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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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Magic Man
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PostSubject: Blackbird   Mon Jan 22, 2018 7:03 am

"When you see your prize, you don't wait. You step up, take charge, and you grab it. Take out anyone in your way."

Rian Briggs


Full Name: Rian Briggs
Codename: Blackbird
Age: 27
Race: Meta Human
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral/True Neutral


Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green
Gender: Male
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 190 lbs
Other Traits: Tattoo of a screeching bird down his right arm (arm sleeve). Short stubble.



  • Shapeshifting - Through a small amount of concentration Rian can change the features of his face. This is not illusory, he actually changes the structure, facial hair, scars...everything. He can maintain these changes in features indefinitely. He considers himself pretty handsome. That's not by mistake. He changes what he doesn't like.
  • Shadow Manipulation - Blackbird can manipulate his own shadow. The way that he usually employs this ability is to use his shadow to catch his enemies by surprise, using an extended range from a well placed light to choke out a lingering guard or something similar. He can also shrink into his shadow so that his body is safe from danger for a time. Whilst in this shadowy form, he can move quickly along floors and walls, inconspicuously and in ways that he normally might not be able to, getting to areas that are hard to get to through normal means.
  • Second Entity - Rian is the host for a second entity. He doesn't know its name, or where it really came from, but he does know that it has something to do with black birds. Whenever it interacts with Rian, it speaks through black birds, whether that's through hallucinations in daylight, or strange dreams. This entity has its own agenda that can sometimes be contrary to Rian's plans. Usually the entity can't do anything to Rian to enforce its will, but, if Rian uses his shapeshifting ability or his shadow manipulation, the entity seems to grow in power for a time. This can be small things, like his shadow doing things without his consent at minimum, to full on black outs where he doesn't regain consciousness until weeks later, without any knowledge what he had been doing.


  • Lock-picking - Rian rarely encounters a lock that he can't figure out. He's been picking since he knew that it was possible really. It helps with his career of choice and for party tricks.
  • Acrobatics - Growing up, Rian actually took part in ballet class and gymnastics. He's about as flexible as any guy could be. If he wanted to dedicate himself, he could make a run at the Olympic team, well, if they allowed cons on the team.
  • Pick-pocketing - You never know what goodies people carry on them. It started off as a skill of necessity for Rian's line of work, but as he start to get the hang of it, he began doing it for little to no reason at all. See it, want it, take it.
  • Stealth - As Blackbird, this is vital. From scoping out hits, he needs to appear completely inconspicuous. On top of that, he has learned the art of blending in and avoiding eyesight from the masters of the field, becoming somewhat a master himself.
  • Free Running - As a young, active guy, Rian can waste no time going from place to place. Instead of walking around that railing, why not jump over it, kicking your legs in the air with style. Instead walking by that wall like a normal person, why not run up it, grab the ledge and dash across the roof? Free Running: the new dilly dallying.

Physical Weaknesses

  • Human - Is affected by everything just like a normal human. Gun shots are normally fatal, falling from extreme heights are damaging, drinking too much makes him drunk, etc.
  • Light - Without enough light to create a shadow, a good amount of his powers are unusable.

Mental Weaknesses

  • Birds - Especially black birds. Through a combination of the entity and childhood experiences, Rian is not a fan of birds. He isn't crippled by their presence, but he is thrown off, uncomfortable, suitable creeped out.
  • Arrogant - Rian is brash and a bit of a show off. He will try a tactic that is less likely to succeed and requires more luck or effort for no other reason than to see if he can do it. This can certainly backfire.


  • Mask - As he's decided to try and build up his fame, Blackbird has created a pseudonym for himself and stolen a mask to go along with it, rather than just sticking to the simple black ski mask that he had grown accustomed to. The mask has no special special benefits other than being unique, really old, and probably worth a lot of money.
  • Pistol - A while back, Rian was able to nab a fairly nice side arm. He hates having to use it, but it has happened three or four times. It's fairly basic although it is outfitted with a silencer. Rian isn't a great shot since he never practices with it.


Rian isn't a kleptomaniac, but he's cocky enough to get himself into trouble. He likes taking things, especially from people he views to have so much money, they couldn't throw it away. He's loyal to his friends, if he has long standing relationships with them, but it is hard for someone to get to that level. In his trade, he's learned not to get too attached to the many associates he's made, as he never knows when and if someone would double cross him, get caught or arrested, or get themselves killed.

