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 Tachi (Ready, I hope)

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PostSubject: Tachi (Ready, I hope)   Fri Dec 22, 2017 10:11 am

"What you take from the earth the earth shall one day take from you;Basically, don’t take out a loan you can’t pay back. It’ll come back to bite you..."




Full Name: Tachi

Nickname(s):  whatever's given to her, if she allows it

Codename: Feral Soul

Alias(es): The Rat, The Panda, The Weasel, Soul, Feral.

Age: 17

Race: Spell Casting, (human?)

Alignment: Chaotic good: (sorta?). She has a goal, but it isn't completely adhering to the justice system or being a villain, and she'd fight anyone who tried to get in her way, hero or villain, though, she will avoid unnecessary death, and would probably save an opponent if they are in danger if it wouldn’t do her any good if they were dead, however, it REALLY depends on how much opposition said person has against Tachi.

- If you’re constantly getting in the way of her plans with violent intentions? She may be iffy about risking herself to save you.
- If you just disagree with Tachi but don’t really have time to really fight against her or find it a waste of energy to do so, she’ll probably consider it, seeing how you don't actively get in her way just because of differing view.

-Are you a serial killer, going out of your way to destroy whole populations of living beings (Humans, monsters, aliens, animals etc) out of pure spite or for a selfish reason, harming/abusing  innocent children and/or innocent bystanding animals, or actively trying to destroy the world/nature? Tachi might just kill you herself on the spot.

- If there was random person in danger, she  might  not consider helping them if it doesn't have anything to do with the immediate situation she’s dealing with, like, if she’s walking along minding her own business and sees two people duking it out, she’d probably stay out of it, but if there was a fire and someone was calling for help she would help if she could.

-Tachi, inherently, doesn't do acts of good because  she feels morally obligated to do so(At least not the majority of the time), but because letting structure fall (Natural or the man made structure that's actually beneficial) in favor of a few or because of the selfish acts of others is extremely irresponsible because it'll end up affecting everyone.


Hair Color: Dark brown
Eye Color: Dark brown/soft coal
Gender: Female
Height: 5’ 4”
Weight: 120 lbs
Other Traits: Has a few small, slash like scars on her right cheek. Likes to wear jackets a lot. She has tattoos of various animals on her body: The tattoo of the weasel is wrapped around her left arm, the tattoo of the snake is wrapped on her right arm, the tattoo of the Cat-bear is wrapped around the back of her neck and shoulders, a bat wing is on her right cheek, an owl wing is on her left cheek, teh tattoo of the rat is on her stomach, and the tattoo of the cat and dog are on her back, seeming to be running in a circle after each other (like a dog yin and a cat yang). When not using her powers, the tats look more like birthmarks that are slightly darker than her own skin.


Most of her spells are focused on physical attacks rather than the normal projectile or area altering spells
(Just let me know it would be easier to put sections into spoilers)

Tattoos of Nimal: Mantra for this spell: The way she activates the energy within the tattoos is by imitating the sound of the animal she is planning on transforming into, It only works if she has the energy to transform or if she has the intent of transforming. She can let out a quieter, murmur/whisper  version of the the animal sound if she needs to be quiet, but it delays the activation and the flames that transition her form would creep slower. The tattoos can also grant her the ability to use the senses  and some traits outside of animal form, such as being able to better see in the dark, having a sensitive nose, and sensitive hearing.
With the chant of an ancient spell in her younger days Tachi had bound herself to ancient spirits to transform herself into a set of special animals, and out of transformation she can still access some animal senses like sensitive ears and nose. The catch is that it’s not merely just a form she can take, but a form granted by the spirit dwelling within the tattoos, and if Tachi loses control, and angry Spirit could take over. The form is comprised of compacted spiritual energy, and while it is solid and not see through; When she transforms, it’s with a short burst of purple flame like energy, and instead of ripping her clothes she has on in human form, the animal form just seems to slip over her human form, clothing included, sorta like putting on a suit or a costume in a sense. The forms are slightly larger than her and are semi anthropomorphic (can stand on two legs but don’t really have thumbs with the forms).

