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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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Magic Man
Magic Man

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RPG character
Name: Jackson Parella - Lafave
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PostSubject: Blink   Fri Jan 19, 2018 10:15 am

"Don't blink. That's my thing."

Jackson "Jack" Parella - Lafave


Full Name: Jackson Edgar Parella - Lafave
Nickname(s): "Jack", "Jax/Jacks"
Alias(es): Blink, Scout
Age: 16
Race: Augmented Human
Alignment: Neutral Good


Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: (See Powers)
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 160 lbs
Other Traits: His eyes are noticeably mechanical/robotic in nature. Although they can simulate a normal eye, close inspection will reveal their false nature. Jack's eyes regularly change colors in accordance to his powers.


- Cybernetic Eyes - From the cornea to the pupil to the optic nerve, Jackson's eyes are both actually an extremely advanced artificial prosthesis. Due to the creator's eccentricities, these eyes are able to perform feats, far greater than simply bestowing sight. Being cybernetic, the greater the power, the greater energy needs to be drawn and the greater physical strain Jack experiences. Imagine the different powers as eye settings. To sift between settings, Jackson only needs to blink. Each setting emits a different color. Some settings are mundane and less useful while others are considerably more powerful than a teenager should ever need. If Jackson only uses settings that use minimal power, he mostly has no issue using them constantly. A setting that uses moderate power cannot be used for very long periods without risking running out of power. A setting that uses high power can usually only be used for moments before risking running out of power. Settings listed ---

  • Regular Eye Simulation - black pupil, greenish iris, white - This setting simulates a regular eye with fair accuracy, used to avoid attention - Energy Usage: none (needs power)
  • Magnified Vision - full eye blue - This is probably Jackson's favorite setting to use day by day. Using this setting, Jackson can magnify objects for closer inspection or see across great distances about to the level of your standard spyglass - Energy Usage: minimal
  • Night Vision - full eye green - Obviously, night vision, but with no magnification - Energy Usage: minimal
  • Infrared Vision - full eye orange - Used to see through walls, detect various heat signatures - Energy Usage: moderate
  • X-Ray Vision - full eye violet - Used to see the skeletal anatomy of people, Jack does not have any medical training, so, this setting is fairly niche - Energy Usage: moderate
  • Photographic Vision - full eye yellow - Used to record things that Jackson has seen, he can capture single moments or he can record conversations, then display these pictures/recordings through holograms emitted from his eyes - Energy Usage: moderate
  • Laser Vision - full eye red - Once switching to this setting, an incredibly powerful laser beam blasts out of Jackson's eyes. This blast has the power to blast through strong walls and even has the potential to destroy certain small buildings. This is only used in desperate scenarios, as it causes considerable pain and usually intense exhaustion. - Energy Usage: high


  • Passionate Cook
  • Good Detective
  • Sneaky
  • Fine Driver
  • Acrobatic
  • Long Distance Runner

Physical Weaknesses

  • Power Down - If he uses too much power, or, for whatever reason his eye augments power down, he will be rendered completely blind.
  • Human - Otherwise is completely human. Things that hurt other humans hurt him. A bullet in the right spot and he's dead, he needs air to breath, etc.

Mental Weaknesses

  • Socially, Jacks avoids conflict actively. He dreads facing, acknowledging, and solving social problems and would rather live in a self imposed ignorance to disagreement.
  • Bugs - They're gross and if he encounters a particularly big or freaky looking insect or arachnid, he will not handle things well.
  • Overall, Jackson is a bit cowardly. It's something he needs to learn to do. Face things that he doesn't want to face. Usually he finds that running and avoiding is the easier answer.

As far as regular gear, Jack doesn't exactly have a consistent wardrobe. He wears whatever he feels like day to day, doesn't have a 'costume' of any sort at the moment, since he doesn't consider himself a 'superhero' of any kind. The only thing worth mentioning is that he usually likes to wear mirrored aviator sunglasses so that people can't tell that his eyes are strange.


Jackson Parella is a positive, friendly guy. He wants to get along with everyone and if he knows that someone else is annoyed with him, it's hard for him to be comfortable. He's fairly generous and will try cooking for people to cultivate relationships. Jack isn't a stickler for the rules, but will follow them when possible. Jack's 'angry' is usually just the silent treatment, but to the nth degree. If someone has an issue with Jack, they probably won't see him until they want to make the effort themselves to apologize. This isn't to say that Jack gets into arguments easily by any means, but when it does happen, he doesn't deal with it well, to say the least.

