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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 Meteor Shower!

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PostSubject: Meteor Shower!   Tue Apr 17, 2018 3:09 am

A quarter after midnight...  

People all across Jump City and the rest of the states were preparing to watch the Meteor Shower that was scheduled to start soon. Typically these things occurred rarely every once in awhile, and could only be seen under the right conditions. But this one was special. It was said that this one would be the largest one in recorded history. It wasn't simply because it was a SINGLE large shower. But rather multiple consecutive ones happening all over the globe. So anyone interested in space, rocks, or pretty lights in the sky would get a kick out of the show. And if you liked Space Rocks, you were sure to get double the satisfaction!  

12:40... someone live streaming outside Jump in the mesa.

"Hey guys!" -Introduction gets mostly drowned out by the other festivities happening all around.

"What we all came out for is on the horizon. Should be any moment now," the camera feed pans along the lovely, starry night sky. "Wouldn't be able to see it from the city with all of the lights," -some more festive noises as the camera sharply turns in time to see the tail of a meteor.

"There's one! Here they come!" The Camera pans sharply from side to side as more begin to fall, slowing down as the sky becomes filled with various streaks of light.

"Wow. Was totally worth coming out all of this way," someone in the background comments as the shower continues.

"Hey, are some of those a different color?" Someone else speaks up, prompting the camera to pan over to where they were now pointing. A minute passes and someone else makes a similar observation.

"Yeah! There's some over there!" The Streamer says catching a few on camera. "Whoa, that's a big one... wait- where's that heading?" The Streamer asks warily, looking at one that wasn't big. It was simply getting closer.

"Everyone shut the hell up! We need to get out of here!" The Streamer yells louder, moments before being everything was drowned out by an earth shattering blast. The stream was down for the rest of the evening. The streamer would come back on later, posting up some footage he managed to get on his phone of what happened next.

The footage was terrible, and audio was almost unintelligible. But one of the Meteors managed to touch down. The crater was big, even for such a small one. But the entire inside was glowing, which was revealed to be coming not just from the meteor sitting in the middle of it. But a great many "shards" that had embedded themselves all along the inside of the crater. Shortly after that, the footage would cut to the arrival of the national guard. And as you'd expect, anyone with their phone out immediately had it taken away, and people were being forced to leave the site.

The footage the streamer shared (along with his account on the site he was streaming to) was soon removed within the hour. But it was just one piece of footage that soon found itself going viral before being taken down. And it wasn't the only bit of footage. The shower happened all across the world, and other bits of footage began popping up all over the internet like wildfire. Even for the most heavy handed of people, there was just no stopping it now.

During the following week, public announcements and official news reporters began to fill the public in with what knowledge they were allowed to disclose about the mysterious substance now being caleld Aurite. "We've all seen the footage captured of the meteors that found their way to earth. Until further notice, officials would like to assure everyone that there is no cause for a alarm. But for now, they advise everyone to not go near the crash sites, due to potential contaminants and radioactivity associated with the meteors. And anyone who may have come into contact with such, is encouraged to seek medical help to be on the safe side."

In the days that followed, talk shows and follow up news reports would continue to placate the curious masses until a few casualties of "poisoning" popped up. Certain details were vague or not disclosed apart from how they died. There were other cases. But steps were taken to keep them secret from the public. Some cases however, suffered a fate worse then death. And there was no way to keep their existence under wraps. "Officials would like to once again, encourage anyone who has come into contact with any Aurite to seek medical help immediately. And anyone with any information on people you think may have come into contact with Aurite is also encouraged to bring this information to your local authorities."

Regardless of the News Reports, the warnings, or the consequences, the lure of power would be too much for some.
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Meteor Shower!
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