On the job, Blackbird usually gets the job, but his arrogance, especially if there's a woman on the team, causes him to jeopardize the entire mission, simply to show off. He's needlessly reckless, somewhat childish, but completely certain that he is the best thief in the world, and he's willing to prove it.


  • Stealing from the rich and keeping it all for yourself
  • Getting outsmarted
  • Ordering the most expensive thing on the menu
  • Fast cars
  • Beautiful women


  • People messing up his heists/incompetence
  • Guns
  • Unnecessary cruelty
  • Fast food


  • Sunbathing
  • Lounging
  • Street Racing


Family Members:
Father - Unknown, surname Briggs
Mother - Cameron Briggs - deceased
Place of Origin: Baltimore, Maryland
Rian grew up in a small apartment, raised by a single mother who did her best. He'd never met his father and if you talked to his mother, you'd think there never was a father. No matter how often he'd asked as a child, his mother wouldn't even give up the father's name. Eventually he stopped asking.


As he grew up, he always felt like he was being watched, although he couldn't explain it. There was just a heat at the back of his neck, as though someone was just lingering, a few feet behind him at all times. Where it came from or why it was watching him, he had no idea. He avoided accepting it when he was young, but as time went on, the truth became unavoidable.

When Rian was 16, his mother died from a heart attack. No one could have seen it coming, there was no warning. One day Rian had a mother, the next day he was alone. They sent him to an orphanage. He ran away about a week in, started stealing to survive. Eventually he got pretty good, started stealing bigger things, eventually it wasn't just for survival, it became to be about pleasure. People started to know his name, though. Although he was getting job offers for big heists with well established groups, the feds were after him as well. He found that he couldn't remain in the same city for longer than a few months before he'd have to pack up and move.

By chance, Rian got hooked up with a gang who were planning on hitting a shipment from an archaeological dig. Intel said that the target was an idol made of solid gold. Insane cash in, guaranteed. Rian was the point man, the team got him in so that he could make the grab, but, just as he had the prize in his sights, he heard a faint voice, coming for a closed crate. His curiosity got the better of him, so, he cracked open the box, only to find an ancient metal mask, resembling a bird. As he laid his hands on it, he became aware of that old feeling, of someone watching him. Suddenly the alarm rang, he had a moment to make his decision and he grabbed the mask, leaving the idol behind.


The crew was angry to say the least as Rian claimed he came out empty handed, but he was too entranced by the mask to care. That night, he had a dream that seemed far too real. A man with a bird's face game him a deal. Freedom from his problems if he worked for the being from time to time. He was surrounded in a court room, flanked by crows, and ravens, and black birds. Without completely thinking it through, Rian agreed.

The next day, he realized that he had supernatural abilities. The mask was real, the entity was real. He could interact with his shadow and change his face. The possibilities were endless and his mind was racing from the possibilities. First thing was to solve his problems with the feds, so he came up with a plan.

He organized a big heist, gathered a crack team and made himself the point man. They were going to steal the Amharic Rubies as they were on display at Hearst Tower in Manhattan. The plan went off without a hitch as the team infiltrated the gala. Guards were incapacitated, laser grids were crossed, and Rian found himself face to face with the rubies. He looked up and smiled at the last camera before short circuiting it. He knew that, with this heist, he would go down in history by just getting this far. He sighed to himself before taking the butt of his gun and grinding the rubies into a powder, as best as he could. He set up a syringe full of nitromethane and made his escape. As the Nitromethane would come into contact with the powder, a reaction occurred which obliterated the entire level. His team, the feds and the world thought that Rian Briggs, this era's greatest thief, was dead.

Rian changed his face and began donning the mask on his heists, creating a new alias, the Blackbird. This time he would be more careful and grow to higher heights than he could ever imagine.

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Magic Man
Magic Man

Posts : 1416
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PostSubject: Re: Blackbird   Mon Jan 29, 2018 12:53 am

Alright, I think Blackbird is ready for a review Shades

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The Acrimonious

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PostSubject: Re: Blackbird   Fri Feb 09, 2018 9:21 am

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PostSubject: Re: Blackbird   

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