Teen Titans Legacy

A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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PostSubject: Southpaw   Sun Feb 11, 2018 1:34 am

Grade: C with signature gauntlets. Without any cybernetics, he's D level, slightly better than an average thug. He's used for small scale, ground level heists and street level robberies. He generally does not have large scale plans, other than to get rich.

Full Name: Griffin 'Griff' Douglas
Codename: Southpaw
Age: 29
Classification: Human.
Affiliation: Himself. Selfish. Riches.


Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 205 lbs
Other Traits: He has a unique hair style, very spiky and shaved on the sides.



Is a regular human


  • Leader - Although criticized/ridiculed at times by police officers for being a bit stupid or short sighted,
    Southpaw seems to be able to find people that will follow him.
  • Boxer - Not the best talent by any means, Southpaw has a raw, scrappy style of fighting that's rooted in some boxing experience. He isn't completely untrained, like most criminals.
  • Contacts - Southpaw isn't the biggest fish operating in the States, but he does know quite a few of them.
    He uses his contacts to get him intel on places where he could strike and to ask favors, in return for performing some favors himself.


  • Gauntlets - As more eccentric vigilantes, aliens...superheroes have become increasingly more common,
    people in Southpaw's line of work have had to learn to up their game if they have any hope to make a profit. A while back, Southpaw nabbed these babies, and since then, he's been able to jump up a few tiers. A prototype designed to aid construction workers on the job, these gauntlets hook directly into the users bloodstream, increasing their strength considerably. On top of this wired influence, these metal fists are mechanized and reinforced with small jet boosters.

    Originally, these gauntlets were designed to allow construction workers to lift larger, heavier materials with great ease. Southpaw uses them to crack ribs and break down bank walls. A punch with these gauntlets will send an average person flying across a room. He can punch through concrete, and dent metal, but after a few swings, can punch through even steel and other harder, reinforcements.

    These metals were prototypes and tests were incomplete however, leading to a number of problems. Firstly,
    extensive use of the gauntlets can cloud the user's judgement, giving them an increased hyped, adrenaline fueled state of mind where they can fly into blind rages, losing sight of their own goals and giving into a sort of blood lust. Along with this sort of rage, the direct connection with the users blood stream can lead to sickness,
    extrusion of the veins and intense pain.

    Although the gauntlets can function in water, elongated submersion or direct exposure to its inner controls can leave to the gloves short circuiting, random spasms and, eventually, deactivation.



  • He can be a rude dude
  • Cocky
  • Loves a good fight

Griffin is immensely selfish. He has no attachment to his revolving door of henchmen whatsoever, he only cares if they are effective. If they fall behind or compromise any of his plans, he will feel no remorse in betraying them and leaving them behind. This doesn't mean he will take out his anger on his aids by any means. He loves it when they do well, and he discards them if they hold him back.

He will let his grunts do all the work if they can, but he loves a good fight, and he will definitely suit up and get in the action to show that no one can hold him down. He's the king babyyyy.

Place of Origin:
Brooklyn, NY

Griffin Douglas grew up in a lower middle class family in Brookyn. He wasn't the smartest guy in class, so he figured he'd need to learn to do something else if he wanted to increase his standing in life. He started taking boxing lessons at the local gym and did pretty well. He won a lot based solely on the fact that he was left handed, a Southpaw. Since it was so rare, people weren't used to fighting someone that had a flipped style, so he caught people off guard. He had decent promise, but he was stubborn and didn't listen to advice too often so his boxing prospects didn't seem to be a realistic destination for great success to Griffin.

Eventually, he fell in with a bad crowd and embraced them. He began stealing cars at 16 and never looked back. Since then he's been in and out of correctional facilities all around the country, but recently, he's seemed to find powerful friends and was part of a major prison break. He was in charge of a big heist that got him these sweet digs, the prototype gauntlets. The gauntlets aren't enough, though, he wants more.

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