Otherwise, Jack is a fun guy to have around. He's helpful, always game to participate in most anything, funny when the moment is right and very laid back. Although sometimes he may seem aloof, he's usually just trying to not stir the pot. Jack is the type of guy that has a ton of friends but has very very few real friends, people that he allows himself to become vulnerable enough with, to get to know well.


  • Cooking
  • Rain
  • Massages
  • Cats
  • Jogging
  • Binge Watching
  • Puzzles


  • Confrontation
  • Boxing
  • Bugs
  • Getting sick
  • Spicy Food
  • Fast Food
  • Drugs


  • Cooking
  • Reading Mysteries
  • Watching Mysteries/Crime Shows
  • Doing Puzzles
  • Jogging
  • Trying to pick up girls


Family Members:

  • Father - David Parella - Advertiser - 43
  • Mother - Sadie Lafave - Doctor - 46
  • Sister - Candace Parella - Lafave - College Student - 19

Place of Origin: Chestnut Hill, Pennsylvania
David Parella met Sadie Lafave, medical student at the Perelman School for Medicine, while he was a senior at UPenn. They quickly fell in love, had a daughter, Candace, and began rising to the forefront of their respective fields before having their son, Jackson. Jackson's parents worked in two extremely well paying fields and were very good at their jobs, so, their family came to be very well off. Growing up, Jackson parents both worked a lot but made an effort to participate in their children's lives, going above and beyond to give them the best childhood possible. Entering school, Candace and Jackson were very close, despite somewhat of an age difference. They spent time together and hung out with each other's friend groups, and learned to appreciate each other as people, beyond their familial bonds. They developed special nicknames for one another, 'Candy' and 'Jacks'.

During middle school, Sadie discovered that David had been having an affair and they were divorced shortly after. This created a considerable rift between David and the rest of the family as trust had been broken beyond what any of them could have imagined. Jackson's father moved away and contact became very rare. After discovering the affair, Sadie's confidence had been badly damaged. She started dating in attempts to recover her mental state, unfortunately leaving her kids virtually without a mother or a father present. Through this, Candace and Jackson became even closer than before, as, suddenly, they were mostly all each other had.



Certainly, this situation affected both Candace and Jackson quite negatively, but they tried their best to stay positive as much as they could. For about two years, Jackson didn't see his father, and it seemed as though that would remain the new status quo until a terrible accident befell Jackson.

While commuting from a private school in Philadelphia back to Chestnut Hill, Jackson and Candace made it a habit to stop at a corner store to grab a drink or two. They got to know the owner their pretty well and made friends with most of the workers. One day, Jackson and Candace stayed late to watch a friend in a school play. After congratulating everyone on a great show, they decided to stop at the corner store despite it being much later than usual. As Jackson was waiting outside for Candace to grab a drink, he noticed a nervous looking man in a big coat walk in.

Moments later he heard a thud. The man, in his anxiety, knocked over a stack of newspapers as he pulled a gun on the cashier, the only girl working that night. With his heart racing, he realized the man hadn't seen him leaning beside the bike rack. Pushing forward and looking through the window, he saw his sister hiding just a few feet away behind a shelf. Without thinking fully, Jack strode straight into the store and raised his hands over his head. The man quickly flipped his attention toward Jack, his gun shaking heavily.

As steadily as possible Jack tried to calm him down, convince him to forget this whole thing and leave. Slowly he moved closer as his planned seemed to be working, but as a police siren rang from down the street, the man was startled and fired the gun, before bolting out the store and trying to run away.

All Jack could remember was an intense ringing in his ear before everything went dark. He'd been shot in the head, his body slumping down to the ground with blood pooling around him. Hysterical, Candace ran to her brother's side, screaming for help...

It's rare for someone to survive a bullet to the head. It's even more rare for that person to have a similar quality of life as they had beforehand. After an extremely stressful and sleepless night, David, Sadie and Candace finally got to hear the news from the residing surgeon at the Perelman Center. Jackson was going to make it, but, his eyes were severely damaged, his nose smashed in completely and the bullet was lodged into the left frontal lobe of his brain. They were able to remove the bullet and, after another few hours of reconstructive surgery, they would be able to salvage his nose. Unfortunately, his eyes would be totally lost, and they would just have to wait and see if he received any lasting brain damage.

