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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 Elizabeth Tivonki

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PostSubject: Elizabeth Tivonki    Tue Dec 26, 2017 1:01 am

"What she told me I was too tall to make the dress look nice I had to kill her! Such a rude person shouldn't live."

Elizabeth Tomson "Tivonki"


Full Name: Elizabeth Tomson "Tivonki"
Nickname(s): Liz
Codename: N/A
Alias(es): The Twisted Maiden
Age: 23
Race: Augmented Human
Alignment: Neutral Evil


Hair Color: Icy Blue
Eye Color: Light Blue
Gender: Female
Height: 7’3”
Weight: 220 lbs
Other Traits:


Zelde’s True Body: When her bones are broken they auto realign themselves back to where they should normally rest. They do not heal any faster than a normal human speed though, but they do always jerk back into the position they should be in. This does not push bones back in place when pulled form their sockets, this only works for broken bones.
- The Dull Knife: Cant feel pain, no matter what level it is she can not feel any physical pain what so ever. she though will still be harmed.
- Not A Drop: She does not bleed, she can still loose blood and be harmed though her blood does not leak out past her body or physical wound. her blood will come out if one squeezes or apples enough pressure near the wound to force the blood out this pressure needed is a tight grip strength level of a standard human.

Idiom’s True Wisdom: Can hear and see the thoughts in others minds, Liz is able to see what people are thinking such as their flashbacks or day dreams, and can ear them in her own head. She can do this to anyone in her line of sight though doing this to more then 4 people at once she will be stuck seeing and hearing nothing but incoherent clips from everyone' minds that was in her line of sight for the next 15 seconds where she would have to fight to stay conscious and not passing out after this. Normally she can just simply listen to one person at a time without trying but when she opens her mind to hear from more than one person at a time she had to focus more with each person to keep herself limited to only those she wants to hear and see from. Though the more minds shes looking into the more she will only be able to hear and see those peoples thoughts and not whats around her.
- What Once Hid Well: Due to her ability to link into peoples thoughts she has a passive ability that her mind passes off to her that allows her to sense people's fear. When she looks to someone who is currently scared her brain it triggers a part of her brain used for smelling and makes her believe that she is actually smelling the person's fear and how afraid they are, the stronger the fear the more strong the scent. It to her smells like beef jerky, regrets, and sweat.
- The Empty: When she focuses on someone while in their minds to read it she can induce the part of their brain that tells the body it is hungry to tell the person shes in the mind of that they as hungry. Though just enough to be annoying to the person like they just wanting a snack or something due tot the hunger. This feeling lasts for 30 minutes after she activates it.

Kalivon’s True Mind: Can make people see images on random flat/mostly flat objects or surfaces that can go past those objects, for example she can make a piece of paper that size of a dollar bill look like an actual dollar bill when it's really just a white slip of paper, she can do this to anyone within a 20 ft radius of her unless the number of people exceeds the amount of 15 people. She can keep these illusions going for 1 hour though however long she keeps it going is how long it must recharge for.
- Medusas Fear: When focusing on one person alone and making eye contact with them totally and directly she will look to them like their worst fear, if it's a scenario being played out he just looks like the people or creatures that cause it. This power no longer works on others once they know that it is coming. This illusion last for as long as she's locking eyes with the person, 40 seconds, or until the person realizes that the illusion is not real. This is a passive power that can not be turned off.
- True Love’s First Form: She can pick one person at a time, the person who that one individual cares for the most at the time being is how others see her while this power is activated. She to herself will look the same due to not actually changing form and is just merely an illusion. She can hold this illusion up for up to 1 hour but the same amount of time that she keeps this illusion going is how long it has to recharge for.

- Master Climber / Wall Scaler *
- Perfect Acting Skills
- Great with numbers to a crazy level
- Is highly intelligent despite never finishing high school she rivaling someone who could easily get straight As in a very pristine collage.
- Expert hand to hand fighting skills *
- Expert staff fighting skills *

Physical Weaknesses
-No pain: she is prone to getting hurt and staying injured for days at a time without realizing it due to not feeling any pain making the injuries only worse.
- To many thoughts: if she opens her mint to the thoughts and images of 4 people or more she will no longer be able to hear or see anything but the thoughts of others if she goes pas 4 she will be prone to passing out after 15 seconds due to the mental stress.

Mental Weaknesses
- Best Fit: She believes that she is the best fit to handle most to all things, even when she isn't she tends to get into situations due to this that more then likely could get her killed and has so far only gotten out of situations like these due to sure dumb luck.
- Highly: She sees herself very highly and isn't afraid to tell others that she is better than them, this tends to piss a lot of people off and tends to put her in the way of fights very easily and quickly.

Collapsible Staff: This staff is more sturdy than most despite its collapsible nature though its only slightly stronger than your standard steel rod.


She sees violence and killing as casual every day activities so shes heavily casual with them. She commonly can be found acting peppy while doing something really messed up and changing her attitude at a flip of a dime. She loves to mess with others but if shes messed with in just the right way she'll be out for your head and if it suits her liking she may even kill the person right then and there. she is not the type to tell others why she would kill them or is killing them and is just cut right to the killing part. She finds joy in simple things and is really good at committing to her acts and jokes and doesn't even seem to care if she pushes it too far or for too long, she even able to ignore certain people and things and act like they never even happened.