The energy doesn't get drained by maintaining the form, it’s using the spell to transform that takes energy. Doing heavy physical activity in her anialas forms does make her tired, which can eventually wear down the form if she makes herself exhausted. When she’s about to run out of energy, her form will start to smoke, and smoke will pour from the mouth of the form. When the form fluxuates (either because she’s about to lose energy or something disrupts the energy flow), the form reverts to a bright purple flame in the area it had been disrupted in, the whole form can suddenly” burst into flame” if it’s a full body electrical move, but unlike when she purposely ruptures the form to raise spiritual power, she can actually feel the heat when the form fluxuates without her doing, and while it doesn't leave a burn, it does hurt, adding to the pain of the attack.  For this let’s say that Tachi has a spiritual battery that stores a certain amount of energy, and each transformation takes one point from the energy pool, meaning she has a set amount of times she can transform per thread. The cap is 20 (I set it at this because if she’s in battle she’ll transform quite a lot to match the situation). If she’s blind with anger and taken over by a spirit, she’ll be locked into a form until she wears herself out completely, which would be in three posts.
The animals she can turn into are as follows:

The Rat: (The rat squeaks) This simple form is sleek like a common Norway rat, but has the bushy tail of a cloud rat, and the skill of one to climb through trees.

The Cat-bear: (The cat-bear lets out a sort of warbling noise, similar to a pur but it’s a bit more gravely) This form is odd in the sense that the animals it is mixed with aren't really related in the natural world, and only can blend because of some physical appearances. The form is a mix of a red panda and a binturong, also known as the cat bear. The binturong gives the form the prehensile tail and the odd buttery popcorn smell that the animal is known for. The red panda side adds to the tree climbing skill and adds the kitten like face (They both have cute like faces). This form is mostly for scaling this, not for combat, can be slow on land. Mostly for evasion.

The Dog:(The dog lets out a brief gruff bark or howls) This canine form is a mix between a Dohl, a fox, and a border collie in a sense; it’s a dish eared, bushy tailed looking dog. Like the border collie, the canine form can crouch and still move pretty quickly, like the dhole this form is athletic and a good swimmer. The fox side gives a large portion to aesthetic, but it does give the diving jump thing that foxes are pretty good at.

The Cat: (The sound the cat makes is very similar to the scream of a mountain lion(with a hint of a leopard roar), but a quieter cat like hiss can be used if needed) A mix between a leopard and a caracal cat. Like the caracal, this form give Tachi the ability to jump ten feet into the air, and like the leopard the cat form is good in trees or high places.

The Bat: (The bat softly lets out a single, short, shrill squeak or lets out a shrill series of clicking squeaks) A form that looks like a mix between a fruit bat, a vampire bat, and a brown bat. The brown bat gives echolocation and big ears, the fruit bat gives the fox like face, and the vampire bat gives the ability to move swiftly on land.

The Snake: (The snake lets out along drawn hiss) The snake form is like a nonvenomous snake with a few venomous snake qualities. The eyes are in slits like a venomous snake, and it does have two large fangs in its mouth, but they are solid as they don’t produce venom, so they sorta poke out on the side of the mouth, there for extra biting power. The rest of the teeth are hooked and smallish like more nonvenomous snakes. This form is more for constricting and fast, short strikes.

The Owl: (The owl softly hoots or does a bird of prey screech) The flying for for silent flight. The form has feathered covered talons and small feather “horns”.  

The Weasel: (The weasel either lets out a short, squeaky/scratchy 'bark', or it lets out a shrill screeching sound that sounds like a chainsaw but only if it was pitch to sound higher) The weasel is a mix a ermine, a wolverine, a fisher, and an otter (all part of the weasel family). The ermine gives the iconic slim weasel body, the fisher gives its tree dwelling skills (Only really to climb up or down, the weight of the form takes away maneuverability in trees), the wolverine gives some bulk and the the otter gives webbed claws and the ability to hold her breath underwater for about eight minutes. This form is harder to control than the rest if she ever got worked up.

