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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 Executor (Rebbot of Dage Virgil)

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PostSubject: Executor (Rebbot of Dage Virgil)   Mon Dec 25, 2017 8:24 am

((OOC: Link to the app for the reboot event. http://ttrpg.forumotion.com/t1662-dage-virgil ))

"“No matter what miracles might occur, my state… my sins will never change. But you… you might be someone who can accomplish the things that I wasn’t able to.”"



Full Name: ~
Nickname(s): None
Codename: Executor
Alias(es): Herald of Goetia
Age: Null
Race: Spell Casting Human
Alignment: Chaotic Evil


Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Black
Gender: Male
Height: 5.7 Ft
Weight: 138
Other Traits: If shown there is seemed to be faded streaks of what used to be a tattoo on the back of his right hand but the degradation makes it unclear on what it is.



Medium-Level Magecraft: The Void Creation of Swords ~ A form of curse that he casts on a bullet where it turns into a miniature world that reflect the conceptual nature of his inner self. When the bullet is fired and becomes lodged into his target, it explodes with incredible force, shredding the target from within as sword materializes from the bullet and thrusts outward.

Medium-Level Magecraft: Barbed Blade that Pierces with Death ~ A concentration spell that causes the blades of his handguns to shine with a red sheen, the spell effects causes the edge of his blades to be able to cut through material like butter such as steel but can’t surpass any durability that exceeds ten tons.

Medium-Level Magecraft: Mana Burst ~ A form of concentration spell where he causes his mana to fire across his mana circuits, granting him a short period of super strength up to ten tons.

Medium-Level Magecraft: Dust of Osiris ~ A concentration spell that creates a black shroud around his body, giving him an durable shell that can withstand up to 10 tons of force.

Medium-Level Magecraft: Chronos Rose ~ A spell buff that for a minute he gains the ability for supernatural reflexes, he relies on this spell whenever a gun fight gets too heated with dozens of armed hostilities. While the spell helps him dodge basic gunfire he would have a harder time with various automatic gunfire directed at him.

Medium-Level Magecraft: Tyger, Burning Bright ~ An concentration spell where he uses his mana to reach high-speed movement of 200 mph.

Medium-Level Magecraft: Maria the Ripper ~ Another concentration spell where he places a curse on his blades in which on contact with another being it will cause small knives to manifest within the target's body, vivisecting their flesh and would force their innards out of their body as a result.

Medium-Level Magecraft: Excalibur Morgan ~ A concentration spell where by coating his handgun blades in blazing black flame he can fire arcs of violent black flames reaching up to 3000 degrees celsius for ten feet.

Medium-Level Magecraft: Teardrop Photon Ray ~ To setup this spell he fires a beam of magical energy like a laser pointer that designates the attack spot. Simultaneously as he invokes the inaction the spell is unleashed, a five feet wide light pillar thrusts itself in against the designated spot from the distant skies above, annihilating a wide area with an explosive force of ten tons in a 60 yard radius. It's, so to speak, a artillery attack. Because of this it is useful for attacking strongholds or mob clearing.

Medium-Level Magecraft: First Aid ~ With concentration Executor can heal minor cuts in 3 seconds, gashes that would need stitches in 15, stab wounds in 30 seconds, and anything bigger normally takes up a minute or longer depending on the severity of the wound. Given it is an concentration spell he can’t cast any other spell while healing himself.


Exceptional Marksmanship
Exceptional Hacker
Exceptional Stealth
Exceptional Close Quarters Combat
Extensive Knowledge on the Occult
Assassin Proficiency
Exceptional Agility

Physical Weaknesses

Aria ~ His spells require an incarnation that takes around 3 to 5 seconds depending on the spell. Thus he is unable to transition from one spell to the next quickly.

Mana Pool ~ While fundamentally changed by Goetia he still retains his magic circuits and as such he can’t indefinitely cast spells, requiring a ten second cooldown between spells. For if he uses magic frequently he is pushing his magic circuits to the limit. Resulting in labored breathing, lightheadedness, and dizziness. If continued his body temperature will begin to rise and he’ll pass out from exhaustion.

