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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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PostSubject: Yang Xiao Long   Yang Xiao Long Icon_minitimeWed Oct 03, 2018 1:28 am

" I want a life where I don't know what tomorrow will bring. And that will be a good thing.”

Yang Xiao Long

Yang Xiao Long New_arm_by_wazabi34-daqosd8


Full Name: Yang Xiao Long
Nickname(s): Little Firecracker, Muzzleflash
Codename: Ranger
Age: 21 (Birthday June 9th)
Race: Metahuman
Affiliation: Lawful Good, Justice League; formerly Teen Titans


Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Lilac
Gender: Female
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 148 lbs
Other Traits: Eyes turn red when she uses her kinetic backlash or when enraged.



Yang’s soul is manifested as an aura, which works as an invisible barrier against physical and mental attacks. So long as her aura is intact, Yang is very difficult to get to. However, Yang’s aura can be broken and this is manifested in the form of a golden shimmer over her body. This is rather difficult to miss unless you aren’t paying attention. Yang’s aura covers herself, her mechanical arms, and whatever outfit or armor she happens to be wearing at the time. While in its standard form and protecting her body, Yang’s aura, by default, can take about 100 tons of force before it buckles and gives way. Yang’s aura can be charged by remaining passive for about half an hour, or it can be recharged manually by absorbing fire, which is covered in its own sub-power. Yang’s aura is only present so long as she is conscious. While asleep or knocked out she is vulnerable to both physical and mental attacks. Her aura can be overcharged and held, allowing her to take more damage than usual if need be.

  • Manual Recharge -Yang’s aura is recharged through heat. By remaining passive in a warm environment like outside on a summer day or inside in the heat, her aura will slowly regain its power. Yang can also use fire to recharge her aura much more quickly, but much less efficiently. Typically recharging her aura will cause Yang to consume the flame being used, and it will generally only give her anywhere between 1-5 tons of aura-usage depending on the flame, with 5 being something large like a bonfire. Yang has difficulty consuming fires of a larger size than this, so don’t expect her to save any burning buildings with this sub-power. Due to this, Yang is completely immune to heat based attacks such as lasers, fire, or lightning.
  • Kinetic Backlash - Yang’s secondary sub-power to her aura, and the manifestation of her fiery spirit. Yang can channel any hits she takes into a super-powerful attack. The best way to think of this ability is like a super-meter. As Yang’s aura takes a hit, this power’s strength will increase. She can then expend the meter for an attack. If she misses, the energy for this attack is lost and must be regained by taking more punishment. This power can also be used by Yang to superheat herself for a period of time. The heat generated by this technique cannot be absorbed back into aura.

Martial Arts Mastery
Yang has trained for years to become a master of Sambo, Jiu Jitsu, Muai Thai, Eagle Style Kung Fu and Tai Kwon Do. She uses these in a mixed fighting style to keep her enemies on their toes and keep them in check and controlled during combat.

Bionic Arm
Yang is a tactical and engineering genius and as such has started her road to recovery with the creation of several different bionic arms. Given that they’re arms, she can only take one with her into the field and cannot change them remotely. Because of this, she picks whichever one she finds to be the best for the job. (These arms are covered in equipment for the sake of neatness). Additionally, Yang has the option to detach these arms freely should they become inactive or inefficient.


Physical Weaknesses:

Yang's aura is rather potent when it comes to heat. It’s the cornerstone of her power, however cold is another story. Ice based attacks would drain her aura very rapidly.  Any cryokinesis based metahumans would find it child’s play to kill nerve endings in her body, ruining its aura and likely the limb.

Yang's aura gives her a resistance to many things, but without her armor, enough power will still put her through a nasty shock. Likely not enough to knock her out or anything, but it's a thing.

With Yang’s new arm, EMP blasts cause massive issues for her, disabling the arm she’s using until she can make the proper repairs.