Phantom Release(Can also be called Phantom Form):
Tachi releases spiritual energy from her, making her entire form become engulfed in fiery purple “flames” made out of spiritual energy that, while can’t start a natural fire, are still very hot, for about five seconds. After a while, the ‘fire’ on her recedes to just certain areas on her form: On the animals forms that have fur, the fur tips on the tail, ankles, ear tips, and the bridge of the snout, have the appearance of being on fire (a ghoulish purple colored flame), for the winged forms the wing tips are flamed (The bat gets the blazed snout too), for the snake it’s just a long flaming stripe down the back. In her human form the tattoos and her eyes glow a bright, light purple and her hands are left engulfed.
The fire look is temporary and temporarily gives her a boost in attack, adding extra oomph to them. This spell is essentially releasing the energy of the spirits she is bound to, granting her better spirit based moves for a time, but in exchange for the boost, she’s more vulnerable to be taken over by one of the spirits if she’s worked up, and she’s even more affected by electric attacks and energy draining attacks. This spirit power form lasts three posts, and she can only turn to this form twice a thread. Once used, she can’t transform into this or an animal form for two posts.
Moves enhanced:
Slash: She can now slash a four foot wide cresent of spirit energy towards a target up to twenty feet.
Moth sprites: She goes from being able to summon twenty to being able to summon a swarm of 100.

Roar or the Beasts: People up to a Ten foot radius can now be pushed back up to 20 feet. The wall of flames starts off as 10 feet tall, but loses half a foot as it recedes, leaving behind a five foot tall wall of flames. The flames linger for four posts. She can only do this enhanced move once per thread.

Despite the fiery look, the flames do not make her weaker to water attacks, as the ‘flames’ are spirit energy, they dont start natural fires and if in contact with them too long one could receive a burn similar to a harsh sunburn.

Spirit of the Beasts:
Along with the forms for the animals, Tachi now has a special connection to non-human animals, and not only can she understand and communicate with them clearly, she can even command them in a sense, not by full blown mind control, but she gives off the air of someone you could trust, or even one of a motherly figure (to younger animals at least), so animals tend to be less afraid or aggressive towards her. This also makes it easier to ‘tame’ non-human animals if one was rampaging. It’s activated by eye contact, physical contact, and/or speech

Roar of the Beasts:
Tachi lets out a screeching hollar, and then the Spirits of the beasts scream as well, filling the air with wailing. Her being becomes engulfed in flames then she directs the purple blaze outwards, both the flames and her screeching animalistically. It results in a force that can push any anyone that is in a 7 foot radius of Tachi will be pushed back 10 feet. Coupled with the force there is a seven foot tall wall of spirit flames that get released as well, the wall shortens by half a foot as it travels away from her, up to a seven foot radius, then leaves a three and half foot tall wall of flames behind, which lingers for four posts. The flames are somewhat like heat from the sun; They can’t start natural fires, but they can leave burns similar to sunburns if someone is in contact with them for too long. Can only do this twice outside of the Phantom form.

Some small spells(mostly short energy attacks she can do without the Phantom Release)
Slash: She uses spirit energy to cover a hand/claw/wing and swings it towards the enemy to add extra oomph to.attacks

Fire snap: Spirit energy flames fill her mouth as she snaps down in a bite.

Moth sprite: While she cant turn into a moth, she can make little moths made out of spirit energy. She can make up to twenty at a time, to make a small swarm, and they they’re similar to those little popping firecrackers when swatted at. Mostly a distraction.

Whistler: very good at it

Animal calling: Has a bit of trouble with imitating horses though.

Stealth/stalking: Even though she isn’t one to hunt much she does know the importance of sneaking up on opponents or sneaking away.She practices this frequently throughout her missions and outside of her missions. It saves more energy to avoid the enemy.  

Reading body language: Not only in non-human animals, who mostly communicate through body language, but humans as well.

Survival(Wilderness survival): She's capable of sustaining herself without the aid of civilization if she needs to.

Wrestling: She's pretty good at close combat like tustling. Not a master, only attempts to wrestle someone down if she deems necessary, and only really works with those in her weight range.

Swarmer/pressure type boxing/fighting: She usually substitutes slashes in for punches though. Not a master

Weak Points: Tachi is good at finding and exploiting weak spots. She could notice that an enemy is favoring one foot over the other or perhaps an old wound, maybe she notices you’re afraid of something in particular? She’ll remember, and use this weakness if needed.