- Feeling accepted
- Messing with others
- Pissing others off
- Upsetting others
- Flattery
- Helpful people

- Those who unrightfully bully others
- Brutes
- People mocking her
- People who thinks poorly of her
- People who are helpful in the wrong way

- Killing
- Teasing
- Plotting
- Shopping
- Relaxing
- Using her skills to make even more money to further her needs and wants


Family Members: Parents (Dead) Zelde Tivonki (Sister, With her for life) Idiom Tivonki (Sister, With her for life) Kalivon Tivonki (Sister, With her for life)
Place of Origin: Jones City, California
Elizabeth was born into a standard family just like everyone else she had typical blonde hair and brown eyes, not to pal skin or anything she had an average figure average family, average grades. She was just like everybody else she didn't step on any toes or anything… BuT tHaT wAsN't gOoD eNoUgH fOR thEM nOW WAS IT?! No she just liked the wrong things, she wasn't in the right social groups she just wasn’t perfect to them so that meant that she was just worthless TRASH to them. So… she decided that she would change, for her not for them. She would become something better. She worked to become first smarter, and she did with her ambition she became the smartest girl her age with numbers.

Her gpa was the best in the school her teachers even wanted to help her graduate early into the several schools that wanted her her parents were supportive, expt for when they were at home.. They were intimidated by her intelligence as was everyone else at school…  but she wouldn’t give up! She would just have to become even better! She just wanted someone to accept her… someone besides those who just wanted her to get into school who also likely just wanted her to get over to them to better themselves, that's what everyone wanted after all… but for now she would play nice with the locals… she even invited other girls and boys from her school to her home and her old friends who left her cause she ‘changed’.

WhAt A ****ing FOOL SHE WAS! They put sleeping pills in her drink and when she was out they used her for their own fun and cut off her hair in a patchy manner… they wrote crude words all over her body too for her to find. When her parents came home they panicked they didn't know what to do so they just had her stay home for a week, she knew though… she had to make them feel the pain that she did… the damn heathens had to learn. She used the time to look into the supernatural. The teen titans had a cyborg, a boy genius, a boy with superpowers, an alien, and a witch. And they were just a few city’s over… She could find a way to get the abilities to rUiN those brats.

And she did, she made contact with 3 demon sisters, they were dying and they just didn’t want to stop living yet even if it meant giving up their own consciousnesses and who they were to live inside some human girl, she was their salvation and they were the gateway to her hopes and dreams. All she had to do was kill a hand full of humans so that the 4 of them would be able to merge together to become one. And she knew just who to do it. Why make the heathen feel her pain when she could just  die for her to get what she wanted? So she got her father's gun from his hidden stash in the house and went to the school and visited the principle.

He was So HeLpFuL all he needed was the barrel pressed to the back of his head and he so willingly called each child down to his office. When they were all there finally she came out of hiding and before they could even  speak she unloaded the clip into each of their heads. Her new friends were so grateful they used their reched souls to ful their magic and merged with her, they made her stronger and taller, they made her pale but just the right about to her liking, and gifted her with long glorious and beautifully stunning icy blue hair and blue eyes.

Everything about her was just what she always dreamed and af they finished merging with her they told her that they saw her as a true sister to them now so they made her look like them so she could feel more like one of their sisters and they told her what they gifted her power wise. They were her only true friends and now they would be there with her for the rest of her life. People who finally understood her and loved her for her.  But others saw her as a monster still… but… she didn’t care anymore. Cause it didn't matter anymore how the world saw her, it only mattered how her new sisters saw her, and they saw her as perfect.

And that's how she saw herself now too. She loaded the clip and shot the principle before leaving. She went around her city killing those who didn't understand her the most, starting with her parents. The neighbors, and so on and so on until some super powered freaks took her down and tossed her in an asylum… FoOlS….the deaths of the guards were on them now… that and the **** security… after killing all the guard detail in the asylum she hunted down and killed the freaks who tried to stop her…

To the world she was gone for the next few years when really she was just seeing the world. She and her sisters did see the world even if they weren’t there to tell her their thoughts anymore she knew they would have loved seeing the world. But now her sisters and her needed a home, her sisters were like goddesses to her, so they deserved a kingdom. And after hearing the state of steel city she figured that it would be the easiest to take over and to call her family’s. ShE LoVeD HeR SiStErS sO MuCh.

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Ωmega-class Metahuman
Ωmega-class Metahuman

Posts : 5812
Join date : 2012-02-23
Age : 22
Location : My bedroom where I spend most my time cause I have no life XP

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Name: Milicondras Gen- *is shot and a new person walks in clearing his throat* Miley.....
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PostSubject: Re: Elizabeth Tivonki    Tue Dec 26, 2017 2:46 am

Prossibly good to go now might have missed something though.

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PostSubject: Re: Elizabeth Tivonki    Wed Jan 03, 2018 6:06 pm

The edge is strong with this one.

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PostSubject: Re: Elizabeth Tivonki    

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Elizabeth Tivonki
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