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 Alice Arkana

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PostSubject: Alice Arkana   Sat Sep 22, 2018 4:03 am

"Hmm...Sure, I could use a drink."

Alice Arkana


Full Name: Alice Arkana
Codename: Arkana
Age: 24
Race: Human


Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Reddish Brown
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 127 lbs
Miscellanious Traits: Eyes turn red while using her Aura Arkana





Aura Arkana
The Arkana Bloodline offers Alice a great many magical spells, as well as the Aura Arkana. An otherworldly force of unfathomable arcane energy that allows her to access her magic, as well as protecting her from a great many threats that would do her harm, including all other forms of magic and many weak piercing weapons such as blades or bullets. This aura also allows her to access the memories and experience of her ancestors, stretching as far back as medieval Europe. With these powers, she's outsmarted hundreds of extra planar creatures and demons, including Trigon and Lucifer himself.

The Dawn of Alchemy
Alice can use this spell to transmogrify any forms of matter, so long as her target is non-sentient. This spell was used in ancient times as alchemy, and can be used on any substance. This is Alice's most well practiced spell and she can use it without even putting any effort into it. Hell, sometimes she does it on accident.


The Process
Unless stated otherwise, all of Alice's spells can be created with a simple gesture of her hands. Very few of them even require any words or prayers or anything. One must simply harness the powers of their magical aura and all will be well. Some novices like to use actually spell chants as it helps them focus. While Alice may use this from time to time to help with her focus, she's largely capable of casting silently.

The Aegis of Azuth
Conjures up to a maximum 12-foot diameter energy dome, although the size may be altered to fit her needs, which is capable of withstanding up to 250 tons of force. Being that this spell requires a somatic component to maintain, Alice is unable to cast any other incantations while this one is in effect, and it is a two way protection field. No form of attack can pass through it without breaking it. From either side. This spell really doesn't have a time limit. As long as Alice is conscious she can hold it together, but she's going to be in one position for a rather long time, and doing anything other than lighting a cigarette would be almost impossible for her. Crafted by the first ever high-profile mage in Alice's family, Azuth, who was the archmage of King Arthur's court and used this spell to protect Camelot from siege until his unfortunate demise. Legend has taken to calling him Merlin for reasons beyond his comprehension.

Pathway of Pholtus
Requires a rune to be drawn around all units meant to be transported. After casting this spell, any people, objects, or animals within the rune will be teleported to any destination of Alice's choosing without exception. Any matter that would be compromised by the teleportation will be displaced by her magic. This is a one way trip, recasting this spell would require another rune to be drawn.

Blessed Bolts of Boccob
Alice's primary attacking spell, the Bolts of Boccob can be fired from her hands as a projectile. While they do not move incredibly quickly and can be dodged by literally anyone capable of ducking a dodgeball, these bolts slice right through matter like butter. They can be formed into a blade extending from her wrist for close combat and can also be narrowed to a disk for concentrated attacks and throws. It's worth noting that this spell is about as subtle as a runaway train. It's extremely bright, extremely loud, and extremely devastating. It sounds almost like a crackling generator of mystical energy, really. Alice calls them her WitchBolts. WitchBolts are not made of matter of any kind.

Trickery of Tritherion
A simple incantation that any novice can pull off, but a versatile one. The trick is in combining the various effects of it. This spell, once cast, allows Alice to turn entirely invisible to both standard and thermal vision, leave doppelgangers of herself, and even leave a clone to fight in her place. While this clone may have a magical aura and can trick almost anyone tracking one, it cannot cast any of Alice's spells itself. Upon death, the clone will explode in a non-lethal burst of concussive force, able to knock most normal people over. The primary weakness of this spell's invisibility is that it won't stop her from making noise. So she'll have to watch where she steps, avoid getting blood or mud or something on her, avoid leaving footprints, and so on.

Sanctuary of Sargonnas
This spell places a protective bubble around Alice and whomever else she wills it upon. It doesn't exactly hinder her in any way, because it has the simple function of adaptability. This protective field allows the affected to survive underwater, in molten lava, and even the outer reaches of space. Fire, electricity, freezing cold, none of that matters a ton as long as this little spell is up and running. The issue being that it can break if it gets hit with...basically anything. Don't step on a nail. That'll ruin your whole day.