Physical Weaknesses
-Electric based attacks: Disrupt the flow of energy within her, besides just the initial pain, it really rattles her and can cause the physical form of her transformation to falter and revert back to its spirit aura essence temporarily.

- Dog whistles: Ow. Disrupt her focus and hurt her ears.

-Energy draining attacks: She can’t retain her form if she doesn't have enough energy to do so.

-Loud sounds in general: Things like trains passing by loud crowds make it harder to focus on controlling the spirits, and they really startle her.

Speedsters: Tachi usually relies of striking fast and striking in places that hurt the most, her style wouldn’t fare well against someone faster than she was.  

Mental Weaknesses
-Getting worked up/becoming enraged- When using the powers of her spirit ancestors she has to make sure she doesn't let the spirit of the beast completely take over, less she be purely be driven by anger and instinct. If she gets too angry during a fight, she basically becomes wild and will go out of her way to literally kill whatever angered her and most of the time she doesn't remember the whole attack, she blanks out. Because she’s so worked up and blind with anger she uses much more energy than if focused and conscious and she’ll faint if not stopped. She’ll become very distraught afterwards if she becomes aware that she lost control. It’s also not unlikely that her lack of focus could disrupt the energy flow and cause her to be forced out of a form.

-Claustrophobia and fear of confinement: Tachi gets extremely panicked if in a space that is too small for the form she had currently chose. She also panics at being chained or held down, though not as much as the thought at being trapped in a tight space, being chained down or being  held down makes her more anxious than hysterical. She’ll lose her train of thought, and may even lose control of her animal form and start to freeze, panic,or cower.

-Panicking: Can disrupt her animal form.

-Mask: She wears bandana mask with a smile on it when doing jobs.
Hunting knife: Only used for specific situations like when when something needs to be cut.
-Outfit: She wears a special jacket when doing jobs; it has baggy arms and has panda ears on the hood. The zipper tag is large and circular, with a paw emblem on it. She sometimes wears a fanny pack along with the outfit.
-Reinforced claws: Special gloves that have two inch long sharpened claws at the end of each finger: the claw material is made of sharpened metal.


Passionate: She can riled up over a subject she feels strongly about very quickly, though whether or not she’ll actually voice how she feels depends on the situation and people involved.

Sensitive  (in a sense): If someone around her is in a bad mood, she tends to develop one as well, she'd even start tearing up if someone was sad. If she's in a bad/sad mood and someone is extremely happy, she won't become happy right away, in fact, she'd probably avoid people until she felt better.  If a stranger were to insult her, she'd be unaffected, and only slightly annoyed, however, if someone she knew that was close to her insulted her, she'd take it very personally.

Quiet anger: If she gets upset she rarely blows up (if she's not using her powers that is), she'll just stop talking to whoever angered or upset her until she got over it. Being around someone that angered her would probably spawn some passive aggressive comments, but no interaction would happen if Tachi can help it.

Keeps it to herself: Unless she really gets upset Tach tends to keep what she really feels to herself and vents somewhere away from others.

Cheeky: Can be very sarcastic and passive aggressive. While it isn't quite the same as yelling out anger, slipping out a snarky remark does relieve some it, though, she's usually only sarcastic to make jokes when she's feel good.

Introverted: While she does like to socialize being in large crowds make her feel disconnected she much rather be in a smaller group of familiar faces.She typically keeps to herself unless it’s really important or she knows the people she’s around really well (or she feels something needs to be commented she will gladly do so).

Caring: Once she gets close to someone she’ll be very kind and caring towards them, and maybe a bit over protective.

Emotionless(Sorta): It’s not that she doesn’t have any emotion it’s just if she barely knows someone she’ll act very aloof and inexpressive towards them unless they particularly rub her the wrong way or they seem like a pretty okay person. Mostinterations outside of personal ones with friends or loved ones will usually seem very business like.

