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PostSubject: Blarg Christmas (Solo)   Blarg Christmas (Solo) Icon_minitimeFri Dec 22, 2017 9:33 am

‘Christmas… a holiday for a bunch of losers and their loser blood relatives who shove gifts at each other hoping and prayign for some sort of bull **** approval.’ 29 stood by a street lamp shivering a bit as she started into a families house that was having a family dinner. ‘All the relives pissing one and other off parents forcing the kids to go to bed stupid either for some magical fat ass to show up and give them gifts based on how good they were.’ “Merry christmas dear… i know that you really don't know much on what that means besides what i've told you and the others but i still feel like it's important to tell you that hun.

You keep the other kids safe, even if you pretend that you don't care i know that at least some part of you does.and for that you get an extra special gift that i snuck past the guards on my way in” The woman in the lab coat said pulling out a pale cookie in the shape of a christmas tree with green frosting on top. She remembered hesitantly taking it and sniffing it suspiciously before the lady kissed the side of her head and hugged her close rubbing her side. “I'm so proud of you.” she remembered the weird feeling in her chest the two things were… and how she had hugged her slightly back before letting her leave.

SHe remembered eating the cookie in her padded and blocked off room alone before curling in a ball in the corner of the room and fell asleep holding her chest trying to figure out what the feeling was. A tear rolled down her cheek as she used the heel of her palm the rub it away as she walked off from the house. ‘Christmas, gah so stupid, all it did was help point out how sad you could get if you were alone for it, and how all the best people in your lives could disappear so quickly. That you couldn’t trust really anyone, and those you could just died so you re better off alone even if your damn feelings could make that so impossible sometimes.’

She hated it all sometimes, though she wished and wanted to pretend that it was all the time that she hated it. She walked by a lamp post glancing at some of the flyers before stopping by a bakery. She though despite that wouldn’t stop that from the tradition that the lady in the lab coat started that day for her, and after what she did to help her make it out alive…. She was going to keep it up. She picked the lock to the front door of the bakery and started to look around until she found the right one and grabbed it and made her way out and put it in her mouth as she relocked the barkery door before slapping her hands together and rubbing the quickly together to get the blood in them flowing better to help them heat up

. She make her way out of the city holding her cookie in hand she normally likes to wander around until she got tired before finding a place to rest. She though after a while looked up to see that she had somehow found her way into a forest. It was odd but oh well. She kept walking before she saw the ground starting to get covered in snow. And the air around her getting unnaturally thin and cold. SHe though kept going being a bit more on alert before slowing to a stop seeing a group of children shivering and crying.she frowned a bit but as they looked up and saw her they ran over to her and hugged her sides she being a bit older than them…

She paused thinking back a bit to the one post and its papers.. There were about 5 that had missing children on them… these children… She narrowed her eyes but gently pulled them back giving them all reassuring looks before seeing how thin they all were likely from lack of food. She took a deep breath and sighed but broke up the cookie so they each had one piece and ste hers as she looked around going through her backpack and passed out some candy to each of them. She couldn't really help a lot but she could at least feed them…

Somehow these children found their ways here like her and were just scared cold and hungry now all with each other… likely something weird was going on… some other hero would solve it it was jump city after all… but her, she might as well help these children get back to their homes since she now knew their addresses. She hand them all follow her as she made her way back the way she came. She though being careful to listen for anything out of the ordinary which… something ordinary for this fake setting that came to be was heard… and it was hungry. She whistles looking around as she held her hand out to the kid who was eating some skittles.

He looked up confused before she shook her empty palm to thim to tell him to give her some. He blinking but gave her some. She then closed her hands and looked to the kids holding her hands over her ears to tell them to cover them which they all confused looked to her but slowly did so before she held her hand up to them to tell them to stay as she walked forward and whistles again slowly looking around before seeing a wolf running at her. She narrowed her eyes and moved to blow on the skittles but the wolf got her first though thankfully only her forearm was gotten as she fett to the ground she winces as it tore into her arm.

She letting off a soundless scream before letting the wolf jerk her arm around as she moved the skittles to her other hand. She blew on them all letting them start to glow as the wolf opens it mouth to bte again as it did so she shoved her other hand into it mouth and held the skittles against the roof of its mouth as she let out another silent scream as it bit back down onto her other arm now too. ‘2...1’ she turned her head away as the explosion went off and blew the wolfs head up. She then kicked its body off her and let her arms fall to her sides panting as her blood stained the snow. The other kids rushed over to her then helping her up to her feet.

And hugged her close as she sighed. She gently pushed then of with a winch and took out two spare shirts of hers and tied them onto her forearms the best she could with some help from one of the little girl before putting her back pack back on. She then started to walk back again with the children who clung to her sides and some helping her stay focused on walking and not on her arms that were bleeding still pretty decently. She made her way with them to the first kids house who quickly ran up ahead of the group and rang the doorbell quickly. Soon enough the parents opened the door and gasped holding their child close as they cried happily.

A few neighbors stuck their heads out seeing their own kids and started to scream out their kids names happily running out their kids running over to them. If it wasn't for her arms and the bleeding thing… she may be able to feel the familiar feeling in her chest she had remembered from her past. But small she could think of at the moment was. ‘Oh my fuckign god my arms fuckign hurt. Some of the parents though see her arms and one runs over to her as she could feel her balance slowly going. It had been so long since she had been this hurt and lost this much blood… being free hd made her soft… she fell into the arms of the parent that had rushed over to her.

“She saved us from a wolf it was so cool!”a kid said “Yeah and she gave us her candy too!” The parent looked down to her as she felt her consciousness failing her. “Thank you for saving my children… we’ll make sure that we’ll take care of you now dear.” the father said softly as he scooped her up and passed out in his arms. ‘Christmas was so stupid… but.. It did give a chance for a slight feeling of warm fuzzies and smiles… and apparently really comfy beds in comparison to what she was used to.

“Mam i told you you can't go in there and take more photos im sure that you got plenty when you tried to wake her up for an interview earlier. That and i think you heard plenty of the story from the parents out in the waiting rooms.” a nurse said firmly to a reporter as 29 slowly opened her eyes they barely able to focus just yet. “All i got from them was how the girl found the kids in the forest, got hurt in the rescue and brought the kids back to their families!” “see plenty of information!” “no! I need to know how she found them how she knew how to get them home how she-”

“mam were going to have to ask you to leave or else we'll have to escort you out ourselves.” the reporter huffed “fine!” before leaving. 29 sighed looking over to her arms as her eyes finally decided seeing was a function they could do. she got her stitchings all good to go” she then looked around the room till she saw her stuff she needed to go… it wasn't safe to stay here any longer” she pulled out the needle in her arm gently with a shudder before slowly getting up and stumbled a bit from disorientation but got up nonetheless.

She made her way to her clothes before the reporter saw her and took some pictures of her “little one you shouldn't be up!” the nurse called out but before she could get in she slammed the door shut and locked it pushing a chair up against it to keep her out for a moment as she quickly threw on her boots and pants with one of her short sleeve shirts before stuffing the rest in her back back as she ran over to the window opening it up. The nurse and the security got the door open then just in time to see her jumping out the window

“wait!” the nurse called out running over to the window to see the girl rolling as she landed on a lower building near by. 29 looked back up to the woman then for a moment before looking back forward and started to parkour her way off the building. “... who was that kid…?” “that's what i wanna know” the reporter said with a smirk “will you get out of here?!” the security then dragged the reporter out as the nurse shook her head. The only thing left on 29’s mind was though… ‘god damn it was cold out wheres my coat?’

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