Animation de Auril
Alice can bring inanimate objects to life with a wave of her hand, bidding them to follow her will. This can range from a broom to a small automobile. Anything larger will take her full attention. Once animated however, these objects become loyal only to Alice. Telekinesis in all forms won't work on them. At all. Controlling more than a handful of objects is taxing to her, but as long as she's relaxed and focused, she shouldn't have too much trouble. While she can control massive amounts of objects at once, say a shelf stacked to the ceiling, she can only give them minor commands. Like falling forward.

The Many Guises of Gilean
Another mind numbingly simple incantation. This allows Alice to distort her height, weight and general appearance as she pleases, so long as it resembles a humanoid being. Don't expect to see her swap forms to a bear to run you down. This is much more likely to be used as a way to hide. Initially crafted by Alice's great grandfather Gilean, this spell was made to hide from Death himself for over 80 years, allowing him to survive up until Alice's grandfather was born to continue the bloodline.

Correlon's Cures
A medical spell capable of curing any nonlethal wounds and diseases in a matter of seconds. Due to absolutely mind numbing pain, Alice finds difficulty in casting this on herself. Not to mention the actual spell involves literally killing the cells that make up the injury and recreating them from scratch. So...needless to say it's excruciatingly painful. I don't recommend it. All in all, this was created by her however many greats grandmother. She and her husband were medicine workers in medieval times. While the actual cures that were sold didn't work, Correlon's Cures most certainly did.

Warnings from Wee Jas
This simple warding spell will leave an area protected by Alice's magic for several hours. Anything that passes through it, whether visible or invisibly by technology or magic, will notify her on the spot and track it until it has left the area of her ward. Things can pass over the ward without her knowledge, but you have to know how high it goes. They can also travel below the ground without her knowledge.

The Stairway of the Ascended
A neat little trick that creates invisible platforms for Alice and her allies to walk on, allowing them to appear as if levitating or flying. Rather useful, really. These platforms are as wide or as narrow as Alice wishes. Anyone she deems unworthy will not be able to touch these stairs, let alone destroy them.

The Key of Kathalrius
This spell allows Alice to maneuver in a more subtle manner. No flash, no noise, nothing. Alice's body becomes intangible. This allows it to pass through most solid objects such as walls, doors, desks, etc. She uses this spell to get into places that she really has no business being. It cannot pass through sentient beings, but combining it with her Pathway of Pholthus may even allow her to traverse planes of existence, or realities themselves.


Despite her immense magical power, Alice is 100% human. She's squishy, fragile, easy to kill. She relies a lot on her magic, and any way to stop that would make her an easy target.

Bad Habits
Alice is a bit of a smoker. She can become short of breath rather easily. She drinks quite heavily to forget the things she's seen. She's very far from healthy and can be easily outpaced.

If there is one Kryptonite that Alice has...it's kids. She takes care of them. She wants to make sure they're okay. Once someone involves them, she's going to get involved. Whether it's a good idea or not.


Alice always carries a pack on her. At least, sometimes two. Expensive little rolls of paper, but they ease the nerves. Makes casting spells easier.

A standard lighter, again always carried. This one was given to her by her father, so it has a bit of sentimental value.

The Little Black Book
A little book that Alice carries with her that carries the secrets of the arcane and the universe. Nothing major. Alice already has the book memorized, but it's pretty nice to have as a visual aid to help cure stupidity. It's worth noting that there's a powerful incantation on it that prevents it from being destroyed, ripped, or even opened without her say. Not that someone without a magical aura could do anything with it. So good luck with that.

Yeah. White chalk. It's to draw runes.

Holy Water
As a demonologist who regularly is called in to deal with supernatural affairs, you get used to carrying a small container of Holy Water everywhere you go.

Blessed Dagger
Stolen directly from the armory of the Vatican. You'd be surprised what kind of things they'll leave lying around in a heavy guarded and locked vault. And you'd be amazed how seldom they open it. They probably don't even miss it.


Personality Trait: Alice is antisocial, arrogant, crude, and incredibly nihilistic. However, she feels required to protect innocent people from the threats they could never comprehend. Specifically the demon kind.
Ideals: "In an ideal world, I could sit back with a good book and a whisky. This isn't an ideal world. Let's make it one. My feet are getting tired."
Bonds: Alice is currently bonded to the life of hero work by her shop and the innocent people around her. Mostly the shop though.
Flaws: Given the choice between sitting down with a drink and a cigarette with a book or talking to literally anyone who doesn't have something she wants, she's going to pick the former.


Family Members: N/A
Place of Origin: Blackpool, England
History: W.I.P.
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Alice Arkana
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