Softcore eco-terrorist: Tach really loves nature, animals, and all the delicate systems and processes within it amaze her so much (I mean, have you heard of the nitrogen cycle? It’s frickin insane). Needless to say, she gets very upset/angry when the balance of nature is abused or disrupted for selfish gain or without practical reason, even more so when there’s a reasonable alternative. While she really isn’t one to advocate “kill all humans” or whatever, because she views humans as fellow animals on earth, so they belong, and no living being on earth should be snuffed out whenever by force, they’re there for a reason (though so many things they do tick her off greatly), she is one to sabotage human activities that directly tamper with nature negatively, (She’d sabotage the construction of a gas station or mall if it would clear away natural habitat, but she’d have to balance the pros and cons of stopping the construction of a hospital or an orphanage on scarce natural habitat). She’d also deal with invasive species (of the non human animal variety), which can damage delicate ecosystems, by trying to relocate them. In both cases (With human and non-human animals) murder is typically only ever use if ABSOLUTELY necessary , but she isn't above maiming or a beat down (depending whether or not it necessary at the moment). This also goes for monsters that hunt humans for food, if they were born on earth naturally (Not via scientific experiment), then she probably wouldn't try to stop it (Depending if they’re wrecking everything, natural or human made, or just living life), if it’s an alien monster, then she’ll be skeptical of letting them saunter about, especially if it turns out they’re extremely dangerous to the environment, or anything living for that matter.
Besides this, Tach is also that type of individual that would break into someone’s house or office to sort their trash from their recycling, and to release abused animals from wherever they’re trapped(Or at least relocate them to more loving environments). There are plenty of things that Tachi views as necessary for balance that the typical human person would see as immoral, though she only brings up said views if asked or in a situation pertaining to said view.

Animals (typically of the non human variety), nature, biology, baked goods, saltines and oyster crackers, fruit, babies (human and animal), springs, swimming, food, vegetables, rainy days, winter nights, corporal punishment (for criminals, to a certain extent), spiders (good for the environment),jumping spiders (adorable), knives, seaweed, lo-mein, the ocean (beautiful), gardens, parks, gymnastics, free running, petting, getting petted (don’t tell anyone),  lakes, the beach, squeaky toys (guilty pleasure), video games, books, tea, anime.

Beef, doctor offices, spiders (really creepy), hot summer nights, guns, dead bodies, the smell of blood(even if she has to shed it, the smell makes her nauseous), people (and animals) who disrupt the balance of nature,chicken, the ocean (has a fear of drowning at sea), being confined (claustrophobic), getting lost, pork, being looked down upon, being chase, peas, mushy carrots, cooked green beans, cockroaches in buildings, people who needlessly hurt other living beings, most country music most rap music, merely jailing dangerous criminals(THEY JUST BUST OUT AGAIN), extremely spicy foods, closed spaces, cemeteries (Thinks putting people in caskets after death is dub/damaging because it gives nothing back to the earth, thinks that people should be buried in memorial gardens instead, tombstones just only make things sadder in her opinion, always gets a vague sense of grief and lingering spirits when she’s near one), clowns, toothpicks(Sees them as a waste of wood).

- Scaring hooligans messing up shiz out of the woods
-Playing with baby animals (It’s harder to play tag with a human baby than a springy fawn)
-Eating something
-Running through the woods
- Missionary for hire (Not really a ‘hobby’ or a habit, but it is a side gig she tends to get into often to get extra cash)
-Volunteer work at animal shelters
-Over analyzing situations
-Being extremely literal (Usually on purpose)(Like if she’s talking to someone and they say the expression ‘Who are you telling’ she’ll respond with ‘I’m telling you...Wtf?”
-Watching old Disney like cartoons and movies
-Playing with toys typically made for dogs or cats (D-don’t judge, it’s fun)
-Making treats for her animal friends (They don’t mind it much when she messes up a recipe)


Family Members:

Taps: A familiar* Spirit . Has helped her through thick and thin, feels like a guardian to Tachi.  *(There was another word that I wanted to use for his type of spirit, basically they are the catalyst that people who use familiars or talk to spirits to use (Like maybe dark magic users, or maybe shamans), they either summon familiars for the person who needs them or talks to spirits and gives power to the user though themselves. In this case Tachi Talks to spirits through Taps. If I’m able to anytime, I’ll probably edit this once I find the word….)

