anything more than sting for a bit. However, these arrows can power through wood like it's nothing. This is particularly useful to weaken structures or sneak through a building undetected. (10 carried)
  • Smokescreen Arrow - These arrows envelop a surrounding area of 12 square feet with pitch black smoke. This is almost impossible to see in and out of, and Blake uses her senses to navigate the smoke, either with her bow or her blade. This arrow can be detonated inside her quiver with another button press on her bow for a hasty escape. (6 carried)
  • Grapple Arrows - Blake can fire these arrows into walls or through weapons to navigate terrain or disarm enemies. Usually they are used for the latter, or to pull an enemy toward her. The grapple aspect of these arrows is good for about 30 feet. (4 carried)
  • Ice Arrow - Filled with chemicals, these arrows explode to coat the area they hit in ice. This is used to, hopefully, slow down targets and improve Blake's chances of landing a shot. (5 carried)
  • Density Arrow - Highly experimental technology, this arrow is blunt and completely nonlethal. However, it is incredibly dense. This arrow can break bones and knock out unsuspecting enemies. (15 carried)
  • Gravity Arrow - Designed with a bit of magic from the other side, Blake uses these arrows as an ace in the hole against particularly heavy foes. Anything struck by this arrow experiences gravity at double its usual power, rendering many foes incapable of movement. This effect lasts for half an hour. This arrow can be reversed to force foes to float harmlessly about for half the time. (3 carried)
  • Gas Arrow - Able to be detonated remotely or manually, these arrows emit knockout gas. If it enters your system, the gas will began to adapt to your body, ensuring you are rendered unconscious for the next half hour. (2 carried)
  • Arrows - Standard archery arrows tipped in titanium. These are Blake's most commonly used arrows and the ones she carries the most of. (50 carried)

Gambol Shroud:
Blake's weapon of choice is a magical katana blade known as Gambol Shroud. It is enchanted to be unbreakable, and has a ribbon on its hilt which is also enchanted to be durable enough to withstand up to 5 tons of force. The ribbon itself can extend up to 10 yards and be as elastic or solid as Blake wants it to be. The Gambol Shroud's sheath is sharpened and can cut through wood with absolutely no effort and has a slot on it which allows Blake to safely hold it and dual wield Gambol Shroud with its sheath. The blade itself is sharp enough to slice through metal until it reaches 5 inches thick, at which point it'd take several swings to cut her way through.

Government paychecks are good money, and Blake has used them to buy her own motorcycle. With a maximum speed of 150 mph, this motorcycle is top of the line and is quite maneuverable, durable, and very quick to accelerate.

Gas Mask/Rebreather


Blake, being part cat, has several personality traits of one. She's rather antisocial, preferring to focus on herself more than others, and is rather emotionally fragile. She desires the love of others, although she refuses to seek it herself. Since breaking from the Guild, she has spent much of her time as a member of the crime syndicate, HIVE. After the takeover by the new school, she originally thought she'd spend some time teaching. Unfortunately, she found contract killing was still by far her calling in life.

Parkour Ability
Quick Footed
Great Reflexes

Cat Toys


Family Members: N/A (Although Nina, Pix, Gilda and Quinn have become a pseudo family to her)
Place of Origin: The Guild of Assassins
Blake was born as the fruit of a government project. I know, original right? She was made to be a test of what would happen if you fused human and animal DNA. Most of the test subjects had seen less than fortunate results, and the overseer had determined that this was due to the rapid change of DNA in their system, and that a successful test subject would need to be born with the DNA.

One of the scientists spoke out against it, stating that she was beginning to have nightmares and moral dilemmas about the project's experiments, and that she wanted them to end. This was obviously rather stupid, and made her the ideal candidate to bear the animal/human child. As a result, Blake was born from the woman, killing her in the process. What a shame.

With the absence of a mother, the organization began to test her to see if the feline DNA would have any mental effects on her. Blake was very cold like a feline. She calculated what seemed to be everything, and didn't come to be very close with her so called care takers because she was smart enough to realize they cared little for her.

After the funding was cut, deciding that the changes in Blake really weren't enough to warrant the millions of dollars being put into the project, Blake was cast out. She was left alone to fend for herself. Luckily, the guild was aware of the project and took interest in her mutation.

As such, they kidnapped her barely a day after she was cast out, preparing her to be an assassin. She got no special treatment, but impressed them. With no prior experience, she was able to fight with some decent fighters. None of them were masters by any means, but she held her own very well.

After all of her training, most Assassins were given power armor, but for Blake opted not to wear the armor. It was bulky, irritating and generally hindered her ability to move. Not to mention that the ribbon of Gambol Shroud did not take to it, so it would make her unable to use her strongest weapon.

As her first assignment in Jump City, Blake was tasked with overseeing the organization that TIBERIUS had created, the crime syndicate HIVE. Due to her connections in the group however, TIBERIUS began to see her more as a liability than an asset and completely cut off her funding, tools, weapon flow, and intel. She was on her own.

Luckily, she had begun to adapt to her teammates and the new environment, making a new home among her friends until her talents would be necessary again.

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