Mental Weaknesses

Nihilistic ~ He became so far gone that even the instinct of self preservation has been eroded away. In his mind everything is already lost, the only reason he still walks is by the strings of Goetia. This lack of caring is problematic when it comes to team efforts, such as if a ally gets fatally injured he will just leave them to die or in a trap.

Disloyalty ~ His will is Goetia will and as such he answers to no one beside it. Only forging alliances if both parties has an mutual goal and even then he sees allies nothing more than assets to assist him in his master agenda.


Kanshou and Bakuya
Modified Handguns:
The bladed pair of handguns is his signature weapon that he uses as a medium for his spells.

Full suit of Kelvar



He has little emotions, an authentic battle machine whose soul was tainted black by Goetia. As a result he has forsaken morality, and scorned the bonds of affection, sneering at himself who has become as a dead man walking as he continues to walk down the path carved by Goetia. Ushering forth merciless slaughter without hesitation or even reason. Socially he is an broken shell of a man, anything that has resembled his former self has been long dissolved from the influence of Goetia. While there may be moments where an inkling of his former self may flicker through, it generally does not last long before Goetia influence smothers it.


Excutor has long forgotten such a concept.


Too many to count


He has the habit spacing out from time to time, as if he was bored with the situation. Another aspect of this lack of interest is that he usually raleys carry a conversation for more than a few seconds.


Family Members:

Place of Origin:
The End in the First Timeline, London in the Second Timeline


Executor remembers the end, from the extinction to the human race to the funeral pyre of Earth. He remembers his pathetic attempt to rewrite fate, going up against the King of Man alongside his friends and lovers. The raw emotion as Goetia struck them all down, torn the Throne of Heros asunder and erased every last one of them, never had he felt the true sensation of loss. The feeling of crushing, overwhelming, absolutely devastating dismay of complete and utter defeat. There weren't enough words in any language to describe the feeling. He reminded trying to get to his feet on the dead earth when a great shadow loomed over him and an malevolent cackle echoed in the air around him. His last moments were a wave of black mud pouring onto him and felt Goetia wormed his way into him and corrupted every aspect of him.

The next time he opened his now vacant eyes he was on a beach in a parallel world, only at the beginning at civilization. He did not need to wonder why he was here for he already did, the purpose of being the calamity of Earth. During this timeline he came to be an infamous monster of legend with many calling him Lucifer or the God of Death. As the Mage Association came into be they were instantly hostile with Executor, viewing him as a Lich. As is his namesake he destroyed the organization and used their ruins as his base of operations. He was in the process of forming his first plans on attacking America when he found himself transported to another world with somewhat weakened powers, no longer could he used Goetia Magic of channeling the death force so he must now rely on his old spells. As in the first time this happen he paid no thought to the abrupt arrival, simply moving on along the road before him. Word of the HIVE reached his hears, seeing the overlap in goals about seeing society crumble to ruin he set off to establish an alliance with this organization to further his master plans and to learn about the new world around him.

«««Sample RP»»»
-{Only required if you've never gotten a character approved before. Minimum 2 paragraphs.}

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Beta-class Metahuman

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PostSubject: Re: Executor (Rebbot of Dage Virgil)   Wed Jan 03, 2018 6:33 pm

So what does this "concentration" actually entail? Do these spells last for as long as he "concentrates" on them?

Void Creation of Swords, The Ripper, and Photon Ray concern me slightly. The latter because while the attack itself is only five feet, that doesn't mean a thing with a 180ft "shockwave" of explosive force. This exceeds what I see a medium tier spell to be, so please dial this down some.

As for the other two, against normal combatants, I am concerned of the insta-kill factors. After rereading them, I'm more wary of Creation of Swords because it piggy backs on a fast moving projectile. Ripper actually requires him to touch them with his blades. But if he DID touch them, I don't see how someone would survive. Could you please substitute these with anything else?
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Executor (Rebbot of Dage Virgil)
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