Place of Origin:
Tachi grew up in a circus, never knowing her parents or any family, all she knew was that came from a line of people who could turn into animals, which was why she was kept by the circus. , As she grew up she realized how horrible conditions is, she rebelled one show, and as a punishment, the ringmaster locked her in the old, dark, dusty prop trailer and ordered her to clean everything, and that she'd be sleeping their with no dinner. While cleaning she uncovers a thick book in which she accidentally summons a dark, ghostly cat like spirit which she eventually called Taps (Get the reference anyone?). He explains that,  while he was usually called upon by shamans of his own tribe back in the day, he still had the ability to help Tachi hone her powers, even help them grow past just transforming into animals, and would do so for Tachi freeing him after all those years of being stuck in the book. Tachi agrees, hoping better powers would help her get out of the place. After a ceremony of sorts, Tachi is adorned with what Taps called “The Tattoos of Nimal”, which were given by the same ancient tribe of spirit tribe which under Taps worked for.  
Taps and Tachi meet in secret, Tachi making sure to keep Taps hidden, and with the familiar’s help, Tachi better developed her powers, and Taps made sure to hammer in the fact  that controlling the spirits of The Beasts that dwelled within the tattoos required physical and mental strength, so Tachi trained everyday after a show and meditated. She soon developed the  ability to talk to the circus animals, and felt even more bad for them due to the horrible conditions of that circus. Tachi contemplated killing the ringmaster, Taps asked if it would be necessary, or if the circus was necessary, and urged her to think deeply about her options.  Tachi decided to sabotage the circus; Tachi reported activity to Animal Welfare groups, helping some f the animals get taken to sanctuaries, and n top of that  kept stealing away large chunks of the circus funds, making it nearly impossible to pay expenses, and causing salaries to drop and making the employees go get better jobs until the circus was forced to shut down and surrender the animals to sanctuaries or zoos. She made sure to donate half of the money stolen to charities and the sanctuaries, and kept the other half as she left the circus.

After the circus, Tachi wandered around the U.S for awhile, and temporarily joined a gang called the Zoo (a bunch of hardcore eco-terrorists), for a while, Tachi agreed with everything they believed in (even that humans don’t deserve to be on earth), but she and Taps had a long talk one day after a raid of a popular clothing store that sold fur coats some of the members did resulted in the death of people buying the clothes. On one hand, Tachi found the idea of fur coats and accessories purely for the sake of fashion was horrible a waste of an animal’s life, but on the other hand believed that those people didn’t need to die; both cases were needless deaths. Tachi left the Zoo to do some soul searching, and decided to go live in the woods for about a year to do so. During her time there, she came to develop her philosophy about balance on earth. After her time in the woods n’ whatnot, she wandered back more towards the city, staying near the outskirts, which happened to be near the bad side of town. She saw a lot of bad things, like robberies and muggings, but at this time of her life she didn’t interfere as she sorta saw this cruelty as something that just happened in life, even if the were unnecessary. Until she saw something that made her snap. One night she was walking from a convenient store, trying to avoid trouble, when she saw a man kicking around a young boy and a dog, yelling angrily. Seeing this made Tachi so angry that she immediately rushed at the man, tackling him, and she would’ve killed the man in a blind rage if it wasn’t for the kid begging her not to. Tachi was so confused as to why the kid would someone who didn't even have the basic respect to not attack defenseless individuals, they boy say that he may be mean but he deserves a second chance. Tachi, still not buying it, decided she’d let the guy go, just this once, but threatened/warned that if she caught him doing anything like that again, she’d end him. The scummy adult scuttled off and Tachi didn’t see him on that side of town again. After getting the kid and the dog to a police station to get help Tachi decided that she didn’t like the disarray and unstructured streets that plagued that side of town, or any crime in the city in general. She was about to dedicate her time to fighting crime when Taps reminded her that there was still unbalance between humanity and nature currently, not to sway her decision but to remind her that she wanted balance of the natural world as well as society. Tachi thought about for a while then came the conclusion that she should use her powers to help balance overall.

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PostSubject: Re: Tachi (Ready, I hope)   Sun Dec 24, 2017 1:22 pm

I still feel like I miss something or screwed up something, but I had this char sheet in the works for too long now, and I want it to stew in my docs any longer...
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Looks good to me. I like seeing a spellcaster finally. I wish you luck!

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Bumping for for re approval, sorry for the hassle.
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Have fun kiddo!
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Tachi (Ready, I hope)
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