They told Jackson that he was incredibly lucky to be alive, but he didn't feel very lucky. He was having trouble adapting to life without vision as he began his recovery. The only positive point was that his dad was around again. Sometimes, he liked to pretend that everything was like it was before. Just one happy family. Eventually, though, his dad left again and he felt more alone than ever.

Unbeknownst to Jackson, Sadie was taking the accident particularly hard. She blamed herself for being negligent since the divorce, like this was some sort of universal, karmic revenge for not being more a part of the family, so, she began investigating options to help her son. She knew of an associate who had gone to work for a new highly innovative organization overseas called Optics Unlimited. She'd been offered a job herself, but working in a foreign country combined with the company's mysterious CEO dissuaded her from making the commitment. However her situation has changed, and the types of advances she's heard they were developing were extraordinary.

After getting in contact with her associate, she was able to broker a deal. Work for Optics and allow the company to Jackson into their on site schooling program and they promised, Jackson would be able to see. Although the offer relinquished quite a few freedoms for both herself and Jackson, Sadie was determined, so she accepted the deal.

With Candace remaining in the US to begin her collegiate education, Jackson and his mother packed up and flew to a remote island off the coast of Africa. Covered by dense forest and jungle was the Optics Unlimited Headquarters. It seemed like a dream from the outside, but the innards revealed a black and white, cold, sterile, very modern, uncomfortable maze-like complex that Sadie wasn't entirely excited to call her home.

Quickly, they were separated as Jackson was induced. As he awoke, he found himself in a strange room, surrounded by other teens, watching him curiously. Shocked, he almost forgot to realize, he could see! But what was happening?

Deep underneath the labs, the scientists housed young people who were at the end of their rope and agreed to experimental procedures to be enhanced in some way. Jackson didn't understand what the ultimate goal of these experiments were, but it was definitely beyond just granting eyesight, regaining the ability to walk, or restoring a broken spine. These people were given strength beyond simply standing and functioning, they were able to bend metal with their bare hands, read minds with a little focus...burn straight through walls with their eyes.

Tests were done on them regularly and at a moments notice. Sometimes these tests were simple, harmless, and other times the doctors' experiments proved to be excruciatingly painful. Jackson never got to see his mother, though, which became the worst of any torture subjected to him. As time went on, Jackson and his newfound prison mates began devising a plan to escape.

But it seemed impossible. They were constantly monitored through cameras in the dormitories, lavatories, recreational spaces, everywhere. Hope for escape began to seem ridiculous until one day, after Jackson's daily examination, one of the hazmat suited doctors seemed to have let a note covertly slip into one of the pockets of Jackson's jumpsuit. It was from his mother! She'd figured out a way for them to escape! But to be truly free, they would need to fake their deaths, for if Optics knew that they were lose in the world, they would stop at nothing to track them down and bring them back in.

After a staged escape attempt, Jackson and the other meta humans made their way to the spot in the surrounding jungle that Jackson mother had set up with a trap. A large explosion stopped the ensuing, armed security from following and most of the metas were able to escape to the rescue boat standing by. In the jungle, Optics would find a seemingly forgotten generator station that had exploded after one of the metas must have set it off. Surrounding the area were enough cadavers charred past the point of recognition, almost down to the bone in most cases with any DNA sampling impossible. Enough accounting for each of them to escape.

Jackson felt terrible leaving his mother behind, especially after everything she'd done to save them, but he didn't know what he could do to help. Unsure of where he could go, Jackson decided to move to Jump City, where his sister was going to college. He knew he could stay with her until he could figure out a way of taking down Optics, rescuing any other meta humans that might still be trapped there, and save his mother.

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Magic Man
Magic Man

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RPG character
Name: Jackson Parella - Lafave
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PostSubject: Re: Blink   Sun Jan 21, 2018 9:14 am

Alright I'm ready for a review! If you'd like me to add an RP sample, I can totally do that, but I'd rather save it for the threads :3

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The Acrimonious
The Acrimonious

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PostSubject: Re: Blink   Thu Jan 25, 2018 7:24 am

Everything seems to be in order. Approved
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