--Street Equipment--


Yang does have her own motorcycle which was brought over from Japan. She does have her license to drive it and treats it better than she treats most people. It can reach up to 200 mph through acceleration. It has state of the art handling and suspension. The best money can buy, of course. Additionally, it has been modified with Robin's old tires that were found in the tower, allowing it to drive up sheer surfaces like buildings.

-Ranger Equipment-


Ranger Suit
The Ranger uniform using a black hardened-kevlar suit. It features a hood over the face and black cloth, blocking her out entirely. She uses her powers to make her eyes glow red, making her greatest strength intimidation. The hood has a scanner built into it, allowing her to scan the area for structural weaknesses or perform bioscans as well as a filter allowing her to breathe despite any neurotoxins present in the air. For the sake of mobility, armor is not present on the entire suit. It is only present on the torso, arms, shins, groin and in the cowl, along with insulation against electrical attacks in most of the rest of her armor. This is in place to cover vitals should her aura fail her, and the joints are fairly open to puncturing attacks or gunfire.

Ember Celica
The bracelets on Yang’s wrists are able to extend, covering her fists in these titanium weapons. With a punch, this weapon draws directly from her ability of kinetic backlash to fire ranged kinetic blasts that can knock down and incapacitate enemies. Additionally these weapons pack a grappling hook capable of travelling 20 stories before Yang follows it. The grappling hook is made of titanium cables.

Grenade Types
Yang’s gauntlets also have compartments packing several very tiny grenade-like devices. These can be fired from her gauntlets or placed and thrown by Yang herself. They are detonated remotely and each has a different effect.

  • Bolas - Lets loose a bolas shot to ensnare enemies. These lock magnetically after making contact with a target. They lose effectiveness after 20 yards. These are made of steel cables and magnetic locks. (5 Bolas shells carried)
  • Sound Grenade – These grenades are meant to be used strategically. They emit large amounts of sound that can disorient opponents or lure guards. The sound they emit is very high pitch and can cause pain to enemies with sensitive hearing. (6 carried)
  • Frost - After striking a target, these capsules will explode and begin to encase the area in ice. These capsules can encase up to 2 feet with ice. It is about one inch thick and can be broken given enough force. (6 capsules carried)
  • Shock - After making contact, this capsule unleashes 50,000 volts into the target for 3 seconds. (The force of a standard tazer)
  • Smoke - After Yang's gauntlets go off, these shells will fill the room with smoke. She can also detonate them manually with her powers. (10 carried)
  • Explosive - Small plastic explosives that Yang uses to destabilize structures, surprise and damage durable enemies, and distract foes. (10 carried)


MK IV; Bumblebee
Yang’s personal favorite of the bunch and one she has affectionately taken to calling the Bumblebee. Striking and lifting at a maximum of 3 tons and 1 ton respectively, this arm trades raw power for adaptability. While her Ember Celica is still built into the arm, it can also fold back into a Sonic Cannon, courtesy of what was left of Cyborg’s blueprints in the Titans mainframe. Additionally the cannon can be used to launch Yang’s many grenade types at her foes over a long distance. The hand is also capable of firing out as a grappling hook using titanium cables, allowing Yang to zip along rooftops and battlefields with ease. Thanks to the reliability of this arm and its ability to traverse terrain, this is her favorite arm to use while out on the town. This is the most adaptable of Yang’s designs yet, capable of moving quickly in combat and out. While the arm is perfectly valid in hand to hand combat, Yang’s sonic cannon makes for an even better option. The weapon is capable of knocking holes in brick walls rather easily. This weapon fires at a maximum of 1 ton of force, but can be weakened for less durable foes.


Personality Trait: Yang is still a very easy going friend, trying to keep everyone's spirits up in the darkest of times and acting as a bit of a psychologist for them all. Long story short, if someone needs her, she's always on speed dial.
Ideals: I'm going to leave the world better than I found it. Bet on that.
Bonds: I started being a hero because I was afraid what would happen if I didn't. Now I'm afraid of what will happen if I stop.
Flaws: My failures haunt me. They always have. I'm terrified of failing again.

Place of Origin: Nagasaki, Japan
"Well...lets see...I was born in Japan, no matter how not-asian I may look. There I was raised by my daddy, and mom who...really wasn't around much. Regardless, it was really obvious I had powers when I was little. My eyes would glow red when I got mad, I'd fall from places and get up without anything wrong with me, and apparently I was a complete pain in the *#& during the diaper days. So...school was stupid for me, honestly.

I was treated...kind of oddly. You'd figure a kid with genius level intellect would just stroll through, but it was pretty rough. Not because the work was difficult or anything, honestly I barely applied myself. What made it rough was people. The teachers would go out of their way to make me feel uncomfortable because of how smart I was, and other kids picked on me a lot. At the front of that were Melanie and Miltia, the twins. They were the daughters of my dad's business partner, we just call him Junior. Honestly? They're *#&%#!$ metahumans who think they own the world because they have money and other people didn't. They were basically everything I could have been, but their torment just drove me to be the radical opposite. So...I guess I should thank them...oddly enough.

I finished high school around the age of 14, and that's when I tried to do the whole hero thing. I was a really stupid kid who tried to deal with all the rampant crime. Word to the wise, don't mess with Japanese gangs when you have nothing but some basic martial arts and gadgets on you. They will SERIOUSLY mess you up. That was the wakeup call, and my Dad decided it would be safer for me to just work in the company when I finished college...which I did around 16 I might add.

So I worked in the engineering business for a while, and it was easy enough. I rose through the ranks of my own accord, and decided I wanted to do the hero thing again. Dad...wasn't keen on it and moved us to the American branch of our company. That's where the others come in. The Titans.

When I met them, it was the weirdest feeling of my life. Robin and all the others that I WANTED to meet were all completely gone, and I wasn't the only one who was looking for them either. Because of that I found people like Bow, Harmon, Yoshi, Ravian and Meta. And I was the one in charge for so long. It felt...wrong. I didn't feel like I should be in charge of all these heroes when I could barely stop a drug deal back in Japan. So I dove directly into bettering myself. Whether it be gadgets or fighting, I wanted to be the best hero I could be and make myself worth their time. Along the way though, I guess I forgot not to be so...distant.

When the Zydon Empire showed up, the team was barely ready to stand, let alone fight. We got punished pretty hard for that. The tower was in ruins and I lost my arm. The nerves and cells in it were killed by a cyromancer alien, so it had to be amputated. Bow stuck with me through it, and after she left...Rav took over. When the others left the team, Rav still stuck by me. He was going to fight with me, even if he would be doing all the work. Because he believed in me and what I thought was right. I appreciated that. I appreciated that a lot.

So Hotwire went off with his own squad to investigate Tiberius, and me and Ravian were left in a rebuilt tower. Things were looking...pretty rough when the Russians came. They demolished my tower, tried to kill me and Rav, and we would be dead if the others hadn't shown up to save us. I guess it shouldn't have been a surprise that Rav left after that. But it was. For some reason I just expected him to stay here, even if it was totally unrealistic.

So there I was...a Titan with no team and a leader to absolutely no one. High and mighty, right? So I was left with no options but going back to Hotwire...and I didn't expect him to actually take me. Let alone help me build new armor, make me leader again...it was humbling to see him believe in me. Amazing even.

So of course something had to come along and make me feel terrible. We had some issues with a god from a dead pantheon. Set. He managed to take me over because I was too weak. I messed up. Because of my mistakes, he almost killed my friends, using me as a weapon to do it. I’m lucky I only lost my arm for it...

Lately though, everything is a blur. I'm never sure what's real and what isn't. It seems like just as quickly as I'm learning new things or meeting new people, the memories leave me. Like they just stopped existing. And I can't explain why. And now I need to stop this. Or else I could be next."

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Yang Xiao Long
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